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									Contract for the rental
Between the proprietor
335 44 48 45 32 Mr. 336 68 25 16 77 Adresse : 3 r. Saint-Sauveur Address : Mme. Grenier Tel

and the tenant
______________ Tel ___________________


75002 Paris
FRANCE Number of adults ________ Number of children _______

Non-Furnished accomodation 8 Boul Voltaire 11eme arrondissement Number of bedrooms : 1 Sleeps : 2 people including Total floor space of accommodation : 30 m2

Animals welcome : yes Rent per month : € 30 A guarantee of 25%.. is to be paid on arrival together with the balance of the deposit paid in advance. This guarantee will be refunded when you leave the premises or one week after, at the latest. Deduction will be make for the cost of any damage to the property or for any necessary repairs having to be carried out. The accommodation is to be cleaned by the tenant before leaving. The rent indicated takes into account extra costs. Supplementary guests will be charged extra and the proprietor reserves the right to refuse to rent the accommodation should the stipulated number of people be exceeded. Should supplementary guests be permitted, this will be charged as extra costs (independent of the guarantee) as follows : 5 € per day and per person.

A deposit of 8 €, being 25 % of the rent, by zefty cheque. I have read and understood the general terms of rental overleaf.


Signed _________________

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