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									MARKET CHARGES Bye –laws No. 49 of Agricultural produce Marketing Committee, Narela Market service fee an incidental service fee -1 No, functionaries shall charge, in any transaction an amount more than the maximum amount thereafter provided for his services actually rendered: Charges Payable by seller 1 1. (a) Unloading per bag of food grains, paddy, Taramira etc (b) Loose corn of food grains etc. (c) Unloading of per Katta or equivalent quantity of open Gur, Shakkar and khandsari etc. 2. Jharai per bag. 3. Charahi. (a) Charahi per bag of food grain (b) Charahi of Gur, Shakkar per Katta. 4. Girai (a) Girai per bag ) (b) Gorai of Gur, Shakkar etc.Katta. ) Amount Payable by Purchaser: 5. (a)Weighing of food grains per bag. (b) Weighing of Gur, Shakkar etc.per bag. 6. (a) Commission (Dani) of all kinds of Commodities. (b) Commission (Dani) Chillis. (c) Ahrat of all commodities (d) Filling and sewing per bag or Katta. Dhuwai (a) Dhuwai per bag of foodgrains, cotton seed, Khal, Churi etc. (b) Dhuwai of Gur, Shakkar etc.per Katta. (c) Dhuwai of Chhilka. (d) Dhuwai of Khanda. Takai. (a) Takai of food grains, Gur, Shakkar etc.. Per Bag. (b) Takai of Chilka per bag. (c) Takai of Khanda per bag. Paise Per Qtl. 2 13 05 08 00.12 00.04 00.03


00.13 00.08 Rs.1.50Paise Rs.2.50Paise Rs.1.00 Paise Rs.00.13 Paise Rs.00.20 Paise Rs. 00.12 Paise Rs. 00.10 Paise Rs. 00.15 Paise


Rs.00.15 Paise Rs.00.08 Paise Rs.00.10 Paise

8. 9.

Rulai per bag. Loading of all commodities per bag.

Rs.00.07 Paise Rs.00.13 Paise

Note:-1.Unloading from trucks and then weighing or to make in lots from one shop to another. Note:-2.Removing bag from one Phar to another and keeping them.

00.02 Paise except than specified below. 00.02 Paise except than specified below.

2. No charges shall be leviable in the market if not provided in these by-laws.

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