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									Maid to Perfection             ®
   Franchise Brochure

  The World’s MosT CoMpleTe
  Cleaning serviCe FranChise
              The FranChise For The 21sT CenTury
               At Maid to Perfection®, we recognize that one of the most important decisions
               you will make in your lifetime is the decision to go into business for yourself. The
                corporate principals have invested a combined sixty years of industry experience
                and conducted 10 years of research and development prior to franchising in order
           to provide our Maid to Perfection® franchise partners with the finest, most up-to-date,
            cost effective and comprehensive cleaning franchise system in the world. Maid to
              Perfection® offers a first-class residential and commercial cleaning franchise and
             R   pledges to you our relentless ongoing support, because our success depends on
                 your success.

          an indusTry WiTh a sTrong FuTure
          Regardless of fluctuations in the economy, job security on the management level is less
          stable than ever. “Global economics” has spawned mergers, and one of the very real
          by-products of these mergers is the rise of “downsizing”. Industries that once seemed
          secure have been made obselete by new technologies. Fortunately, there is no new
          technology on the horizon that can replace the highly-trained cleaning professional of
          today, and the global economy will serve to strengthen our industry as new markets

          is iT The FranCise For you?
          iT is iF you WanT These beneFiTs!
          Ground Level Entry                                      Choice of Prime Territories
          Exclusive Protected Territories                         Protected Expansion Program
          Expansion Incentives/Discounts                          Environmentally Safe Products
          Customized Management Software                          Proven Operations Systems
          Proven Marketing Plans                                  Access to Top Management
          Competitive Service Advantages                          Individual Attention/Assistance
          Web Site for Sales                                      Telephone Routing System

          Maid To perFeCTion’s Mission sTaTeMenT
          Our mission is to attain the “first place” position in the cleaning industry by providing
          an economical, professional, top-quality upscale cleaning service to meet and satisfy
          the demands of the growing public.
                 Our commitment, dedication, and support services, in pursuit of this goal, are
          the hallmarks of our system and will result in the growth, success and profitability of
          our franchise owners.

                                                                 Michael J. Katzenberger, CEO
                                                                 Maid to Perfection, Corp.
leT Maid To perFeCTion® puT you on The FasT
TraCk To MeeTing your goals
Our easy-to-understand Operations Manual and Headquarters training, when
combined with our ongoing one-on-one support, will allow you to:
1. Complete Your Six Week Pre-Opening Program
2. Finalize Your Pre-Formatted Personalized Business Plan
3. Obtain An Office Lease and Follow Our Office Setup Instructions
4. Hire Office Staff and Cleaning Personnel
5. Set Up Schedules for Managers and Cleaning Staff                                                       R

6. Meet with Clients to Give Estimates and

                                                                                          The Franchise
     Professional Proposals
7. Execute The Outlined Custom Advertising
8. Meet with Advertisers, Suppliers and Vendors
9. Manage The Completion of Your Daily
10. Discuss Ongoing Support with Headquarters
11. Supervise Weekly Employee Meetings
12. Inspect Work Quality of Larger Jobs
13. Manage Your Operating Budget
14. Evaluate Your Personal Development Program
15. Operate Your Own Successful Franchise
It is our policy that the owner of the franchise not clean for customers. You have too
much invested in the system to earn maid wages. Instead, you’ll look at the big picture
and learn to delegate responsibility.

The besT buy in The indusTry !
•   Cost-effective Franchise/Royalty Fees    • Low Overhead/Operation Costs
•   Low Total Investment Level               • High Profit Add-On Services
•   Low Start-up Capital                     • 100% Financing Available for Expansion
                               Maid serviCe CusToMer base is sTill
                                Do you remember when domestic cleaning
                                was the exclusive purview of the wealthy,
                            and secretaries were expected to perform
                             many duties, including cleaning the office?
                                We’ve surely come a long way! Today we
                              R  are happy to pay for quality cleaning help,
                                 and the service era is here to stay.
Residential Cleaning

                              The middle class first experimented with
                       maid services in the 1980’s. Now our services are
                       considered a necessity in today’s market. It’s a fact
                       that the dual family income is needed to provide all
                       the amenities associated with the family of today.
                                                             It is also a fact that women are returning to the
                                                             workplace by choice to secure their positions and
                                                             fulfill their personal goals. These factors keep our
                                                             customer base growing.
                                                                   No one wants to revert to doing his or her own
                                                             cleaning when it is much easier to choose a cleaning
                                                             service that provides quality and consistency. That’s
                                                             why customer satisfaction and peace of mind have
                                                             been built into the unique Maid to Perfection®

                       residenTial CusToMer Mini-proFile
                                                                    Working Couples
                                      Homemakers                     with children
                            Working singles/ no children
                                                                                       Working Couples
                                          Retirees           Heads of household          no children
                                                                with children

                                                      This same profile pertains to each
                                          service you elect to offer, thereby expanding your market
                                                         potential and profit margin!
The Cross-MarkeT serviCe ConCepT
It’s not just the size of the territory you buy, it’s the number of different markets
your business has access to within a territory that leads to profit. As a Maid
to Perfection® owner, you will evaluate each opportunity as it arises and take
one step at a time using our detailed business plan.
        Our cross-market concept limits the risk of your investment. Each market
has a mixture of different services requested by customers. Limiting what your
business can do violates the principle of the “natural zone of expansion”, a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      R
state in which your business needs to fill the demands of the public to be most

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Commercial Cleaning
        Maid to Perfection® has been designed to provide our franchise partners with
the options to access every “cleaning dollar” within a protected territory. The only
requirement in the system is that you provide residential maid service. Everything else is
a growth and profit option. It’s smart business to sell additional service to your own maid
service accounts as well as your competitors’ maid service accounts.

W hy oWn a diversiFied FranChise?
    Residential Cleaning                                                                                               Commercial Cleaning
                                                                                                                                              Commercial Window Cleaning: 30%
                                                                                                                 Commercial Floor Care: 35%

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Light Office Cleaning: 20%
                                                                                                                                                                                Industrial Cleaning: 25%
           Window Cleaning: 60%

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Janitorial Contracting: 15%
                                                    Carpet Cleaning: 50%

                                                                           Maid Service: 20%
                                  Floor Care: 55%

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Federal Government
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Contracting: 10%

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         State Government
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Contracting: 8%

                                                                                   Percentages above reflect industry averages

You can pick and choose from our menu of services to determine what high net-profit
margin services you would like your business to offer. Different services can be offered
based on customer demand. You have that flexibility included in your initial franchise
                             personalized Training
                            Personalized Training continues over the
                            life of your business. You can easily expand
                             your business into any of our “menu of
                         services”, utilizing our knowledge, experience
                          and superior training and support. Any
                           training needed for additional services
                              is offered to you at no charge. You will
                             be able to exchange ideas with fellow
Franchisee Support

                      franchisees who share your same investment

                                                                  Management recaps and salutes the hard work and
                                                                  achievements of every franchisee in the system.

                     High sales achievers are acknowledged during our awards

                                                                  All franchisees vote on Convention location and serious
                                                                  issues that affect their businesses.

                     A top-producing franchisee shares with his fellow franchisees
                     how anyone can gross a million dollars per year.
      Small BuSineSS

Seeking to corner cleaning
 Maid to Perfection
 plots opening
 10 area franchises
             By Ray DozieR
            The Journal record

            national cleaning service chain
            intends to open 10 Oklahoma City
            area franchises this year under a
            strategy to pioneer consolidation of the
$75 billion cleaning service industry.
Maid to Perfection, based in St. Cloud, FL., is
launching an “aggressive campaign
to penetrate every market coast-to-coast,” said
President Michael Katzenberger. Toward that end,
MTP is “stepping up efforts to identify qualified
franchise candidates and area developers across
the country while actively acquiring nationally
recognized service chains.”
With 305 units in its network, MTP
intends to add 100 locations nationally each year.
“The acquisition target need not be a cleaning or
maintenance company. We are pursuing a variety
of service companies with national presence,
including those that spe-cialize in window cleaning,
janitorial ser-vices, carpet cleaning, floor care.
Instead of transforming a maid service by adding
spe-cialty services later, we could have specialty
services first and add maid services later.”
Katzenberger, who founded MTP as Midy Tidy
in 1980, explained that                                                                                                                          File photo
“opening new offices                                 MAID TO PERFECTION: The national cleaning service, with 305 units already, plans to add 100
from scratch in each                                 locations nationally each year. Ten local franchises are expected to open this year.
market is a slow-growth
process. To expedite                                       “For example, an MTP owner intent on          units to be operating in the Oklahoma City
growth, we will acquire                                 adding $250,000 or $300,000 in annual sales      area within the next six months - opening
existing competitors and                                might acquire a local service company of that    new units by franchisee, investor or purchas-
inte-grate them into the                                size at the same cost of building sales annu-    ing an existing business.
MTP system. Augment-                                    ally.”                                              Start-up costs for an exclusive franchise
ing that expansion, we                                     He noted that MTP’s consolidation pro-        territory range from $48,000 to $55,000.
foresee franchisees buy-                                gram is designed to supplement, not replace,     Financing is available through MTP at 9.25
ing out local enterprises                               franchise expansion efforts. “We continue to     percent interest for 48 months. Franchisees,
to get a quick growth          Michael Katzenberger     seek out the best qualified franchise candi-     both existing and new, can receive a 50 per-
spurt.                                                  dates interested in a low-cost, ground-floor     cent discount on franchisee fees for every
                                                        opportunity,” Katzenberger said.
                                                           Katzenberger’s plans call for at least five   CONTINUED ON PAGE 8
Seeking to corner cleaning                                                     conTinued From page 1

other contiguous franchise territory purchased.        and, according to Katzenberger, MTP’s marketing
    The competitive advantages of offering             is unparalleled in the industry;
and cross-marketing residential maid service               “Even a brand new franchise, fresh from
and commercial cleaning services have helped           training, will score a 90 percent closing rate
boost systemwide revenues to an estimated $80          on customer leads just using our marketing
million in 2007 from $8 million in 1998. Maid to       system,” he claims. “It’s an area that we stress
Perfection is the only franchised maid service that    to franchisees and their office managers in our
also provides carpet cleaning, window cleaning,        classroom and field training.”
hardwood floor waxing and polishing, as well as            Training consists of a full week of intensive
office cleaning and post-construction cleaning.        classroom instruction by the corporate staff and
        While not the largest in its sector, MTP,      another week of on-sight coaching by experienced
which began franchising in 1990, received a No. 1      field coordinators. In addition to comprehensive
ranking in franchisee satisfaction and support by      training for all partners and the office manager,
Success magazine in April.                             MTP provides six weeks of pre-opening
    “That’s the focus of our operation,”               assistance, operations manuals, marketing
Katzenberger said. “We’ve built an infrastructure      materials, training films and continued support
to maintain top-level satisfaction and support         - in everything from setting up an office to hiring
because, over the long haul, what benefits our         cleaning crews to keeping records and marketing
franchisees contributes to our success. We’re not      services.
just here to sell units and leap franchise fees. Our       Franchisees consist of a cross-section of society;
goal is to build a solid nationwide system that        ranging from doctors to sales professionals,
ultimately impels growth and revenues for our          military to displaced managers.
franchisees.”                                              “Most have done extensive research before
    The core of the system is the unique way of        deciding on a Maid to Perfection franchise,” said
high-quality services that Maid to Perfection          Gloria Goldstraw, executive vice president and
franchisees are able to provide residential and        co-founder of MTP. “They come to us after having
commercial customers.                                  thoroughly studied other types of franchises,
    “It’s virtually impossible for any other           evaluated the competition, and investigated the
operation to compete with our multitude of             markets. Their decisions are well-founded.”
services,” Katzenberger said. “Other franchised            The average MTP franchisee owns and operates
maid services don’t have the infrastructure to         three units. Offices require 400 to 500 square feet
support a broader operation. Besides, they would       of space. Once franchises are operating, MTP
be hard-pressed now to admit they’ve been wrong        helps them expand by reducing the franchise fee
all these years; their franchises would sue.”          on their second franchise.
    Asserting “there is no formidable competitor           “We give them a 50 percent discount on the
offering the same full menu of services, not to        franchise fee on every other unit, and we even
mention the level of quality” he noted, “we will       provide 100 percent financing,” Goldstraw
remain ahead of the game well into the next            noted.
millennium, recessions notwithstanding.”                   Maid to Perfection franchisees, who pay
    The company came out of the last recession         a royalty fee of 7 percent on gross sales up to
unscathed. “In fact, the economic downturn had         $500,000 and 5 percent in sales in excess of
positive effects on our business,” Katzenberger        $500,000, serve a growing segment of home
recalled. “There was a rise in two-income              owners and renters — those with combined
households, which created greater demand for           income of $75,000 with both husband and wife
professional housecleaning services. At the same       working. Services include light housekeeping,
time, corporate downsizing created a larger pool       such a scrubbing floors, dusting, vacuuming,
of labor from which we could draw. At this point,      washing walls, windows, cleaning carpets, and
both the residential and commercial cleaning           waxing/buffing hardwood floors.
sectors of our business are booming, as well               They also contract commercial cleaning services
as those cross-market services our franchisees         for office buildings and suites. Franchisees pay
provide.                                               no advertising fee.
    “Whatever the national economy brings, we              Katzenberger proudly points to the fact that
anticipate achieving healthy revenue growth in         MTP has no debts and has never been involved
the future, with systemwide income expected to         in litigation.
top sales projections. And being primarily a cash          “We are fully prepared, at all levels, to fully
business, higher interest rates have little impact     compete with Fortune 500 companies as we
on overall revenues.”                                  spearhead growth and consolidation in the
    But marketing programs do impact revenues          services industry,” he declared.

“Many of the franchised businesses that I looked at required huge investments and little
protection from competition and economic fluctuations. MTP required only a small
investment, while offering virtually unlimited growth in an expanding market.”
BoB PeteRson, NortherN VirgiNia

“Maid to Perfection has made me feel like an individual, not just another number
in the cleaning business. The support and encouragement I have received has been
alan Mastel, Bismarck, North Dakota

“I can say in all honesty that I know I would not be as successful as I am now had I
started up on my own business, without your support.”
PatRicia shank, Volusia couNty, FloriDa

“The main office is always there to help me choose the most effective and prosperous
ideas. There aren’t any trial and error decisions, as they have researched every
linDa haRRoD, olNey, marylaND

“Diversification has made our franchise strong. Our sales figures have shown such a
significant increase each and every month. We have reached a level that we feel would
have been unobtainable had we chosen another franchised company.”
Ron wesley, york couNty, peNNsylVaNia

“If somebody would have told me that I could make $44,000 in one week in a
cleaning business, I never would have believed them. But it happened in August
2008. The funny thing is that I made most of the money from commercial accounts
in the slowest time of the year for maid service. Who would have known?”
owen Reeves, champaigN, illiNois

   We don’t claim we’re the best, our franchisees do!
RankeD a toP FRanchise oPPoRtunity in MajoR PuBlications

                         RankeD in EntrEprEnEur
                         FRanchise 500
                         (cuRRent Rank: 158)
                         1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001,
                         2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,

                         toP 150 low-cost FRanchises
                         (latest Rank: 79)
                         2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

                         toP 200 GloBal FRanchises
                         (cuRRent Rank: 125)
                         2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
US demand to exceed $67
billion in 2013
US demand for commercial and
residential cleaning services
is forecast to reach $67 billion
in 2013. Within the residential
cleaning service market, the
trend toward hiring professional
cleaning services (particularly for
interior cleaning and swimming
pool cleaning) will continue to
foster growth, although advances
will decelerate over the short
term, reflecting weaker gains in
disposable personal income, which
in turn will moderate growth
prospects somewhat. Major
growth drivers include increases         markets, where cleanliness is          and industrial sectors.
in the number of dual-income             critical, increased outsourcing        US cleaning service firms to
households and the aging of the          of certain cleaning functions          number 680,000 by 2013
“baby-boomer” generation.                will improve profitability             The total number of cleaning
                                         in a challenging regulatory            service establishments in the US
Outsourcing to support                   environment.                           is projected to increase to more
nonresidential market                                                           than 680,000 by 2013, with total
In nonresidential markets, demand        Interior building cleaning             employment approaching 1.7
growth is driven by the ability of       services to remain dominant            million. The majority of these
outsourcing cleaning functions           Interior building cleaning services,   companies will compete in the
to reduce overall costs and              which accounted for nearly three-      interior cleaning service segment
therefore improve profitability,         fourths of total cleaning services     of the industry, which now includes
particularly in the office, industrial   revenues in 2008, will remain          more than 500,000 establishments.
and commercial sectors. In the           dominant going forward. Gains will
significant institutional sector,        derive primarily from expanding
cost-cutting is essential to meeting     use of outside cleaning services
budgetary restrictions, especially       in institutional and residential
in educational, government and           markets, with more moderate
correctional sectors. In medical         growth in the commercial, office

                  For complete details on any study visit
 Up and comers really are upwardly mobile

       n describing the Up       In keeping with the dy-      of last year’s Up & Com-      chise companies on the
       & Comers last year,    namic nature of the Up &        er revenue, though they       ranking as they rang up
       we joked that since    Comers, this year we wel-       operate just 13 percent       nearly a half-billion in
       more than half had     come 24 new franchise           of total units. The quick     sales last year. And the
actually lost ground on       companies to the rank-          service sector contributed    variety of retail businesses
the ranking from the year     ing.                            most to the $3.2 billion in   selling all variety of con-
prior, “up” was perhaps an      In 2006, these 100 fran-      restaurant sales, but fast    sumer products contrib-
inappropriate choice of       chise systems combined          casual concepts are com-      uted over $1.5 billion in
terms. Would “Down &          to generate $11.1 billion       ing on strong.                sales to the mix.
Outers” have been better?     in sales across 31,700             Companies catering to
Hardly.                       company and franchised          the country’s love of the     — Paul Olson
    While these compa-        units around the world,         automobile combined for
nies are a far cry from the   both figures slightly less      nearly $1 billion in rev-
McDonald’s of the world,      under last year’s total. This   enue at over 1,600 units
who isn’t? And the claim      is a heavily franchised lot     providing car sales, main-
of being one of the larg-     with 96 percent of these        tenance and glass repair.
est 300 franchise systems     units operated by fran-         Franchise systems cater-
in the country, given the     chisees, far more concen-       ing to homeowners —
explosive growth of the       trated than the Top 200         covering everything from
industry, should be made      systems. The Up & Com-          lawns, siding and painting
with pride.                   ers operate 87 percent of       on the exterior to plumb-
     This year’s esteemed     all locations here in the       ing, basements and closet
group of Up & Comers          United States.                  designs on the interior —
does our descriptor proud,      Relative to the Top 200,      generated over $1 billion
with over half securing a     these 100 companies draw        in sales last year at over
higher ranking than last      far more evenly from the        2500 almost-exclusively
year, each making positive    various industry sectors,       franchised units.
headway in their efforts to   though restaurants still           The record numbers of
follow eight of last year’s   dominate here, too. The         cruise ship travelers in
Up & Comer brethren to        28 restaurant companies         2006 certainly helped the
the big list.                 accounted for 28 percent        three cruise travel fran-

      Prior                                                 Worldwide Domestic                             Percent
 Rank Rank CHAIN            PARENT COMPANY                   Sales*    Units                 Total Units Franchised
 260 269 Maid to Perfection Maid to Perfection Global, Inc.    89       275                     298         100%
a tRack RecoRD oF FRanchisee satisFaction

     Find ouT WHicH
  FrancHiSeS HaVe THe                SPONSORED BY DISCOVER/NOVUS
    moST To oFFer,                   THE TOP TEN
   and Learn HoW To                  The following companies had the highest scores in the
                                     Franchisee Satisfaction Survey:
   geT THe moST ouT                    1   Maid to Perfection/Wild Birds Unlimited
                                       2   Dr. Vinyl
  oF Your FrancHiSor                   3   American Leak Detection
                                       4   McDonald’s
                                       5   Miracle Auto Painting & Body Repair
                                       6   Padgett Business Services
  EDITED BY ELAINE POFELDT             7   Fastsigns
  RESEARCH ASSISTANTS: TARA BROWN,     9   Realty Executives
         MICHAEL CARONNA              10   Golden Corral Steaks, Buffet, and Bakery

                                                                           Success, April 1999
MaiD to PeRFection® - a PRoFessional’s Business
the nation’s leaDinG DiveRsiFieD MaiD seRvice anD coMMeRcial cleaninG FRanchise
     with the coMPetitive eDGe – anD theRe is no one who can catch us!!!
Let’s clarify a few things about Maid to Perfection. I’d have to be a         cross-market our maid service, as a courtesy to them, but we would
pretty good salesperson to convince you to leave a $100,000 job to be a       price carpet cleaning or hardwood floor polishing. The competitor
maid or janitor. Your major in college wasn’t cleaning. No franchisee         gets a commission and keeps the account. Maid to Perfection gets
in our system ever expected to run a cleaning business, let alone pay         the high net profit margin business, and the customer gets a high
money for one. That’s not at all what we’re about. We train franchisees       quality service without having to shop. Everybody wins. However,
to operate a sophisticated sales organization that provides service in        if the same client calls from an advertisement we placed - uh oh!
high demand. We offer a menu of services to incorporate into your             The client gets windows cleaned, prices on carpet and floor care
                                      Business Plan. We provide an            and discounts on maid service. Hey, our window cleaner gets the
                                      environment to grow a business          competitors commission. And customer service… Our competitors’
                                      concept through the “natural            clients love us!
                                      zone of expansion”. We provide
                                      the support needed to enter new         I originally purchased a Maid to Perfection
                                      markets that would take years           franchise so I could build an income that
                                      to learn. We offer achievement          would permit me to retire from my job with
                                      on a streamlined learning curve.        Fedex. My girlfriend offered to operate
                                      Some companies state you should         the business until it could be built up large
                                      only offer one service. Maid to         enough so the income would be comparable
                                      Perfection doesn’t understand           to what I currently had. After 3 years of
                                      that concept at all. We live in a       continuous growth, I realized that the larger
                                      world that constantly changes,          the company got, the less they needed
                                      and your business needs to be           me. I am still working for Fedex and my
                                      diversified to adapt. As the            business is on its way to a million a year in sales. My girlfriend runs
                                      economy changes, so does Maid           the entire operation and I assist in my spare time. Maid to Perfection
to Perfection’s service mix. Doing the same thing day after day is            has designed the operation and business plan to be so precise that it
boring, and that’s what you’re doing now!” There’s no excitement              grows as long as you follow the directions. The operations manual
when you act and feel like a robot. There’s more to living.                   gives you step-by-step directions on almost every facet of the cleaning
                                                                              industry. Looking back, I couldn’t have made a better choice. My
The real kicker is the sophistication of the customer. They know what         business has exceeded my expectations and Maid to Perfection has
they want, how long it takes and what it costs. Hearing the word “NO”         helped me become financially independent.
is aggravating and causes them to waste time finding a company that
can say, “YES”. We have a 90% closing rate on residential estimates           I retired from a corporate position with a
consistently throughout our entire system, just based on understanding        Fortune 500 company. I managed divisions
that concept. We offer each customer a menu of services to select from.       of workers throughout the years. I was
We offer choices to make their life easier. In the worst case scenario,       never really that happy with my job, but
if a client can only afford or only wants maid service, it’s still clear to   like most, I needed the paycheck. My wife
them that Maid to Perfection offers future value if they change their         and I investigated hundreds of businesses.
mind, and at discounted prices. Our concept sells because it meets            We both decided that a maid business had
the needs of each individual customer. Our franchise sells because it         the most upside potential based on a low
meets the needs of you, the individual owner.                                 investment, and there was high consumer
                                                                              demand. After endless comparisons to other
When you come to training we assume you don’t know how to run a               maid service franchises, we bought a Maid to Perfection Franchise.
business and know nothing about the cleaning industry. When you
leave training, you will have more technical knowledge about different        The business took off right from the start. We hit our breakeven point
services than the competitors in your area. This is because we offer          in less than six weeks. The amount of money that can be made in this
more. It is not uncommon for our window cleaner to come out of a              industry never ceases to amaze me. Place an ad, answer the phone,
competitor’s maid service account. Check this out - if another maid           train the maid, make money. At present we are focused on multi-unit
service refers their client to us for window cleaning, we agree not to        development. I love this business.

                                   Dave Tindall, owner of Maid
                                                                                                          For more information
                                   to Perfection of Richmond,                                             Call 1-800-648-MAID
                                   is well on his way to making
                                   $1 million per year... in only
                                   his third year of business!
                                                                                                     Maid to Perfection ®
                                                                                                     We don’t claim we’re the best,
                                                                                                         our customers do!®
Maid To perFeCTion® ConvenTions
Network                 Chicago
with fellow


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                                       ... and see the
     Our franchisees vote on our Convention locations...
             Where would you like to go next?
     MosT CoMMonly asked QuesTions abouT
     The Maid to Perfection® FranChise sysTeM
W ho is Maid To perFeCTion®?
We are a St. Cloud, Florida based Franchisor of residential and commercial cleaning services. Our “cross-
market concept,” involving residential maid service and commercial cleaning, gives franchisees access to
every cleaning service dollar in a protected territory.

aM i Charged a naTional adverTising Fee in addiTion To royalTies?
NO! Your area may not benefit directly from national advertising. With our assistance, you can custom
design your own marketing plan and spend those advertising dollars where you feel best.

W haT does The FranChise Fee Cover?
This fee covers an exclusive territory with all the rights necessary to operate a business under an established
trade name. It also includes headquarters training for you, any partners, and an office manager; operations
manuals; and training films.

Will My TerriTory be exClusive?
Yes. No other Maid to Perfection® franchise is permitted to conduct business in your territory without
your permission. If accounts are currently being serviced in your territory, they must be turned over to you
upon request.

do i need an oFFiCe?
Yes. You will manage both residential and commercial accounts. The projected size of your business, the
number of employees and the amount of equipment and chemical supplies all support the need for an outside
business office. In addition, zoning requirements in many areas prohibit operation of business from your
home (your neighbors may too.) This is not a major expense, but it is necessary.

W haT is The royalTy?
The royalty is 7% of gross sales to $500,000 and 5% on sales in excess of $500,000. The royalty provides you
with ongoing assistance and support in all areas of running a business and performing both residential and
commercial cleaning services, as well as specialized cleaning services. Royalties on commercial contracts
range from 4% to 7%.

aM i reQuired To buy or lease speCial vehiCles?
No vehicle purchases or leases are required to operate your business. We recommend keeping fixed costs
as low as possible.

W haT is The operaTions Manual?
This detailed manual, with over 1,000 pages, provides instruction in policies, procedures and operational
issues necessary to build a successful full-scale cleaning franchise. It is backed by headquarters training
and ongoing support.
	                                                                                              									page	2
W haT abouT Training?
You will attend a training program at our headquarters office approximately three weeks before you open
for business. This program consists of classroom instruction on how to run a business and how to cost-
effectively manage a maid and janitorial operation. You will be trained to become a sales organization, not
just a cleaning company. Confidence comes from knowing your business and knowing you can succeed.
Our training program provides you with that confidence. We also will provide on-site operational training
when you open your MTP franchise. This training provides detailed insight on estimating and training
both managers and maids. Call us for details.

do i reCeive any assisTanCe prior To Training?
Absolutely! Our six week pre-opening assistance prepares you for training as well as the opening of your

W haT is inCluded in My iniTial invenTory?
The Equipment Package includes everything needed to start two residential teams of two maids. The
Supply Package includes all the chemicals recommended for residential cleaning. With the equipment
and supply packages and at least one employee, you can open for business. The Business Forms Package is
the most comprehensive in our industry, providing you with forms and contracts for both your residential
and commercial clients.

hoW do i obTain eQuipMenT and supplies?
Your initial inventory, as described above, is purchased from MTP. Replacement and additional inventory
can be sourced and purchased from MTP, from local suppliers, or direct from selected national distributors
offering group discounts negotiated by Maid to Perfection®.

hoW long do i reCeive supporT?
Ongoing support is provided to you for the life of your business. Even our competition reports that we have
one of the strongest support systems in the industry. We know we have the strongest, and our franchisees

hoW FasT Can i groW The business?
The “cross-market” concept involving both residential and commercial cleaning will allow you to grow
faster than other cleaning services. Your growth will reflect your commitment to the MTP System and
your personal effort, ability, and aggressiveness.

is iT neCessary To MeeT WiTh you in person?
Absolutely. You will be entering into a team relationship where you must feel comfortable and confident
that you have made the best business decision for you. This also helps us in our selection process of the
best possible candidates for Maid to Perfection®.

    For more detailed answers, fill out and return the enclosed Franchise	Application	and	Tour	Request
               forms, or call us at 1-800-648-6243 Weekdays 9am - 4:30pm Eastern Time.
  Maid to Perfection® ranks among the 50 Top Franchises for Minorities

                  FRANCHISING TODAY
                   November 7, 2008

NMFI Selects 50 Top
Franchises for Minorities
    OAKLAND, CA (October 2,             over $60,000 per year. (The               contacted in February to see if
2009) - The National Minority           questionnaire can be found                they wish to participate. There is
Franchising Initiative (NMFI)           here.)                                    no cost to participate; the only
has compiled its third annual                                                     requirement is the submission
list of “50 Top Franchises for            “We are extremely pleased               of the completed questionnaire
Minorities.” The results of           to see that, even in this poor              and the most recent FDD.
this survey were featured in          economy, so many franchisors
the October 2, 2009 issue of          still have an active interest                  The National Minority
USA Today in the Franchising          in attracting more minority                 Franchising Initiative (NMFI)
Today section. A copy of the          franchisees,” said NMFI Co-                 was created in 2000 to level the
article and list can be found         Founder Rob Bond. “Given                    playing field and meet the needs
at          this huge underserved market,               of a largely under-represented
download/2009Top50Article.            there is still a great deal of work         market. The multi-faceted NMFI
pdf.                                  that has to be done to bring                program, which involves the
                                      minorities up to parity with the  
    T h e N M F I s e l e c t e d 5 0 market.”                                    website, the Minority Franchise
franchisors from hundreds of                                                      Guide publication and franchise-
companies requesting evaluation           For a more complete list                related events throughout
for inclusion in the article. There o f f r a n c h i s e s y s t e m s t h a t   the country, represents an
was no cost to participate in the wish to increase their minority                 effective and cost-efficient
survey. The only constraint was representation, please go to                      tool for franchisors to increase
that franchisors had to have in                      minority representation within
excess of 50 operating units. The site lists over 500 companies                   their systems.
Each participating franchisor committed to recruiting and                                    ###
was required to submit its most supporting minorities, as well as
recent Franchise Disclosure resources that are essential to                                 If you have any
D o c u m e n t ( F D D ) a n d t h e the evaluation process.                     questions, please contact Blair
marketing package that is sent to                                                 at (800) 841-0873.
prospective franchisees, as well          The NMFI also publishes
as a completed questionnaire. an annual list of the “Top 25
The questionnaire noted the Franchises for Hispanics” for
number (both absolute and P O D E R m a g a z i n e u s i n g a
as a percentage of the total similar analysis. Next year’s
number) of operating units “ T o p 2 5 ” s u r v e y w i l l b e
owned by minorities, as well conducted in February 2010
as the number of minorities in and the article will be published
senior management that earned in April. Franchisors will be
                          AS OF [MONTH], [YEAR]

                               PREPARED BY:


This Business Plan is a summary version to determine if our franchise opportunity
  meets an individual’s financial needs. The actual Business Plan issued during
   headquarters training is over 80 pages long and contains, charts, graphs and
                             projected sale forecasts.

                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

BUSINESS OVERVIEW.................................................................................................... 3

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE ............................................................................................. 4

THE BUSINESS ................................................................................................................. 4

LOCATION......................................................................................................................... 4

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY................................................................................................. 5

MANAGEMENT................................................................................................................ 5

THE MARKET ................................................................................................................... 5

PERSONNEL...................................................................................................................... 6

THE COMPETITION......................................................................................................... 6

SOURCES AND USES OF FUNDS .................................................................................. 7

ESTIMATED PRO-FORMA INCOME STATEMENT ..................................................... 7

OPERATING PLAN ........................................................................................................... 8

STRATEGIC SALES PLAN .............................................................................................. 8

                        BUSINESS OVERVIEW







              GENERAL PUBLIC


               YELLOW PAGES
               DOOR HANGER PROGRAM
               BUSINESS CONTACTS

               COMMERCIAL CLEANING      15-20%
               RESIDENTIAL              20-25%
               FLOOR MAINTENANCE        35-40%
               SPECIALTY CLEANING       40-45%
               CARPET CLEANING          50-55%
               WINDOW CLEANING          60-65%

                                   STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

                  [NAME]                           is seeking financing of $                         in the
form of          [CASH or FINANCING]              to purchase a Maid to Perfection franchise. The funds
shall be used to purchase appropriate equipment, business forms, and supplies, lease office space, acquire
insurance, and provide necessary working capital. This amount combined with a stockholder/owner loan
of $                       is the amount required to successfully establish a professional cleaning service
in               [CITY]               ,     [STATE]        .

                                            THE BUSINESS

                [NAME]                         will operate a professional residential and commercial cleaning
service. The workers will be bonded, insured and trained to clean in a proven and consistent method.
A residential estimate or commercial contract will be prepared for each cleaning job after an on-site
inspection and/or a complete understanding of the particular customer’s needs and specifications. Office
staff will be retained to insure that all customers are able to reach someone at the company. The franchisor,
Maid to Perfection Global, Inc. will provide on going assistance in training, start-up, sales and marketing
and operating procedures.

Over 95% of all new franchise businesses are successful during the first five years of operation according
to a Commerce Department study. The same study noted that less than 10% of non-franchised new
businesses are still operating after the initial five year period. We believe that purchasing a franchise
insures the highest possibility of success for our business.


Preliminary evaluation of suitable sites to locate the Maid to Perfection franchise has been completed.
The most promising facilities are office/warehouse space located in the                                area
of           [CITY]              . This location is especially convenient for access to workers, customers,
and primary highways. The office/warehouse combination fits the requirements of a cleaning business
better than most other types of space and also tends to be very cost effective.

Lease costs will be approximately $                          per month with 1-2 months deposit required.

                                     EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Maid to Perfection of                                      opened for business in     [YEAR] . We are
forecasting combined sales of residential cleaning services, specialty cleaning services, and commercial
cleaning services to exceed $                   in calendar year              and to exceed an annual rate
of $                  by the end of our fifth year of business. These sales will be the result of aggressive
growth plans involving high levels of reinvestment over the five-year period.

The hallmarks of our business will be uniform standards and superior service. Our customers will come
to depend on our integrity as the basis for every interaction with the company. Our workers will be treated
as professionals and recognized as the major asset in our business.

Our business plan will be reviewed and updated annually.


Extensive managerial training and assistance will be available from the franchisor in the areas of advertising,
hiring, training, pricing, accounting, scheduling and sales. This support is provided by initial training at
the corporate office in St. Cloud, Florida. Also provided is On Site Office Set Up provided by corporate
staff for a minimum of seven days. Thereafter ongoing corporate support is available daily. Support also
comes from Regional Developers (if available in your area), a National Convention and Seminar Program,
monthly newsletters and support from other franchisees.

The On Site Office Set Up shall include customized training that will:

                                            THE MARKET

The largest residential market will be two career families with household incomes of $75,000 and up.
Customers will be attracted through hand delivered door hangers, local newspaper inserts, mass mailings,
yellow page ads, the internet and referrals from satisfied customers. There are over           qualified
households in the area that makes up this franchise territory.

The commercial market will vary as we define our product mix based on our size and growth. Immediate
markets are small offices, real estate agents, apartment management companies and property managers.
Longer term markets include federal, state and local governments and large companies. The franchisor will
provide extensive assistance and bid preparation in this area.

Statistics for 2007 show an overall annual growth in sales of 20% for Maid to Perfection franchises
nationwide. Presently there are over 305 franchises in 22 states and 2 countries.


Workers hired for residential cleaning will be mature, bondable women and men who own a dependable
automobile. Cleaning personnel will be trained at the office using video taped presentations prepared
by Maid to Perfection. If inexperienced, they will also clean “training facilities” before being sent to
customers’ homes. The basic work unit will include one or two individuals. Based on Maid to Perfection’s
franchise information, the average maid or worker will earn $12.00-$14.00 per hour, depending on their
schedule and efficiency.

Commercial cleaning workers will generally be experienced. However, a commercial video tape training
library is available if necessary. The number of workers will vary based on contract requirements. The
average commercial cleaning worker will earn $8.00-$9.00 per hour.

                                      THE COMPETITION

Competition in the residential cleaning market is made up of two different types of services. The most
plentiful is the independent individual who cleans a few homes locally. The other form of competition is
organized professional cleaning companies. Competition is weak. A recent survey of residential cleaning
services revealed limited penetration of the market and a poor performance in responding to prospective

Competition in the commercial cleaning market is made up primarily of professional janitorial companies
and local independents. Both tend to focus on evening and night markets. Since we are not dependent
solely on commercial cleaning we can be selective, competing only for larger, higher profit contracts.
Daytime commercial is available with minimum competition.

                               SOURCES AND USE OF FUNDS


       Personal Funds                                              $ _________________
       Line of Credit                                                _________________
              TOTAL                                                $

Start-up Expenses:

       Franchise Fee                                               $ _________________
       Initial Advertising Package                                   _________________
       Equipment Package                                             _________________
       Supply Package                                                _________________
       Business Form Package                                         _________________
       Computer Scheduling Software Package                          _________________
       On Site Office Set Up                                         _________________
       Payroll & P/R Expenses (3 months)                             _________________
       Lease Deposits                                                _________________
       Lease Payments (3 months)                                     _________________
       Phone Deposits                                                _________________
       Telephone & Fax Machine                                       _________________
       Copier                                                        _________________
       Headquarter Training Travel                                   _________________
       Insurance                                                     _________________
       Office Furniture                                              _________________
       Office Supplies                                               _________________
       Computer Equipment                                            _________________
       TV/VCR/DVD                                                    _________________
       Washer and Dryer                                              _________________
       Cabinets/Shelving                                             _________________
       Refrigerator/Microwave                                        _________________
       Ongoing Advertising (3 months)                                _________________
       Working Capital                                               _________________

              TOTAL                                                $


   (If you are a candidate, the pro forma information will be provided to the bank by the Franchisor.)

                                         OPERATING PLAN

                                      (12-18 MONTHS MAXIMUM)


         •   Marketing program for residential
         •   Marketing program for commercial
         •   Schedule for employment advertising
         •   Operating budget
         •   Personal development program


         •   Residential estimates less than 5 per week
         •   Residential sales closed less than 80%
         •   No full time workers
         •   No applicants calling
         •   Less than 5,000 door hangers delivered per month
         •   More than 4 accounts closed per month
         •   Cleaning labor over 45% of gross sales
         •   No office help/answering machine used during business hours
         •   Commercial cleaning less than 20% after first year
         •   Receivables over 60 days

                                    STRATEGIC SALES PLAN

OBJECTIVE: $_______________ in gross sales by the end of the fifth year.


                                  Year 1        Year 2        Year 3        Year 4    Year 5
Residential Cleaning:            $______       $______       $______       $______   $______
Floor Maintenance:                ______        ______        ______        ______    ______
Specialty Cleaning:               ______        ______        ______        ______    ______
Carpet Cleaning Sales:            ______        ______        ______        ______    ______
Window Cleaning:                  ______        ______        ______        ______    ______
Commercial Cleaning:              ______        ______        ______        ______    ______

Total:                           $ ______       ______        ______        ______    ______
                                                      Maid to Perfection®
                                                           3111 Innovation Drive
                                                          St. Cloud, Florida 34769
                                                            FAX (407) 498-3065

                                         YOUR NEXT STEPS

1.   Review the enclosed materials.

2.   Contact us at 1-800-648-6243 if you have immediate questions.

3.   Consult with your spouse or partner, if applicable, and decide whether you can make the financial and
     mental commitment this opportunity deserves.

4.   If you are interested in proceeding, fill out and send in the enclosed Franchise Application and
     Tour Request in the envelope provided for you. For your convenience, you may go to www. and to submit the Franchise Application and Tour
     Request forms electronically.

     Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted. A mutually agreeable day will then be
     set up for you to visit with us, meet corporate officers and get acquainted with our unique system. At
     our meeting, you will also receive our Franchise Disclosure Document. This document is required
     by law to be given to you at our first face-to-face meeting and includes our background credentials,
     financial statements and a copy of our Franchise Agreement.

5.   Please understand that your initial visit to our Corporate Headquarters in St. Cloud, Florida, is strictly
     for the purpose of getting to know each other and a commitment by either party is not required at this
                                                          Maid to Perfection®
                                                               3111 Innovation Drive
                                                              St. Cloud, Florida 34769
                                                                FAX (407) 498-3065

                                                            TOUR REQUEST
                                    For your convenience, you may go to
                                                       to submit the Tour Request form electronically.

From: _________________________________ Date: ____________

Address:        _________________________________


E-Mail:         _________________________________

Phone:          _________________________________

TO:      Maid to Perfection®
         3111 Innovation Drive
         St. Cloud, Florida 34769

         I hereby submit my Franchise Application for consideration as a Maid to Perfection® Franchisee.

        I understand that upon receipt and favorable review of my Franchise Application, and scheduling
availability, I will be invited to visit with corporate officers of Maid to Perfection® in St. Cloud, Florida.
The purpose of this visit is to verify information received by Maid to Perfection® marketing representatives
and to provide full business disclosure. It is further understood that I will receive complete indoctrination on
a Maid to Perfection® business with methods and procedures to implement and sustain a successful Maid to
Perfection® franchise.

        It is understood that Maid to Perfection® reserves the right to reject any application and/or applicant
if the candidate does not meet the qualification requirements. I agree not to disclose information released
to me during this visit and to protect the confidentiality with respect to the Maid to Perfection® franchise

REQUESTED VISIT DATES:                   (1) _______________________ TIME _________

                                         (2) _______________________ TIME _________

                                                                         FRANCHISE CANDIDATE
take youR FiRst steP towaRDs
   Financial inDePenDence      Please complete this
                               application and forward the
                               original to:

                               3111 Innovation Drive
                               St. Cloud, FL 34769


  BuilD a Financial eMPiRe!

        Maid to Perfection                             ®
                                FRANCHISE APPLICATION
                                Fax to 407-498-3065 or E-mail to
 NAME (FIRST, MIDDLE INITIAL, LAST)                                STREET ADDRESS

 CITY, STATE, COUNTRY, ZIP                                         HOME PHONE NUMBER
                                                                   (    )
 E-MAIL ADDRESS                                                    FAX NUMBER


                                                 BUSINESS BACKGROUND
 CURRENT OCCUPATION/TITLE                                                   LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT                 SELF EMPLOYED
                                                                                                                YES        NO
 NAME OF COMPANY                                                            BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER




              PERSONAL REFERENCES                                              PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES
 NAME                             PHONE NUMBER                      NAME                             PHONE NUMBER

                                  (     )                                                            (    )
                                  (     )                                                            (    )
                                  (     )                                                            (    )
                                                 FINANCIAL REFERENCES

 CONTACT / TITLE                                                    PHONE NUMBER

                                                                    (   )

 CONTACT / TITLE                                                    PHONE NUMBER

                                                ( )
              CITY                    ZIP CODE        STATE                   COUNTY                            COUNTRY

The undersigned hereby authorizes Maid to Perfection Global, Inc., to obtain and exchange credit data; warrants that all information
contained in this application is true and accurate and agrees to notify Maid to Perfection Global, Inc., of any material change in this
information during the processing of this application.
 Signature                                                                                      Date Signed
                                                               CREDIT INFORMATION
                           PERSONAL                                                                                BUSINESS
Please fill in the below information or attach a copy of your cur-                     Please fill in the below information or attach a copy of your cur-
rent personal monthly checking and savings account statements                          rent business monthly checking and savings account statements

CONTACT PERSON                            PHONE NUMBER                                 CONTACT PERSON                             PHONE NUMBER

ADDRESS                                                                                ADDRESS

CITY, STATE, COUNTRY, ZIP                                                              CITY, STATE, COUNTRY, ZIP

CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER                                                                CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER

SAVINGS ACCOUNT NUMBER                                                                 SAVINGS ACCOUNT NUMBER

                                                     BUSINESS ENTITY INFORMATION
PLEASE INDICATE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING                                                   If this is an existing business, will the business
                                                                                       be guarantying the debt to Maid to Perfection,         Yes           No
 Existing entity             New entity to be formed                                 Corp. in addition to personal guarantees?
 Sole Proprietorship                Partnership             Limited Partnership                 Limited Liability Company                    Corporation
Name of Business Entity:

Amount of Initial Working Capital available: $                                          Personal        OR       Existing business assets
STATE OR COUNTRY OF FORMATION                                                          DATE OF LEGAL EXISTENCE


NAME OF OWNER(S), PARTNER(S) OR MEMBER(S) (include Title)                                                             PERCENTAGE OF OWNERSHIP
BANK/FINANCE COMPANY                                     CONTACT/TITLE/PHONE NUMBER                                   AMOUNT
By signing below, I warrant that all of the information submitted in connection with this Application, including any financial statements attached to this Application,
are true and accurate as of the date below; and, I agree to notify Maid to Perfection Global, Inc., of any material change in my personal, business, or financial status
while this Application is processing. I understand that this Application does not constitute an offer by Maid to Perfection Global, Inc., to sell a franchise and that this
information is being provided to Maid to Perfection Global, Inc., solely for the purpose of evaluating my personal, professional and financial qualifications. I consent
to and acknowledge that in addition to any information provided by me, Maid to Perfection Global, Inc., may obtain and exchange background information relating to
my personal and business records, including but not limited to my credit, tax information, litigation, property, corporate, criminal and driving records. I consent to and
acknowledge that the information provided with this Application may be used to qualify me for new or existing franchises available.
SIGNATURE                                                                                                             DATE SIGNED

Owning a Maid to Perfection® franchise gives you peace of mind assurance!

        Maid to Perfection                                  ®
                        Corporate Headquarters
           1-800-648-6243 - United States and Canada
           1-888-803-6243 - International

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