Colts Neck Farmland Preservation and Open Space Committee by cometjunkie47


									      Colts Ne ck F ar mlan d Preser vation
          and Op en Space Co mmittee

                           Minutes of Meeting - April 9, 2007
                                      Town Hall

Members Present: Chairwoman Carol Barnett, , Richard Malinowski, Virginia Mumford,
       Thomas Orgo, Pat Polgar, Richard Rehm, Mario Sessa and Mayor James Stuart,
       Liaison and Member
Members Absent: John Jacoby
On Leave: Kim Rothberg
Also Present: Beth Kara, Lisa Avidon, Shaun R. Schlich, Esq., and Vikki Hanges

Chair Barnett called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m., followed by roll call and a salute
to the flag.

Chair Barnett welcomed Ms. Avidon; Mr. Schlich, Ms. Avidon’s brother and attorney;
and Ms. Hanges to the meeting.

Chair Barnett asked for comments on the draft minutes of March 12, 2007. With no
comments made, Mr. Malinowski made a motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Sessa and
unanimously approved.

Chair Barnett called for additions to the agenda. Hearing none, the meeting proceeded.

New Business:

Two property owners were present to discuss the Farmland program application process.

Avidon Application

Discussion ensued regarding the Committee’s review of the Avidon application and its
ultimate disapproval of same based on the facts presented within that application. Ms.
Avidon spoke of her intention to preserve the farm, boarding and breeding horses, and
her desire to enter the program. The Committee members spoke of various property
deficiencies including too many structures on the site and the fact there are areas that are
not tillable. Chair Barnett advised Ms. Avidon the Committee can only review what is
included in the application. Chair Barnett stated the Committee screens applications for
the County, and the County screens applications for the State. The application submitted
would not be approved by either the County or the State. At the conclusion of the

discussion, Ms. Avidon indicated she would revise the original application and provide it
to the Farmland Committee as soon as possible to permit Committee review prior to and
discussion at the next Committee meeting. The Committee members offered their
assistance in helping Ms. Avidon complete the application. Ms. Avidon invited the
Committee members to visit the property any time. At 7:55 p.m. Ms. Avidon and Mr.
Schlich departed.

Hanges Property

Ms. Hanges has approximately 9.85 acres in a two-acre zone and has expressed interest in
the program. The farm had been leased, but she has returned to re-start the business and
retain the horse farm. The property has 500-600’ frontage, and Mayor Stuart stated it is
in the A-1 zone and has potential for the program. Discussion ensued with the results
being Ms. Hanges will request an application from Ruth/Tim, and Mr. Malinowski will
assist her in completing it. Ms. Hanges departed at 8:10 p.m.

Meet the Mayor – Sunday, April 29, 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m., Library

Chair Barnett stated “Meet the Mayor” is scheduled, and the Farmland Committee will
host a table. Mr. Orgo will obtain written materials from the State for hand-outs. Ms.
Mumford, Ms Polgar and Mr. Rehm will be at the event to distribute information and
field questions. Chair Barnett provided Ms. Mumford with the Monmouth County Open
Space Plan to bring to the event together with the latest Farmland Bulletin.

Mr. Malinowski asked if the Farmland Committee was interested in having a table at the
Colts Neck Fair this year. All were in agreement to participate, and are agreeable to
sharing the table with the Shade Tree Commission, as was done in the past. Mr. Rehm
will contact the Fair Committee to determine if space is available.

SADC Appraiser Conference, June 6-9, East Windsor

Chair Barnett reported the above conference is scheduled and asked if any Committee
members wanted to attend. Mayor Stuart stated he plans to attend, and he will advise the
Committee of topics covered.

Old Business

There were no comments pertaining to the new Farmland Bulletin recently mailed within
the Township.

Chair Barnett opened the discussion to the tax/estate planning dinner for property owners.
Mr. Malinowski advised he found a sponsor for this event. Based on the sub-committee
review and revision to the property map, 41 properties were identified and 7 properties
were removed since they were already in the program or have no chance of entering the
program at this point. Of those, 13 candidates were identified as having large parcels that
are well suited to benefiting from the trust issues presented at the dinner. In total, the 13

parcels amount to 570 acres. Mr. Malinowski stated the sub-committee needs an
additional six to eight hours before presenting their information to the full Committee.
They need to check the development rights, discuss the impact the new development
rights will have on the identified properties with Mr. Anfuso (two may drop out), and
finalize the list. Mayor Stuart stated the sub-committee may want to select several
smaller parcel landowners for inclusion in the dinner discussion to increase the chances
of properties entering the program this year. Ms. Polgar volunteered to handle the
printing of invitations. Mr. Malinowski made a motion to hold the dinner at the Colts
Neck Inn, seconded by Mr. Sessa and unanimously carried. The date was set for June
11th, which had originally been set for a Committee Meeting, and the time is 6:00 p.m. to
10:00 p.m. Mr. Orgo volunteered to speak with the banquet manager at the Colts Neck
Inn to secure the facility and discuss the menu, and he will report back to the Committee
to advise of his progress. Mr. Orgo, Ms. Polgar and Mr. Malinowski are the three main
persons coordinating this year’s dinner event.

Mr. Orgo suggested the listing of properties targeted for Farmland Preservation within
Colts Neck required revision and proceeded to discuss the list. Changes were noted and a
new list reflecting these changes will be prepared by Ms. Kara prior to the next meeting.

Mayor Stuart provided his Liaison report as follows:

   •   Mayor Stuart and Chair Barnett met with Property Owner FF and presented the
       Township’s offer. Property Owner FF is considering the offer. This will be
       discussed at the Township Committee meeting Wednesday, and Mayor Stuart will
       send a letter to the property owner after the meeting.
   •   The status of negotiations with Property Owner O will be discussed at the
       Township Committee meeting Wednesday.
   •   The status of Property Owner GG’s application will be discussed at the Township
       Committee meeting Wednesday.
   •   Mayor Stuart thanked all Committee members who attended the last Township
       Committee meeting in support of the HH application. Unfortunately, a last-
       minute change in the agenda postponed the issue to the April 11th Township
       Committee meeting. Mayor Stuart asked Committee members to return to the
       next meeting to show support for this application.

Mr. Orgo provided a report on MCADB. The latest session focused mainly on the issue
in Howell regarding a rodeo being considered a protected farm activity. Mr. Orgo
presented a detailed report on this issue.

Prior to making a motion to adjourn, Mr. Orgo recognized this was Ms. Kara’s last
meeting as Farmland Recording Secretary and thanked her for her support these past four
months. The Committee members joined Mr. Orgo voicing their appreciation.

Mr. Orgo made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Sessa and unanimously carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

The next meeting of the Farmland Committee is scheduled for May 14, 2007, 7:30 p.m.,
at Town Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Kara
Recording Secretary


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