Licensing lnformatlon Form For API Spec 6A by vuz12598


									Licensing lnformatlon Form For API Spec 6A
Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment

Return To:                              Submmed ~y
Amerlcan Petroleum Institute
Monogram Program                        Company: Tri-Lad Flange and Fittings Inc.
1220 L Street, NW                       Facility:
Washington, DC 200054070
USA                                     Address: 30 Woodslee Avenue
                                                    Paris, ON N3L 3V1

    Product Specification Level (PSL)
    (Circle highest level to be manufactured)        !
                                                     1 2. 3 30
                                                                                               -   Manufacture    n
                                                                                                                 (4   )
    Casing.and Tubing Heads                                                            r
I   Cross-Over Connectors                                                       I                                         I

    Tubing Head Adapters
I   TOP Connectors                                                              I                                         1

    Tees and Crosses                                                            I
I Adapter and Spacer Spools                                                     I                                         I
  Casing and Tubing Hangers
I Chokes                                                                        I                                         I
  Surface and Underwater Safety Valves
  Surface and Underwater Safety Valve Actuators                                 I
  Back Pressure Valves
  Flanged Connectors I / ,
  Threaded Connectors d
  Other End Connectors

    Valve Removal Plugs

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American kboleum IluUM.C . M d o n Programs
             Program Ucenslng Renewal Package
API MonogramdD                                                                                                               Pagm10f5

Part 2: API Monogram License Agreament
Use of the OCAdal API Monogram / U#HU~
                                     Number:                bfi-      o 70 7
This Agreement dated             -    f1-    cZt]Cq                     .
                                                                       2 Licensee shall not use the API Monogram on letterheads,
between the Amerlcsn m k h m lnjtttute [hereinafter                       or in any advertising (Includingcompany-sponsored web
      a                                              offices
"APIW), corporation of the District of ~olumbia,'havin~                   sites) without an express statement of fact describing
at 1220 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 200054070, USA, and                  the scope of Llcensee's authorization (license number
                                                                          and product spedflcatlon), and further provided that
Tri-Lad Flange and Fittings Inc.
                                                                          Licensee shall not use the API Monogram or the name
                                                                          the AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE or the descrip
                                                                          tion "API" In any advertlslngor otherwlse to indicate API
               (hereinafter "Licensee"), a corporation of                 approval or endorsement of the Llcensee's products.
                                                                       3 Licensee agrees that use of the API Monogram on the
                                                                          products shall constitute a representation and warranty
                                                                  I       by Licensee to API and to the purchasers of the Llcensee's
                having its principal place of business at                 products that the products conform to the applicable
30 Woodslee Avenue, Paris, Ontario, N3L 3V1, Canada                       standards, specifications and requirements of API; and
                                                                          Llcensee agrees to be solely responsiblefor, and to
                                                                          defend, indemntfy, and hold API and APl's affiliates,
                                                                          officers, directors, agents, and employees harmless
                                                                          against any and all claims, actions, sults, liabilities,
                                                                          demands, expenses (including reasonable attorneys'         .

Whereaa, API is the owner of all rights to the certification              fees), losses, costs, or damages asserted agalnst or
      mark (hereinafter "the API Monogram") relatingto                    incurred by API arising out of or in connection with ( ) 1
      API's Monogram Program.                                             the failure of Licensee's products to conform to such
     0                                                                    standards, speclflcatlons, and requirements or (2) the
Whereas, Licensee desires a norwxclusive license from                     breach of any obligations or warranties contained in
API on or in connection with the marketing of goods made                  this agreement; and Ucensee further agrees to defend
in accordance with API standards and specificatlons.                      API, at Licensee's expense, against any and all such
                                                                          suits, claims or proceedings.
Now therefore, in consideration of the mutual covenants
hereinafter stated, the parties agree as follows:                      A APi shall be the sole judge of whether Licensee meets
                                                                         the appropriate qualifications to become and remain a
  1 API grants to Llcensee a nonexclusive non-transferable
   .                                                                     Licensee and whether the Licensee and the Licensee's
      license to use the API Monogram on the types of                    products meet the appropriate standards or
      products set forth in the Certificate of Authority to Use          speclficatlons, or requirements.
      the OMcial API Monogram which is made a part hereof
      provided that these products are made In accordance              5. Licensee agrees to implement and maintain at the facility
      wlth the requirements set forth in the API Product                  a quality program conforming to API Specification Q1 at
      Specification in effect at the time of manufacture                  all times. A copy of the Organization's Quality Manual
      associated with the above license number, API Spec Q1               describing said program shall be issued to API for the
      (Specification for Quality Programs for the Petroleum,              duration of this agreement. Any proposed changes to
      Petrochemicaland Natural Gas Industry),and the                      the quality program to a degree requiring changes to
      API Monogram Program Requirements, including any                    the Quality Manual shall be submitted to API for
      amendments, rnodificatlons, substitutions or inter-                 acceptance prior to incorporation into the program.     .
      pretations that hereafter are adopted (hereinafter "the          6 Licensee agrees to use the API Monogram on products
      API requirements" or the 'requirements").                           only as specified by API. The Licensee agrees that it will
       Thls Agreement is applicable only to Licensee's                    use the API Monogram only on Llcensee's products that
       product(s) that are made at the Licensee's facility                meet all of APl's requirements and agrees to assume
       which is located a t                                               full and complete responsibility for use of the API
        30 Woodslee Avenue, Paris, Ontario, N3L 3V1, Canada               Monogram on Its products. Licensee agrees to use


                                                                          Appllcsnt InWal Here:
       (hereinafter "facilitv").
Effective; 10.10.07   I Rev: 10 1 2007-161                                                                      A# b r t M u t b o
API MonogrammProgram Llcenelng Renewal Package

Part 2: API Monogram Llcense Agreement
Urn of the OffldalAPI Monogram

 7 -Licenseeagrees that any audlting, sampllng, Inspections
  .                                                                               and/or facilitate contractor contacts in order for API
    or tests conducted by API are designed only to verify                         to perform an audit of these facilities, if deemed
    conformance with API requlrements and do not relleve                          necessary by API. ,
    the Licensee of its responslbllltyto ensure the quallty of
    its products in the marketplace or ensure that all of its                (d) The right of APl's representativeto obtain free
    products meet API requirements.                                              access to the ~censee's     facilities or the facilities of
                                                                                 any prlmary contractor shall not be conditioned
 8 If APl's requlrements are modified during the term of                         upon the execution by hlm or API of any agreement
    thls Agreement API shall determlne the date by whlch                         waiver or release which in any way purports to
    the new requirements become effective and shall notlfy                       affect his legal rights or the rights or obligations of
    the Licensee of such date. Llcensee agrees to comply                         API. Any such document executed in contraventlon
    with the modified requirements and to use the API                            of this provision shall be without force or effect
    Monogram after the effective date only on products that                      However, API shall direct its representativeto
    meet the new or revlsed requirements.                                        exercise due care In complying with any plant safety
                                                                                 regulations which may be generally applicable to
 9 Licensee agrees to pay API the annual license fee                             the manufacturer's plant personnel.
    speclfled In the Fee Schedule, within the timeframe
    specified by API. This annual fee may be revised at any                  (e) Licensee understands and agrees that API may
    time if deemed necessary by API to cover the costs of                         terminae Llcensee's authorization to use the API
    administration and enforcement of the program. All                            Monogram if Licensee or Licensee's contractors
    fees are payable in U.S. Dollars. Licensee agrees to pay                      fail to provide access to the facilities within the
    any audit fees related to the program within the                              time frame specified by API.
    time frame speclfled by API.
                                                                         1 . Licensee agrees to pay all sales, use, property, exclse,
10. Licensee understands and agrees that:                                    and other taxes now or hereafter imposed by any
                                                                             government body or authority based on or in any way
    (a) Licensee's facility may be audited periodically                      measured by this Agreement.
        during the term of this license to determine
        whether or not Ucensee may continue to qualify for               l2. Licensee agrees to notify API in a timely manner if it
        the authorization to use the API Monogram. The           ,           has evidence or lnformation which indicates that its
        frequency of the periodic audits will be at the                      products displayingthe API Monogram do not conform to
        discretion of API. Licensee agrees to permit API, or                 APl's requirements and agrees to take actlon immediately
        any approved API audltor to conduct such audits.                     in order to bring the product into full compliance. If
        Periodic audits shall be at APl's expense.                           Licensee's products in the marketplace do not comply
                                                                             with APl's requlrement, Licensee agrees to take
    (b) Every third year, a renewal audit shall be at                        whatever corrective action (including product recall) that
        Llcensee's expense. Forcause and verification                        is deemed necessary by API to protect consumers or
        reaudtts, if warranted, shall be at the expense of                   API in a time frame specified by API.
        the Licensee. Any audlts of Licensee's primary
        contractors that are deemed necessary by API to                  1 . The Licensee agrees that API may notify vendors,
        ensure compliance with APl's requlrementsshall                       governmental authorities, potential users, and others of
        be at the expense of the Ucensee.                                    an improper or unauthorized use of the mark when in
                                                                             judgment of APl such notifications are necessary to
    (c) APl's representativesshall, after giving reasonable                   protect consumers, the publlc, or for APl's own protection.
        notice, have the access to the facilities covered by
        this Agreement in order to perform audlts. The
        Licensee understands and agrees that the pro
        visions of this paragraph shall be applicable to             .
        the facilities of the Licensee's primary contractors
        if API determines that an audit of these facilities is

        needed in order to ensure conformance with the
        applicable specification(s).The Licensee agrees to
        supply API with the requlred contractor Information
                                                                             Applicant lnltlal Here:
API MonogrammProgram Ucenslng Renewal Package                                                                                   p . d . 3 ~ ~

Part 2: API ~onogram'~l.icense
Use o tho Omdal API Monogram

14. This Agreement may be terminated by API at any Ume                   17. Licensee agrees not to make any intentional represem
    and for any reason satisfactory to API after providing                   tations or statements related to the Monogram Program
    notlce to the Llcensee. However, If the Licensee defaults                to potential customers or API that are false, misleading,
    in any of its obllgatlons under this Agreement, API may .                or inconsistent with the terms of thls Ucense Agreement
    Immediately terminate or suspend the rights or authority                 or the API Monogram Program.
    conferred by this Agreement wlthout prejudice to any
    other rights which API may have. Termination, 'suspension,          18. API has the right, but not the obligation, to register at
    or expiration of this Agreement shaii not affect any                    Its own cost, any or ail of the API Monogram worldwide.
    Iiabllity of the parties existing as of the date of such                Furthermore, API does not represent or warrant,
    action, shali not relieve the Licensee of Its obiigatlon of             express or implied, that the API Monogram does not
    indemnity as to products manufactured or distributed                    infringe or otherwise violate the rights of third parties.
    prior thereto, and shall not excuse Licensee from                       API, however, represents and warrants that it has no
    paylngany fees or other charges owing to API. Upon            --        actual knowledgethat the API Monogram Infringes or
    termination or suspension, wlth or without &use, of                     otherwise violates any mlld right of any third party in
    any rights or authority conferred by thls Agreement, or                 whole or part that would preclude Licensee from using
    upon expiration of this Agreement, the Licensee agrees                  the APi Monogram as provided for in this Agreement
    to immediately discontinue the use of the API Monogram
    on any product which Is the subject of such terminatlon,             19. Licensee agrees that APi is the sole owner of the API
    suspension or explratlon. If this Agreement is terminated                Monogram and agrees not to take any actions which
    for cause by API or at the request of the Licensee, the                  are Inconsistentwith APi's ownership rights including,
    Licensee agrees that API shali not be obligated to refund                but not limited to, challenging APl's ownership rights,
    any fees or payments made by Licensee. Licensee                          challenging the validity of the API Monogram or any
    agrees that under no circymstances shall API be liable                   reglstratlons and applications thereof, and/or attempting
    for ioss of profits, loss of income, loss of business              .     to register the API Monogram or other API mark in an)
    opportunity, economic ioss or other consequential ioss                   country, state, or other jurisdiction.
    or damages as a result of the termination of this
    agreement.                                                          20. The Licensee shall promptly notify API of any assertion
                                                                            that the use of the mark In the promotion or sale of
l5. ~icensee   agrees not to alter, adjust, amend, vary,                    licensed products hereunder infrlnge. or violates the
    revise, or otherwise modify the Certificate of Authority to             rights of any third party and will consult with API to
    Use the Official API Monogram or any copies thereof.                    determine the course of action to be followed in response
                                                                            to said assertion. API shall have the right to terminate
l6. The Licensee agrees that the manufacture, sale,                         this Agreement, in whole or In pa$ in response to said
    delivery, shlpment, dlstribution or promotion of any                    assertion. API does not undertake and shall have no
    product utilizingthe API Monogram would mislead the                     obligation, but nevertheless shall be entitled, if it so
    public if such product does not comply with the                         desires to defend any action brought for infringement or
    requirements of API as herein provided and agrees that                  other violations of trademarks, patents, lndustrlai and
    any breach of this contract in this respect could not                   artlstlc designs or copy rights owned by a third party or
    adequately be compensated for In money damages. For                     unfalr competition with a third party when the basis of
    these and other reasons, the Ucensee agrees that, in                    the claim is related to the Licensee's use of the API
    the event of the violation of any of the terms and                      Monogram. If API does not defend any such action, it
    conditions of this Agreement, a temporary Injunction                    shali have no obiigatlon to reimburse or indemnify the       '
    may be issued at the instance of API restraining the                    Licensee, its agents, subagents, customers, or any other
    Ucensee from further use of the API Monogram in any                      persons for the cost of defendingsuch suit or for       .
    manner whatsoever, and from any further sale or                         damages or costs Incurred as a result of such actlons.
    offering for sale, dellvery or distribution of said
    products bearlngthe API Monogram,and any other
    relief which may be deemed approprlate. The granting
    or issuance of such temporary injunction shall not    .
    affect the right of API to compensatbry and punitive
    damages for the misuse of the API Monogram or its
    name, abbreviations, or symbols, and shaii be in
    addition to, and not In lieu of, any other rights and
    remedies provlded by this Agreement                                      Applicant lnltlal Here:            1
API MonogrammProgram Llcenslng Renewal Package

Part 2: API Monogram License Agreement                                                          .

U.e of the OMdal API Monogram

21. With respect to all claims, actions and suits to enforce                   27. This license shall not be assignable or transferrable by
    APl's rights in the marks, includingsuits in which the                         Licensee in any manner nor shall Licensee have the
    Llcensee is joined as a party, API shall have the sole                         right to grant sublicenses.
    right to employ counsel of its chooslng and to direct the
    handling of the litigation and any settlement thereof.             -       28. This Agreement shall be interpreted and governed by
    API shall be entltled to receive and retain all settlement                     the law of the District of Columbia, United States of
    proceeds and all amounts awarded as damages, profits                           America.
        t ews
    or oh r i e    in connectlon with such suits.
                                                                               29. In the event of any litigation between the parties arising
22. The Licensee agrees to assist API in the enforcement                           under this Agreement the partie agree that the only
    of any rights of API in the API Monogram. Licensee                             proper venue for such litigation shall be the District of
    agrees that it will not perform any acts which dlrectly or                     Columbia, United States of America.
    Indirectly asslst a third-party In using the API Monogram
    without authorization.                                                     30. This instrument contalns the entire and only Agreement
                                                                                   between the parties with respect to the subject matter
23. The Licensee agrees to notify API in writing of any                            hereof. No oral statements or representations not here
    infringements or Imitations by third parties of the API                        in contained shall have any force and effect.
    Monogram which may come to the Llcensee's attention.
    API shall have the sole right to determine whether or                      31. k is expressly understood between the parties hereto
    not any action shall be taken, at Its sole expense, on                         that no association, agency, apparent agency, employer/
  , account of any such Infringement or imitation. API, if'it                      employee relationship, partnership, or joint venture of
    so desires, may commence or prosecute any claims,                              any kind has been created,.
    actions or suits in Its own name or in the name of the
    Licensee or join the Licensee as a party thereto.                          3 . API Is a nonprofit corporation exempt from United States
                                                                                   federal income tax under section 501(cX6) of the
24. The Licensee agrees that this Agreement does not                                Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended. No
    relieve the Licensee of its obligations concerning                              provision of this Agreement shall obligate API to take
    products marketed or distributed pursuant to previous                          any action that is Inconsistent with or that could
    License Agreements between Licensee and API and any                            jeopardlze its taxexempt status.
    amendments or renewals thereof. Licensee agrees that
    API may utllize the rights and remedies specified in this                  3 . This Agreement shall terminate immediately without
    Agreement to ensure that products in the marketplace                           notice if Licensee files a petition in bankruptcy or is
    whlch were licensed to use the API Monogram pursuant                           adjudicated a bankrupt or insolvent, or makes an
    to prevlous agreements are In full compliance wkh the                          assignment for the benefit of creditors, or an
    API requirements applicable at the time the product                            arrangement pursuant to any bankruptcy law, or if
    was marketed or distributed.                                                   Licensee discontinues its business or a receiver is
                                                                                   appointed for Licensee or for Llcensee's business and
25. If any action or proceedlng is brought by API to enforce,                      such receiver is not discharged wlthin thirty (30) days.
    protect or est@lish any rlght or remedy with respect to
    this Agreement (including but not limited to the failure                   54. All payments due hereunder shall be made in U.S.
                                                                   -                                                                            .
    of the Licensee to pay applicable fees or audit costs) or                      Dollars and are exclusive of any sales, use or other
    with respect to the subject matter of thls Agreement,                          taxes, fees or duties arising out of this Agreement.
    API shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's
    fees and costs provided that it Is the prevailing party.                   3 . The terms and conditions of thls Agreement are
                                                                                   severable. If any condition of this Agreement is deemed
28. The Licensee agrees to cooperate fully with API in any                         to be illegal or unenforceable under any rule of law, all
    effort which API may deem advisable in order to record                         other terms shall remaln In force.
    the Llcensee as a registered user of the marks, including
    the providlng of information and execution of documents
    in connection therewith. Expenses associated with such
    recording shall be borne by API.

                                                                                   Applicant lnltlal Here:

Effective: 10.10.07   1 Rev: 10 I 2007-l61                                                                                A P l k v W l u U o n ~
API Monogramm r m m Llcenslnd Renewal Package
             P                                                                                                        -Ed5

Part 2: API Monogram Llcense Agreement
b e o the WRdlll API Monogram

3 . Any and all notices, reports, correspondence,
 6                                                                     Appllcant Use Only
       amendments, requests, responses, and other
       communication associated with this agreement shall              Appllcant Agreement,Authorlzatlon
      .be In the Engllsh language, and the controlling verslon
       of this agreement shall be in the English language.
                                                                       Name of AppBccmnt Organldon
37. This Agreement shall not and is not intended to benefit
    nor to grant any right or remedy to any person or entlty           ~ri- ad Flange and Fittings Inc.
    that Is not a party to thls Agreement.

98. Licensee represents and warrants that Llcensee is not              Name of Authorlral Officer
    located in, or under the control of, a national or resident.
    of any U.S. embargoed country
                                                                       Hank De Jona
89. The undersigned individuals represent and warrant
    that they are expressly and duly authorized by their
    respective entities or agencies to execute this
    Agreement and to legally bind thelr respective entities
    or agencies as set forth In thls Agreement.

40. Paragraphs 3,4, 9,-11,12, 13,14, 15,16, 17,19,24,
    25,28, and 29 survive termination, suspension or
    explratlon of thls Agreement.
                                                                       Imature of Autho ed Officer

                                                                       TMO    A&~IZCXI    Officer

41. This Agreement shall be effective on the date that it is           President
    executed by API. The Agreement wlll expire three years
    from the date i was executed by API, or upon the
    expiration date noted below, whlchever is earlier.                 Data

42. Notices required to be given by this Agreement shall be            A ~ r iii. 2008
    In wrlting and shall be effective as of the date on which
    such notice is delivered to:
           Dlrector of Certification Programs
           1220 L Street, NW
                                                                       . API Use Only                         -   &-07Ol
           Washington, DC 200054070                                     API Agreement Mhorhatlon

      (b) The Licensee at:                                              Manager of API Mono

            30 Woodslee Avenue, Paris, Ontario, N3L 3Vi, Canada
                                                                               .yv          K*?f
                                                                        m e c t h Date
                                                                                  ~                  .    I       I

--      --
Effecttve: 1 . 0 0
            01.7     1 Rev: 10 1 2007-161
API Monograme Program Llcenslng Renewal Package'                                                                                 pageldl

part 3: API monogram Program License Renewal
Appllcatlon Agreement
The Renewlng AppUcant agrees to the following as a                       6 The Applicant will not be granted any rights to continue
condition of thelr appllcatlon being accepted by AH.                        using the.API Monogram mark or certificate(s) until all
                                                                            steps In the process have been completed to the
  1 The Appllcant must submit the quality data requested and -
                                                                            satisfaction of API, applicable fees have .been paid,
      agree to fully comply with all of the requirementsspecified
                                                                            and the Applicant has agreed to comply with all of the
      in the Renewal Application Package and in the Program
                                                                            terms and condltlons of the License Agreement
                                                                         7 The undersigned individual represents and warrants
  2 The Applicant will partlclpate In and pay the cost of
                                                                            that they are expressly and duly authorized by their
     the required API Audit, whether or not the Applicant is
                                                                            entities or agencles to execute the Agreement and to
     granted rights to continue using the API Monogram mark
                                                                            legally bind their entities or agency as set forth herein.
     or certificate(s).
                                                                         8. All program fees payable to API shall be in U.S. dollars
      Audlt Coats. The ApplicanVLicensee pays the audlt
                                                                            and shall be nonfefundable.
      costs based on the contract rate of APl's audltor(s) and
      any related auditor(s) expenses, includingtravel time,             9 The Applicant understands and agrees that APl's
      airfare, taxi, rental car, or private car, plus accommoda             representative(s)shall have access to the Applicant's
      tions, meals, parking, telephone, etc. API expends every              facillty and records to the extent necessary to process
      effort to use a local qualified auditor(s) in an effort to keep       the application and perform audits. API agrees to take
      audit costs as low as possible.                                       all reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of
                                                                            any proprietary Information obtained, but accepts no
      Audlt Cancellatlon Fee. Where the ApplicanVLicensee
                                                                            liability, Applicant may require APl's representative(s)to
      cancels or postpones the date of onsite audlt after it has            comply with all of the Applicant's work place safety       .
      been agreed to, a fee is payable under the policy set out             procedures. However, Applicant shall not require APl's
      below.                                                                representativeto sign any contract or agreement that
      (a) Audit Cancelled by Appllcant/Llcensee wlthln                      attempts to limit the Applicant's legal liability or impose
          8 to 30 calendardays of scheduled audit date.                     additional liability on API or APl's representative(s).Any
          25% of projected auditor day rate total, in addition to           such release or document shall be null and void unless
          100%of associated nowrefundable auditor expenses                  API or APl's representative(s) would have been liable for
          (e.g., airfare).          .    .                                  damages under US. law In the absence of the contract
                                                                            or agreement,
      (b) Audlt Cancelled by Appllcant/Ucensee wlthln
          1 7 calendawlays of scheduled audlt date.
            to                                                          1 . API shall not be responsible for any delay or failure in
          50% of projected auditor day rate total, in addition to              performance resulting from acts beyond Its control.
          loo% Of            non-fefundable
          (e.6, alrfare).                                               1 . Thls Agreement shall not and is not intended to benefit
                                                                               nor to grant any rights or remedy to any person or entity
           Note: Cancellation fees do not apply when the audit                 that is not a party to this Agreement.
           is canceled due to acts of nature or as jointly agreed
           on between API and the client.                               Applicant Use Only
      All fees payable to API shall be In U.S. Dollars and shall
      include all bank handling charges.                                Applicant Agreement Authorlzatlon
  8 AH shall be the sole judge of whether or not an Applicant
     meets the appropriate qualificationto contlnue to be a                      f
                                                                        ~ a m s oOrganlzlltlon, Company, or Autho&ed OfRcer
                                                                        Tri-Lad Flange and Fittings Inc.
  A If the Appllcant fails to pay the audit fee wlthin the time
    frame specified, API may bring an action or a proceeding            Slgnatu
    to recover these costs. API shall be entitled to recover
    reasonable attorney's fees and costs.
  5. The Applicant agrees that the venue and applicable law
     for such action and any action related to this Agreement
     shall be the District of Columbia, United States of America.
                                                                        April 11, 2008

Effective: 1 . 0 0 1 R . 10 1 2007-161
            01.7 w
                                                                                                                                       .    .
        API Monogram" Program Ucensing Renewal Package                                ,                                              m;de

        Part L. Licensee Renewal Information

.       FaclUryDetalls                                                       3. Prlmary Correspondencefor this Renewal Application
                                                                                and other API Legal Documents:
            1 Faclllty Name (as It should appear on the certificate):
               Tri-Lad Flange and Fittings Inc.
                                                                         (     .   Les Mansfield, GET.

    -         If more than one facility is applying a separate'~enewal             Mle/Podtlon
              Application I required for each location.
                                                                                   Quality'&Technical Services Manager

            2. Actual Physlcal Locatlon o Ucensed Facllw
                                                                                   30 Woodslee Avenue
              Street Address ( . . Box Numbers are not acceptable)

               30 Woodslee Avenue

              w                                                          I         Paris

                                                                         I         State/Rovlnce,


                                                                         I         Ontario

                                                                               Uppostal Code
              Zlp/Posbl Code

              Country                                                              Canada
                                                                               Telephone Number (for calls from the United States)
              F d Telephone Number

                                                                               Fax Number (for calls from the United States)

        .     NIA . .
                                                                               Emall Add-        (for Contact)
             Webslte (Optional)

    EtlectlW: ifl.10.07   1 RW: 10 1 2007,161
API Monognm" Program Llwnslng Renewal Package                                                                              ~   P   O   ~   U

Part I Licensee Renewal Information

  A Faclllty Contact P e m (Contact Person at the facility
      to be licensed, If different from the Correspondence
      Contact ldentlfied In Item 3):                 I


       Same as in item 3

      Telephone Number (for calls from the United States)

                                                                     Z l p / ~ Code

      Fax Numbw (for calls from the Untted States) ,

      emall Address (for Facility Contact)

                                                                     Telephone Number (for calls from the United States)   ,

                                                                     Fax Number (for calk from the United States)

      Salem Emall A d d m (Optional)

                                                                     Emall Addmm (for Third Party/Consultant Contact)

  5. Thlrd Party/Consultant Correspondence(If your
     Organlzatlon utilizes a third party or consultant for your
     quality management system and you wish to have
                                                                  6. Is your facility currently registered to IS0 9001?
     copies of correspondence sent to them also, list the
     Information here):
                                                                                           tl No
                                                                     (a) If 'Yes," please identify your registrar (if other than
       NIA                                                               APIQR) and provide a copy of your current registration


Effective: 1 . 0 0
            01.7     1 Rev: l 0 I 2007-161                                                                  M CslWk.tkn RayM.
API Monogram@Program Uwnslng Renewal Package                                                                             ~       a   ~   e

Part i= Licensee Renewal Information

 7. (a) What is the date of the last lnternal Audit                 (b) If you are not now applyingthe API Monogram to your
       'performed on your quality management system?                    product@),when was the last Ume you did?

                                                                           November 2007

           March 29 through August 29,2007                          (c) State the approximate percentage of product(s)that
                                                                         carry the API Monogram in relation to this facility's
                                                                         total output
    (b) The Internal Audit of your quality management
        system was performed against the requirements of
        (check off all that apply):
           d         0 9001          &I
                                      P     Spec   61
           a lSO/rs 29001            a Other (Identify):   .    1 . What is the total square footage of this facility?

 8. (a) What is the date of the last Management Review
        performed on your quality management system?            1 . What is the approximate square footage at this facility
                                                                    needed to manufacture product(s) under the scope of
                                                                    your API Monogram License(s)?

           November 2007

    (b) The Management Revlew of your quality management
        system included a review of the requirements of         l2. How many total fulltime employees are needed at this
        (check off all that apply):                                 facility to manufacture product(s) or provide the servlce(s)
                                                                    under the scope of your API Monogram License(s)?
           &O         9001            P
                                     &I   ,S       Ql
                     29001           Q Other (Identify):

                                                                l3. Haw many work shifts are utilized at your facility?
 8. Are you currently applying the API Monogram to your              One
    Q Yes                     Q No
                                                                1 . If more than one shift, please identify the number of
    (a) State the length of time you have supplled this/these       employees on each shlft:
        product@)to the oil and natural gas industry (years
        and months):

           Iyear 6 months
API MonogrammProgram Ucenrlng Renewal Package                                                                         ~        4   ~   8

Part i= Licensee Renawal InformatiCori

    l5. Do you have an Inhouse product design group?                  If no paduct design is performed by nature of the
                                                                      defined activities within the management system
                                  Ll No                               (em&, threading, servicing, machining), then API
                                                                      Spec Q1, Sectlon 7.3 may be declared as an
        (a) Percentage of design work done inhouse:                   applicable exclusion. However, if an Organization
                                                                      must satisfy specific product design requirements
                                                                      from applicable standards or if the design is
                                                                      outsourced to 3rd party designers or to other
                                                                      divlsions within the Organization (eg., a corporate
        (b) If you do not perform 100% Inhouse product design,        design center), Section 7.3 is not eligible for .
            indicate on a separate sheet of paper who controls        exclusion, and all elements of this part of the
            your designs; furnish a mailing address; and indicate     standard must be addressed wlthln the qualtLy
            if they are an API Monogram Licensee.                     management system.

1 . Quallty Management System Exclusions.
 0                                                                    Furthermore, the Organization must develop
        API Spec Q 1limits the sections of the standard               and maintain Design Package(s)(applicable
        applicable for exclusion (refer to Section 1.2.1). For        documentation) to demonstrate compliance
        eligibility of these exclusions, the Applicant or Licensed    with design and development requirements.
        Organization shall provide a wrltten justlflcation for the
        exclusion(s), ldentlfying the excluslon(s) in your Quality    Deslgn Packages. The API Monogram Licensing
        Manual.                                                       Program requires the selection of a design pack-
                                                                      age for review during initial renewal audlts. To
        Even if the activities of the proposed excluded               determine what qualifies as a design package,
        sections are performed through outsourclng (refer to          please follow these guldelines:
        Section 4.1), the Applicant or Licensed Organization
        must ensure that appropriate controls are belng               Deslgn - a detailed plan for product
.       maintained both in the outsourced organization's
        management system and in their own management '
        system for periodic verification of the controls being
                                                                      Package (per Webster's) a collection of related
                                                                      Items to be considered as or acted on together.
        outsourced. With this, such activities are not eligible
        for exclusion.
        Note: The Applicant or Licensed Organization shall be
                                                                      Deslgn Package (therefore is) a detailed plan
                                                                      for a product which includes all the background
        requlred to provide evidence (durlngaudits) that              documents, applicable API standards, and the
        controls are adequately Implemented and maintained            Instructions, procedures, speciflcatlons, drawings,
        for any activity that may be outsourced.                      routing$, travelers, checklists, process sheets and
             Examples If no customersuppliedproperty (either          changes to these documents necessary to produce
             flnlshed product, raw materlal, or intellectual docu-    that product at the manufacturing location. Such
             mentation) is allowed within the manufacturing/          documentation shall include, but not be limited
                                                                      to, design plans, input elements, output elements,       .
             servicing process of the Applicant or Ucensed
             Organization, then API Spec Q , may       l
                                                 Section 7.5.4,       evidence of review/verification and evidence of
             be declared as an applicable exclusion. However, if      validation.
             this Organization provides threading, heat treatment
             or inspectlon services of finished product of its        Since the purpose of the API Monogram Program
             clients, Sectjon 7.5.4 is not eligible for exclusion.    Is to consistently, objectively, and reliably Identify
             Similarly, if this Organization receives proprietary     organizations who are capable of producing
             designs of products for manufacturing,Section 7.5.4      products that comply with API speciflcatlons,
             is not eligible for exclusion.                           the organization shall have a complete design
                                                                      package, as well as procedures that provide
             If processes that require validation as prescribed by    lnstructlonsand requirements on how to develop
             the % ~ p e c t i product speMication(s)are not applie   a design, unless eligible for design exclusion.
             able*(eg., weldln@,then AH Spec Q1, Sectlon
             may be declared as an applicable exclusion. However,
             if an Organization is required to perform such process
             es and chooses to outsource them, Sections 7.5.2
             and are not eligible for exclusion.
EWectlve: 1 . 0 0
           01.7     1 Rev: 10 1 2007-161
~       API Monograme Program Llcenslng Renewal Package

        Part I Licensee Renewal lnformatlon
                                                                                                                                     P ~ ~ I ~ O ~ O

             API, in conJunctionwith objective evidence provided .         API Monogram.Program.
             from the audit, shall have the final decision as to                             ,
             whether an Applicant or Licensed Organization is              Important note on manufacturlngcapablllty.
    .        ellglble for the requested exclusion(s). If exclusion(s) Is   API may suspend current licensing under the API Monogram
             (are) granted and later deemed ineligible, the Applicant      Program based on a faci1lt)rs level of manufacturingcapability.
             or Licensed Organization shall be required to revise the      During the facility audit,.an auditor may indicate that some of
             affected Quality Manual and ensure that such control          the manufacturingand inprocess inspection and testing of all
             features are maintained within the quality management         products under a speclflcation are to be subcontracted by the
             system as verifled by an audit Please contact APl for         facility. Even though subcontractingis permitted, the API
             further guidance on applicable exclusions to your quality     Monogram Program is designed to identify companies that
             management system.                                            have demonstrated the ability to manufacture equipment that
                                                                           conforms to API speciflcatlons. If through auditing activities
        17. API Product SpeciRcatlons Documentation
                                                                           and lnformatlon provided by the faclllty, API determines the
                                                                           degree of subcontracted work is substantial, API may perform
            The licensed or applicant organization is required to          additional audits (at the Licensee's expense) of any primary
            maintain at least one copy of the most current edition         subcontractorsto ensure their conformance with applicable
            of the English language version of the API Product             specifications. The following questions are designed to help
            Specification(s) under which it Is licensed or seeking         API identify your current level of onsite and contracted
            licensure. The product speclficatlon(s) must be the            manufacturlngactivity:
            version of the document that is published by API and
            distributed by API or an authorized distributor. Trans-
            lated versions of the specifications are not acceptable        18. Does your facility have in-house machining equipment?
            alternatives to this requirement. I is the organization's
            responsibility to ensure the accuracy of any now                    d e                  Q No
            sanctioned translations of the API Product Specifim
            tlons. Technical requirements identlfled.inthe current              (a) What Is the approximate percentage of machining
            English language wmlon of the document shall be the                     work subcontracted or done outside this facility?
            only acceptable manufacturing criteria to be used by
            the licensee or applicant organization.                                                        '   7   '                           %

        18. API Adullsorles.
            The API Certifications Department regularly
            publishes Program Advisories on its webpage
            (                  20. Does your facility have inhouse inspectlon/test
            advisories are intended to notify licensed/reglstered              equipment?
            organizations of program policies and interpretations
            that have industry wide application. These advisories
            are part of the Program Requirements and compliance
            with them is compulsory. tt is the responsibilityof the             (a) What Is the approximate percentage of
            Ilcensed/registered organization to perlodlcally check                  inspection/testing done outside this faciliw
            the site to ensure that the licensed/registered
            organization is In cornpllance with all of the advisories.

        Etfecthw: 1 . 0 0 1 Rev: 1 1 2007-181
                   01.7           0                                                                                    APl CortHIatlon P m O . n u
API Monogram" Program Llcenslng Renewal Package                                                                                  PY.(IOC(I

Part 1 Licensee Renewal Information

2%. Does your product and/or service require processes that                API k m Only
    require wlidation (API mlnlmally includes the following as
    suchprocesses: Welding, NDE and Heat Treatment)?                       API

                                                                            1 Are the client's requirements for Licensing renewal
      (a) If 'Yes,"
                  please Identify those process(es) that require               clea ly defined, documented, and understood?
            validation (use additional sheets of paper if                          1

                                                                            2 Have differences, if any, in the understandingbetween
                                                                                      the client been resolled?
                                                                                                     D No
                                                                            3 Does API have the capability to offer the desired license
                                                                               with respect to:
      (b) What Is the approximate percentage of processes
            that require validation performed outside this faclllty?              The scope of the reglstration sought;

                                                                                  The location of the client's operations; and
22. Have you utilized outside assistance in preparation
    of your quality manual, other quality management                              Any special requirements of the client?
    system documentation and/or the implementation of
    your overall quality management system?
                                                                                                     Q No
      (a) If 'Yes,"
                  please identify:                                     I
      Company/lndlvldual Name                                          1

      Street A d


      Up/Portal Code


Effectk 10.10.07   1 Rev: 10 1 2007-161

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