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									EVALUATION OF WESTER HAILES HEALTHY MOVES PROJECT BRIEF FOR CONSULTANTS Introduction Healthy Moves is a Physical Activity project in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, based within and managed by the Wester Hailes Health Agency. The project is funded by the Big Lottery for a 4year period until Dec 2006. The Edinburgh Community Health Partnership has agreed to fund the period on an interim basis following that date. Wester Hailes Health & Social Care Partnership wishes to commission an external evaluation of the Healthy Moves Project. The Partnership is a multi-agency initiative, which, as a Healthy Living Centre, brings together local GP’s, Primary Care, Social Work and the voluntary sector to improve the health and well being of the people of Wester Hailes. The Partnership now seeks proposals from interested consultants outlining how they would intend to conduct an evaluation of this project. The Healthy Moves Project consists of one full time Co-ordinator who is managed by the Wester Hailes Health Agency. The project also includes a small budget to pay fees to course tutors and coaches as well as some other incidental costs. The vast majority of programmed activities offered by the project take place in the Wester Hailes area of Edinburgh, which is characterized by a high incidence of health inequalities. Aim of Project The aims of the project are to  increase the number of people taking up regular physical activity  improve the health and fitness levels of those people who do participate in physical activity  offer a wider range and variety of physical activity opportunities in the community  address the barriers that prevent people from taking up physical activity  work with relevant partners to promote physical activity within the community . Scope of Study With the funding for the project coming to an end, the Healthy Moves steering group invite consultants to apply to carry out the evaluation of the Healthy Moves project to assess if it has achieved its aims and objectives. The study should evaluate the impact of Healthy Moves in promoting the take up of physical activity in Wester Hailes. It will do so by examining the profile of participants and reviewing any evidence of behavioural change and resulting improvement in health and well being. It will be important for the study to link any findings to the strategic policy context for health related physical activity set by the Scottish Executive and NHS Lothian. The main service components of the project to be evaluated are: (i) Activities Programme This project offers a range of class based exercise activities, in a number of venues throughout Wester Hailes. The range of activities currently on offer includes tai chi, ease into exercise, aerobics, outdoor activities and the walking group. Around 150 individuals participate in one or more of these classes in a calendar year with a total attendance in all classes of over 1000. (ii) Primary Care Referral Scheme

Over the last six months the project has received referrals from GP’s and Nursing staff attached to the Wester Hailes Medical Practice. The Co-ordinator assesses and works with the referred individuals to identify a personal activity programme that is realistic and achievable. This is followed by second and third interviews on a monthly basis. (iii) A Weigh and Get Fit This is a collaborative weekly programme run in conjunction with the community dietetics service that encourages weight loss through a combination of physical activity with improved diet. Aim of Study The client wishes to see a robust evaluative study that results in a final report that gives:     An analysis of the impact of the project, gained from the experience of the individual beneficiaries and the views of the staff, relevant local practitioners and referral bodies A review of the organisation of the service, including the internal monitoring and evaluation systems that are currently in place. A series of recommendations indicating how the service can be improved. A consideration of how elements of the service can be sustained following the end of Big Lottery Fund financial support.

It is likely that the methods employed will include:    Individual interviews Focus groups Documentation such as minutes of meetings and progress reports

It is also desirable that the evaluator should undertake some desk research on the work of other physical activity projects elsewhere, in order to present some comparative information on the nature of services that may be on offer. Other Relevant Information There is a range of information that will be made available to the appointed consultant. This includes records of client attendance for all the services and some initial and post therapy assessments for some of the clients. Access to individual beneficiaries should be negotiated with the Health Agency. The Partnership Development Manager will be available to discuss aspects of the study prior to appointment. There is a limited amount of space within local premises for on site working. Budget The maximum available for the study is £5,000 (inclusive of VAT and expenses). A clear breakdown of the research costs and overheads should be presented in the tender. Timescales The Partnership wishes to receive the final report by the end of January 2007, although this is subject to negotiation with the appointed evaluator.

Procedures for Tendering The Partnership now invites interested consultants to submit their proposal in writing, describing their proposed methodology, their previous relevant experience and their required fees and estimated expenses for carrying out this study All proposals should be submitted by 1.00pm, on Friday 17th November. Steven Whitton Partnership Development Manager Wester Hailes Health & Social Care Partnership Wester Hailes Health Centre 7 Murrayburn Gate Edinburgh EH14 2SS Email: Telephone: 0131 537 7315

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