CONTENTS A Bibliographic Survey of Sources for a Study of the Law by alextt


									Volume 23 Number 1 2004 CONTENTS A Bibliographic Survey of Sources for a Study of the Law of Colonial and Territorial Louisiana Carol D. Billings


This bibliographic essay and research guide to the pre-statehood legal materials of Louisiana will be a chapter in a forthcoming title, Pre-Statehood Legal Research: A Guide to the 50 States, Including New York City and the District of Columbia, from The Haworth Information Press, an Imprint of The Haworth Press, Inc. KEYWORDS. Legal bibliography, Louisiana, colonial law, territorial law, civil law

The Evolution and Impact of Legal Dictionaries Roy M. Mersky


Lexicographers have had a profound impact on the development of legal systems in the English-speaking world. Since the time of John Rastell, legal dictionaries have not only defined key terms and concepts, but in many cases have also determined the very topics and issues that have come to dominate contemporary legal thinking. For these reasons, the Jamail Center for Legal Research has built an outstanding collection of rare legal dictionaries. The rich history of legal dictionaries offers fascinating insights into the evolution of legal thinking and also provides a better understanding of influences on the dynamic relationship between words and deeds. In November 1999, the Jamail Center for Legal Research acquired, as its Millionth Volume, a particularly special dictionary that would have many hidden surprises. Through a study of this particular volume, a great deal about the early publishing world and the evolution of law dictionaries can be learned. KEYWORDS. Legal dictionaries, lexicography, legal research, collection development

Language and the Law: Selected Readings Will Geeslin


The study of language and law incorporates many subtopics: law and literature, linguistics and semantics, legal drafting, opinion writing, advocacy style, law as literature, statutory interpretation, legal dictionaries, information processes, and even courtroom translators, among others. However, our conference’s subject matter was much more limited and only three of those categories are covered in this bibliography: (1) Legal Semiotics and Critical Legal Theory, (2) Plain Language, and (3) Legal Dictionaries. KEYWORDS. Legal bibliography, language and the law, legal semantics

Public Access to the Shore: A Research Guide Deborah Mongeau


Public access to the shore is a controversial issue for both beachgoers and coastal landowners as both parties have equally compelling rights over the use of this limited real estate. This research guide introduces the researcher to the primary and secondary legal sources on public access from the view of both the public and the property owner. It may be used as a stand-alone research tool or as a complementary extension of the author’s annotated bibliography on this subject. The author also offers direction for those who wish to pursue this topic further. KEYWORDS. Beach access, coastal access, coastal zone management, recreational access, tidelands, takings

Elder Law Sources Joseph Gerken


This bibliography is written for a three-fold audience: lawyers, librarians and the general public. Among lawyers, it will likely be of most benefit to the non-specialist. An attorney with a general practice or one who specializes in an area of law other than Elder Law sometimes confronts a problem that requires some familiarity with Elder Law. KEYWORDS. Social Security, ERISA, age discrimination, guardianship, veteran’s benefits, elder law

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