5/5            6y S(,                                                                                                                         *AR 680-55
      i-r REGULATION                                                                                       HEADQUARTERS
                                                                                                     DEPARTMENT QE THRAEMY
No,                                                                                                  WASHINGTON, B.C., 25 January W6&

                                      DRIVER^SELECTION, TESTING, AND LICENSING
             StCTi        L GENERAL                                                                                           Pu^nph    P«e
                              Purpose—-._                                                                                         1      1
                              Applicability.                                                                                      2      1
                                                                                                                                  3      1
                               general driver uekction testing and licensing procedure. -...                                      4      2
                                    administration and supply . . . . . . _ _ . . _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ „ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                 5      3
                        I I . D l t E R CATEGORIES
                              General. . _ _ _ . _ _ _ . . . _ „ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __    6     4
                              User-drrvcra and additional-duty drivers. .._..........._..                                          7     4
                              Civilian afcvcrs. . . . _ . . . . _ . _ . . . . . _............ .-._.._...                           8     4
                              Physically Itondicapped persons . . . . _ . . . . . . . . . . _ . . _ _ _ _ . . . . _                9     4
                              Indigenous d\vers... . . . . . - . . . . . _ . . . - _ . . - . . . . . . - . _ - _ - - . , _        10     5
                              Non-Army dri\jis__ ......... ....._-..-........_.......                                             11     5
                       III. PERMITS
                              Standard driver pviuits. .._...............,..............                                          12     5
                              Other permits.... _ V _ . ,. ................... . _ . . . . - _ . _                                13     6
                              Rmewalfi, FiiBpensiont and revocations. .. .... _ . . _ . . - _ . .                                 14     7
                              Reassignment of pereoiuicJ And replacement of pcrttiitfi... ...                                     15     8
                       IV. D R I V E R TESTING STATIONS AND TEAMS
                              Location and function* of\Ui lions. .................,..._                                          16     8
                              Driver tMtinR poruonnfl...V . .. ..... ..................._.                                         17    8
                              Facilities of driver testing st.Ttions.. .......... ..........                                      IS     9
                                                at namiriers.--\..... .......... ........_.                                       39     9

                                                         Section I. GENERAL
  1. Purpose. Tliis regulation establishes policy                                  visions are made; and drivers at joint motor pools
and standard ]>roroduras for t)if selection, testing,                                    ing and controlled by the Army.
and licensing of personnel to become Army motor                                        b. The application of these procedures will be-
vehicle drivers except full truck combat vehicle                                   gin wiUi the selection of persons to be licensed.
drivers. Full track combat vehicle drivers will be                                 The p r e V i l x j d tests \vill be iven t h r o u h o u t the
selected, trained, and licensed in accord unco with                                Army.
provisions contained in TM 21-301. Additional                                          c. Succes,Vul completion of the prescribed tests
information on the selection and tmining of                                        will not uufoniaticaily qualify a person for reten-
•wheeled vehicle drivers will be found in TM                                       tion as an ArirW driver if, for medical, discipli-
21-300.                                                                            nary, or other rWsons (including prior accident
  2. Applicability, a. Every person operating; a                                   record, attitude toward driving, use of jnf/>xj.cants,
motor vehicle for the Army must possess a valid                                    etc.) he appears toVe incapable of continuing as
permit (SF 46, United States Government Motor                                      a -safe and corni>eten^3river.
Vehicle Operator's Identification Card) secured                                        3. Responsibility, a^ppropriate commanding
under the provisions of this regulation. The form                                  officers are responsible far selection, testing, and
will be requisitioned through AG publications sup-                                 licensing Army motor vehicle drivers, for staffing
ply channels. This specifically includes officers,                                 driver testing stations, aniKfor implementation
warrant officers, enlisted personnel, civilians, and                               of this regulation. They rnayVbnpose additional
indigenous personnel; physically handicapped or                                    requirements, not in conflict wrth this regulation,
limited service personnel for whom special pro-                                    made necessary by local traffic conditions, civil ro-

  v*ThiB regulation supersedes AR 600-55, 11 April 1961 including all changes.

TAGO 757A—Jan.   300-471*--68

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                                                         ROOM 1 A 518 PENTAGON
AR 600-55
strictions, accident experience data, and desired        progressively screening those with standard scores
standards of driver performance and preventive           nearest to 85. Battery I is used only at reception
maintenance.                                             station's for replacement stream personnel and is
  o. 0.S. Army reception station commanders are          aot to be used by, or distributed to, other activities
responsible for administering Motor Vehicle              or installations. The Battery I standard score will
Driver Battery I, MDB-I, to receptee personnel           be entered on DA Form 848 (Equipment Oper-
as part of reception station processing. Super-          ator's Qualification Record (except Aircraft)) at
vision of test administration and disposition of test    the time the individual is licensed as a vehicle
scores will be in accordance with the provisions of      operator in accordance with AR 385-55.
this regulation, AR 600-200, AR 611-5, and AR               b. Motor V&hwl-e Driver Selection Battery II.
612-10.                                                  A series of written and manual tests (specified in
   c. Staff responsibility for the selection, testing,   DA Pam 310-8) to determine driver judgment,
and licensing of drivers normally will be that of        visual judgment, and eye-hand coordination. In-
tho transportation officer. In organizations with-       dividuals tested with Battery 1 who attained a
out a transportation officer, the motor transport        scoro of 85 or higher will not be required to take
officer or oilier qualified individual may be as-        Batte.ry II. Testing w i f h Battery II is required
signed this function.                                    only in conjunction with licensing of personnel
   d. Administration of motor vehicle driver selec-      who attained a standard score of less than 85 on
tion tests as a function of the licensing procedure      Battery 1, or who were not tested with Battery I
at installations and organizations other than re-        at a reception station. It is not to be administered
ception stations should be accomplished by quali-        at reception stations except to i>ermanent party
fied driver testing personnel (para 17 and 19).          personnel, as required. Personnel who did not re-
  4. General driver selection testing and licens-        ceive Buttery I at a reception station (including
ing procedure. Motor vehicle driver toting pro-          personnel of Reserve components), and individuals
cedures will includo the following:                      who attained a standard scoro below 85 on Bat-
  a. Motor Vehicle Driver 8election Haiti' ry /.         tery I, may be administered Battery II by the
A series of written tents (specified in DA Parn          appropriate driver testing station or team (sec
310-8) to determine driving a p t i t u d e and basic    I V ) . Standard scores for Battery II will IHJ en-
knowledge of motor vehicle operation. Replace-           tered on DA Form 20. The score will be entered
ment stream enlisted fiersonnel processed through        on DA Form .'548 for military personnel or in the
reception stations will tie administered Motor Ve-       appropriate personnel file for others at the time
hicle Driver Selection Battery I as a part of re-        the individual is licensed as a vehicle operator. A
ception processing in accordance w i f h this            passing score for Battery 11 is 80. A higher pass-
regulation and AK (1 1-2-10. Administration of           ing score on Battery II may be prescribed by
these tests will precede immunizations and inocu-        proper authority for operators of emergency ve-
lations. Test results (raw score) of Battery I will      hicles (police patrol, fire.fighting, ambulances),
bo converted into a standard score as sjwmfied in        personnel carriers (buses or vehicles carrying nine
DA Pam 611-119. The standard score, regardless           or more passengers), vehicles carrying hazardous
of score attained, will be entered on DA Form 20         cargo, or where warranted by accident experience
 (Enlisted Qualification Record) in accordance           or for special operations. A low score (below 82)
with AR GOO-200. It is intended that enlisted per-       on the Emergency Judgment Test (see DA Pam
sonnel who operate. Army motor vehicles as an            Gil-125) is indicative of need for special training.
integral part, of their primary duties will be only         c. Physical evaluation nica.iures. A series of psy-
those individuals with standard scores of 85 or          chophysical tests administered by means of a
higher on Battery I. Military expediency may             standard driver testing and training device to
sometimes require developing drivers from indi-          evaluate applicant's physical abilities and provide
viduals with scores below 85. This will be done          basis for counseling and guidance. The physical
only after exhausting the supply of all otherwise        evaluation measures will be administered at the
qualified persons with standard scores of 85 or          installation or within tho organization to all driver
higher on Battery 1, and will be accomplished by         applicants meeting prior requirements. These

                                                                                                    TAGO 757A
                                                                                                  AR 600-55
measures serve for purposes of guidance and coun-        I will be given Battery II. Applicants must then
seling, as well as for rejecting individuals so handi-   attain a standard score of at least 80 on Battery
capped as to present a clear risk to safe driving.       II to qualify.
Pei-sons who fail to qualify within the specified          /. Driver interviews and driver qualification
range on any of these measures will be referred          records. Driver interviews arc an integral part of
to the appropriate medical officer for judgment as       the program for selecting, training, qualifying and
to whether or not they should be qualified for           retention of Army drivers. They will be conducted
driving. These provisions will not be used as a          and DA Form 348 initiated, prior to issuance of
basis for disqualifying civilian drivers who meet        a driver permit, by the testing or training organi-
the physical standards for civilian motor vehicle        zation. Information obtained during interviews,
operators and incidental operators contained in          together with test scores and other data, will be
appendix A, chapter 930, Federal Personnel               recorded on DA Form 34.8 when the individual is
Manual. Those individuals selected as driver             licensed as a vehicle operator. This record will be
trainees must pass the physical evaluation meas-         presented upon application for renewal of per-
ures unless, in the opinion of the medical authori-      mit. Disposition of DA Form 348 will be in ac-
ties, weaknesses indicated may be corrected or           cordant* with Ali 3S5-55.
compensated by means of counseling and guidance             g. Counseling, guidance, and remedial training.
incident to training.                                    The driver applicant should be assisted in over-
   d. Driver performance texts. Successful comple-       coming or correcting physical deficiencies or poor
tion of Motor Vehicle Driver Performance and             driving habits. Counseling and remedial training
Physical Evaluation Test (sec DA Pam 611-125),           are a necessary part of the licensing process which
including the road test, constitutes the final quali-    must be accomplished prior to the issuance of per-
 fying step in the driver testing program and cul-       mits. Upon the completion of a test phase, involv-
minates in the awarding of a driver permit. A             ing the physical evaluation measures and the
passing score on the road test, is 70. Driver trainees    driving performance test, the applicant will be
will take these tests upon completion of driver          advised as to his deficiencies (without divulge,nee
training. The road tent will be adminisfered on          of item scores or relaxation of standards) and told
the most complex or largest vehicle which the            how to rectify errors. In no case should scores on
applicant will operate. However, the examinee            the Motor Vehicle Driver Selection Batteries I and
must demonstrate familiarity with the controls           II bo. used for counseling purposes. Reference may
 and operation of each type if he is lo Ixj qualified    be made to the medical officer in appropriate cases
 to drive.                                               or the individual may l>e given remedial driver
   c. Testing aJid relenting. Applicants for new and      training fco correct deficiencies. After receiving
renewed permits will be, administered the appro-         such assistance he, may be retested for qualification.
priate tests in tho order listed above. Documentary        5. Test administration and supply, a. S[>ecific
record of successful completion of either Motor          procedures for administering all testing phases
 Vehicle Driver Selection Battery I or II within         arc prescribed iu DA Pam Gil-119 and in DA
 tho prior 3 years normally will exempt the appli-       Pam CI1-125 which covers the Motor Vehicle
 cant from retaking the test. Failure to pass any        Driver Performance and Physical Evaluation
required battery or phase will result in disquali-       Test. General testing conditions prescribed in AR
fication and preclude the further testing of the         611-5 will apply for the administration of motor
individual at that time. Retesting will begin at         vehicle driver selection tests.
 the phase on which the applicant failed, provided         b. Test materials, including booklets, answer
 appropriate retraining has been given. Retesting        sheets, scoring keys and manuals required to ad-
 with Battery I is not authorized. When necessary        minister the motor vehicle driver selection tests
 to qualify sufficient individuals as drivers to meet    are contained in DA Pam 310-8. Test materials
 operational requirements, applicants who received       should he requisitioned by the install at ion/activity
 a Battery I score of less than 85 and those in-         Test Control Officer (TCO), appointed in accord-
 dividuals who have not been processed through           ance with AR 611-5, from the U.S. Army Publica-
 reception stations and thereby not given Battery        tions Center, 2800 Eastern Boulevard, Baltimore,

TACO 7.17A
AR 600-55
Md. 21220. Motor vehicle driver selection testa           (see DA Pam 611-125). This device, together with
materials will be secured in accordance with AR           its component parts, is a Mobility Equipment
611-5.                                                    Command item of supply, and may be procured
    c. The Driver Testing and Training Device             by requisition on the Commanding General, U.S.
(current model, Federal Specification MTJL-D-             Army Mobility Equipment Command, St. Louis,
10795) contains all the materials and instructions        Mo. 63120. Equivalent testing instruments may
necessary to conduct the physical evaluation meas-        be constructed locally, provided they are made to
ures listed in the Manual for Motor Vehicle               accurately measure the physical characteristics as
Driver Per forum nee and Physical Evaluation Test         prescribed.

                                   Section II. DRIVER CATEGORIES
   6. General. Individuals not given Battery I at         tactical vehicles or other social military types of
(he reception station may make application and            automotive equipment, Army test procedures may
IM> tested to become licensed drivers without taking      be imposed. In such rases the special or additional
]lattery I. Action to procure driving permits for         requirements must IK" stated in the job specifica-
enlisted personnel will be initiated by the unit          tions and must be met before appointment.
commander or (lie individual may make applica-               c. The applicable provisions of paragraph 4 may
tion with the approval of the unit commander.             l>e applied to civilian employees except that the
Officers and warrant officers may be tested amd           provisions of paragraph 4^ will not be used as n
licensed at their request. Civilians may bi>. referred    basis for disqualifying civilian drivers who meet,
to the test in JT station by the civilian personnel       the physical standards for civilian motor vehicle
officer in connect ion w i t h examination for appoint-   ope.nitors and incidental o;>erators contained In
ment to Civil Service positions requiring operation       appendix A ; chapter 930, Federal Personnel
of Army motor vehicles.                                   Manual.
    7. User-drivers and additional-duty drivers.            d. The provisions of this regulation are applica-
No exceptions to this regulation are made in the          ble to civilians appointed under direct hire au-
case of persons who regularly operate vehicles in         t h o r i t y "m the absence of Civil Service registers
connection with other work or incident to other           and in case of reinstatement, posilion change or
duties. A person employed either as a pnrf or full-       transfer nnd noncornpef Stive job appointment.
time driver for the Army must snr'-essf'iHy com-             e. See paragraph lo<? in regard to incidental
plete (lie appropriate series of required tests.          operator permits for civilian employees.
   8. Civilian drivers, a. Successful completion of          9. Physically handicapped persons. Physi-
Civil Service requirements is adequate for civilian       cally handicapped persons who pass the required
applicants who are not required to drive tactical         selection batteries but whose, handicaps, as indi-
or special military equipment. Road test procedure        cated by physical evaluation measures, raise, doubt
contained herein so closely parallels Civil Service-      as to their driving ability will l>e referred to (lie
requirements that duplicate road testing should           appropriate medical authority for judgment. Cer-
riot be necessary. A person who initially meets           tain physical handicaps may be. compensated for,
Civil Service motor vehicle operator appointment          or corrected, so that they alone are not sufficient
requirements which include an experience require-         grounds for refusal of standard license; other
ment, a safe driving record, a practical road test,       handicaps may limit the individual to driving of
and possession of n valid driver's license issued by      specific vehicles or under si>ecific renditions. A
the State, District of Columbia, or possession in         certificate of the findings will be furnished the
which domiciled or principally employed for op-           testing station for entry on DA Form 348. Nota-
eration of the Government motor vehicle, and has          tion of the medical report will be included in the.
passed either the Army or Civil Service road test,        individual's personnel file. The responsibilities of
is qualified for employment as an Arm}' driver.           a physically handicapped person for the opera-
   &. Where a Civil Service applicant is to be con-       tion of a vehicle are the same as those of other
sidered for a position requiring the operation of         licensed drivers.

1                                                                                                     TAfiO 7r.7A
                                                                                                      AR 600-55
  10. Indigenous drivers, a. This paragraph ap-                       official scoring key. Such adaptations
plies to indigenous drivers, foreign nationals em-                    should be forwarded to the Chief of Per-
ployed as Army drivers, military personnel of                         sonnel Operations, ATTN: OPOPMM,
allied Armies operating U.S. Army vehicles,                           Washington, D.C. 20315 for reference and
prisoners of war. Because of language barriers                        possible use elsewhere. Construction of
connected with the employment of foreign driv-                         other driver testing instruments, however,
ers, and local driving customs, translations and/or                    is not authorized.
adaptations of the basic testing material may be                &. Limitations imposed on foreign drivers as a
necessary and are permitted. However, since such              matter of security should be stated on permits and
translations and/or adaptations are not based upon            enforced accordingly. See paragraph 13d regard-
research, adequacy of the translation or adapta-              ing the issuance of limited permits in such cases.
tion is a responsibility of the appropriate area                c. Agreements with allied armies regarding joint,
command and not of Headquarters, Department                   employment of U.S. Army vehicles or drivers will
of tho Army. In this connection, the following                incorporate essential features of this regulation
guidelines are established for the publication of             and be approved by Headquarters, Department of
translated driver selection and licensing te^ts.              the Army.
      (1) The published booklet will contain no                 11. Non-Army drivers. The extent of applica-
          reference to the Department of the Army             tion of this regulation to non-Army drivers at mili-
          or to the Chief of Personnel Operations             tary installations will he, left to the discretion of
          but will be identified with the area com-           tho appropriate commander. These applications
          mand. In lien of such reference, the fol-           are as follows:
          lowing statement will be printed on the
                                                                 a. The incidental driver permit (para 13e) may
          cover of each lxx>klet:
                                                              be used for licensing the, drivers of private
            Translated from DA Form — _ In accord-
            ance with paragraph 30, All GOO-HS. Not to
            be reproduced without pcnufssiun of                  I). When contractor-employed drivers are
            _____„_. . . . _ _ _ _ . (appropriate area com-   utilized, a statement will be included in the basic
            mand)                                             contract agreement as to the. applicability of this
     (2) Department of tho Army form numbers,                 regulation.
         DA pamphlet numbers, and DA PRTs                        c. Valid permits of active members of other U.S.
         will not be used as form designations.               military services or Government agencies may l>e
     (3) To the maximum extent possible, the                  honored as a matter of courtesy. Local command-
         order of test items in each test -will he            ers will ascertain that such persons arc made
         scrambled to prevent compromise of tho               cognizant of local driving requirements.

                                              Section III. PERMITS
  12. Standard driver permits, a. Standard                    natures are authorized in accordance with AR 340-
Form 46 will be issued to persons completing the              15, but they do not relieve the officer whose signa-
prescribed tests and qualifying under this regula-            ture is used from responsibility for the proper
tion. Tho standard, nonlimited, or full permit will           precautions (including numbering and recording
bo issued to both military and civilian personnel             the issue of permits) against misuse.
to bo employed as regular, part-time, or addi-                  c. Permits will be completed and authenticated
tional-duty drivers. The standard permit should               for each type of vehicle the holder is qualified to
cover all drivers with the exception of those few             drive. Normally, a person will be qualified to drive
for whom special provision is made in paragraph               all vehicles of the same chassis type up to and in-
13.                                                           cluding those of the weight class of the vehicle
  b. Operator's permits will be authenticated by              on which he passed the performance test. How-
the commanding officer or tho authorized supervis-            ever, where the characteristics of the testing vehi-
ing civilian or commissioned officer. Facsimile sig-          cle are such that full driving ability is not ascer-

AR 600-55
tained (c.g., automatic transmission vehicles), the       6. Learner permits.
specific nomenclature and/or characteristics of the         (1) Learner permits will be issued only to
vehicle will be entered on the permits. This will               those undergoing a course of driver train-
indicate that the man is qualified on the specific              ing. Successful completion of the required
vehicle rather than all vehicles of its weight or               tests is prerequisite for receiving a learner
chassis type. For example:                                      permit (SF 46). Tho words "Army-
      (1) Truck, S^-ton, 6 x G (automatic trans-                 learner" stamped on tho face will be used.
          mission only).                                        These permits are valid only during reg-
      (2) Truck, 10-ton, 6 x 4 (straight truck only:             ular training periods, and only under any
          Not qualified for tractor-semitrailers).               one of tho following conditions:
   d. When licensing is performed in connection               (a) When a qualified driver, instructor, or
with the awarding of military or civilian occupa-                  examiner accompanies the trounce in
tional speciality or when part time vehicle opera-                 the vehicle; or
tion is performed as an additional duty, the driver           (ft) When the vehicle is operated within a
will bo rated on vehicles up to and including the                  controlled driving range or training
i^/o-ton truck w i t h manual gear shift for quali-                area; or
fication as light truck driver. Vehicle operators will        (c) When the vehicle is operated in a con-
IKJ rated on stniight trucks over ii'^-ton capacity                trolled motor column in connection
or on truck-tractor semitrailer combinations for                  with the course of driver training.
qualification as hejivy-truc.k driver.                      (2) Learner permits become invalid v\xn\
   c. Permits will he. stamped on the front w i t h the         completion of the course and must l>e
word ''Army" and on bark with '"Light" and/or                   surrendered.
  Heavy", as applicable.                                  c. iTiridentai-drircr permits.
  /. Permits will be valid for 0 years from the             (1) Incidental driver permits are issued (o
date of "issuance unless revoked earlier fi>r cause.             officer, enlisted, and/or civilian personnel
The expiration date entered will I>e the same date               who must operate motor vehicles for .short       ,
«"i years later, or the earliest workday thereafter.             jjeriods of time- in connection with their       \
Validity of permits issued for operntion of ma-                  duties. SF 4G conspicuously stamped w i t h
terials handling and like equipment will be in                   the words "Army-incidental" on the face
accordance with TM 7-13 200. Commanding offi-                    of the ]H*rmit will be used. An applicant
cers may prescribe shorter periods of validation.                for an incidental permit may be licensed
   ff. Military personnel upon separation from the               without taking driver selection batteries
service may retain their SF 4G provided the words               I and I I if he meets all the following
"NOT VALID—Separated from the Service" are                       qualifications:
overstamped or otherwise legibly marked on the                (a) Possesses a certificate, signed by ant au-
front and back of (he card. At the time of separa-                  thorizing official to the effect that occa-
tion the SF 46 will brought up-to-date with all                     sional driving is necessary in perform
pertinent information contained in DA Form 348.                     ance of official duties.
   h. Civilian personnel will surrender SF46 upon             (ft) Holds a valid State driver's license, or
separation from the service as required by Federal                  has l>een licensed as a driver or chauf-
Personnel Manual Supplement 1)90.1, Book III                        feur under civil service.
Section 930.114 (c).
   13. Other permits, a. General.. Limited provi-             (c) Satisfactorily undergoes the physical
sion is made for the issuance of special jwrmits                    evaluation measures and passes the.
for specifically stated purposes. These will consist                driving performance test on the type of
of SF 46 conspicuously stamped with the appro-                      vehicle for which license is required.
priate designation. Such permits will be kept to            (2) Holders of incidental permits may be re-
the minimum consistent with requirements, and,                  stricted to any of the following type ve-
except for expert permits, will not be issued in lieu           hicles and conditions as specified by the
of standard permits when the latter would other-                 commander:
wise Inapplicable (fig.l).                                    (a) Operation of conventional, f o u r -

                                                                                                   TAOO 757A
                                                                                                 AR 600-55
           wheeled vehicles such as sedans, and                   issued to physically handicapped persons
           utility and pickup-typo trucks,                        when the nature of the handicap is such
      (ft) Operation of vehicles within the, com-                 that it can be corrected or compensated
           mand area of the issuing agency, except                for by usual means.
           when otherwise expressly stated on the           (S) Standard Form 46, stamped on the face
           permit.                                                 with the words "Army-limited", will bo
      (c) Operation of vehicles under normal,                      used and in each case the specific limita-
           nontactical, r o a d w a y and traffic                  tion will be stated on the permit Sample
           conditions.                                             remarks for limited permits include—
      (d) Operation of military vehicles by Re-                          "Valid only for vehicles with auto-
           servo component personnel during                                matic transmission"
           Reserve training activities,                                  "Valid only under guard"
      (e) Operation of military vehicles during                          "Limited to post"
          exercises, m a n e u v e r s , or major        e. F.xpert driver or operators' permits. Army
          emergencies.                                vehicle drivers or operators of special mechanical
    (3) The expiration date of incidental per-        equipment (construction, materials handling) who
        mits will be the date of completion of        have had exceptional driving or operators' per-
        duty for which issued if of a one-time        formance and safety records for at least 12 con-
        nature. In the ease of need, incidental       secutive- months are eligible for safety award un-
        I>ermiUs may be retained for periods not      der appropriate provisions of Alt 385-10, and may
        to exceed 1 year. Commanders may au-          have "Army Expert" stamped on their permits
        thorize incidental permits to drivers of      in recognition of merit.
        non-Army vehicles operated on the. post.         14. Renewals, suspensions, and revocations,
        Further restriction on the use of inciden-    a. Driver permits are renewable every 3 years,
        tal permits is authorized when the priv-      unless otherwise prescribed. Renewal procedure
        ilege has l*uin abused.                       will l>e, followed whenever a licensed driver is to
 d. Limited pe.nnity.                                 qualify on an additional type of vehicle. Renewal
    (1) Limited permits will lw issued only to        procedures will consist of an examination of driv-
        otherwise qualified drivers who for rea-      er's qualification record, administration of the
        sons of physical deficiency, occupational     physical evaluation measures, and a limited road
        status, training limitations, or other rea-   test to determine further training needs. Renewals
        sons should be limited to tho operation       may be denied on the basis of accident record and
        of specific vehicles, under specific condi-   traffic violations, and upon recommendation of
        tions, or within a specific area. Limited     medical officers in cases of physical limitation.
        permits will be kept at the minimum con-         &. Permits may be suspended or revoked for
        sistent with the proper utilization of per-   cause at any time. Before reissuance of the permit,
        sonnel. Their purpose is to make limited      the individual will be given remedial training and
        use of otherwise qualified individuals        reexamined for qualification. Retraining and re-
        whose status or condition precludes issu-     testing of a driver will be required by the com-
        ance of a full permit. In this category are   manding officer, if deemed advisable, when—
        amputees, combat wounded, prisoners,                 ( 1 ) Warranted by accident, record, training
        prisoners of war.                                           needs, or other causes;
    (2) Limited permits will not be issued to                (2) Operating procedure is drastically
        cover minor restrictions. For example,                      changed;
        they will not bo Issued to drivers by reah           (3) Records are not available to establish
        son of their having qualified for only one                  proof of driver's successful completion of
        or a few vehicles. They will not be issued                  prescribed tests;
        to civilian personnel by reason of thoir             (4) Competency appears to be impaired by
        being restricted to administrative or non-                  physical defect or condition, or other lim-
         tactical driving alone, nor will they he                   itation.

AR 600-55
  o. Civilian employees whose driver permits are
suspended or revoked for cause will be subject to      will bo instructed in local traffic regulations and
adverse action in accordance with CPR Si.4.            operating procedures.
  15. Reassignment of personnel and replace-             &. Issuance of duplicate permits to replace those
ment of permit a. A driver may retain his valid        lost or stolen is authorized. However, verification
operator's permit upon reassignment. His quali-        of the individual's driving qualifications is re-
fications, however, will be reveiwed to determine      quired for issuance or duplicate permit without
advisability of continuing perm it without reexami-    examination. Duplicate permits will be so marked
nation. Commanders are authorized to reexamine         and any record of previous accidents will be
and re test any or all personnel realigned to their    recorded.

                   Section IV. DRIVER TESTING STATIONS AND TEAMS
  36. Location and functions of stations, a.           and situations. Mobile testing teams rimy be desir-
Driver testing stations or teams will be established   able in some areas. Remotely situated organiza-
at installations and within organization on a          tions and unite operating separately may be
permanent, part-time, or temporary basis. Stations     granted authority to test and qualify their own
normally will be established as follows:               drivers. In such cases, necessary equipment and
    (1) At installations employing f>0 or more ad-     test materials and qualified tost supervisor(s) w i l l
        ministrative use vehicles, the station will    bo made available to the unit by the appropriate
        l)e established in connection with or as a     headquarters.
        part of the Transportation Motor Pool.            <*. Driver testing stations will have the primary
    (2) Within training divisions .service schools,    functions of conducting driver tests (except for
        or other organizations or activities hav-      Rattery I ) , remedial training, and issuing motor
        ing a hciwy input or turnover of driver        vehicle operator permits. This includes the. related
        personnel, stations will l>e established as    functions of driver interviews, counseling, and
        part of the personnel processing, l raining,   guidance; recording, review, and evaluation of
        or motor pool functions.                       drivers records; security issuance, and scoring of
                                                       test materials: preparation for and control over
    (3) Annies, corps, divisions, and other orga-
                                                       the use of testing devices, equipment, and routes;
        nizations down to and including battal-        and the preparation, authentication, renewal, and
        ions, and service installations such as de-
                                                       revocation of licenses. It also includes administer-
        pots and ports, will provide testing sta-
                                                       ing driver tests to civilian personnel in accordance
        tions in connection with motor transport
                                                       w i t h civil service requirements. The stations w i l l
        activities, and/or as part of headquarters
                                                       perform periodic review of qualifications and re
        motor pool functions.
                                                       examination of all driver pci-sonnel. They also are
    (4) GONTJS armies and area or section com-         authorized tx> test personnel operating privately
        mands overseas will establish and be re-       owned vehicles on the post.
         sponsible for stations as needed to process      d. Kach testing station will maintain a ledger
        drivers of widely distributed smaller units    of all jjcnnits issued. The ledger will include the
         within their geographical areas.              rmrnc of the person to whom issued, date, type of
    (5) Transportation truck battalions normally       permit, and authority or certificfufion.
        •will provide personnel and facilities for       17. Driver testing personnel, a. Transportation
         assigned transportation, truck units, ex-     motor pools and motor transport units will pro-
        cept where the installation or similar         vide testing personnel on a full-time or additional-
         commander requires that other existing        duty basis within the capabilities of existing TI)
        testing facilities be used.                    and TOE positions. Augmentation, however, will
  5. Major commands are authorized to adapt            be required for driver trainers, personnel manage-
their driver testing services to local requirements    ment technicians (711120), and for other person-

                                                                                                    TAGO 757A
                                                                                                    AR 600-55
nol at stations processing more than 100 driver             6. Two categories of examiners normally are re-
applicants per month, Tho following is a guide for        quired to administer the tests prescribed herein.
tho staffing of a permanent-type testing station:         They are personnel management specialists (71H
     (1) The station will Ixs supervised by & com-        20) for the conduct of the selection batteries, and
           missioned or warrant officer.                  motor transport specialists (MOS 641520) for the
      (2) Enlisted personnel will perform the fol-        conduct of physical evaluation measures and
           lowing testing station duties, be qualified    driver performance tests. Equivalent civilian tech-
           in the indicated MOS's, and have such          nicians may be used. Personnel management spe-
           additional qualifications as may be re-        cialists will be provided by the appropriate unit
           quired (para 19).                              personnel officer as required for performance of
        (a) Testing Station SujM-rvisor (G4C40).          this function. In every case, however, personnel
        (b) Driver Counselor or Trainer (64B20).          must lie specially selected and be given additional
        (c) Test Administrator (711120).                  training for their duties as driver examiners. Kx-
        (d) Road Test Checker (64H20).                    aminers should IK> qualified in both the written
  b. In addition to a above, the. testing station will    and road test procedures so that they may be used
require- the part-time services of medical and traffic    interchangeably throughout the testing process.
control personnel, and test xssistnaits or proctors.         c. An evaluation chart for the selection of in-
The services of qualified civilian si>ecialists may       structors and examiners is contained in TM 21-
be utilized in any of the positions listed in a above™    300 and should be followed in determining
  18. Facilities of driver testing stations. The          examiner qualifications.
testing station w i l l provide facilities as indicated      d. Periodically, road test examiners assigned to
in section 111, AH (>11~"», pins necessary training       a station should bo checked as to the consistency
media and clinical demonstrations,                        of their test evaluations by having examiners
   19. Qualifications of examiners, a. The effec-         simultaneously rate the same driver applicant,
tiveness of the motor vehicle driver testing and          A f terward, the ratings are compared and an effort
licensing program will depend largely upon the             made to bring their findings to a single, consistent
qualificat ions of the examiners. The ideal examiner       standard. Neither severity nor laxity is desirable
should bo a reliable, responsible individual amd           in administering these tests*
should possess a knowledge of test administration.           e. At those stations processing civil sen ice, driver
Ho should be thoroughly f a m i l i a r with proper       applicants, examiners should be qualified also as
driving techniques and be trustworthy enough               civil service examiners. Tins will simplify tho
to l>e completely i m p a r t i a l in all examination     processing of civil service applicants for employ-
procedures.                                                ment us Army drivers.

AR 600-55                                                                                                                     0001058084

       Typepwmlt                     AppllW to—                          AppH- Pbyil-                                                             Itnnuks
                                                                 Int«r- cableae- cal       Road                 OUi*r
                                                                  vbw leettoo uitot-        Met
                                                                          uau    ures

Army-standard..                                                  X..        X..   X..      X._ ...._.... ......
                                 drivers (except as                                                                                     lions of a correctable
                                 given below).                                                                                          nnture -ire not dis-
Anny-learner...                                                  x__        X..    C)      ....          ................
                                                                                                                                        of formal driver

Army-lnci-                  Occasional drivers,                    (')            X_.     X. _     Certificate of                   For the occasional, non-
     dentftl.                    non-Army drivers,                                                       Need. *                      Army or private driver
                                 private nuto drivers.                                                                                           vthicd' on or
                                                                                                                                      near post.
Armj-limited,..             Phyaitially limited                                    0)      X                     Ci-rUfic.ili'     Certain physical n'tjiiirL'-
                              drivers, prisoner                                                                                         nicnts nuiy be waived
                              drivers.                                                                                                  fur specific vehicles or
                                                                                                                                        specific conditions.
Army-ex pert....            1'jcc.epiionally quali-                                                                                  Issued ns ft rceORnition
                                 fied professional                                                       and            for             of merit.
                                 drivers.                                                                one

 i ftMYivcd during                                                                      ntu-Aaictrl Ifwri(«ri«iOMUj<] trMiiiitr, ffiuirrinenty i*luhliiltfd   hy itm
 ' Limited Interview.                                                                   Shifter CouMiilv-ion. F"H- ii:ir:icr:i;-h *>.
 M'lvlUun (Invprs uaisi                  vu^id Slult; <lr;vi-rs liuc:.h> ''i
S>li;np<l ton:c.l»: vri.icU-oi         --i:;(iu«7r<^ii;if.|; Arni>-.iUi:idaiil

                                                         Figure I. .Motor nl..<!t <trir,r lircnting.

                            The proponent of this regulation is the Office of the
                           •fW^^^^BBBL. Users are invited to send comments and suggested im
                            provements to n , i, n,i.,» ,,f rlh|rf f... n^.^^^.l, A,TTN P^^fPfrft-SP
                            Deportment of the Army, Washington, D.C. 20310.

           By Order of tlm Scci-olury <>f (he A r m y :

                                                                                                                      HAROLD K. JOHNSON',
                                                                                                                      General. I'hitcd ^'t-rtci
Ofiicial:                                                                                                             Chief of Staff.
 Major Gencrai, United State* Army.
  The Adjutant General.

    Active Army^NG, and U$AR; To be distributed in acconlance with DA Form 12-9 requirements
      for Administration—A.

10                                                                                                                                                        TACO 707A

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