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                                                                                                                                 Fall 2009

The New Orleans Saints and Our Community
    On November 1, 1966, the Commissioner of the National              distinction. They stand to unite the loyal following who stands
Football League, Pete Rozelle, held a press conference at New          behind their team: the people who root together, cheer together,
Orleans’ Ponchartrain Hotel to announce that the City of               and help to will the Saints to victory together (or so Saints’ fans
New Orleans was to be awarded the 16th NFL franchise. That             like to believe). If the Saints weren’t here, would we still be
afternoon, The New Orleans States-Item proudly boasted the             citizens of New Orleans and citizens of Louisiana? Of course, but
headline “N.O. Goes Pro!” Coincidentally, November 1 also              without them, Louisiana would be lacking the united sector that
happened to be the Roman Catholic holiday of All Saints Day.           proudly stands as Saints fans, a part of what we call the “Who
Therefore, when the franchise’s management announced the               Dat Nation”.
team’s name on January 9, 1967, they saw it all too fitting to call        The Saints have brought times of joy, heartbreak, and
the team the Saints, in honor of the day they were born.               occasionally the collective sigh to our community. But along
                                                                                                             with the exuberance of
“The New Orleans Saints.”                                                                                    breathtaking victories and
                                                                                                             the pain of gut-wrenching
    The New Orleans Saints                                                                                   losses has pervaded a sense
took the field for the first time                                                                            of unity and togetherness
on September 16, 1967. The                                                                                   throughout the city and
new hometown franchise                                                                                       state. In good times and bad,
kicked off with a bang as                                                                                    loyal Saints followers in New
rookie RB John Gilliam                                                                                       Orleans and throughout the
returned the opening kickoff                                                                                 state have always banded
94 yards for a TD in front of                                                                                together in support of our
80,879 fans in the late Tulane                                                                               local team.
Stadium. Unfortunately, the                                                                                      Aside from the decades
Saints would go on to lose                                                                                   of highs and lows, it is
the game 27-13 to the St.                                                                                    impossible to discuss what
Louis Rams.                                                                                                  the Black and Gold have
                                                             Associated Press
    On the field, the Saints                                                                                 meant to the city of New
have produced some of the most memorable moments in                    Orleans without bringing up their magical run to the NFC
New Orleans and Louisiana history. Some memories are more              Championship in 2006. After New Orleans was devastated by
cherished than others. Mentions of Tom Dempsey’s record-               Hurricane Katrina, the Saints came home and united a down and
breaking 63-yard field goal elicits a very different response from     out city and its people behind rookie Head Coach Sean Payton,
Saints fans than the extra point attempt following the infamous        Quarterback Drew Brees, and an arsenal of fresh new faces and
River City Relay.                                                      old Saints favorites. Upon returning to the city, the team and its
    Regardless of the franchise’s ups and downs, one cannot            fans embarked on an unbelievable journey which ultimately fell
overlook what the Saints mean to the city of New Orleans and           one game short of the Super Bowl. When they took the field that
the state of Louisiana, even when they are not on the field. From      season, the Saints united the New Orleans faithful with hope
an economic perspective, they bring money in for the city and          and inspired all with a resilience that resembled the city and its
state. They serve to bolster our tourism and hospitality markets       people. Off the field, both the organization and its players made
when 72,003 people funnel into the city to march up the ramps          contributions to the city by leading recovery efforts, heading relief
of a sold out Superdome.                                               funds, and pouring their time, energy, and personal interest into
    From a cultural perspective, the Saints have been a huge           the city’s rebuilding.
part of the culture in a great state with no shortage of cultural                                                      Continued on page 3
Covington Orthopaedic
    DMA is pleased to welcome Covington Orthopaedic &                                H. Reiss Plauché, M.D.
Sports Medicine Clinic as our new orthopedic provider in the                         Dr. Plauché currently holds staff
North Shore area. Many of our North Shore attorneys have                             memberships with St. Tammany
been inquiring about a new option for orthopedic surgery in                          Parish Hospital, Lakeview Regional
the Covington area, and we have found your answer with the                           Medical Center, and Fairway
addition of Covington Orthopaedic.                                                   Medical Center
    Covington Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Clinic is com-                           •	 Undergraduate	Education:	North	Carolina	
mitted to excellence, pledging to provide the highest quality of                        State	University,	Raleigh,	NC
orthopedic care possible for your clients. Along with the treat-                     •	 Medical	Education:	Louisiana	State	
ment of immediate or chronic problems, Covington Orthopedic                             University	School	of	Medicine,	New	
seeks to develop treatment plans that integrate the doctrine of                         Orleans,	LA	
prevention as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties. Spe-                  •	 Orthopaedic	Internship:	Louisiana	State	University	School	of	Medicine,		
cializing in General Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Computer-                            New	Orleans,	Louisiana	
Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery, Minimally Invasive Joint                         •	 Orthopaedic	Residency:	Louisiana	State	University	School	of	Medicine,		
Replacement Surgery, Arthroscopy Surgery, Fracture Manage-                              New	Orleans,	Louisiana	
ment, and Hip Resurfacing; Covington Orthopaedic will be
available to you for all of your cases’ orthopedic needs.                            Certifications
    With the addition of Covington Orthopaedic, we will now                          •	 American	Board	of	Orthopaedic	Surgeons
have three new physicians available to our attorneys in the
                                                                                     Professional Affiliations:
Covington area:
                                                                                     •	 American	Academy	of	Orthopaedic	Surgeons
                                                                                     •	 Louisiana	Orthopaedic	Association
Kevin F. Darr, M.D.                                                                  •	 Louisiana	State	Medical	Society
Dr.Darr currently holds staff
memberships with St. Tammany                                                         Jason L. Rolling, M.D
Parish Hospital, Lakeview Regional                                                   Dr. Rollings currently holds staff
Medical Center, and Fairway                                                          memberships with St. Tammany
Medical Center                                                                       Parish Hospital, Lakeview, Regional
•	 Undergraduate	Education:	Louisiana	State	                                         Medical Center, Fairway Medical
   University,	Baton	Rouge,	Louisiana	                                               Center, and Pontchartrain Surgery
•	 Medical	Education:	Louisiana	State	                                               Center
   University	School	of	Medicine,	New	
   Orleans,	Louisiana	                                                               •	 Undergraduate	Education:		University	of	
•	 Internship:	Louisiana	State	University	                                              California	at	Los	Angeles,	Los	Angeles,	CA
   Services,	Charity	Hospital,	New	Orleans,	Louisiana	                               •	 Medical	Education:	University	of	Louisville	
•	 Orthopaedic	Residency:	Louisiana	State	University	Medical	Center,	New	Orleans,	      School	of	Medicine,	Louisville,	KY
   Louisiana,	Charity	Affiliated	Hospitals	and	Clinics,	New	Orleans,	Louisiana	      •	 Orthopaedic	Surgery	Residency:	Louisiana	
•	 Adult	Reconstructive	Surgery	/	Sports	Medicine	Fellowship:	New	England	Baptist	      State	University	Health	Sciences	Center,	New	Orleans,	Louisiana	
   Hospital,	Boston,	Massachusetts	                                                  •	 Sports	Medicine	Fellowship:	Aspen	Foundation	for	Sports	Medicine,	
Specialties:                                                                            Aspen,	Colorado
•	 Reconstruction	of	the	Hip,	Knee	and	Shoulder
•	 Computer-Assisted	Joint	Replacement                                               Certifications
•	 Minimally	Invasive	Joint	Replacement	                                             •	 American	Board	of	Orthopaedic	Surgeons
•	 Sports	Medicine	
•	 Shoulder	Surgery/Arthroscopy	                                                     Professional Affiliations:
Certifications                                                                       •	 American	Academy	of	Orthopaedic	Surgeons
•	 American	Board	of	Orthopaedic	Surgeons                                            •	 Alpha	Omega	Alpha	(Medical	Honor	Society)
•	 Elected	to	Fellowship	of	American	Academy	of	Orthopaedic	Surgeons                 •	 Phi	Kappa	Phi	(National	Honor	Society)
•	 Board	Certified	in	Sports	Medicine	                                               •	 Associated	College	of	Sports	Medicine	
Professional Affiliations
•	 American	Academy	of	Orthopaedic	Surgeons	                                             Dr. Darr, Dr. Plauché, and Dr. Rolling were all recently
•	 American	Association	of	Hip	and	Knee	Surgeons                                     recognized as 2009 ‘Top Doctors in Orthopedic Surgery’ by
•	 The	Arthroscopy	Association	of	North	America                                      New Orleans Magazine. For more information on Covington
•	 The	American	Orthopaedic	Society	of	Sports	Medicine
                                                                                     Othopaedic & Sports Medicine Clinic, or to inquire about
•	 Louisiana	Orthopaedic	Association
•	 Mid-America	Orthopaedic	Association                                               referring your clients to one of these quality physicians, please
•	 Who’s	Who	Historical	Society	                                                     contact us at (504) 484-7077.
Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine
    DMA is pleased to welcome the Orthope-
dic Center for Sports Medicine to the DMA
provider network. The Orthopedic Center for
Sports Medicine is distinctive in the practice
of orthopedics. The great team of physicians
at the Orthopaedic Center for Sports Medi-
cine, Charles P Murphy, M.D., Thomas R.
Lyons, M.D., and Luis M. Espinoza, M.D., are
fellowship trained and board certified ortho-
pedic surgeons who specialize in minimally-
invasive arthroscopic shoulder procedures
as well as arthroscopic management of knee,
elbow, and ankle problems.
    Dr. Murphy is the Director of the Ortho-
pedic Center, as well as a Clinical Assistant
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at LSU Medical Center. He           University of California San Diego. Dr. Espinoza also works as an
graduated from LSU Medical School in 1982, completed an Or-         orthopedic consultant with the New Orleans Zephyrs, and puts
thopedic Surgery residency at LSU and a fellowship at Technical     his affiliation to good practice with each sports injury he comes
University in Munich, Germany. Dr. Murphy is a board certified      in contact with.
orthopedic surgeon and is highly trained in the evaluation and          This team of doctors works collectively to focus on caring for
treatment of musculoskeletal problems involving the extremities     their patients. As Dr. Murphy explains, “The three of us work
as well as sports medicine. He has also been selected as one of     together as a team so it’s like having a second and third doctors’
New Orleans’ top doctors by New Orleans Magazine, and has           opinion in just one place.” Dr. Espinoza adds that, “Our team
been honored with a Distinguished Service Award from the            approach gives us a unique ability to maintain close contact with
Orthopedic Surgery Department of LSU.                               our patients throughout the entire healing process to ensure the
    Dr. Lyons is also a fellowship trained and board certified      best possible outcome.” “Patient input is number one with us”,
orthopedic surgeon. He graduated from Tulane University             says Dr. Lyons. “Answering questions and educating patients is a
School of Medicine in 1993 and completed his residency in           big part of what we do.” This team-oriented approach allows for
orthopedic surgery at Tulane in 1998. He received the William       patients to receive highly focused, top quality orthopedic car.
F. Sherman award for outstanding first-year resident in 1995. In        With locations in both Metairie and Kenner, these physicians
addition to his work at the Orthopaedic Center, Dr. Lyons is also   will be available to treat patients throughout the New Orleans
a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Tulane.     metropolitan area. The staff at the Orthopedic Center for Sports
He specializes in minimally invasive arthroscopic shoulder          Medicine places a strong emphasis on making for their patients.
procedures as well as arthroscopic management of knee and           Dr. Espinoza proudly notes that The Orthopaedic Center for
elbow problems.                                                     Sports Medicine works “to cater to the convenience of each
    Dr. Espinoza is a fellowship trained and board certified        patient.” From New Orleans to Kenner and from the Westbank
orthopedic surgeon. After graduating from LSU Medical School        to River Ridge, these fine physicians will do everything in their
in 1997, he completed his residency at the LSU Orthopedic           power to be available to you and your clients through DMA’s
Department, and received his fellowship training at the             provider network.

The New Orleans Saints and Our Community (continued from page 1)
    Since that remarkable season, Louisiana citizens have           well as rebuilding parks, playgrounds, schools, and athletic
had a special bond with their team: the team that mirrored          fields damaged by the hurricane through his ‘Brees Dream
the remarkable comeback of a fallen city, the team that took        Foundation.’
a lead role in the recovery efforts throughout Louisiana,               In the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, the
and the team that gave people something to unite toward             relationship with our local NFL franchise is beyond that of a
and believe in during a time when many had been uprooted            business relationship between an NFL franchise and a City. The
from their lives. What is truly unique to this relationship,        Black and Gold are a pervasive entity within the lore of Louisiana
however, has been the degree to which it has been                   culture, and a unifying factor amongst the citizens of Louisiana
reciprocated by members of the Saints’ organization. A shining      and the city of New Orleans. In a state such as Louisiana, which
example can be found in the charitable work and community           is known for its unique heritage and cultural dispositions, it seems
efforts of Saints’ Quarterback Drew Brees, who has dedicated        only fitting that such a relationship stands to exist between our
his off-field time to raising money for Cancer research, as         team and the people of our community.
      Letter from the Marketing Manager
          I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is looking forward to the holiday season. The past quarter at DMA has been
      eventful to say the least. Our markets have expanded into the Hammond, Thibodaux, and LaPlace areas, and we are now handling
      the medical costs for more attorneys than ever before.
          Along with our growing customer base comes our responsibility to meet the needs of each and every one of our valued customers.
      In order to enhance our services, we have embarked on a huge expansion of our provider network. As you will find throughout this
      newsletter, we have expanded our provider network with new Physicians, Neurological Services, and even an all new service of
      Physical Impairment Ratings. The best part about it all is that there is plenty more to come!
          As we have been doing throughout the course of the past year, we are continuing to work toward lowering our prices on all
      imaging services and medical procedures during these tough economic times. Please feel free to inquire about these new and exciting
      prices in your area.
          In case you haven’t checked out our website recently, I would highly recommend taking a look at to keep up
      with all of the new developments over at DMA. We are also working to incorporate new online features to our website to make our
      services easier for you and your office. So next time you are perusing the information superhighway, stop in and check out what’s
      happening over at DMA!
          As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for us to better serve you, please contact me and let me. You can always reach me
      at (504) 484-7077, or email me at Even if you are unhappy with our services or have had an unpleasant
      experience, I want to hear from you. My job at DMA is to make sure we are providing the best possible service to all of our attorneys,
      and I am determined to do whatever I can to meet you needs.

      Stuart Schmidt
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