British Gas - ESD Franchise Induction Training by vuz12598


									Case Study
British Gas -
        ESD Franchise Induction Training
                                           Developed in association with Gasworx Limited,
                                           this workshop forms the basis of the British Gas
                                           Electrical Servicing Division franchisee induction
                                           program. Covering core topics such as health
                                           and safety and customer service, the training also
                                           includes more specific areas such as ESD Products
                                           and Quality.

The aim was to create a dynamic, interactive
learning experience in order to engage and
motivate the learner. The end result was a
comprehensive, self-contained package including
trainers’ notes, overhead slides, handouts and
game components, including a ‘Brightest Spark’
quiz show and ‘ Build your Own Van’ game.

                                           “The project ran smoothly from start to finish and
                                           the C2B Media team worked tirelessly to achieve
                                           the tight deadlines. The materials have been very
                                           well received; they are used as a benchmark and
                                           have been shared in other work areas within the
                                           business. They were particularly popular with our
                                           North American partners. The end product more
                                           than met our expectations and we look forward
                                           to working together again soon.”

                                           Sarah Gavermark, Employee Development Manager

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