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					Eileen Bray, M.S., M.A. +1 (808) 895–1655

CICS Systems Programmer

6/73 – 1995:

Aloha Airlines,
* managed systems programming staff * serviced & debugged DOS/VSE, ICCF, and CICS 1.5 * taught debugging procedures to application programmers & * interfaced with non-technical personnel.

Honolulu, HI

Apple Computer,

Cupertino, CA * used System 7 on the Macintosh II & related software for project implementation * used MS Word 5.1, Pagemaker 4.0, HyperCard 2.1, Persuasion 2.1 & other products * worked on the Apple Database Security Administration Project; used SNAps * wrote: ACF2 access rules for MVS/ESA, TSO/REXX execs, COBOL pgms(SQL) for DB2 * used Silverrun 1.1.3 for Logical Data Modeling & Data Flow Diagramming * co-developed & taught the Architecting VITAL Systems(client/server) course for SIs. Concord & Los Angeles, CA * developed & taught CICS Operations & Commands to operators. * taught TSO & ISPF to programmers and Operations Support staff. Teaneck, NJ * applied 1½ years of maintenance to mvs CICS/VS 1.5 on IBM 3033/Amdahl 5860 * used SMP 1.4 & ROSCOE 5.3 to apply maintenance * modified DYNAMIC MAP to run on CICS/VS 1.5 from the console, CRLP/TWX * installed ACF2, AFCF, & INTERTEST on maintenance version of 1.5 * increased the number of CICS regions from 5 to 18 * modification to write out a standard CMF record on pre-maintenance CICS regions * debugged CICS system problems & taught CICS dump analysis to junior personnel. San Francisco, CA * supported DOS/MVT & DOS/VSE 2.1 under VM/SP2 and CICS/VS 1.6 * maintained System Management product * documented installation procedures for the IBM 4341. Cupertino, CA

Bank of America,

Bradford National Computer Systems,

California Medical Review, Inc.,

Candle Corporation,

* provided national support for OMEGAMON/CICS both MVS & DOS/VSE * instructed customers & potential customers in CICS performance and tuning. * aided customers in the problem determination of their system * was technical liaison between marketing & trial customer base * taught lateral thinking, whole brain integration, communication skills and evolution of cooperation classes to employees.


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Datatape, Division of Kodak,

Pasadena, CA * worked on an IBM 3081 with MVS/370, CICS/VS 1.6.1, IMS, & Copics * supported application pgmrs & taught junior personnel CICS dump analysis * debugged & fine tuned CICS 1.6.1 under MVS/370 * wrote Node Error Program routine * modified DFHTPR; made table changes * worked in-depth on Temporary Storage & BMS management modules * worked closely with IBM 2nd level support * used SMP/E and ISPF under TSO for maintenance. Gardena, CA

Elixir Industries,
* maintained DOS/VSE SP 2.1.4 on IBM 4341-I * installed & ran a trap for IBM change team for a CICS problem * implemented system changes using ICCF * worked on problem determination of hardware/software symptoms * maintained CICS/VS 1.6.

Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco,
* designed, developed & taught a videotaped CICS internals class * provided problem determination & resolution support for CICS systems * provided technical guidance for application programming staff.

Alameda, CA

IBM Corporation,

Santa Clara, CA

* RACF administrator for the Systems Test department * supported entry level testers; documented CALLPATH testing procedures * ran CALLPATH performance tests using ATLs, CBXs, ROLM phones & PS/2s * modified TPNS scripts for testing CALLPATH * modified scripts for the PS/2 for testing CALLPATH * debugged CALLPATH; used NETVIEW to facilitate testing * created CICSPARS documents for CALLPATH's performance test reviews * optimized SAS jobs; enhanced REXX exec for performance calculations * modified CLISTs in order to utilize MRO panel configurations * converted entire testing configuration to new, more flexible procedures * created 18 MRO regions & procs with ability to run 3 CICS & all CALLPATH releases * implemented CICS AUTOINSTALL, maintained CICS tables, SYSTEM PROCLIB on MVS/XA, & CALLPATH datasets & tables * implemented extensive use of MVS Print Management Facility.

IBM Corporation,

Ramsey, NJ * as a Program Support Rep: installed, debugged & serviced SCPs & PROGRAM PRODUCTS * aided in hardware failure determination * taught customer seminars on system debugging * specialized in IBM 360 & 370 DOS/VS & Program Products (including CICS/VS & SNA) Palo Alto, CA * provided national support for IBM software on OEM CPUs and program products * instructed system support representatives in early warning procedures * specialized in VM/370 Rel 5, VS1 Rel 6, DOS/VS Rel 33 & 34.

ITEL Corporation,


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Kaiser Permanente,

Walnut Creek, CA * coded online billing system using DB2 and IMS with COBOL * used SPUFI, ISPF 4.0, IOF, Librarian, MVS/XA and CICS 2.1 * designed a test plan for implementation of ASI's material management. San José, CA * designed, developed and implemented system level diagnostics for DOS/VSE * developed sys. level diagnostic for VM assist(microcode) & hardware diagnostic monitor * installed, debugged & maintained IBM SCPs & Program Products * provided national support for field personnel * designed & developed special problem tracking system. Santa Clara, CA

Magnuson Computer Systems,

National Semiconductor Corporation,
* developed & supported 17 CICS regions under MVS/XA & MVS/SP * taught a CICS 1.7 class to application managers * worked extensively with IBM 2nd level support on AUTOINSTALL * installed CICS 1.7 and all applicable maintenance using SMP/E * used VM/PROFS, ACF2, and AFCF, VM/SCRIPT, TSO, ISPF * coded system program routines for CICS.

Pan American World Airways,

Rockleigh, NJ * maintained CICS/OS Standard system under VS1 REL6, VM REL5 on IBM 370/158 * installed & debugged CICS/VS Rel 1.3 with SMP using CMS & VSPC for CICS * taught application programmers and user support; used PANVALET and INTERTEST * interfaced with non-technical personnel at the director and vice-president level. El Monte, CA

Vons Grocery Company,

* debugged CICS/VS 1.7 on IBM 3083 with 3380's * tuned CICS 1.7 and 1.6.1 * made recommendations for improving performance of McCormick & Dodge package and other application programs having VSAM problems.

Wells Fargo Bank,

San Francisco, CA * quality assurance lead for WEBS releases of CICS production software enhancements * developed and ran test scripts from baseline releases * developed an MS WORD template with macros & dialogue boxes for automatic test plan generation * CICS/ESA V3.2.1 & 3.3 systems programmer of 150 regions * additional responsibilities for TCP/IP CPT installation and maintenance * used CHAMELEONNFS, MS OFFICE: WORD 6.0, ACCESS, POWERPOINT, & EXCEL. Sunnyvale, CA

Westinghouse Marine Division,

* converted 3 CICS regions to 16 regions for Test, QA, Training, & Prod * supported programmers in design, problem determination & resolution of DB2 pgms * applied 2 years of CICS maintenance via CBIPO and SMP/E * implemented CICS AUTOINSTALL; maintained DB2 connection tables (Plans) * modified DCT destinations to split up & print CICS statistics & output * implemented online (CEDB) table update for programmers (with RACF) * installed & customized CICSPARS, OMEGAMON/CICS Rel 440, CAFC Rel 3.2.01, JMS/SWITCH and DRS/UPDATE * implemented VM/PROFS printer font options for a Xerox laser printer * implemented MVS/XA Xerox laser printer fonts for CICS reports & output.

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M.A. Psychology MBA (Equivalent) M.S. Computer Science B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics Participated in Junior Year Abroad Program Rosebridge Graduate School Burklyn Business School Fairleigh Dickinson University Kean University University of Hertfordshire Concord, CA San Diego, CA Teaneck, NJ Union, NJ Hatfield, UK

Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Certified—Word 2000–Expert level Presented Autoinstall at the CICS BAUG (Bay Area Users Group) Taught college level computer courses as a part–time professor at Bergen Community College University of Phoenix University of Hawaii Taught various technical classes to companies and classes to instructors in "How To Teach Technical Topics" Currently teaching public seminars using ACCELERATED LEARNING TECHNIQUES Trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming

Paramus, NJ San José, CA Hilo, HI