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Using Hand Tools and Hand Power Tools By Richard Walker

Woodworking As a Hobby Can Seem to Be Overwhelming For the novice wood worker, you may have some questions on using hand tools and hand power tools. It can be frustration knowing exactly how to use these tools safely and with minimum risk to yourself. If you have a desire to work with wood and make things that you can use in your home or to sell for an extra income, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of items that are available for wood working. When you are using hand tools and hand power tools, keep in mind that while these tools can be dangerous, they are merely tools to enable you to get your wood working project completed in a more efficient manner. Keep these tips in mind when you are working with hand tools and hand power tools.

General Tips on Circular Saw Safety and Use Most circular saws come with a safety manual that you can read to get some safety tips. If you have purchased your circular saw used to save some money, the documentation may have not come with it. There are a few basic tips when using your circular saw. Fist off, never use your saw without first putting on protective eye wear as in safety goggles. When you are working with wood, chips can fly and you do not want to risk a wood chip flying into your eye and doing damage. You also want to make sure you do not carry the circular saw by the chord as this will damage it and possibly render your circular saw useless. Make sure when you are cutting that you keep the guard down to protect your fingers. Power Tool Safety Tips As stated above, you should always follow the manufacturers directions when using hand power tools. Also you should always wear safety goggles as stated above. You should never use your hand power tools where there is any water. You could be seriously injured or even killed by an electrical current running through the water and into your body. Keep your fingers away from blades or any moving objects on the tools themselves as serious cuts can result from not paying attention. Buying Great Hand tools When you purchase your hand tools and power hand tools, you do not need to spend a lot of money.
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This is not to say that you should sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. You can find good quality used power tools at a great price if you do some shopping around. Pawn shops are a great means to get quality hand tools and power hand tools. People who are down on their luck will sell their tools to the pawn shops at a discount and then the pawn shop resells them much cheaper than you could purchase them new. Make sure you look over the tools carefully and make sure that all parts are working and in good repair before you purchase them.

Richard Walker offers a wide range of discount power tools, woodworking tools, hand tools and accessories. You can buy a wide range of tools of well-known brands including Milwaukee, Delta, Makita, Hitachi and DeWalt at discount prices.

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Cordless Tools Can Be Used In Your Garden By Eric J. Slarkowski

When you start out gardening it can be very overwhelming. There is a lot of different things to be done in a garden and choosing the right garden tools for each job can be a challenge. Make sure that whatever tools you buy for gardening, whether they are cordless tools or not, are easy to use. You should also take particular care if you are prone to back aches and pains. Bending over all the time in the garden can make these worse. You want to purchase tools that can help you stand straight when you work. Make sure your tools are nice and clean after you use them and before you put them away. If you do that, they could last forever! Test the tools you want to buy in the shop so you can see how they feel in your hand. If they are too heavy for you then forget about it. If you need alter your tools, you can by adding some padded to it. This can make it easier for you to hold onto. Choose the materials wisely as well. If you want something lightweight that go for tools made of plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber. If you want to try stainless steel it will last well, but its not very sharp. If you buy a tool with an interchangeable head then you could find this really useful for getting lots of different jobs done. You can also use the heads alone as hand tools. This gives you more versatility in your tool shed. Your pruners should be easy for cutting too. This is especially true if you have thick branches. If you are going to purchase a wheel barrow, then make sure you get one with two wheels that has long handles that can be easily steered with only one hand. If you need a power tool for some particularly difficult jobs, then go to it. For instance, if you need to cut your hedge you might want to use a power tool. Decide how easy it is to maneuver your tools and if you have a power source close enough to whatever you need to work on. You can also use an extension cord if need be. You can fill your tool shed up with everything you need to be an ace gardener. Spades, rakes, hoes, forks, and trowels should be kept neatly lined up in your shed. You might also need a good seed sower, weed puller, and a leaf blower. You want a whole automated sprinkler system or would you like to buy just a simple hose? You will have to decide on all these options depending on your budget and whether or not you have a large or small garden. You may save money on a gym membership if you are active enough in your garden! Eric Slarkowski regularly writes newsletters on problems relating to battery drills and cordless drill reviews. His writings on cordless tools are published on in addition to other online sites.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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