Application for a Section on the YALSA Wiki by huangyuerongp4


									Application for a Section on the YALSA Wikis

Committee & Taskforce Chairs, Discussion & Interest Group Conveners and YALSA members are invited to apply for space on the YALSA wiki. Please read the accompanying wiki guidelines for more information. 1) Please choose one: _______ I would like space on the public YALSA Wiki in order to promote the work of my group to the general public. _______ I would like work space on the For Members Only YALSA Wiki for my member group. (if you want space on both wikis, please fill out a separate form for each) 2) Name: ______________________________________________________ 3) Affiliation (Library/School/etc.: ___________________________________ 4) Phone #: _________________________________ 5) Are you a YALSA Member? Yes 4) Email: ____________________________________


6) Are you a YALSA Committee or Taskforce Chair or Discussion or Interest Group Convener? Yes No 6a) If yes, of which committee, taskforce, discussion group or interest group are you chair/convener? _________________________________________ 6b) When will your term as chair end? _________________________________________ 7) What focus will your YALSA wiki section have? (Select one as the primary focus)  Committee Work Media Youth Participation  Other (Please explain) 8) Write a short synopsis of the wiki section content you are proposing:  Youth Development  Technology  Professional Development  Books/Teen Reading  Programming  Research

10) List the name and contact information for the one person who will be responsible for oversight and maintenance of the wiki section content. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Please submit this completed form via email to the YALSA Web Site Advisory Committee – Your form will be reviewed by the Committee and a decision will be made by them in a timely manner. You will be notified via email of their decision. If you have any questions, please contact the YALSA Office at or 1.800.545.2433 x4390.

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