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Table of Contents

  Company Profile ........................................................................................................................... 2
  Installation Services ..................................................................................................................... 5
  Availability Management.............................................................................................................. 6
  Availability Management with the ZIS System Family .............................................................. 7
  Positioning of ZIS System in the IT Environment ................................................................... 10
  Focal Point Structure of the ZIS System .................................................................................. 12
  Features of the ZIS System ....................................................................................................... 13
        Monitoring............................................................................................................................ 13
        Alarm Management ............................................................................................................. 14
        Automation .......................................................................................................................... 15
        Operating Interfaces ............................................................................................................ 17
  Software of the ZIS System ....................................................................................................... 18
        Architecture ......................................................................................................................... 18
        High Availability ................................................................................................................... 19
        Event Monitor ...................................................................................................................... 20
        Alarm Center ....................................................................................................................... 23
        Console Monitor .................................................................................................................. 25
        LAN Monitor......................................................................................................................... 26
        Interfaces of the ZIS System ............................................................................................... 28
        Active Server Agents ........................................................................................................... 29
        Hardware Monitor ................................................................................................................ 30
        User Administration ............................................................................................................. 32
        ZIS Internal Automation Using ZISREXX ............................................................................ 33
        Scheduler/Job Scheduling................................................................................................... 35
        System Administration......................................................................................................... 36
  Hardware of the ZIS System ...................................................................................................... 37
        Controllers with Peripherals ................................................................................................ 37
        ZIS Hardware Devices......................................................................................................... 38
        Device Descriptions............................................................................................................. 39
  ZISGUI - Graphical Representation........................................................................................... 42
  ZISSLM - Service Level Monitor ................................................................................................ 52
  Multiple Computer Centers' Focal Point .................................................................................. 54
  Backup Solutions for Maximum Availability............................................................................ 55
  Managing Distributed Servers................................................................................................... 56
  Integrating Heterogeneous Systems ........................................................................................ 57
  Special Applications................................................................................................................... 58
        Monitoring SAP® Systems ................................................................................................... 58
        Monitoring Servers in Demilitarized Zones.......................................................................... 59
        Console Consolidation......................................................................................................... 60
        Video Wall Used to Display Overview Monitors .................................................................. 61
        Implementing EIB Controls.................................................................................................. 62
        Fire Protection Concept....................................................................................................... 63
        Managing Computer Center Configuration.......................................................................... 65
  ROI of the ZIS System ................................................................................................................ 66
  Case Studies ............................................................................................................................... 68
        GAD eG Muenster ............................................................................................................... 68
        Enterprise Operation Center of Lufthansa Systems Infratec GmbH ................................... 69
        Atos Worldline Processing .................................................................................................. 70
  Reference List ............................................................................................................................. 71

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                                                                              Company Profile

Our Profile

As leading developer of systems management standard software for computer center operation,
we provide appropriate solutions for large and medium-sized organizations to optimize their IT
availability. Our scope of services ranges from consulting and installation to developing complex
solutions as well as know-how transfer in the field of systems and process management. Some 100
customers, among them Allianz, BMW, Commerzbank, German federal reserve bank, Fiducia,
GAD, SwissCom, T-Systems, and Volkswagen, have profited from our products ZIS System,
ZISGUI, and ZISSLM for years to optimize their IT operation. These applications monitor, visualize
and automate all systems and processes required for computer center operation.

ZIS-System:     Zentrales Informations-System              Systems Management, Basic System
ZISGUI:         Graphical User Interface                   Process Monitoring
ZISSLM:         Service Level Monitor                      Availability Reports

Highlights of the company history:

2005-2008       Migrating customer systems to new platform ZIS System vers. 5
2006            Strategic merger with USU Software AG
2005            ZISSLM – Service Level Monitor
2003            Reporting server characteristics – HistoryView
2000-2005       Complete re-development of ZIS System vers. 5
1999            Business process management using ZIS System and ZISGUI
1997            ZISGUI – graphical user interface
1994            Multitasking multiuser ZIS System (vers. 4)
1992            REXX procedural language introduced in ZIS System (version 3)
1990            1st ZIS Users' Conference
1987            Start of computer center automation: 1st ZIS System at Landesgirokasse Stuttgart
1984            Foundation of Scheufler Mess-, Regel- und Steuersysteme

We set a high value on SERVICE

We see ourselves as service provider for our customers dedicated to answer all questions on
systems management issues. This includes the enhancement of our software systems to meet
customer requirements as well as projects aiming at establishing business process management
successfully using the ZIS System. Since 1987, we have gained extensive experience in all areas
of IT operation in more than 300 installations. Our flat hierarchy allows us to respond to your
requirements to integrate them in the development of our systems as soon as possible.
As we are independent of manufacturers or systems, we aim at providing our systems with a wide
range of connection and communication possibilities. The strategic merger with USU AG allows us
to provide a system portfolio covering all ITIL disciplines. The strategically important interface of the
ZIS System to a central CMDB can now continued to be developed very efficiently.

Page 2                                                                           Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Company Profile

LeuTek GmbH

Stadionstr. 4-6 D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Phone: +49 711 94707-0, fax: +49 711 799177
Internet http://www.leutek.de, E-mail: info@leutek.de


Directing manager, sales coordination, partnerships

Peter Scheufler, LeuTek         ps@leutek.de                 +49 711 94707-12

Sales Germany

Peter Adebar, CPA               adebar.hamburg@t-online.de   +49 40 7138262
Klaus Kalbau, Consulting        klaus.kalbau@t-online.de     +49 511 9523020
Ernst Radina, Consulting        mail@radina-consulting.de    +49 6186 912860


Stefan Nothdurft, LeuTek        sn@leutek.de                 +49 711 94707-55


Directing manager, software development, projects

Jürgen Frey, LeuTek             jf@leutek.de                 +49 711 94707-31

Directing manager, projects, hardware

Claus Mohoric, LeuTek           cm@leutek.de                 +49 711 94707-30

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                                                                      Company Profile


Extract from our reference list. For a comprehensive reference list, see the last pages of this

Page 4                                                                    Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Installation Services

Our Service

By our broad range of services, we take care of the user from the beginning remaining his central
contact for all questions even after installation.

Pre-contract services
!    Advising the user on potential areas of use
!    Establishing configuration suitable for the tasks

Post-contract services
!    Kick-off meeting defining the required preparations
!    Set-up and burn-in test of configuration in our lab (testing equipment)
!    Deliver configured and tested hardware and software as well as installation in computer center
!    Develop, test, and fine-tune basic processes
!    Brief users
Extensive preparations in our lab allow the systems to be installed very fast in the computer center.
Even complex installations are completed within a few days. If computer center hardware and
infrastructure are connected, installations normally are completed during one weekend. The major
basic functions are reckoned to be implemented within 2-10 days, depending on the scope.
Realizing graphical representation using ZISGUI is done within some weeks. ZISSLM is installed
within 2 days to create pertaining availability reports from the historized statuses of the Event Units.

After installation
!    Support (hotline, remote service)
!    Maintenance of hardware and software with guaranteed response times
!    Maintenance and enhancement of software with update service
!    Operation and maintenance of support area of LeuTek home page in the internet (infos,
!    Organization of annual ZIS users' conference
Above services are included in the purchase costs for a period of 12 months. They are
available beyond this period by concluding a maintenance contract.

Additional services
!   Seminars, training
    We offer a series of seminars that partially complement one another. Courses are held on a
    hands-on basis with intensive support by experienced instructors. The current course contents
    and dates are available on our home page under Dates – Training. We are glad to provide
    inhouse seminars customized to your needs.
!   Projects and special developments, inter alia, in business process and server management as
    well as service level and infrastructure monitoring.

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                                                              Availability Management

Availability Management – an ITIL Discipline

An increasingly complex and dynamic data processing environment must be operated and
monitored by as few staff as possible. At the same time, companies depend even more on high
availability and reliability of DP systems.
Effective systems management including integrated business process management and service
level monitoring is a prerequisite for successful and cost-effective computer center operation. The
challenge is to optimize staff resources through automation and monitoring in connection with
alarming and remote operating that consider company constraints.
The goal is to integrate all areas relevant for IT operation in a complete systems management

Applications          It must be ensured that all applications run correctly. Comprehensive
                      information must be processed that is provided by miscellaneous interfaces
                      directly from applications, existing monitors or agents and partly by end-to-
                      end monitoring.

IT systems            The operating systems and subsystems of all IT systems in the computer
                      center (mainframes, heterogeneous systems, and servers) must be
                      monitored actively over consoles, error log evaluation and, if needed, using
                      specialized agents and must be re-initialized, if required.

IT hardware           The management concept includes monitoring IT hardware including
                      recovery features. When resources are checked, proactive monitoring
                      should allow to recognize problems before they affect operation.

Network               Monitoring communication paths including all active and passive
                      components and the pertaining redundancies is a state-of-the-art basic
                      function of availability management.

Infrastructure        Secured supply of the EDP components is a basic prerequisite for IT
                      Mains supply: UPS, backup power supply, electric distributors, electric rail
                      Air condition: ventilation, cooling, humidity control, gas analysis

Security              The computer center is the company's nerve center and has to be protected
                      against internal and external hazards.
                      Fire protection: Fire panel with conventional fire detectors and very early
                      smoke detection – adequate methods are switching off, extinguishing, or
                      oxygen reduction
                      Access control/burglary alarm system: An important task is ensuring a
                      proper flow of information and coordination with system control.

Page 6                                                                       Copyright LeuTek GmbH
       Availability Management
       with the ZIS System Family

       The ZIS System family meets the prerequisites required for comprehensive
       availability management

       !                 All statuses and interfaces relevant for IT operation are integrated in an enterprise console
                         centrally for automation, monitoring, and manual remote as well as local operation.
       !                 All information on availability of IT systems is displayed in real-time in system and process
                         views customized to the needs of different user groups.
       !                 If system problems occur, this allows to recognize immediately if and what important business
                         processes are affected (impact analysis).
       !                 You can additionally use ZISSLM – Service Level Monitor to check if SLAs are met.

                                                                                                                       Strategic Processes

                                    Commercial Policy      Personal & Organisation                   Architectures            Finance
Service Delivery

                                   Account Mgmt.             Development                   Service Planning

                                      Relationship            Service Design                                              Availability & IT
                                                                                                Security Mgmt.
                                        Mgmt.                                                                                Service

                                                                 Service                       Financial Mgmt.
                                                                                                                          Capacity Mgmt.

                                      Service Level            Build & Test                     for IT Services

                                                                                                                     Change Mgmt.
                                         Incident Mgmt.                        Problem Mgmt.
Service Support

                                                                      Configuration Mgmt.
                                        - Service Desk -             (including Asset Information)
                                                                                                                     Release Mgmt.

                                                                       Operations Mgmt.
                                   Operative Processes

                                                                          Services                                        The IPW ™ Model

       The ZIS System family covers important ITIL disciplines for IT operations. In combination with
       Valuemation, we provide a homogeneous solution for all ITIL functional areas.

       Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                                                                  Page 7
                                                              Availability Management
                                                            with the ZIS System Family

The ZIS System family is a modular system and largely scalable. It consists of the
following components:

The ZIS System provides a large number of interfaces and integration aids for all areas which
renders it an external focal point system. All interfaces are available both for monitoring and
automation as well as for remote operating. An integrated, powerful alarm mangement allows to
inform responsible staff fast and reliably in case of problems. Even for multiple computer centers,
the focal point concept can be realized comprehensively by combining distributed ZIS Systems.
Our manufacturer-independent approach guarantees maximum flexibility for future products.

The front-end ZISGUI system provides easy-to-use graphical representation of large amounts of
data acting as Focal Point of Control for all systems on all levels – including applications,
systems, and even DP hardware and infrastructure. This information is available to all authorized
users on the network – structured by user groups or clients. State-of-the-art system control uses
large video walls to display predominant information on high-quality monitors providing a good
overview of the availability of all relevant systems and applications – from system view to end-to-
end moniting.

Correlating the status information of all systems and resources involved in a business process
considering existing redundancies allows a clear overview of the availabilities of all important
business processes.

ZISGUI shows its strengths when it comes to customizing user interfaces, which is easy and quick.
This allows to perform modifications promptly and with little staff in the management system – one
of the most important prerequisites for successful use of the tool in the long term:
!   direct data takeover from the ZIS System using drag and drop
!   multiple use of master pages in views of different user groups
!   use specialized process objects for realistic display of availability of complex systems (cluster)
!   additional script-controlled automation interface to create process objects
!   reasonable customizing defaults for automatic focal objects, using ZIS object names, color
    tables, priorities, etc.
!   common user administration in ZIS Systems and ZISGUI

Customized representations as well as easy and intuitive operation satisfy both managers and
users. Each user group receives only information relevant to its tasks. Important events are
displayed in priority messages. Bubble-help information and additional help texts describe the
current object status.

Page 8                                                                            Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Availability Management
with the ZIS System Family

!   Management View: Overview of the availability of all important systems and business
!   Different user groups with different representation levels and operating links
    !   system control/operating, hardware
    !   user help desk
    !   network monitoring, server control
    !   job control, system programming
    !   building equipment/gate

ZISSLM – the Service Level Monitor – ideally complements the functions of the ZIS System and
ZISGUI by the following features:

!   generating availability reports for freely selectable reference periods in the past
!   real-time calculation of service levels in current reference periods
!   Best- and worst-case considerations and calculation of remaining downtime before threshold
!   Real-time alarm if violation of thresholds defined in SLA is imminent
!   Considering special service times and maintenance windows apart from 7x24
!   Drill-down function to recognize the cause of a service level violation quickly

Of course, you can take over the IT processes monitored in ZISGUI directly to ZISSLM. This
ensures complete monitoring of your process chains – in real-time display for operating using
ZISGUI – to prove service availability archived for at least one year using ZISSLM.

You can use the interfaces to the USU Valuemation Suite to obtain the parameters relevant for the
monitoring processes from the CMDB (asset management) or from the contract management to
avoid multiple maintenance.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                      Page 9
                            Positioning of ZIS System in the IT Environment

Positioning in Small and Medium-Sized Computer Centers

In small and medium-sized computer centers, the operation of "complex frameworks" of the large
manufacturers is not cost-effective due to the tremendous need of human resources for
implementation and maintenance of the systems. On the other hand, most freeware products are
not supported professionally and therefore do not offer the level of reliability required for availability
monitoring. We position the ZIS System exactly in between offering an economically very
interesting availability management concept including all essential features and comprehensive
manufacturer support. Any upcoming monitoring projects can be implemented within a short period
of time with fair investments.

Positioning in Large Computer Centers

In large computer centers, additional systems management tools and monitors such as IBM/Tivoli,
BMC Patrol, CA Unicenter, or HP OpenView/ITO are normally implemented. Here, the ZIS System
offers many functions which the "big frameworks" often do not have, the solution would not be cost-
efficient, or it would take too long time to realize it. With its individual graphical representation
features, ZISGUI represents the ideal umbrella system for business process management.
Special process objects are used to picture even complex structures close to reality and still easy
to understand. This allows to capture IT processes in the shortest time possible, model them as
required, and adapt them to current conditions with little maintenance.

Thanks to comprehensive interfaces, events from existing systems management tools can easily
be integrated in the ZIS System. This way, all information relevant for IT operation can be provided
in a structured and correlated way to the individual user groups in views customized to meet the
respective requirements.

In most cases, the ZIS System manages the computer center environment, DP hardware (including
local consoles), system interconnections, and external alarms. ZISGUI displays the DP
environment and its statuses graphically.

!   Comprehensive alarm management with individual escalation steps (high acceptance among
    persons concerned)
!   Cross-platform monitoring – also over existing management tools (umbrella system)
!   Business process management with event correlation and freely customizable graphical
!   Service level monitoring with reports and real-time processing including alarm in case of
    imminent SLA/OLA violation
!   Monitoring and controlling computer center hardware and infrastructure such as fire protection
!   Managing power of servers, network components, control units, etc. including monitoring load
    current for capacity management and cost allocation
!   Remote control of distributed systems (e.g. power, local consoles, out-of-band management)

Page 10                                                                           Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Positioning of the ZIS System in the IT Environment

!   User group specific graphical representation of all systems with all relevant information
    integrating all operating interfaces and video images
!   Active monitoring of all management tools (heartbeat check)

Standardized interfaces and procedures
To link the ZIS System to the other IT systems or additional management tools, the ZIS System
provides a series of standardized interfaces and procedures that render it very easy to link the

!   ZEXEC TCP interface
    Standardized, universally available program for bidirectional, optionally SSL secured, data
    exchange between the ZIS System and other systems. The ZEXEC program is available for all
    common operating systems (Unix, Linux, Windows, z/OS) and can be used by any application
    capable of starting an external program. For bidirectional communication, a ZEXEC daemon is
    available that is installed on the target systems to process ZEXEC calls (normally script calls)
    from the ZIS System.

!   Connectors
    To integrate a series of management systems, such as for MOM – Microsoft Operations
    Manager, a series of special preconfigured connectors are available in the ZIS System to pass
    monitoring information with little effort to the central ZIS System for further processing.

    The ZIS System provides a whole series of open interfaces for data exchange with third-party
    systems. The script language ZISREXX can be used to exchange data over these protocols,
    that are partly strongly secured.

!   Controlling consoles
    You can use any console emulation integrated in the ZIS System (Telnet, TN3270,...) to
    exchange data bidirectionally with the target system. This allows you for example to automate
    all actions that a user performs manually on a console. This way you can integrate the systems
    to be monitored or to be automated in the focal point concept of the ZIS System without
    interfering with the systems.

!   External program call
    Call any programs for proprietary protocols, SQL database requests or any other scripts. The
    return values of these external calls can be processed directly in the ZIS System over ZISREXX

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                       Page 11
                                                                   Focal Point Structure

Focal Point Structure of the ZIS System

Comprehensive communication interfaces, rich features as well as flexibility and performance when
it comes to processing the information of the ZIS System are the most dominant prerequisites to be
met for a successful focal point concept. All information and operating interfaces relevant for the
operation of a computer center are integrated and displayed on an "enterprise console".

The modular design and a large number of interfaces allow the system to be customized flexibly to
the requirements of very different application areas. The more different systems are in a computer
center, the more important is a central management platform.



                                      ZIS System

                           Our solution is your success

       Availability                   Business Process                      Service Level
       Management                       Management                           Monitoring

Monitoring,         Event         Alarm        Power       Remote        GUI         Evaluation,
Automation          Correlation   Mgmt.        Mgmt.       Control                   Reports

            Mainframe                    Open Systems                       Infrastructure

Focal Point Structure

Page 12                                                                      Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Features of the ZIS System


With its focal point concept, the ZIS Systems forms a central information source and efficient
operating panel for attended operation of all connected systems. A series of display types inform
you visually about the system statuses. You can use ZISGUI to correlate system information to
receive information on the availability of business processes, or to immediately recognize any
effects on business process service level in case of system failures (impact analysis). The data can
be graphically displayed customized to the needs of user groups, which increases usability in
system controlling and monitoring. Service level reports in ZISSLM allow to display achieved
availabilities in real-time or historically on system and business process service level. Imminent
SLA or OLA violations can be escalated directly.

During unattended times, the ZIS System serves to ensure operation by monitoring the complete IT
comprehensively including infrastructure and heterogeneous/distributed systems. Flexible
response mechanisms are ensured by customizable interfaces for automation and alarms.

Different criteria are applied to monitor the connected systems. Immediately after detecting an error
situation, the pertaining process is started for handling or alerting.

!   Event Monitor
    Every status change of an Event Unit can start a process that correlates information of different
    Event Units and/or fires an alarm directly.

!   LAN Monitor
    The LAN Monitor in the ZIS System serves to monitor servers, workstations, and network
    components over Ping requests, evaluation of SNMP MIB variables, and processing Traps or
    ZEXEC procedure calls. Further, SNMP agents can be installed on the target systems.
    Threshold violations or status changes cause procedures to start to handle these events.

!   Console monitoring
    All connected consoles can be monitored for a series of criteria. Internal macro functions,
    customizable triggers with wildcards and parameter passing allow an easy implementation.

!   Hardware monitoring
    All connected computer center hardware and the infrastructure are permanently monitored. All
    detected events are displayed immediately in the pertaining Event Units to be processed easily
    (processes for recovery measures and/or alerting).

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                        Page 13
                                                          Features of the ZIS System

!   Self monitoring
    The ZIS System is monitored by a Watchdog to complete the monitoring chain. If the ZIS server
    fails, the Watchdog automatically tries to restart it or switches to a backup system.

!   Heartbeat check
    Time-controlled procedures triggering actions periodically on the monitored systems to
    determine the status of the systems based on the response.

All actions caused or detected by the ZIS System are written to a log. The audit-compliant log can
be transferred to an archive system automatically or manually.

Alarm Management

Alerting is an essential aspect for securing IT operation. During attended operation, the monitor
overviews and internal alarms (e.g. e-mails) provide pertaining information on events occurred.
External alarms during unattended operation are usually organized in combination with the
implementation of an on-call service. Normally, a company agreement is required for this that must
be agreed by the works council. As alarms are organized, both social considerations of the works
council and the requirements of the company to the high availability of the IT are respected.

The predominant prerequisite for a successful on-call service concept is that it is accepted by the
employees. Therefore, the ZIS System integrates a flexible, efficient, and secure alarm
management that allows alerting with the motto:

                      Alarm - as little as possible but as much as required

!   Alarms targeted to responsible persons by implementing error-dependent alarm paths. Shift
    schedules can be realized dynamically depending on calendar and events.
!   Securing alarms by escalation steps: alarm chains where multiple persons assigned to the
    alarm path are alerted after a definable waiting time if the alarm has not been acknowledged.
!   Single alarms or info actions without escalation
!   Alarm reduction/deduplication by pre-processing and further analyses

Page 14                                                                      Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Features of the ZIS System

!   Using different alarm media, freely programmable
    !   SMS             Short message service for mobile phones (TAP or UCP protocols)
    !   Voice alarm     Calls with error-dependent voice messages
    !   E-mail          Notification of users with e-mail
    !   Cityruf         Regional radio paging service with clear text message
    !   Signal pager    Pagers with audio signal
    !   Fax             Send fax with pertaining error messages
    !   Procedure       Send messages to printers, consoles, switch on lamps/buzzers
!   Acknowledging alarms with these posibilities
    !   manually – local or remote
    !   using back SMS
    !   using procedure – host- or event-controlled
    !   by phone call and entering an alarm ID
!   Displaying pending alarms in alarm panel
    !   alarms and messages with different priorities are identified differently
    !   entries can be acknowledged and created manually in the alarm panel

Alarm structures can be modified dynamically. This allows for example on-call schedules to be
administered on another system to be transferred to the ZIS System and enabled there anytime.


You can use the ZIS System to automate all actions that a user can perform on consoles, hardware
components and Event Units, such as

!    automating status queries with situation analysis
!    recovery and reconfiguration procedures
!    coordinated actions in heterogeneous system environments
!    trivial actions complementing internal automation
!    processing events sent from other management systems
!    passing events to other monitoring systems automatically
!    fire protection concept by very early smoke detection and switching off hardware concerned
!    power on, starting systems, subsystems, and applications
!    shutdown and power off (partially or completely)

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                     Page 15
                                                             Features of the ZIS System

To realize automation tasks, efficient features are available:

!   Extended REXX procedural language with access to
    !     connected consoles
    !     networked components (LAN Units)
    !     connected hardware components
    !     ZIS internal system variables, Event Units, and additional data points
    !     log and alarm functions

!   Multiple procedures can run independent of one another; resource locking and priorities allow
    the processes to run safely
!   Comprehensive procedure library available for miscellaneous system types with different
    systems and applications. The procedures are customized to the existing environment at
    installation time to meet your environment with subsequent test.
!   Menu for administering variables with interfaces to other automation tools for flexible
    workflows, multi-dimensional variable fields definable
!   Start of REXX procedures by miscellaneous events
    !     appearing or disappearing of qualified messages on consoles
    !     by TCP/IP ZEXEC – remote procedure call
    !     activated signal lines
    !     status change of Event and LAN Units
    !     exceeding or falling below threshold values for analog signals
    !     change of status of connected hardware
    !     calendar and time control by scheduler and heartbeat check
    !     manual procedure start over menu or entering label

!   Comprehensive development and testing options
    offline test, development and training options offered by simulation mode of ZIS System

Multiple viewing and operating levels allow a clear display and operation of the running procedures.

Page 16                                                                            Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Features of the ZIS System

Operating Interfaces

The ZIS System is operated over secured accesses. Multiple users can log in concurrently to
handle errors or perform routine work from different locations. Different monitors and log functions
of the ZIS System ease work by providing a clearly structured display of information. All consoles
connected to the ZIS System and interfaces as well as the connected hardware components are

The client used to operate the ZIS System is Windows-based. ZIS System and ZISGUI can be
operated from the same client. Operators can be granted access to the different systems
individually as required. Additionally, ZISGUI has a web interface where all views can be displayed.
ZISSLM is operated over a web browser only.

Security is of utmost importance when it comes to operate the ZIS System. Therefore, access to
the ZIS System over remote interfaces is very well protected:
!   When accessing over network, maximum security is achieved by checking the privileges as user
    ID and password are entered and by using encrypted data transfer (customer-specific
    encryption with 128 bits key length).
!   When accessing over a remote connection over a remote access router (connected to ZIS
    System over RADIUS), additional security features apply:
!   Secured callback procedure
    !   The user makes a teaser call (after alarm or as routine check).
    !   He enters user ID and password.
    !   The ZIS System calls back after authorization check.

For easy billing the work performed during on-call service, the entries in the ZIS log can be used.

The remote operating concept allows:
!   Secured unattended operation including on-call service solutions
!   Home operating
!   Remote control of one or more computer centers
!   Simple moving of system control in case of a disaster
!   Remote servicing of ZIS Systems by LeuTek (initiated by customer)

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                         Page 17
                                                           Software of the ZIS System

Architecture of the ZIS Software

We have developed all software components specifically for the ZIS System. They are a very
powerful, homogeneous, and transparent systems management solution for your IT environment.
The ZIS System is implemented in C++/C# offering maximum performance both when processing
mass data and at the user interface.

The ZIS System is widely scalable as required. The underlying architecture is a 3-tier approach
consisting of database, application, and presentation layer. The scale ranges from the smallest
system, consisting of one server, to dozens of server systems. On the one hand, the ZIS System
can grow with your performance requirements, on the other hand, it can monitor distributed
computer center locations. An extension is possible anytime with small technical effort.

                             ZIS System 1
                          Database Server                                     Win Client
                                                            ZISGUI 1
                           Application Server

                             ZIS System 2                   ZISGUI 2          Web Client
    Win Client
                          Database Server
                           Application Server

                             ZIS System n
                          Database Server                    ZISSLM           Web Client

                           Application Server

ZIS System Architecture

                           Clients are available as FAT clients with full functions under Windows,
                           and in connection with ZISGUI as web clients on all common operating
                           systems as well as for PDA.
                           The complete system is designed for maximum performance and can
                           be designed cost-efficiently, i.e. with commercially available server
                           hardware, for all sizes of computer centers.

                           Navigation tree in ZIS client

Page 18                                                                     Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

High Availability

Depending on the system size, different high-availability options are available. The standard is
database mirroring with integrated heartbeat checking all applications and automatical failover in
case of problems. This high-availability solution eliminates every single point of failure and does
without any special high-availability hardware components. This offers decisive advantages:
Compared to common high-availability solutions, relatively large distances can be bridged between
main and backup systems with low investment costs.
Furthermore, our especially developed Watchdog can be integrated as additional safeguard. If
required, this additional hardware initiates the failover of the failing system independent of the local

All high-availability functions are directly integrated in the ZIS System to ensure maximum
interaction of the processes in case of an error. All ZIS server systems offered are also designed
for maximum availability due to redundant power supply units, raid systems, and, if requested,
redundant network cards.

             Data Center 1                                         Data Center 2

           Database Server 1                                      Database Server 2
                Database Management                                   Database Management
                  Database (active)                                    Database (standby)

          Application Server 1                                   Application Server 2
                Console Management                                   Console Management
              Console Handler 1 (active)                           Console Handler 1 (standby)

              Server/Network Monitoring                             Server/Network Monitoring
               LAN Monitor 2 (standby)                               LAN Monitor 2 (active)

          Application Server 3                                   Application Server 4
               Infrastructure Management                             Infrastructure Management
            Infrastructure Handler 1 (active)                    Infrastructure Handler 1 (standby)

              Server/Network Monitoring                             Server/Network Monitoring
               LAN Monitor 1 (standby)                               LAN Monitor 1 (active)

ZIS System high availability

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                                 Page 19
                                                            Software of the ZIS System

Event Monitor

The Event Monitor is the core of the ZIS System. Information coming in from different sources such
as network, server systems, applications, infrastructure, or mainframes are structured here.
Correlating events are combined to logical units (Event Units as smallest unit) creating an image of
the IT objects to be monitored. It is irrelevant if this IT object (called CI under ITIL) reflects an
application, a database, server system hardware, or temperature and humidity in the computer
center. For more information, see ”ZISGUI – Graphical Representation“.
Since users recognize the IT object names (server, applications, etc.) in the Event Unit names, he
perceives a clear overview of the status of his IT at this early stage.
Incoming events are categorized as soon as they are accepted, enriched with status and telling
event text, then stored in the pertaining Event Unit.
Event Units can in turn be combined to event groups with any nesting depth. This allows to easily
administer even thousands of IT objects.

Finally, Event Units are the basis for modelling IT processes in ZISGUI. For more information, see
”Central IT Management with ZISGUI“.

How events are processed in the Event Monitor:

!   Pending event
    Event detected by ZIS System but yet unprocessed – the highest priority of all pending events
    determines the status of the Event Unit
!   Acknowledged event
    The person handling an event acknowledges it – this reduces the priority to be able to better
    recognize new events due to their higher priority. The user ID identifies the person who is
    handling the event.
!   Deleted event
    A completely processed event is deleted (automatically or manually). It disappears from the
    pending list to be moved to the history list. The status of this event no longer affects the status
    of its Event Unit. The recorded events serve for example to generate service level reports in

If there are multiple pending events, the Event Unit status is determined by the event having the
highest priority. Events can be created, acknowledged, and deleted manually by a user or by
internal automation. 16 different statuses plus messages, priorities, and colors are available to
individually handle the different event classes. Additional information is also stored in Event Units
such as date, time, reference instruction files, and the ID of that user who acknowledged or deleted
an event.

Page 20                                                                         Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

You can use event groups to structure the information containers by system, application classes, or
user groups. This allows a clear display of pending problems (management view) even in
overviews with few concentrated focal data points.

You can use revision toggles in Event Units to suppress alarms during maintenance. The use of
Event Units is generally very flexible. Last but not least by powerful REXX automation that can be
used to set event priorities e.g. by situation analyses and correlating different resources. A
component failure can be handled as warning or as serious alarm depending on whether a backup
is available or not.

In large configurations, it is sensible to synchronize Event Units automatically with the assets of a
configuration management data base (CMDB). This allows to use for example auto discovery tools
both for asset management and for availability management which is ITIL compliant.

                                      Focal Point Monitor

                                    Event group with highest priority
                                      status of focal point monitor

            Event Group                                                    Event Group
                                            Event Unit with highest
                                              priority determines
                                             status of event group

 Event Unit              Event Unit                                   Event Unit      Event Unit

                                        Event with highest priority
                                          status of Event Unit

 Events                  Events                                       Events          Events

Event Monitor hierarchy in the ZIS System

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                        Page 21
                                                                Software of the ZIS System

For a clear overview of information for users, both the ZIS System and ZISGUI incorporate a series
of options to display Event Units and event groups.

Samples of events in an event group

Sample of pending events in an Event Unit in the Event Monitor with context menu for editing events

Page 22                                                                              Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

Alarm Center

Since its first version, the ZIS System has offered the option to alert user groups in a sophisticated
way. This feature has been extended since then.

The heart of alert management are alarm paths, i.e. special user groups that are alerted one after
the other depending on the problem occurred. Every member of an alarm path has the possibility to
acknowledge it which stops alarm escalation. The corresponding person is responsible for alarm
handling and is recorded as person processing the pending problem.
Alerting by the alarm path alternates between the participating users until one of them
acknowledges the alarm or the maximum number of passes is reached. This makes sure that
responsible persons are reliably informed about pending problems and they accept them for
handling even if some are not reachable temporarily. Every member of an alarm path can be
alerted individually over one or more media. Apart from SMS, voice call, and e-mail, Cityruf or fax
are available as alarm medium. The automation interface allows to integrate additional media such
as flash-lights, buzzers, and console or printer output.

Of course, alarms can be acknowledged directly by the user, if technically possible (e.g. using
voice code). Alternatively, an active alarm path can be acknowledged by remote dial-in to the ZIS
In addition to alarm paths, the system allows to inform users specifically or send alarms
anonymously using passed parameters such as phone number or e-mail address.

Alarms can be initiated and acknowledged both manually and by filter mechanisms in Event Units
and using ZIS internal automation. Users can see all pending alarms in the ZIS Alarm Center at a
single glance, edit and acknowledge them.

Overview over all current alarms with context menu for editing

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                         Page 23
                                                          Software of the ZIS System

Connecting GSM terminals allows the ZIS System to receive and process SMS messages.
Additionally, GSM terminals offer permanent online contact and hence faster file access and higher
transfer rate as compared to conventional connections to the pertaining service provider. A
combination of GSM terminal and modem connection to the service centers provides maximum
availability for alerting.

Features of the Alarm Center at a glance:

!   targeted alerting of specific user groups
!   secured delivery of alarms by alarm paths
!   secured acknowledgment of alarms by authorized user groups
!   event-controlled sending of single alarms to persons or alarm media
!   using all common alarm media such es SMS, e-mail, Cityruf, fax, voice as well as routing of
    error message to internal automation
!   sending and receiving SMS messages by GSM terminals
!   direct leased-line connections for large volumes of SMS messages
!   providing alarm plans

Defining alarm media in user administration

Page 24                                                                     Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

Console Monitor

The ZIS System allows you to comprehensively consolidate your TN3270 and Unix/Linux-based
consoles in the computer center. The large number of console emulations available in the ZIS
System allows to easily integrate even "exotic" emulations. All consoles can be completely
automated. This means that manual operation is possible as well as automated console input and
checking console contents for defined complex trigger expressions periodically by the system.
Graphical consoles (e.g. from Windows systems) can be integrated directly in ZISGUI for manual
Additionally, the ZIS Console Monitor provides maximum availability for all connected consoles. If
distributed console servers are used, the connected consoles can be operated even if the central
database server is upgraded or restarted – a decisive argument not only in a mainframe monitoring

Features of the Console Monitor at a glance:
!   comprehensive trigger and filter functions to categorize and pass console messages
!   automation of trivial actions by automated console input
!   automated console login after restart
!   individual response of automation if console messages appear or disappear
!   powerful context analysis by analyzing the complete screen contents
!   secured parallel console operation for multiple users and/or automation scripts
!   very high system performance – parallel operation of several thousand consoles possible
!   settable monitoring cycle with up to 10 complete monitoring cycles per second for very high
    message rates
!   multi-tier privilege concept for full operating privilege in single or multi-user mode or view
!   fully multi-tasking-capable for simultaneous monitoring, automation, and operation of all
    consoles by users and automation scripts
!   high availability: If distributed console servers are used, availability of the connected consoles is
    secured even if the central database server is upgraded or restarted.

Available console emulations:
!   Telnet, SSH, TTY, VT100, VT220 and higher, 6530 (Tandem), 97801 (SNI RM400/600, S135)
!   3270 protocol (Telnet 3270 via OSA-ICC adapter or 2074 as well as coax/2 wires)
!   special HMC emulation for IBM z/Series, AMD Millennium, over HMC SNMP API
!   fire panels Hekatron (HX), Siemens (Sigmasys, SM88), Cerberus, and Bosch Telecom (UGM)

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                            Page 25
                                                            Software of the ZIS System

LAN Monitor

Our long-standing systems management experience has taught us that often multiple management
systems coexist for different monitoring tasks in computer centers. Therefore, open interfaces for
both easy and secure data exchange is very important.

The LAN Monitor is a tool that allows to integrate your existing IT infrastructure in the ZIS System
as easily as possible.
Independent of whether management systems, servers, applications, mainframes, or active
network components are concerned, the comprehensive features of the LAN Monitor allow a fast
and efficient integration of very different systems.

Monitoring can be active or passive. Active monitoring is mainly used for network components such
as routers, hubs, switches, and gateways. That is without using additional software components or

Passive monitoring requires server agents and/or events provided by existing automation systems
(e.g. from network or database monitoring). For both versions, the ZEXEC interface via TCP/UDP
can be used in addition to the fully available SNMP protocol.
For additional checks, the standard protocols HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, SSH are available over the
console and script interface (see overview in table ”Interfaces of the ZIS System“). Finally, you can
integrate freely definable protocols on UDP/TCP basis using socket commands.

To asses the status of the target systems, predefined functions are used – so-called rules. They
allow to generate statuses and event texts and store them directly in the Event Monitor. For more
complex tests and correlations, this information can be passed to REXX automation. This makes
the LAN Monitor a powerful but yet easy-to-use tool for systems and network management.

Features of the LAN Monitor at a glance:
!   unlimited number of systems and processes can be integrated
!   maximum performance by free scalability of LAN Monitors per ZIS System
!   high structurability for large system volumes
!   combining monitoring tasks to logical units (LAN Units) with the possibility to group these LAN
    Units in large nesting depth
!   nearly unlimited number of monitoring tasks per LAN Unit
!   nearly unlimited number of specific trigger entries per monitoring task
!   any combination of active and passive monitoring with Ping and Get requests as well as Trap
    and ZEXEC triggers
!   passive monitoring of complete LAN segments
!   adding customized text and placeholders to incoming messages
!   any combination of numeric and text-based triggers
!   position-based triggering for phrases, words, characters, and a combination thereof using
    logical operators

Page 26                                                                       Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

!   freely definable request cycles, activity profiles as well as settable repetitions for automatic
    recovery of active monitoring
!   tiered trigger and event priorities (OK – Serious Error)

LAN Monitor in the ZIS System

Graphical representation of data in ZISGUI

The ZIS System contains all interfaces and functions required for a central management of
components and systems in the LAN.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                       Page 27
                                                           Software of the ZIS System

Interfaces of the ZIS System

SNMP      Client:   Communicates with other partners on the network using Trap, Set, Get,
                    Getnext, Bulkget

ICMP      Client:   Checks reachability of systems (Ping)

NTP       Client:   Receives and sets the system time over TCP/IP (NTP protocol)

          Server:   Provides the system time (atomic time) of the ZIS System

FTP       Client:   Controls bidirectional file transfer

          Server:   Serves FTP commands and sends/receives requested files

SFTP      Client:   Controls bidirectional encrypted file transfer (prepared)

          Server:   Serves SFTP commands and sends/receives requested files

DNS       Client:   Determines IP addresses from symbolic names using DNS (Domain Name

SMTP      Client:   Sends e-mails from the ZIS System to a mail server (SMTP unencrypted)

          Server:   Receives e-mails and distributes them to the ZIS users (SMTP unencrypted
                    and SSL encrypted)

POP3      Client:   prepared

          Server:   Mails sent to ZIS users over POP3 (unencrypted or SSL-encrypted) can be
                    retrieved from the ZIS System

RADIUS    Server:   Provides user ID, password, and privileges of the users defined on the ZIS
                    System to remote access routers

ZEXEC     Client:   Remote procedure call: Starts REXX procedures with parameters
                    (protocols: UDP, TCP, and SSL-encrypted)

          Server:   Allows starting of programs (protocols: UDP, TCP, and SSL-encrypted)

HTTP      Client:   Queries and monitors internet home pages

HTTPS     Client:   Queries and monitors internet home pages using encrypted communication

Telnet    Client:   (Remote) operation/monitoring of systems

TN3270    Client:   Operation/monitoring of 3270 consoles

SSH       Client:   Encrypted (remote) operation/monitoring of systems

RLOGIN    Client:   (Remote) operation/monitoring of systems

LDAP      Client:   Combining ZIS user administration with LDAP servers

Page 28                                                                    Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

Active Server Agents

If you want to include a relatively large number of servers in the monitoring concept, it is sensible
with regard to network load and capabilities to use specially adapted active server agents on the
target systems. They execute the requests required for monitoring independently within the
systems reporting critical statuses and important operating information to the ZIS System over
SNMP or ZEXEC protocol (SSL/TCP).

The transfer of significant status information to the ZIS System at regular intervals (passive
heartbeat check) checks the communication path, i.e. continuous polling can be dispensed with. In
principle, the ZIS System can communicate with any SNMP-capable agent. Regarding flexibility,
monitoring scope, and performance, the best experience we have had is with the SystemEdge
agent by CA (formerly Concord). For this agent, we have developed a browser-based central user
interface for administration tasks (Web4SNMP).

Examples of retrievable system information
!   General system information
!   (Swap) memory load and hard disk capacity
!   Active and installed software
!   Running processes
!   Available devices, installed hardware (COM, LPT, network)
!   Printer statuses
!   Network load (TCP, IP, SNMP traffic)

Available features
!   Trigger traps or ZEXEC calls (via TCP) autonomously in case of threshold violations and
    program abortion
!   (Re-)starting scripts and programs
!   Powerful log monitoring of clear-text log files (including syslog) for all platforms
!   Windows event log monitoring
!   Status histories of selected objects
!   Offline operation with deferred value retrieval
!   Remote configuration
!   Expandable with customized MIB objects

Available platforms for SystemEdge agent by CA (formerly Concord)
!   Sun Solaris
!   Microsoft Windows
!   HP UX
!   Linux

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                        Page 29
                                                               Software of the ZIS System

Hardware Monitor

With the hardware monitor, the ZIS System provides interfaces to different bus and hardware
systems. You can implement monitoring and controlling in computer center environments,
especially of their infrastructure.
Our long-standing experience allows us to offer and integrate specialized solutions that have been
developed especially for our customers.

All hardware objects can be completely automated. This means that manual operation is possible
as well as automated switching actions and periodical checking of the object status.

The following hardware devices can be connected:

!   EIB bus system (European Installation Bus) to monitor and control the infrastructure using
    actuators and sensors, or our EIBOGON devices to completely manage power supply of server
!   All ZIS hardware devices (see Hardware of the ZIS System)
!   EasyBus – bus system for air condition monitoring
!   ASI electric rail system – controlling and monitoring
!   Kloeckner Moeller electric rail system – controlling and monitoring

Select and configure an analog signal to monitor computer center temperature

Page 30                                                                        Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

Hardware objects are classified in the following groups:
!   Analog signals (e.g. temperature and humidity sensors, smoke detectors, and many other
!   Signal lines (digital, mostly potential-free signal inputs such as operation and error messages,
    door contacts, sabotage sensors, water gauges)
!   Switching contacts (digital, programmable contacts to control for example air conditioning
    systems, power supply, camera systems, door openers, display elements)
!   Electric distributions (special interface to monitor and control electric distribution)
!   CPUs (special interface to monitor and control mainframe systems)
!   EPO Units (EPO interface to monitor and control mainframe components such as control units,
    disc systems)
!   Building equipment units (special interface to monitor and control building equipment systems
    such as air conditions, electric distributors)

Features of the Hardware Monitor at a glance:
!   monitor spontaneous status changes and verify object status by cyclic polling
!   trigger functions to categorize and pass status changes
!   privilege concept for manual and automatic operation of control elements
!   fully multi-tasking-capable for simultaneous monitoring, automation, and operation of all objects
    by users and automation scripts

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                         Page 31
                                                                Software of the ZIS System

User Administration

A modern privileges concept has been implemented in the ZIS System, that is based on roles. This
allows to create users and objects without the need of defining privileges every time. You set the
privileges only once for the user group (role) – this causes all objects contained in this group to
have the same privileges.

Privileges on objects in the ZIS System are assigned in the same way on group basis so that both
a large number of objects and a large number of users can be efficiently administered.

Additional highlights are the connection of the user administration to central LDAP servers and fully
automated synchronization of user privileges between dedicated ZIS Systems.

Features of the user administration at a glance:
!   modern role concept minimizes administration overhead
!   unlimited number of users and user groups
!   granular privileges with display privileges (read), limited operating privilege, full operating
    privilege (write), and configuration privilege
!   privilege for individual users for temporary actions
!   access restrictions over IP filter lists
!   RACF-type special rules for password
!   Expiring or non-expiring passwords
!   connecting user administration to central LDAP servers
!   fully automated synchronization of users and their privileges between individual ZIS Systems

Individual users can be assigned to different user groups using drag and drop

Page 32                                                                         Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

ZIS Internal Automation Using ZISREXX

The ZIS System incorporates ZISREXX which is an easy-to-learn but still very powerful script
language to ensure complete system automation without any restrictions. Almost all ZIS internal
functions can be addressed using ZISREXX to integrate them in a comprehensive automation
ZISREXX, in turn, can be directly used in many ZIS monitors (Event Monitor, LAN Monitor, console
automation, etc.). This allows to create ZISREXX scripts for complex correlations and messages
filters or recurrent automation tasks to be available for all monitors.

The ZISREXX script language has been expanded by a large number of specific automation
commands and individual calling parameters especially needed for tasks in the systems
management environment. It is very versatile allowing solutions where even sophisticated
configuration settings reach their limits.

Features of ZIS internal automation at a glance:
!   ZISREXX script language fully integrated in all functional areas of the ZIS System, for example
    !   event management
    !   execute network protocols
    !   alarm actions
    !   console automation
    !   hardware switching function
    !   automated configuration modifications (synchronization with CMDB)
!   strongly expanded standard REXX language features for automation tasks in complete systems
    management environment
!   special script editor including many features to support the user
!   syntax highlighting, online syntax checking, code structuring, integrated online help, etc.
!   maximum performance by up to 40 concurrently running scripts
!   fully multi-tasking-capable with lock and serialization mechanisms
!   integrated debugger
!   integrating ZISREXX scripts to modules and combining modules to module groups with any
    nesting depth
!   fully automated synchronization of dedicated scripts between individual ZIS Systems if multiple
    systems are used

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                             Page 33
                                            Software of the ZIS System

REXX editor with context menu for editing

Debug mode

Page 34                                                 Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Software of the ZIS System

Scheduler/Job Scheduling

Many active automation tasks must be performed periodically and/or at defined times (e.g. every
first Monday of a month). If they are cyclic standard functions, they are integrated in the pertaining
monitors of the ZIS System in most cases (e.g. cyclic Ping request in the LAN Monitor, etc.)
However, more complex functions are stored centrally in ZISREXX scripts. These scripts can in
turn be executed by the Scheduler on defined dates, regularly, or at configurable intervals.

The Scheduler of the ZIS System provides a large number of functions for this purpose:
!   settable views for daily, weekly, or monthly overviews
!   clear display, separated by cyclic and one-time jobs
!   history function to check executed jobs
!   configurable and expandable holiday calendar with underlying internal calendar
!   integrating jobs in Scheduler lists with comprehensive rules for one-time or cyclic execution
!   full access to all system functions by calling individual ZISREXX script jobs

Scheduler in the ZIS

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                         Page 35
                                                             Software of the ZIS System

System Administration

The ZIS system administration assumes central management tasks to ensure smooth operation of
the ZIS System. The core function is a cyclic heartbeat between the individual ZIS processes and
the system administration on the one hand as well as a heartbeat of the system administrations
among one another. A system administration process is running on every ZIS server independent
of whether it is a database, database backup, or an application server. If the heartbeat fails, the
corresponding process is restarted. If this is unsuccessful after a defined number of attempts, the
pertaining processes of this server are automatically moved to the backup server designated for
this purpose.

An additional central function of the system administration is moving the database system fully
automated to the backup system designated for this purpose (optional). If required, an especially
designed hardware watchdog (ZIS96) can be integrated to ensure this backup procedure. This
eliminates unwanted switching actions due to temporary network disruptions.

Features of the system administration at a glance:
!   controlled start of all ZIS processes on all servers involved (distributed system architecture)
!   automatic restart of ZIS processes if heartbeat fails
!   move processes fully automated including cluster IP addresses
!   move database and database processes and restart system fully automated
!   immediate shutdown of primary system after moving to backup system
!   graphical representation of status information of all processes involved (Running, Shut-Down,
    Restart …)
!   implementing a special hardware watchdog to avoid failover actions due to temporary network

Licence management of the system administration

Page 36                                                                          Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Hardware of the ZIS System

Hardware Components of the ZIS System

The ZIS System is a modular system that is customized to meet user requirements. The 3-tier
architecture allows to install multiple physical application servers in addition to the database server
to optimize performance even in large installations.

Controllers with Peripherals

Controllers       !   19" industrial computers with different configurations
                  !   mirror system with up to 6 hard disks

Interfaces        !   LAN adapter cards: Ethernet (1000/100/10 Mbps) and Token Ring
                  !   RS232 interfaces directly or over COM servers
                  !   3270 emulation cards

Peripherals       !   ISDN terminal adapters, analog modems, GSM modems
                  !   protocol converter for different interfaces
                  !   DCF77 interface for atomic time
                  !   KVM switch and IP transport for out-of-band management
                  !   UPS uninterruptible power supply
                  !   watchdog for self-monitoring

System architecture with integrated ZIS System

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                          Page 37
                                                         Hardware of the ZIS System

ZIS Hardware Devices

To connect the IT hardware and the infrastructure, different hardware components are available to
the user, that can be combined. The units can be operated locally or remotely over modem, fibre
optics, or TCP/IP.

EIBOGON              EIB-controlled electric distributor with 12 x 230V outputs especially designed
                     for power management of servers and network components. The
                     generously designed power supply with 3x32A, individual fusing, load
                     current measuring, and its stable structure renders the EIBOGON a future-
                     proof component for power management in IT environments with high
                     performance and high demands of its availability.

ZIS96 Watchdog       Monitoring system for one or two ZIS controllers (e.g. backup system or ZIS
                     System and application server) extendable to connect a maximum of 16
                     signal lines, programmable control contacts, and 6x230V outputs

ZIS HT               Unit especially developed for monitoring and controlling the infrastructure for
                     up to 64 signal lines, 24 programmable control contacts, and 14 analog

ZIS NVAM             Addressing a maximum of 160 electric distribution outputs, air conditions,
                     etc. using bistable relays in the devices to be remotely controlled

ZIS hardware         Component to connect computer center hardware and building equipment to
control              hardware interface modules (max. 4 CPUs, 6 building equipment units, 96
                     EPO peripherals, and 32 signal lines)

Mini ZIS             Unit with fewer connections designed for small computer centers or to
                     supplement the ZIS hardware control

All hardware devices are 19" modules and can be combined as required. This allows you to easily
monitor and control several thousand data points using the ZIS System.

All components are developed for maximum availability. The control modules for the CPU, HT, PK,
and EPO connections are bistable. I.e. the switching statuses of the connected devices remain
unchanged if the ZIS device power is cut. Additionally, some power supply units are redundant,
circuits are equipped with multiple test mechanisms, and important wires are installed twice.

Page 38                                                                       Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Hardware of the ZIS System

Additional modules for special purposes are available to supplement the hardware devices:

!   Miscellaneous controlling and monitoring systems using EIB – European Installation Bus
!   Controlling remote units over fiber optics, modem, or RS232 COM server (TCP/IP)
!   ZIS controlled X- and T-coax switch units for installations with multiple CPUs or LPARs
!   Controlling air temperature and humidity as well as temperature of cooling water using special
    sensors (analog sensors, sensor with RS232 interface, EIB sensors, and sensors with EASY
    bus connection)
!   Customized interfaces

Device Descriptions

EIBOGON – smart EIB controlled electric distributor
Power and recovery management for servers and network components

Availability demands of servers and network components are constantly increasing. Hence,
response must be fast and efficient in case of failures. The monitors and the alarm function in the
ZIS System are important detecting and analyzing tools. The operating interfaces and the power
management allow for a smallest possible troubleshooting delay.

We have developed the EIBOGON NA12S especially for power management in the IT
environment. It is used as electric distributor in network and server cabinets. It directly supplies,
monitors and remotely controls routers, switches, hubs, PCs, servers, remote communication
components, monitors, etc. High available power (3x32A supply), individual fusing of the channels,
and the standardized 19“ format ensures a secure, long-term, and flexible use of the EIBOGON.

!   large power reserve since power input of IT systems is continuously increasing
!   individual fusing of channels and selectivity in fusing chain for maximum availability
!   measuring load current per output for consumer monitoring, load optimization, capacity
    planning, and cost allocation
!   solid structure for long-term, reliable use
!   operable over network and independent of network
!   manual switching in the event of control failure

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                         Page 39
                                                      Hardware of the ZIS System

Example of use: The LAN Monitor of the ZIS System detects a server that does not work properly.
The recovery attempt over the network fails. The ZIS System performs a shutdown. The ZIS
System then switches off the server over the EIBOGON NA12S. After a short delay, the server is
switched on again. This power-on reset restarts both the server and its applications.

Elements on the front of the EIBOGON unit
!   indicators for power source (3 phases)
!   indicator for bus supply voltage
!   12 indicators for outputs
!   12 circuit breakers for outputs
!   12 actuators with manual control option

Elements on the rear panel of the EIBOGON unit
!   4 EIB bus connectors (line-in and
    line-out, connectors for sensors)
!   connection for monitoring
    a door contact
!   power source (three-phase, 32A each)
!   12x230V outputs via 16A connectors with
    security clips

Page 40                                                                   Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Hardware of the ZIS System

ZIS96 Watchdog with Signal Lines, Control Contacts, and 230V Power Control

The Watchdog serves to monitor the ZIS server especially in backup configurations. If a ZIS server
fails, it can be used to initiate a failover to the backup system. This has the advantage that self-
monitoring is independent of the network which prevents starting the backup server in case of
network problems.
If only one ZIS server is configured, an emergency phone call can still be performed if the computer
fails. Additionally, signal lines, switching contacts, and controllable 230V outputs are available for
monitoring and controlling the infrastructure and for managing the power of components belonging
to the ZIS System.

Front view of ZIS96 device
From left to right:
!   dual power supply control
!   power supply for ZIS96 control
!   operating display for built-in controller
!   control of 6x230V outputs
!   control of backup switch and Telenot
!   module with 16 signal lines
!   module with 8 programmable switching contacts

Rear view of ZIS96 device
From left to right:
!   programmable contact connector
!   signal line connector
!   Telenot control
!   backup switch control
!   6 controllable 230V outputs
!   230V inputs and UPS output
!   RS232 interfaces

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                         Page 41
                                               ZISGUI – Graphical Representation

Graphical Representation of Business Processes with ZISGUI

Availability demands of business processes are constantly increasing. The same applies to the
complexity of the required IT systems. This makes the ITIL discipline Availability Management play
an important role in the whole IT management. Comprehensive, cross-platform monitoring of the IT
systems is the basis for sound availability management. But it is only the correlation of individual
information considering dependencies and redundancies including end-to-end monitoring that
leads to reliable and usable information on the availability of business processes. To be able to
respond fast and reliably, a well structured alarm management and user-friendly hierarchical views
are required.
These requirements are completely met using the ZIS System in connection with ZISGUI. An
important design criterion for the complete system is a clear-cut, intuitive usability. In the design
phase, projects must be implemented very quickly, configuration must be modifiable with little effort
in a short period of time – this is the only way to achieve a short-term ROI and good acceptance by
the users. The automated processes that we provide, such as automated creation of Event Units
from a configuration database (CMDB) in connection with a fast manual design by drag and drop,
are an important prerequisite for fast realization of business process management projects.

In connection with the ZIS System, ZISGUI allows the designer to display logical and physical IT
structures and their current statuses in different views customized to the requirements of the
pertaining departments using focal and process objects to clearly reflect hierarchical structures.
This structurability based on focal objects can represent even a complex IT structure, that may
consist of several thousand data points, in a clear-cut focal point architecture. Immediate color and,
if required, even shape modifications of the object images (icons) in case of status changes and
the automatic update of their affected data points on all hierarchical levels ensure fast all-round
information and meet the most important prerequisite for the use in operating, system technology,
network administration, user help desk, system programming, work preparation, and building
equipment management in computer center operation.

Operating and automation interfaces including zoom-in/zoom-out, console operation, graphical
remote operation, display of live video image streams, link to documentation tools, and many more
features additionally allow fast means of intervention in all IT areas. Multi-tenancy with the
possibility to create user groups and the depending display and operating options ensure that users
are provided with exactly that information and those operating interfaces that they require and that
are important for them.

Zoom-in and zoom-out functions allow a fast and still detailed display of the problems occurred.
Operating interfaces and help desk functions provide immediate access to the required background
ZISGUI is an additional component of the ZIS System and cannot be run on its own. Status
information is sent from the ZIS System or ZIS Systems to ZISGUI. Statuses, graphics, and
software versions are managed in the integrated database on the ZISGUI server. The database
distributes data and programs so that the clients always have the current programs and graphics,
and that the amount of data transferred is minimized. The connected systems are remotely
controlled using either the console emulations available in the ZIS System or using their

Page 42                                                                        Copyright LeuTek GmbH
ZISGUI – Grapical Representation

specialized client programs. ZISGUI is operated using a Windows client, that includes all functions,
or using a web client for view mode only.

Starting from views showing the availability of different business processes, detailed information,
operating interfaces, or automatically generated tickets are only a few mouse clicks away.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                       Page 43
                                                   ZISGUI – Graphical Representation

Features of ZISGUI

Freely definable structure of the views
!   Up to 50 user groups (multi-tenancy) to organize views
!   Any number of levels for drill-down function
!   Create dynamic views where objects appear when their status reaches a defined severity
    (status level objects – SLO)
!   Use basic views in different user groups or levels with customized information
!   Use almost any images and formats for background and icons
!   Arrange any objects that can be moved as required

Structure of views and correlation of data
!   Define focal objects and process objects to correlate and combine data
!   Focal object: new object that assumes the status of the highest severity of the contained objects
    (individual, focal, or process objects)
!   Process object: new object whose status is created by individually weighting the statuses of the
    contained objects (correlation of objects to represent monitoring dependencies or redundancies)
!   Individual, focal, and process objects can be used iteratively any number of times

Data types, links, and connections
!   All data types of the ZIS System (Event Units, LAN Units, and Hardware Units) can be used in
    the views. At design time, the pertaining data of the ZIS System are automatically adopted as
    additional information. Event Units can be opened in ZISGUI, events can be acknowledged,
    modified, or deleted, hardware units can be switched provided the privilege required for this
    action has been granted.
!   All console emulations of the ZIS System are routed to the ZISGUI clients over TCP/IP
!   Additionally, info objects and time objects can be created
!   Active alarms
!   The user interfaces of graphical operating systems are integrated using remote control
    programs such as VNC, pcAnywhere, PM2YOU, etc. or using KVM systems
!   The availability reports created by ZISSLM can be accessed over links
!   All external programs, such as clients of certain applications on the pertaining ZISGUI clients or
    web applications, can be opened using links placed in the ZISGUI views
!   REXX procedures in the ZIS System can be started over action buttons allowing to pass
!   Live video image streams from web cameras or standard cameras over video web server
Documentation and additional informationen
!   Bubble help: placing the cursor on an object causes bubble help to be displayed containing
    additional information on this object

Page 44                                                                        Copyright LeuTek GmbH
ZISGUI – Grapical Representation

!   You can use links in any place to display additional documents (Word, Excel, web contents,
    external documentation tools)
!   A high level of documentation is reached in the views themselves by properly arranging the
    monitored systems in connection with additional graphic elements (lines, arrows).

Internal organization
!   Automatically update all data points defined in the ZIS System
!   Immediately mark invalid (no longer up-to-date) data records with refresh option
!   Restrict access to certain user groups
!   Automatic update at beginning of a session in case of data modifications in the ZIS System,
    ZISGUI design modifications, or version update
!   Integrated graphic designer with comprehensive collection of icons

High performance of comprehensive solution
!   Many concurrent users on a single ZISGUI server: the number is limited by computer or network
    performance only
!   Very low network load during operation by
    !   transferring compressed image information
    !   transferring modified bitmaps or data when Windows client is started
    !   using very small data packages for status changes: average size approx. 100 bytes resulting
        in fast operation even over modem lines

Cascading or backup structures
!   One or more ZISGUI servers can be used. If multiple servers are in use, several
    synchronization methods are available
!   Continuous data mirroring in backup configurations
!   Replication at the push of a button or timer for parallel systems. This allows for example to set
    up a development, test, or integration system that transfers all views on the productive ZISGUI
    system(s) when all tests are complete.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                        Page 45
                                                  ZISGUI – Graphical Representation

The flexibility of ZISGUI allows to create views for different user groups and tasks:

!   Overviews of the availability of the business processes for the management
!   Complete overviews including detailed information over drill-down for system controlling and
    help desk
!   Selected views with detailed information over drill-down for different technical departments
!   Network monitors with operating links and power management for the network administrators
!   Computer center layouts with infrastructure monitoring for building or infrastructure
!   Building layouts integrating video images for the security desk
!   Business process structures with SL reports for controlling

By combining all information relevant for IT operation, correlating events, and the possibility to
define graphical views as required, ZISGUI can be used as an ideal umbrella tool.

Example of an event correlation by using process objects for calculating the status of the sub-processes and
by using focal objects to determine the status of the overall business process.

Page 46                                                                             Copyright LeuTek GmbH
ZISGUI – Grapical Representation

Example of the graphical representation of the business process Internet Banking using process and focal
objects. Additional information from end-to-end monitoring and service level management completes the view.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                              Page 47
                                                 ZISGUI – Graphical Representation

Application sample: Monitoring portion of network topology
The network interconnects all IT systems providing access by the users. Secured IT operation is
hardly imaginable without network monitoring. For network monitoring and network administration
to be efficient, different segments and views are required for the different divisions. To design the
views, all LAN Units, Event Units, Hardware Units, and consoles are available that are defined in
the ZIS System. They can be simply dragged on the graphic pages.

You navigate from overviews to detail pages with a few mouse clicks. You can use links to directly
open Event Units in order to edit pending events and retrieve additional information on history
entries. In addition, monitored components can be operated immediately using consoles – directly
over the network or using an out-of-band connection over serial interfaces. Furthermore, you can
use the power management of the ZIS System to restart faulty components by switching off and on
to resolve the problem from you desktop immediately.

                           Accessibility on hardware and software level

These comprehensive graphical representation options and the possibility to access all levels of your data
processing systems and their infrastructure are only provided by a combination from ZIS System and ZISGUI.

Page 48                                                                           Copyright LeuTek GmbH
ZISGUI – Grapical Representation

Application sample: Monitoring mainframes
Integral monitoring of the IT environment comprises comprehensive integration of all systems. This
application sample reveals at a single glance the status of all system and processing levels of an
IBM z/OS mainframe. The systems and processes are displayed as layer model reflecting their
functions in z/OS. For a fast overview, each focal object (system, subsystem,...) displays its worst
individual status of a layer on the right side separately.

System level:

On the bottom layer, the monitored operating system components are displayed:
!   LPAR information determined by monitoring the HMC console
!   z/OS and console availability determined by heartbeat check on the 3270 console
!   Auto operator information by monitoring the AO console

In case of problems, the pertaining consoles can be used to access the system components

Subsystems/DB2 database/IMS application/batch processing:

All other processes and applications are displayed in a hierarchy to reflect their importance. In a
separate batch processing window, displayed on a lower level, all successfully processed batch
jobs are shown in a table as well as those that have ended abnormally. Status information is sent
from the mainframe monitors or applications secured and very fast to the ZIS System over ZEXEC
(socket-based TCP/IP interface).
A navigator in the top-left corner allows to open other frequently used ZISGUI pages such as start
image, host consoles, another ZIS System, or a separate detail view of the mainframe auto

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                       Page 49
                                              ZISGUI – Graphical Representation

Comprehensive monitoring of all DP systems and displaying business processes
A large number of ZISGUI pages provides focal points, system overviews, and complete process
views customized to the needs of individual working groups.
                                                           Example of a customer-specific
                                                           navigation page displaying business
                                                           processes and links to detail views.
                                                           The internal tree structure provides
                                                           almost unlimited display options.
                                                           Different colors indicate the status of a
                                                           business process (like a stop light).
                                                           The color cyan represents a revision
                                                           condition,     blue     indicates     an
                                                           acknowledged error message.

This representation of a complete
process flow for international money
transfer monitors all components that
must be available for this application:
mainframe     components,     CORBA
bridges, web systems, etc.
The individual systems are monitored
using SystemEdge agents, mainframe
information is sent directly from the
mainframe      systems      to    the
corresponding ZIS Systems using

Process views are very helpful since they allow you to see on an overview if a business process
runs properly. You can use ZISGUI to visually display and effectively monitor these process flows,
that are different for each organization. In case of a failure, staff immediately recognize what
business process is affected – no matter whether they are in the office or at home. Rapid reaction
or notification of specialists in charge ensure maximum availability. Additionally, important
information can be conveyed to ”non-technicians" within an organization.
A single administrator cares for the underlying ZIS/ZISGUI System of the customer. Existing host
monitoring has been extended by approx. 800 server systems and their network connections with
the help of specialist departments within about one and a half years. This impressively
demonstrates that you can use the ZIS System and ZISGUI to realize complex projects with
relatively little effort in a short period of time.

Page 50                                                                     Copyright LeuTek GmbH
ZISGUI – Grapical Representation

SLO Status Level Objects
Use status level objects, or SLO objects, to create overviews containing only messages that have
passed a defined error level. This allows you to recognize in a simple way if there are any problems
in a complex DP configuration without browsing through a series of views.

Position, size, and scope of information of these objects can be freely defined. Messages are
sorted by priority and time of occurrence. This gives you a clear order what problem should be
handled next. You can even use this display to acknowledge errors immediately. Other users will
see the acknowledger's user ID to see who takes care of this problem.

You can access the displayed Event Units directly e.g. to access the history for additional
information on this problem.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                       Page 51
                                                     ZISSLM – Service Level Monitor

Monitoring Service Levels

In most cases, IT providers conclude service level agreements, or SLAs, to guarantee the
availability of business processes, services, or systems for their customers or users. For this
purpose, service times (e.g. Mon-Fri from 6:00-20:00 and Sat 8:00-18:00) are contracted in the
forefront as well as the availability and performance values to be achieved in a reference period
(e.g. month).

To monitor and document the achieved service levels, ZISSLM – Service Level Monitor of the ZIS
System provides comprehensive features:

!   Generating availability reports for selectable reference periods (day, week, month, year)
!   Real-time calculation of service levels in current reference periods with best/worst-case
    considerations and calculation of potential remaining failure time until the threshold defined in
    the SLA is violated
!   Freely definable service times considering holidays and scheduled maintenance times
!   Start processes or alarms for example if a predefined remaining failure time to violate an SLA
    threshold is reached
!   Correction and comment function if the IT provider cannot be made accountable for the reason
    of a failure
!   Drill-down function to display the individual service levels of the underlying systems for business
    process considerations (root cause analysis)
!   Integration of metric data (performance monitoring) in service level considerations
!   Report generator issuing the formats HTML, PDF, RTF, XML, XLS, CSV
!   Browser-operated (no installation of client software required)
!   Interfaces to a CMDB (asset management) and to contract management to avoid redundant

Service levels can be calculated on the basis of Event Units (individual systems or applications)
and focal or process objects (complex systems, cluster, business processes) in any number of

Page 52                                                                         Copyright LeuTek GmbH
ZISSLM – Service Level Monitor

Weekly availability of a business process

Daily availability of a business process with detail view

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                       Page 53
                                          Multiple Computer Centers' Focal Point

Controlling Multiple Computer Centers

To operate multiple computer center locations from a central point, the ZIS concept provides ideal

!   The individual locations are independently monitored and controlled by locally installed ZIS
!   Information from individual ZIS Systems is consolidated in ZISGUI
!   The multi-tier design of ZISGUI provides independent development, test and integration
    possibilities in connection with a backup feature
!   All IT systems and applications are monitored and operated from ZISGUI acting as central
    system controlling
!   System controlling can be moved very easily in case of a disaster
!   The central ZISGUI provides all departments with different views
!   An external on-call service can be provided with remote access

An integrated ZIS-to-ZIS command system allows to pass jobs for example issued by an auto
operator at a given location from a local to remote ZIS Systems.

                                Replication on demand
    System Controlling                                     Department        Remote Control

                             ZISGUI 1        ZISGUI 2

                            Developmt.      Production

                   ZIS System                    ZIS System               ZIS System
                   Location 1                    Location 2               Location 3
                       Production                     Production               Production

                            Backup                        Backup                    Backup

Page 54                                                                     Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions for Maximum Availability

Thanks to carefully tested components and redundantly designed system parts, our systems have
a very high availability. For example, all our servers have mirror systems installed.
!   Automatic data mirroring
!   Uninterrupted switch-over to mirror disk if active disk fails
!   Minimized risk of data loss

For maximum availability requirements, a complete backup concept is available:
!   Redundant database server; continuous data mirroring using Double-Take
!   Alternatively: parallel operation with two independent ZIS Systems (double performance)
!   The various handlers running on the application servers can automatically be moved to other
    computers if they fail
!   Install a watchdog, that monitors the ZIS Systems permanently

To further increase availability of the complete system, the servers can be installed in different

                Data Mirroring Using Double-Take/Automatic Failover

                   ZIS5 DB Server Prod.                     ZIS5 DB Server Backup

    Applic. Server 1                        Applic. Server 2                  Applic. Server 3
    Handler 1 Handler 2                    Handler 3 Handler 4                Handler 5 Handler 6

              Handlers are automatically moved if server fails

ZISGUI allows two ZISGUI servers to be installed with continuous data mirroring using Double-
Take. Functionality is even better when two parallel ZISGUI systems are used. The first system can
be used as independent development, test and integration system simultaneously acting as backup
for the second productive system. The optimal functionality and performance are achieved with
three parallel ZISGUI systems. The first system serves for developing and testing with defined
users only. When the created ZISGUI pages are provided, they are replicated on both productive
ZISGUI servers. The two productive parallel ZISGUI servers provide double performance,
simultaneous design synchronization without service interruption since there is no failover.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                         Page 55
                                                     Managing Distributed Servers

Managing Distributed Server Environments

With the importance of distributed server structures, monitoring, availability, and centralized
management of these systems become more and more relevant. The ZIS System and ZISGUI
provide the most important functions needed for centralized server management under the same

Availability            To be implemented very easily and fast using PING and SNMP requests
monitoring              in the LAN Monitor

Resource monitoring Proactive monitoring of system resources using SNMP agents reporting
                    all data over the LAN Monitor to the Event Monitor; graphical
                    representation of these data using ZISGUI

Monitoring systems      SNMP agents and log file evaluation – with additional specialized
and applications        monitoring software, if required – are used to monitor and control
                        operating systems and applications running on servers

Centralized             Implemented in ZISGUI using links pointing to the client application;
operation               integrating local consoles into the ZIS System directly over RS232, COM
                        server, or KVM solutions (out-of-band management)

Documentation           In ZISGUI, bubble help and links pointing to documentation files can be
                        used to view all relevant system information with a single mouse click

Power management        Monitoring/controlling supply voltage using EIBOGON power
                        management components; graphical representation and operation in

Security                Monitoring temperature and door contacts in server cabinets; video
                        surveillance by integrating cameras into ZISGUI over video web server

Fire protection         Monitoring exhaust air from 19" cabinets including very early smoke
concept                 detection; automatic shut down (minimizing data loss) and automatic
                        power-off of affected systems (minimizing fire hazard) using the ZIS
                        System; graphical representation using ZISGUI (fast localization)

A large number of functions allow the servers to be managed from the desktop of the persons in
charge even if servers are placed in remote locations and restart is required.

Compared to other systems management tools, these tasks can be realized much faster and at
lower costs using the ZIS System and ZISGUI. Additionally, maintenance of highly volatile server
configurations is much easier and faster done. To receive up-to-date information is an essential
prerequisite for a management system to be widely accepted.

Page 56                                                                      Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Integrating Heterogeneous Systems

Interfaces Used to Integrate Heterogeneous Systems

To integrate consoles and hardware of heterogeneous systems, the ZIS System provides a series
of interfaces. All interfaces can be used for operation, monitoring, and automation.

Hardware      CPUs and control units can easily be connected to the ZIS System using special
              CPU remote controls and standard EPO interfaces
Consoles      The different consoles are directly connected to SKP-X over RS232 or TCP/IP
              Telnet (97801 or VT220 emulation)

Hardware      Connection to the ZIS System over a special interface
Consoles      Operation over Telnet consoles Ethernet LAN connection (TCP/IP)

Hardware      Hardware functions are controlled over a V.24 interface of the machine panel
Consoles      Connection over RS232 interface, operation using VT100 or VT220 emulation

Tandem/HP Nonstop
Hardware      On request
Consoles      Operation over local RS232 console port using 6530 emulation or over TCP/IP
              network using Telnet emulation

Hardware      EIB-controlled power on/off
Consoles      Operation over local RS232 console port or over a terminal server using VT100 or
              VT220 emulation (80 or 132 characters)

IBM pSeries
Hardware      EIB-controlled power on/off
Consoles      Connection over local RS232 console port using VT100 or VT220 emulation or over
              TCP/IP network using Telnet emulation

Hardware      EIB-controlled power on/off
Consoles      Connection over local RS232 console port using VT220 or HP700/96 emulation or
              over TCP/IP network using Telnet emulation

Hardware      EIB-controlled power on/off
Consoles      Connection over local RS232 console port using 97801 emulation or over TCP/IP
              network using Telnet or 97801 emulation

Hardware of other systems can be EIB-controlled. Their consoles can be connected over a TCP/IP
network over RS232 interfaces to the ZIS System using a series of protocols.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                        Page 57
                                                                      Special Applications

Monitoring SAP® Systems

To visualize and process events from the SAP environment, the ZIS System uses the Computer
Center Management, or CCMS, integrated in the SAP system.
SAP has continuously developed and extended this standard interface. It allows the ZIS System to
gather important and system-critical information very easily directly at the source to process it at a
central point.

Due to the quality and the range of the events provided by the SAP system, there is no need for
complex connectors and for updating them to match the corresponding software version.

The CCMS provides so-called monitors used for monitoring the SAP environment and the
pertaining components. These monitors are used to provide relevant events, for example from the
following fields:
!   global work process overview
!   system load monitor
!   global system load monitor
!   operating system monitor
!   operating system collector
!   SAP buffer
!   database monitor

There are two ways to connect the CCMS agent to the ZIS System:

!   ZEXEC script call with passing specific parameters
!   SNMP interface: send SNMP traps (versions 1-3) to the ZIS System in a predefined format

Page 58                                                                        Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Special Applications

                        Monitoring Servers in Demilitarized Zones

 Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)                      ZIS System                 Client Systems
    Server Systems

                                ZEXEC SSL
                                or SNMP Get

                      DMZ                    ZIS                         Corporate
                     Network               Network                        Network

Data security is not only an important issue for banks and insurance companies. Often, areas are
secured (DMZ – DeMilitarized Zone) to protect internal IT against applications that have access to
the internet, such as web or RAS servers.

The server systems installed in DMZs with operating systems such as SUN Solaris, IBM AIX,
Linux, or Windows as well as their applications must be monitored, off course, as efficiently as the
servers in the corporate network. Appropriate firewall and communication means (e.g. VPN over
IPSec) are as important as available server services and their IP ports. The same strict conditions
apply to the monitoring systems like for the monitored server systems themselves. The aim is to
minimize security risks by stopping all services apart from those that are indispensable.

In this example, a server agent is installed on the server systems in the DMZ. This is polled over a
dedicated port at regular intervals. The response is sent over the same port, that is still open. If
additional security is requested, an additional front-end ZIS System can convert the protocol again
to pass all relevant information to the ZIS System using again an encrpyted protocol.

This way, the ZIS Systems are used to maximize security for sensitive data transferred from the
DMZ to the secured corporate network.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                       Page 59
                                                                     Special Applications

Console Consolidation

Today, a large number of organizations tend to consolidate and centralize their computer centers.
For cost-efficiency reasons, satellite computer centers of the company and independent computer
centers of daughter and sister companies are combined. During a transition phase, usually a large
number of logical and physical platforms coexist as long as not all systems and applications are
merged. The increasing number of consoles and monitors used for controlling systems deteriorates
working conditions and decreases quality of work.

Consolidating all consoles on a single platform allows you to implement a state-of-the-art control
center including the ZIS System and workstations with high-resolution large-format screens and a
video wall, if required. The operators open the appropriate console required for the respective tasks
on their workstation. In connection with the ZISGUI system, console links can be embedded in all
relevant information and combined with live-stream video, for example. I.e. operators have all
required information and console connections on their workstations. Huge immovable console
racks are thus no longer required.

As far as backup or disaster concepts are concerned, the ZIS solution offers essential strategic
!   Resources that are distributed over multiple locations can be logically merged with the ZIS
!   The ZIS Systems can be installed with backup systems to meet top availability requirements.
!   System control can easily be moved to any location where the ZIS System can be connected
    over a LAN.
!   Specific tasks of system control can easily be transferred to specialists since the resources can
    be accessed from any networked desktop.

Internal automation of the ZIS
System      takes    over    time-
consuming trivial actions from
system control. Using the ZIS
System and the ZISGUI as
graphical user interface, you can
realize complete, reliable, and
easy-to-use               systems
management solutions at low
costs in reduced time.

The figure shows a selection menu for
different consoles on the left side and
four windows with active console
sessions on the right side.

Page 60                                                                        Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Special Applications

Video Wall Used to Display Overview Monitors

For usability reasons, modern system controls and user help desks have a reduced number of
consoles summarizing condensed information on a small number of monitors. All required consoles
are available in the ZIS System and therefore on all networked workstations.

For a complete overview, you can install a video wall preferably at a central location to display the
most significant monitors. All information relevant for IT operation is evaluated in ZISGUI for an
easy-to-use graphical representation available to system control staff.

Combining ZIS System, ZISGUI, and video walls maximizes flexibility by having both decentralized
workplaces and a permanent centralized overview. This is a basic prerequisite to work
ergonomically and efficiently. This combination has been successfully rolled out at Commerzbank
AG, GAD eG, and Dataport GmbH.

                                                       Console Connection

             ZIS System
                           Status Info                     Monitors

                                                                Monitors          Video Wall

                                                      Console Connection

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                        Page 61
                                                                       Special Applications

Implementing EIB Controls

Use an EIB (European Installation Bus) to control distributed consumers and sensors easily from a
central point. The bus is a four-wire bus cable with a maximum length of 1,000 meters (approx.
1,100 yds.). Sensors (inputs) and actuators (switching elements) can be operated over the bus.
After installation, these elements are configured using a special program (ETS software) so that the
bus can be operated without controller. Thus, actuators can respond to sensor signals
independently. To increase performance and security, an EIB system can be divided into a
maximum of 15 areas with 12 lines each. This allows you to address 11,520 bus devices each of
which may contain multiple sensors or actuators.

An RS232 interface serves as interface to the ZIS System, which uses the sensors as signal lines
and the actuators as control contacts. Integrating EIB systems into the focal point concept of the
ZIS System smartly extends their scope of use. Every status change of an actuator or sensor is
automatically reported to the ZIS System instantly and displayed. This allows REXX procedures to
be started which handle the pertaining events. For increased security, the ZIS System additionally
polls the EIB element statuses to prevent status changes from being lost.


!   Controlling and monitoring computer center infrastructure
!   Power supply using central electric distributors: controllable and monitorable exits
!   Power supply using electric rail systems: controllable and monitorable distributor boxes
!   Monitoring current load of phases (capacity planning)
!   Managing power of servers/network structures
!   Monitoring air condition using EIB-based temperature sensors
!   Burglary alarm system and access control
!   Water sensors

For managing power supply of large or distributed server structures, we have developed EIBOGON
devices which have been proven in many installations. They also allow to integrate for example
RMS functions (Rack Monitoring System) into a 19" cabinet such as temperature and door contact
monitoring. ZISGUI graphical representation maximizes security, further improves easy-to-use
operation, and eases administration of complex server and network structures.

!   Managing power of servers/network structures using our EIBOGON devices
!   Power on/off components for recovery and in case of fire alarms, UPS alarms, maintenance
!   Monitoring power supply using voltage gauges and measuring load current for capacity
    management and cost allocation for hosted systems
!   Monitoring UPS supply of servers

Page 62                                                                         Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Special Applications

Fire Protection Concept

In addition to securing operation, the protection of equipment and premises of a strategically
important computer center is given very high priority. A central issue is fire protection which should
be extended from mere building protection to equipment protection. Very early smoke detection
systems can be used in combination with false floor extinguishing systems to comply with these
As the use of halon has been prohibited as extinguishing gas in Germany since 1994 and other
gases such as CO2 or INERGEN are precarious because they endanger people and
comprehensive constructional measurements are required, more and more alternative fire
protection concepts establish themselves such as very early smoke detection and switching off or
oxygen reduction.

Very early smoke detection # Switching off affected components
The fire protection department of the Allianz insurance company discovered that fires can be
prevented in the DP field in more than 98% of all cases, if the fire does not penetrate from outside.
A prerequisite is that a fire is detected in its very early stages, and the affected components are
switched off. It is important that an emergency shutdown considers both security – switching off as
fast as possible – and availability – "smooth" and controlled shutdown. For fire prevention,
electricity of smoke-emitting components should be cut off within one minute. For a proper restart,
the systems need to be shut down prior to switching them off or - if time runs short - they need to
be stopped.

From these findings, we have cooperated with a specialist to develop a sophisticated fire protection
concept that considers all relevant aspects:

!   Very early detection of fire sources
!   Localization of affected component(s)
!   Situation-dependent alarm procedure
!   Situation-dependent system shut down
!   Switching off affected component(s) in a controlled manner
!   Switching off air condition, power distributors
!   Optional CO2 false floor extinguisher

The ZIS System receives a fire alarm from the fire panel and responds depending on the situation
by stopping systems using console input, shutting down servers and switching off affected
components in a controlled, partially multi-tiered manner. Industrially proven procedures notify the
staff in charge considering various operating conditions such as revision, computer center
maintenance, attended and unattended operation, emergency regulations for a failing fire panel
interface and malfunction handling, etc.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                         Page 63
                                                                      Special Applications

Maximum security, availability, and operability is achieved by combining very early smoke detection
systems with the ZIS System.

Oxygen reduction in the computer center – permanent prevention of fires
Normally, the average oxygen concentration in the air is approx. 21%. A concentration of about
15% oxygen in the air is just sufficient for man to breathe but too low for a fire to break out. If the
oxygen concentration is reduced to 15%, neither paper, cardboard, electricity cables nor
polystyrene catch fire. This OxyReduct principle efficiently protects computer centers, warehouses,
museums, and many other endangered places from fires. The OxyReduct system uses a complex
measuring system to monitor if the oxygen concentration does not exceed 15% in the rooms to be
protected. Oxygen concentration is reduced by computer-controlled nitrogen supply. Nitrogen is
obtained directly on location from the ambient air to be supplied in a controlled manner.

The most important prerequisite for the introduction of OxyReduct is that the room is tight for the
oxygen concentration to be kept cost-efficiently on the protective level of 15%. This means for air
conditioning that the fresh air portion must be minimized. If persons plan to access the protected
area without medical checkup, the oxygen concentration is increased to 17%. Subsequently, the
oxygen concentration is reduced again to 15% by increasing the nitrogen supply. Since not only
naked fire poses a threat for computer center operation, but also smoke caused by a smouldering
fire, OxyReduct combined with very early smoke detection is the optimal solution.

The ZIS System provides valuable service in an OxyReduct environment:
!   Permanent monitoring of oxygen concentration in air independent of OxyReduct installation
!   Controlling ventilation to increase oxygen concentration
!   Graphical representation of accesses
!   Alarm if very early smoke detection detects fire
!   Optional: switch off affected components if smoke is detected

Controlling and monitoring an OxyReduct installation

Page 64                                                                         Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Special Applications

Managing Computer Center Configuration

In central computer centers, servers and network components are installed in 19“ cabinets. Due to
permanent configuration changes and technological modifications, this field is very dynamic which
increases the need for managing the components comprehensively. In connection with ZISGUI, the
ZIS System allows to manage complex configurations perfectly with reasonable effort:
!   Managing slots (available units, power supply, air condition)
!   Documentation of installed systems
!   Managing system power for monitoring and restarts
!   Monitoring infrastructure of systems (electricity, air condition, access, fire protection)
!   Measuring load current for capacity management and cost allocation
!   System monitoring (resources, operating system, applications)
!   Operating interfaces (KVM system, remote operating over TCP/IP)
!   Video surveillance of rooms
                                                                           This is the configuration
                                                                           management of a server
                                                                           computer center at the
                                                                           Frankfurt-based     Deutsche
                                                                           Bundesbank. A mouse click
                                                                           leads from the computer
                                                                           center overview to the detail
                                                                           view of a 19“ cabinet with
                                                                           front and rear view as well as
                                                                           the     monitoring      status

Every 19“ cabinet has
two separate supplies.
Two EIBOGON devices
supply and monitor every
installed system.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                            Page 65
                                                                    ROI of the ZIS System

Arguments for Purchasing the ZIS System

The ZIS System provides access to the complete hardware and software. In connection with its
monitoring and alarm functions and remote operating, it is used to improve the following essential
issues in computer centers:


!   Reduced staff: By consolidating all information relevant for computer center operation and by
    the monitoring and automation functions, operating effort can be reduced.
!   Reduced shift times: Overall monitoring including alarm allows secured unattended operation
    or operation with reduced staff. Production as well as switching and initialization of systems can
    be performed unattended.
!   Reduced standby costs: Remote operating allows faster error handling. Even routine work can
    easily be done from the home office.
!   Fast implemention and low maintenance: Management tasks can be implemented in a
    relatively short period of time and maintained with little effort.
!   Saved energy costs: Unrequired components can be switched off automatically and promptly
    and switched on again, if required.


!   Detailed error and status messages: Since the statuses of all DP components are displayed
    in the ZIS System, fast error analysis is possible.
!   Proactive monitoring: Some problems are recognized and indicated even before they affect
    computer center operation (server resources below threshold value, rise in temperature, smoke
    emission, etc.).
!   Fast and targeted alarm in case of an error: The alerted persons can perform fast error
    handling by remote operating with access to all essential components in the computer center.
!   Automatic procedures for recovery measures: In many cases, problems can be handled
    automatically using REXX procedures.
!   Shorter starting times with parallel error handling: Starting actions and recovery measures
    are performed almost simultaneously to render the computer center operational as fast as
!   Additional manual intervention: If a ZIS component fails, all actions can be performed
!   Modular structure of the ZIS System: This allows short service times and step-by-step

Page 66                                                                        Copyright LeuTek GmbH
ROI of the ZIS System


!   Automating actions: Automated routine actions prevent input errors and faulty operation.
!   Writing log files: This allows to verify any performed action.
!   Secure design of software and hardware: A clear-cut user interface and ease of use prevent
    operational errors. Security-relevant actions are password-protected. The design of the ZIS
    hardware secures the operation of the computer center components.
!   Maximum security for remote operating: The operating interfaces are very well protected to
    prevent unauthorized access.
!   Fire protection concept: Combined with very early smoke detection, efficient protection of
    equipment and premises.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                     Page 67
                                                              Case Studies

Business Process Management at GAD eG Muenster/Germany

 Initial Situation
 • Primitive monitoring of systems
    and resources is no longer
    sufficient for complex business
 • Comprehensive solution
    required for managing
    resources, processes, and
    service levels

 • Fast implemention of ZIS System as cross-manufacturer and cross-
   platform solutsion for:
     Event correlation
     Alarm management
     Remote control
 • Integration of ZISGUI for flexible graphical representation

 • Detailed evaluation of all data, service level reports

                                               Customer Benefits
      The LeuTek ZIS System graphically
    centralizes all our systems management     • Optimizing complete
    sensors and their correlation.               computer center operation
    For GAD, this makes the ZIS System an        as far as system monitoring
    integral and indispensable component for     and business process
    safeguarding IT operation with maximum       availability are concerned

    Paul Rijnberk, Manager Automation,
    Monitoring & Service Level Management,
    GAD eG Muenster/Germany
                                          “    • Managing complex
                                                 computer center structures
                                                 cost-efficiently achieves fast

Page 68                                                     Copyright LeuTek GmbH
Case Studies

Enterprise Operation Center (EOC) of Lufthansa Systems Infratec GmbH

Improved operations, faster communication, and more efficient resourcing: These are
some main objectives of the EOC (Enterprise Operation Center) project at Lufthansa
Systems Infratec GmbH.

Moving together system, network and problem management in the computer center
building based in Kelsterbach/Frankfurt was the first step to optimize their cooperation. In
February 2003, Lufthansa Systems opted for the ZIS System by LeuTek GmbH as focal
point system to be used for monitoring, alarming, operation, and external automation.

                                            To begin with, all IBM mainframe consoles
                                            (master and subsystem consoles, HMC
                                            consoles and ESCON Director consoles)
                                            required for monitoring and operation have
                                            been consolidated using two redundant IDG
                                            9074 console controllers and two ZIS
                                            Systems. Employees can open the required
                                            consoles on their workstation using the remote
                                            client software. "Console multiplexing" allows a
                                            single console to be provided multiple times
                                            even to employees outside the EOC or to on-
                                            call service staff.

After the EOC has become operational, the ZIS Systems have been extended by central
event management features as well as console and IPL automation.

At the end of the third quarter of 2004, the ZISGUI system was fully implemented
including large screen displays as focal point of control for a user-friendly graphical
representation of a large amount of data.

The use of the ZIS and ZISGUI systems has allowed to consolidate a wide range of areas.
Thus, Lufthansa Systems has created a process- and communication-optimized working
environment in a single room and a state-of-the-art operation environment.

Copyright LeuTek GmbH                                                                Page 69
                                                                          Case Studies

ZISGUI System Monitoring Infrastructure at
Atos Worldline Processing

Atos Worldline Processing have been a successful service provider in Europe for more
than 20 years processing credit and payment cards including ec and retail customer
cards. Additionally, they provide "iPAY" for secure payment transactions on the internet.

In 1994, they started to use the ZIS System to monitor mainframe systems and as main
alarm tool. Due to enlarged premises and renting an additional building with separate
building equipment installed, a wide range of equipment needed to be integrated into a
cross-location focal point system: monitoring and operating interfaces of building control
system, digital and analog signal lines monitoring additional plant rooms, fire panel as well
as power supply and air condition. The ZIS/ZISGUI System has been chosen because it
provides best quality for price with a very large number of interfaces and console
emulations and a high flexibility for customizations. This has turned out to be a good
solution for Atos Worldline Processing since the system has been implemented with
minimum internal and external personnel expenses.

                                                         The usage of the ZIS and ZISGUI
                                                         System for monitoring building
                                                         equipment and for alarming
                                                         ensures early detection of
                                                         equipment malfunctions around
                                                         the clock minimizing detrimental
                                                         effects to IT operation running

                                                         Technicians can be alerted
                                                         depending on the situation
                                                         allowing for proactive actions to
                                                         correct an error.

"With its intuitive user interface, structured working area and customized views, the
ZISGUI System has received a very high degree of acceptance among the company
technicians," says Kai Berg, Manager Technical Infrastructure with Atos Worldline
Processing Frankfurt/Main.

In summer 2004, the ZISGUI System was extended to remotely control building

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Services GmbH Munich and Stgt.

Alfred Kaercher GmbH & Co., Winnenden        Mr. Woehrle         +49 7195 14-2818     $        SM, CM, AM
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AMB Generali Informatik Services, Aachen     Mr. Apitzsch        +49 241 461-1144    $ #       SM, CM, BPM
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IBM Deutschland Hamburg, Ehningen,             Mr. Gill             +49 69 6645-5530    " #       SM, CM, AL, IM
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VOLKSWAGEN Wolfsburg                         Mr. Warmbold     +49 5361 9-70214     " #   &   SM, CM, AM, IM, SLM
VRSG, St. Gallen (CH)                        Mr. Widmer       +41 71 2268-399      " #       SM, BPM, CM, AM, IM
Westfael. Provinzial Versicherung Muenster   Mr. Evels        +49 251 219-3591     "         CM, AM
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ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen            Mr. Ruedel       +49 6131 70-5644     "         SM, CM, AM, IM

Replacements                                                          Field
%        Replaced IBM computer center system/AO Manager               SM:        Systems Management
*        Replaced IBM TSCF                                            BPM:       Business Process Management
(        Replaced SNI ATOP                                            CM:        Console Management
!        Replaced MGI TopControl                                      AM:        Alert Management
'        Replaced Legent Automate/XC                                  IM:        Infrastructure Management
)        Replaced Candle AF/Remote                                    PM:        Power Management
+        Replaced TSLA Tivoli Service Level Advisor                   SLM:       Service Level Monitoring

"        ZIS System with computer center hardware integration
$        ZIS System without computer center hardware integration
#        ZISGUI Graphical User Interface
&        ZISSLM Service Level Monitor

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