40-Hour Salesperson Pre-Licensing

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					40-Hour                                                                                                April 14-16, 21-23,
Salesperson                                                                                                29 & 30, 2008
Pre-Licensing                                                                                         5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
                                                                                                          VAR Classroom
                                                                                                     Montpelier, Vermont

What You’ll Learn                                                                                       QUALIFICATIONS
    Our 40-hour salesperson pre-licensing course prepares you to take the
 State of Vermont’s two-part real estate licensing exam, which consists of a
                                                                                                        About the Instructor
 standard real estate portion and a Vermont law portion.                                                   Andy Langevin is a training
    Using Modern Real Estate Practice, 17th Edition (this text is included in your                        consultant with over 20 years
 tuition and will be provided to you on the first day of class), Andy provides                            of diversified experience in
 a thorough overview of what you need to know to pass the exam. His                                       higher education, the military,
 teaching style incorporates a variety of techniques to ensure that you know                              manufacturing, construction and
 the material before taking the exam.                                                                     transportation. He is nationally
    This course is up for renewal and has not yet been re-approved by the                                 recognized as a Certified Master
 Vermont Real Estate Commission.                                                                          Trainer with the National Center
                                                                                                          for Construction Education and
                                                                                                          Research, and maintains his
                                                                                                          international certification as
                                                                                                          a facilitator with the National
                                            This was the best course I have                               Center for Strategic Management.
                                            ever taken. Andy kept it light,                               Andy has also served as an
                                            was very amusing, is extremely                                adjunct instructor for several
How much?                                   knowledgable and delivered the
                                            info in a way I really got!
                                                                                                          local colleges, instructing
                                                                                                          in both the Business and
                                                                                                          Communications departments.
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        $425       per person
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   Our pre-licensing courses are part of
   VSAC’s non-degree grant program.
   You may be eligible for financial aid.
   Call VSAC at 800.642.3177 or ask us              Signature                                                                          Date
   for an application today!

                                            Mail check payments with completed registration form to:
                            Donna Maxam,Vermont Association of REALTORS®, 148 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602
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