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$9.99 Director: Tatia Rosenthal Cast: Geoffrey Rush, Anthony LaPaglia, Samuel Johnson Israel-Australia, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 78' English; Turkish s.t. "Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life? Why do we exist? The answers are in this small yet amazing booklet! And for a mere $9.99!" This is the ad that alters the life of the unemployed Dave who still lives with his father. When his questions are answered, he wants to share everything he knows, so his surreal path crosses with his unusual neighbours: an old man and his disgruntled guardian angel, a magician in debt, a little boy who sets his piggy bank free… This superb comedy about the post-modern meaning of life and happiness is a stop-motion animation film based on the short stories of Etgar Keret, who had co-directed Jellyfish in 2007 Yeni Ruya:15 We. 16.00 Atlas:16 Th. 21.30 Rexx:18 Sa. 13.30 10 TO 11 ** 11'E 10 KALA Director: Pelin Esmer Cast: Nejat İşler, Mithat Esmer, Tayanç Ayaydın Türkiye-Fransa-Almanya, 2009 HDCAM / Colour / 100' The fiction feature debut of Pelin Esmer who won many awards with her documentary The Play, 10 to 11 is the story of a passionate collector Mithat and the concierge of the building, Ali. For Mithat Istanbul is as vast as his collections and for Ali is nothing more than a few blocks around the building. When the neighbors decide to have the building rebuilt with the fear of earthquake and the wish for a more valuable house, Mithat’s most challenging struggle to save his collections begins. The building

becomes the common destiny of these two men living alone. Their relationship that begins with the collaboration to save the continuity of the collections changes track with Mithat’s handing Istanbul over to Ali and ends when they involuntarily change each other’s fate. Emek: 16 Th. 11.00 1974, UNE PARTIE DE CAMPAGNE* Director : Raymond Depardon Cast: Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Chirac, Philippe Clay France, 1974 35 mm / Colour / 90' French; English & Turkish s.t. Raymond Depardon was both lucky and very unlucky with the first documentary project he ever filmed. In 1974, he was commissioned by Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, then the French Minister of Economy and Finance, to follow his presidential campaign. Depardon followed the dashing candidate everywhere and captured rare instants in the lavish campaign that made use of American promotional methods, ahead of French politics of the day. In the end, Giscard d'Estaing won 50.81% of the votes and served for seven years as president, but the film was censured for 28 years until 2002 when it was first screened Atlas: 11 Sa. 11.00 Beyoglu: 14 Tu. 13.30 3 APPLES FELL FROM THE SKY GÖKTEN 3 ELMA DÜŞTÜ Director : Raşit Çelikezer Cast: Köksal Engür, Bennu Yıldırımlar, İsmail Hacıoğlu Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 119' Turkish; English s.t 2008 Bursa Golden Karagöz (Best Film; Best Screenplay) Director, scriptwriter, and playwright Raşit Çelikezer has written, produced, and directed this feature film directorial debut. Çelikezer also wrote the screenplay of Erden Kıral's Vicdan / Conscience. The film brings together three loners from three generations. Ali runs away from home to his grandfather in İstanbul, who he has not met before. The grandfather, Recep, lives alone, keeping the army discipline going at home. He also tries to have his neighbour, the prostitute Nilgün, thrown away from the house. That night, these three meet on the roof. They have killed someone. Beyoglu: 15 We. 11.00 3 HOURS 3 SAAT Director: Can Candan Turkey, 2008 DVCAM / Colour / 118' Turkish; English s.t. 2008 Bodrum Turkish Film Critics' Association Awards 3 Hours is an independent documentary that tells the one year long adventure of six university candidates out of around two million young people. The university entrance exam (ÖSS ¬ –short for Student Selection Examination in Turkish) is a part of the Turkish culture now, like a law of nature. This film follows six candidates, all high school students, Melis, Çiğdem, Derya, Edin, Yunus and Mert,

as they experience all stages of the ÖSS, on their own, with their families, at school, and at the end of everything, for twelve months, from new year's eve 2004 to new year's eve 2005 Pera: 16 Th. 19.00 35 SHOTS OF RUM ** 35 RHUMS Director: Claire Denis Cast: Alex Descas, Mati Diop, Grégorie Colin France-Germany, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 100' French; Italian & Turkish s.t. 2008 Hamburg CICAE Art Cinema Award Poet-cineaste Claire Denis' latest film is in the family drama genre and follows her previous work in terms of atmosphere over narrative. The film traces the working underclass of France, but centres on family ties through a father-daughter relationship: Lionel and Jo. Jo is devoted to her father; their bond has grown even stronger after her mother's suicide. But she befriends a young taxi driver, and he meets a middle-aged woman; several encounters ensue. The breaking point comes when Jo's boyfriend decides to move abroad for business. The score of the film was composed by the British rock band Tindersticks. Emek: 13 Mo. 19.00 Emek: 14 Tu. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 15 We. 21.30 4857 Directors: Petra Holzer, Selçuk Erzurumlu, Ethem Özgüven Turkey, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 30' Turkish; English s.t. Tuzla Cemetery overlooks Tuzla Shipyards. Now start walking down the cemetery slope. On your left is the military zone, green and devoid of humans. Then all of a sudden you see nothing but concrete blocks of flats. The workers leave their homes around seven in the morning to work "outside", in the shipyards, in leather and supply industries. Keep walking down the slope: factories, the E5 freeway, the crossroads, the local express train. The Aydınlı Bay packed with almost all of Turkey's shipyards. The workers who go through forty eight different doors everyday. The time unit in the shipyards is the split second between making a living and death, between hope and pain, their and ours. Tuzla Cemetery overlooks Tuzla Shipyards. Pera: 15 We. 21.30 8* Directors: Jane Campion, Gael Garcia Bernal; Jan Kounen, Mira Nair, Gaspar Noé, Abderrahmane Sissako, Gus Van Sant, Wim Wenders Cast: Nigist Anteneh, Ingvar E. Sigurdsson, Dieudonne Ilboudo, Konkona Sen Sharma, Alice Englert, Loydi Hucshva Haynas, Pendo Duku France, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 103' French-Amharic-Icelandic-English-Shipibo; English & Turkish s.t. In September 2000, the United Nations committed to halve world poverty by 2015. They defined 8 goals known as "The Millennium Development Goals". With an introduction by Catherine Deneuve, eight filmmakers have engaged to share their vision of these major issues with the public: Sissako dealing with extreme poverty and hunger; Gael Garcia Bernal with the right to primary education,

Gaspar Noé with AIDS, Mira Nair with gender equality, Jane Campion with environmental sustainability, Gus Van Sant with infant mortality, Jan Kounen with medicine and Wim Wenders with global partnership for development. Beyoglu: 4 Sa. 16.00 Beyoglu: 14 Tu. 11.00 Beyoglu: 19 Su. 16.00 8th WONDERLAND** Directors : Nicolas Alberny & Jean Mach Cast: Matthew Géczy, Alain Azerot, Robert Bradford France-Italy, 2008 Digibeta / Colour / 94' English-French-Spanish-Italian-Russian; English & Turkish s.t. How to fight a country that doesn't exist, but is perfectly organized? From Russia to the United States, from South America to Japan passing through Europe and the Middle East… Scattered all over the world, everyday people, sick and tired of political systems and being controlled by the media, decide to create a virtual state and restore their democracy. They are millions of members of an internet site called 8th Wonderland, and their operations run internationally. But when their politics start to change, suddenly they find themselves under the spotlight. This is a fantastic fiction in disguise of political thriller. Beyoglu: 17 Fr. 21.30 Beyoglu: 19 Su. 19.00 A CHRISTMAS TALE * UN CONTE DE NOËL Director: Arnaud Desplechin Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Mathieu Amalric, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Melville Poupaud France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 150' French; Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes Special 61st Festival Prize Dickensian with humorous, satirical, poetic elements and vividly drawn characters, and typical Desplechin with themes such as family, madness and intricate loves, A Christmas Tale is a cruel drama that dissects family through sibling rivalry and grief. On Christmas Day, Junon and her husband Abel unite with their three children: playwright Elizabeth, raging alcoholic Henri, and Ivan, the youngest. Junon declares that she has cancer, and she will either undergo chemo or search for a bone marrow donor. Obviously, bad blood runs in this family. Atlas: 17 Fr. 21.30 Rexx: 18 Sa. 21.30 Emek: 19 Su. 16.00

A FATAL DRESS: POLYGAMY KIRASÊ MIRINE: HEWÎTÎ Director: Müjde Arslan Turkey, 2009 HD / Colour / 52'

Turkish-Kurdish; English s.t. In her latest documentary, Müjde Arslan, investigates the "second wife" phenomenon in Mardin province and its effects on women, taking inspiration from her paternal aunt who was sent as a second wife to her cousin when she was 16-years-old and was paralysed after domestic violence. In this documentary, aunt Emine's story is actually told by other second wives. Being the second wife is domestic violence in itself, therefore women describe this situation as "wearing the dress of death." Emine will never be able to talk again, but what about other second wives? Pera: 15 We. 19.00 A FILM WITH ME IN IT Director: Ian Fitzgibbon Cast: Dylan Moran, Mark Doherty, Amy Huberman Ireland, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 89' English; Turkish s.t. "A blacker-than-black comedy with a wickedly sharp sense of humour," according to Todd Brown at Twitch, A Film With Me In It tells the morbidly delightful account of a hapless actor named Mark (Mark Doherty, also the film's screenwriter) who is struggling to make it through a day from hell, and his neighbour and best friend Pearce, a penniless, clueless, aspiring screenwriter. Mark gets home to his disabled brother (his real life brother David), unhappy girlfriend and big dog after failing an audition to discover that they haven't paid the rent for three months. Even when his girlfriend leaves him, tragedy has not hit yet, the dreadful (deadful) day has just begun. Emek: 14 Tu. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 15 We. 13.30 Rexx: 17 Fr. 21.30

A GERMAN MIND WITH A TURKISH HEART TÜRK GİBİ BAŞLA ALMAN GİBİ BİTİR Director : Murat Şeker Turkey, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 60' Turkish-German; English s.t. This documentary follows the two feature fiction films that Murat Şeker had completed, Gravity Zero and Love Eclipse, and observes certain figures of Turkish origin who are prominent in the Germany's cultural atmosphere, featuring interviews and works by these artists who have become more and more popular in the past few years. Thirteen artists were interviewed in Cologne, Dusseldorf and Berlin for the film, some of which are: director Neco Çelik, musicians Muhabbet and Lady Bitch Ray, actor Tim Seyfi, Aziza A, stand up artist Fatih Çevikkollu, and opera singer Güneş Gürler. Pera: 16 Th. 16.00 A LAKE * UN LAC Director : Philippe Grandrieux Cast: Dmitry Kubasov, Natalie Rehorova, Alexei Solonchev France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 90' French; English & Turkish s.t.

2008 Venice Horizons-Special Mention The director of the 1998 drama Sombre returns with a powerful, almost silent film that he wrote, directed and shot. A family lives in an isolated house near a lake. Alexi, the son, is a young man with a pure heart. A woodcutter. An ecstatic, prey to epileptic fits, he is entirely opened to the nature that surrounds him. Alexi is terribly close to his younger sister, Hege. Their blind mother, their father, and their little brother are the silent witnesses to their overwhelming love. Then a stranger arrives, Jurgen, a young man barely older than Alexi… Atlas: 15 We. 13.30 Atlas: 18 Sa. 16.00

A WOMAN'S WAY STRELLA Director : Panos H. Koutras Cast: Mina Orfanou, Yiannis Kokiasmenos, Minos Theoharis Greece, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 113' Greek; English & Turkish s.t. Yiorgos is released from prison after 14 years of incarceration for a murder he committed in his small Greek village. He spends his first night out in a cheap downtown hotel in Athens. There he meets Strella, a young transsexual prostitute. They spend the night together and soon they fall in love. But the past is catching up with Yiorgos. With Strella on his side he will have to find a new way out. An extraordinary and spellbinding relationship, a post-modern Greek tragedy in the glowing nights of Athens Emek: 5 Su. 19.00 Atlas: 6 Mo. 13.30 Yeni Ruya: 7 Tu. 19.00 ABSURDISTAN Director: Veit Helmer Cast: Kristyna Malerova, Maximilian Mauff, Nino Chkheidze Germany-Azerbaijan, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 87' Russian; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Bavarian Film Awards: Special Film Award 2008 German Film Awards: Best Production Design Inspired by the "sex boycott" of women of in Sirt, a small village in Antalya, 2001, director Helmer made this combo of fable and cheerful romantic comedy. Absurdistan is the name of an isolated mountain village. When the water pipe system built generations ago fails, the women wisely force their husbands to repair the system by going on a strike of sex. Meanwhile when beautiful Aya tells Temelko that he will not have her otherwise, Temelko frantically tries to repair the pipes by himself. Atlas 6 Mo. 16.00 Atlas: 8 We. 19.00 Rexx: 9 Th. 19.00 ACHILLES AND THE TORTOISE AKIRESU TO KAME Director: Takeshi Kitano

Cast: Beat Takeshi, Kanako Higuchi, Yurei Yanagi Japan, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 119' Japanese; English & Turkish s.t. A stand-up comic, novelist, painter, academic, and film director, Takeshi Kitano once more tackles the conflict between art, capitalism and imagination, completing the surreal autobiographical trilogy that began with Takeshis and later Glory to the Filmmaker!, and traces the lifetime failure of an aspiring artist. Taking its title from Greek philosopher Zeno's famous paradox, Achilles and the Tortoise follows Machisu from his childhood days, pursuing his dream of becoming a famous painter. The middle-aged Machisu is played by Beat Takeshi, and his (quite successful) paintings are also by Kitano. Yeni Ruya 6 Mo. 19.00 Yeni Ruya 9 Th. 11.00 Atlas: 19 Su. 19.00 ADORATION Director : Atom Egoyan Cast: Arsinée Khanjian, Devon Bostick, Scott Speedman, Rachel Blanchard Canada, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 101' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes Prize of the Ecumenical Jury Egoyan returns to his known style and deals with grief and loss on a more personal level in the age of terror, technology, fear and shifting identities, as we redefine individuality, intimacy, and communication. While completing a school project, Simon re-imagines a newspaper story on terrorism as if the couple in question was his parents who were killed in a car crash. When he puts his story on the internet with a false identity, it has a public impact he never anticipates: his friends, terrorism theorists, actual survivors all react. Meanwhile, he delves into the well-guarded family secrets Emek: 12 Su. 21.30 Rexx: 15 We. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 16 Th. 19.00 ALI'S EIGHT DAYS ALİ'NİN SEKİZ GÜNÜ Director: Cemal Şan Cast: Serdar Orçin, Begüm Birgören, Ufuk Bayraktar Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 107' Turkish; English s.t. The third and final instalment of Cemal Şan's , Mind & Heart" trilogy is structured around the "mind". The eponymous hero of the film, Ali's life passes as a routine between his house and the grocery store he owns. He does the same things every day. But his ordinary life begins to change with Zeynep, a girl who has recently moved to the neighbourhood. The platonic love he feels for her adds enthusiasm to his life for the first time. He starts curiously to follow her with curiosity to find out that she has a man in her life, Mehmet. Stalking this couple, Ali will discover that even when he has broken all his rules, he will still be standing on his own in life. Emek: 17 Fr. 19.00 ALONE ISSIZ ADAM

Director: Çağan Irmak Cast: Cemal Hünal, Melis Birkan, Yıldız Kültür Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 113' Turkish; English st. Following the fantastical fairy tale Ulak / The Messenger that won the People's Choice Award in 2008, at İstanbulFilm Festival, Çağan Irmak this time tells a tale of the metropolis. Alone is a film that tells of people isolated and left lonely by modern life, a story about food, mothers, old songs and love; a story both bitter and full of hope. Thirty-something Alper is a talented chef who runs his own restaurant, caught in a triangle of gastronomic creations, one-night stands and escort girls. Alper one day meets Ada, an attractive, unassuming, childish young woman who designs children's clothes. A passionate love affair sparkles between them, something they never had experienced before. However, Alper feels more restricted, as Ada is blissfully unaware of his silent screams. Beyoglu: 14 Tu. 21.30 ANDREI RUBLIOV Director: Andrei Tarkovsky Cast: Anatoli Solonitsyn, Ivan Lapikov, Nikolai Grinko USSR, 1966 35 mm / B&W / 185' Russian; English & Turkish s.t. 1969 Cannes FIPRESCI Prize 1971 French Syndicate of Cinema Critics: Best Foreign Film One of Andrei Tarkovsky's greatest masterpieces, this film is loosely based on the great Russian icon painter Andrei Rublev, but is also a realistic depiction of medieval Russia. Released with a 39-minute shortened censured version in the Soviet Union due to its depiction of violence, political complicity, and nudity, it is widely considered as one of the director's best. It is not an accurate biography, but rather a manifesto about the essence of art, the importance of faith, artistic freedom in the face of hypocrisy, despotism and technology. Yeni Ruya: 7 Tu. 21.30 Rexx: 10 Fr. 16.00

APPALOOSA Director: Ed Harris Cast: Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Renée Zellweger USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 114' English; Turkish s.t. Ed Harris, the co-writer, producer and director of this traditionalist western with contemporary references, also stars alongside Viggo Mortensen as the freelance lawman Marshall Virgil Cole who is hired with his deputy Everett Hitch to defend the lawless western town of Appaloosa from the murderous evil rancher Randall and his gang. Virgil and Everett have been friends for many years, and they have been through a lot together. But their efforts are disrupted and friendship tested by the arrival of a refined woman from the city: "a widow, not a whore", who is there to play the piano. A standoff is inevitable between the rancher and the lawmen. Rexx: 4 Sa. 21.30

Emek: 5 Su. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 7 Tu. 16.00 ASHIK KERIB ASHUK-GARIBI Director: Sergei Paradjanov Cast: Yuri Mgoyan, Sofika Chiaureli, Ramaz Chkhikvadze USSR, 1988 35 mm / Colour / 80' Russian; English & Turkish s.t. 1988 European Film Academy Felix Awards: Best Art Direction 1989 İstanbul Special Jury Prize 1989 Moscow Nika Awards: Best Film; Best Director; Best Cinematographer; Best Production Design The final film that Paradjanov completed was made in memory of his close friend Tarkovsky, and based on a short story by Lermontov to tell the tale of Ashik Kerib who travels the world for seven years and earn enough money to be worthy of the daughter of a wealthy man. Dispensing with conventional storytelling, the film is composed of gloriously shot and choreographed tableaux illustrating Azerbaijani folklore. Atlas: 5 Su. 13.30 ATHENS-ISTANBUL ATHINA-KONSTADINOUPOLI Director: Nikos Panayotopoulos Cast: Lefteris Voyadzis, Alexia Kaltsiki, Dimitris Poulikakos Greece, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 103' Greek; English & Turkish s.t. This is a road movie that starts in a traffic jam and as its title suggests, it begins in Athens, ending in İstanbul, following a depressed lawyer, who, after his recent divorce, sets off a journey in his car to visit his sick father in Thessaloniki, but ends up, after many stops and detours in İstanbul. His trip is more of a runaway along which he meets a young wandering lady, realises his middle-age crisis, questioning life, death, sex, money and identity. "There's no border in the other world because you don't need borders when you can't move!" Beyoglu: 4 Sa. 21.30 Beyoglu: 5 Su. 16.00 Atlas: 14 Tu. 11.00 AUTUMN SONBAHAR Director: Özcan Alper Cast: Onur Saylak, Raife Yenigül, Megi Kobaladze Turkey-Germany, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 106' Georgian-Turkish; English s.t. 2008 Locarno CICAE Art Cinemas Prize 2008 Antalya NETPAC Award 2008 Roma MedFilm Special Mention 2008 Kars Silver Goose; Turkish Film Critics' Assc. Award

2008 Turkey Turkish Film Critics' Association Awards: Best Film; Best Screenplay; Best Cinematography; Best Actor (O. Saylak) Özcan Alper's feature debut follows Yusuf, released from prison on health grounds 10 years later. He returns to his village in the eastern Black Sea region, where he's welcomed only by his sick and elderly mother and childhood friend Mikail. When he meets Eka, a beautiful young Georgian hooker, love becomes a final attempt to grasp life and elude loneliness. Atlas: 16 Th. 11.00 BELLAMY* Director: Claude Chabrol Cast Gérard Depardieu, Clovis Cornillac, Jacques Gamblin France, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 110' French; English & Turkish s.t. The 54th feature film of auteur Claude Chabrol is his first collaboration with Gérard Depardieu and a playful, dramatic murder mystery, Chabrol's homage to Georges Simenon. Depardieu plays police chief Paul Bellamy, who spends his vacation at the family estate of his wife despite her dreams of a cruise on the Nile. Just as Bellamy longs to get back to work, work comes to him: Noel, a stranger, shows up demanding his protection because he claims to have caused a man's death with his mistress. Meanwhile, Bellamy's alcoholic half brother Jacques also arrives. Jobless, gambler, thief Jacques is Bellamy's opposite, or is he? Emek: 8 We. 16.00 Emek: 10 Fr. 19.00 City’s: 12 Su. 16.00 BELLS, THREADS AND MIRACLES Director: Marianna Economou Greece-Turkey, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 52' Turkish-Greek; English & Turkish s.t. Greek photographer and documentarian Marianna Economou, explores the human need to believe in miracles, the expressions that it takes and the consequences it creates, through a phenomenon that takes place at St. George's Monastery on Prinkipo, the Princes Islands in Istanbul. Every year, on the saint's name day, some 100,000 people, mostly Muslims visit the Christian monastery to pray for a miracle. They ask for a car, a house, a baby, a healing… The journeys of people of different religions to the same saint reveal very crucial, essential human and universal issues. Are miracles possible in our times? Can Christians and Muslims meet and bond through a common faith? Beygolu: 6 Mo. 16.00 Beyoglu: 12 Su. 19.00 BIÙTIFUL CAUNTRI Directors: Esmeralda Calabria & Andrea D'Ambrosio Cast: Raffaele Del Giudice, Mario & Patrizia Gerlando, Sabatino & Mario Cannavacciuolo Italy, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 73' Italian; English & Turkish s.t. 2007 Torino Special Mention 2008 Nastro d'Argento (Italy) Silver Ribbon (Best Documentary)

Sheep die from dioxin. Farmers who cultivate land polluted by the nearby dumps. The massacre of a land. We are in Italy, in the Campania region where there are 1,200 unauthorised toxic waste dumps. In the background, the Camorra business uses lorries and mechanical diggers instead of pistols. Deviated entrepreneurial activity and colluded institutions, told by a judge who reveals the mechanisms of a violent activity that causes more deaths, gradually in time, than any other criminal phenomenon. Is it possible to live like this in the third millennium? Beyoglu: 8 We. 19.00 Beyoglu: 10 Fr. 11.00

BLACK DOGS BARKING KARA KÖPEKLER HAVLARKEN Directors: Mehmet Bahadır Er & Maryna Gorbach Cast: Cemal Toktaş, Volga Sorgu, Erkan Can Turkey, 2009 HDCAM / Colour / 88' Turkish; English s.t. The debut feature film directed and edited by Ukrainian shorts director Maryna Gorbach and Mehmet Bahadır Er, known for his award-winning short films Goygoy, Noki Noki, Zilzal, The Earthquake, Hope and The Heights, had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival in January 2009. With an uneasy, dynamic and realistic style, Mehmet Bahadır Er examines the neighbourhood he has lived in for fifteen years, and also the concepts of urban nomadism, security, unearned income, being a loser, and life struggle through two restless, unemployed young best buddies, Selim and Çaça, their class hopping hopes, and slipping by and breaking through the veteran wolves of the city. Emek: 16 Th. 21.30 BLIND PIG WHO WANTS TO FLY BABI BUTA YANG INGIN TERBANG Director: Edwin Cast: Ladya Cheryl, Pong Harjatmo, Carlo Genta Indonesia, 2008 DigiBeta / Colour / 77' Indonesian; English & Turkish s.t. 2009 Rotterdam FIPRESCI Prize Here you will find stories about disoriented identity, hesitation and anxiety, the experience of being lost, all told with a sense of humour. Those are the feelings of being Chinese in Indonesia. A story about a father lusting to win a green card lottery. A story about an ex-national badminton champion whose husband leaves her for a Javanese wife. A story of a boy always pelted with stones because everybody thinks that he is Chinese. A story about a young girl who believes that firecrackers expel ghosts. Like pieces of broken, colourful glass, the film follows eight characters in their absurd journey to fit in society. Beyoglu: 5 Su. 19.00 Beyoglu: 13 Mo. 19.00 Beyoglu: 17 Fr. 13.30 BLOOD APPEARS ** LA SANGRE BROTA LE SANG İMPUR Director: Pablo Fendrik Cast:

Arturo Goetz, Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Guadalupe Docampo Argentina-France-Germany, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 100' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes OFAJ Young Critics' Award 2008 Santiago Best Director Blood really does appear in this harsh and dynamic family drama. Set in the urban underbelly of Buenos Aires, the story follows Arturo, a cab driver who has to find $2.000 within 24 hours. Arturo's wife Irene keeps their savings away from Arturo's reach, while Leandro, their younger son, tries to steal those savings for a profitable drug deal. Isolation, indifference, greed and lack of communication eventually will have all the members of this disintegrating family confronting each other. Rexx: 4 Sa. 19.00 Atlas: 5 Su. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 10 Fr. 16.00 BOUND FOR GLORY Director: Hal Ashby Cast: David Carradine, Ronny Cox, Melinda Dillon USA, 1976 35 mm / Colour / 147' English; Turkish s.t. 1977 Oscar Best Cinematography; Best Music 1976 USA National Board of Review: Best Actor (D. Carradine) 1977 USA National Society of Film Critics: Best Cinematography Adapted from the autobiography of the legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie, this is not only a wonderful road movie, but it is also a great film documenting a pivotal era of American history. As a social activist with a passionate empathy for the working class he had laid the foundations of folk music. Using his own words and music, the film portrays the Great Depression years following Guthrie as he takes up music and gets involved in union organising, singing about struggle, migrant workers, children, love, and peace. Rexx: 5 Su. 21.30 Atlas: 8 We. 16.00 BUICK RIVIERA Director: Goran Rusinovic Cast: Slavko Stimac, Leon Lucev, Aimee Klein Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 85' Croatian-English; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Sarajevo Best Film; Best Actor (S. Stimac & L. Lucev); FIPRESCI Prize 2008 Pula (Croatia) Best Screenplay Buick Riviera is a low-budget psychological drama by Croatian director Rusinovic that tackles ethnic and religious conflict, trust and alienation, through two Bosnian refugees of different nationalities, Hasan and Vuko, who meet by chance in America, one dark, snowy night. They share their life stories, and spend an unusual 24 hours together. But will freedom be enough to overcome the new Balkan crisis in the USA? Atlas: 13 Mo. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 14 Tu. 19.00 Rexx: 15 We. 21.30

CAFÉ DE LOS MAESTROS Director: Miguel Kohan Argentina-USA-Brazil, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 90' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. Tango is not a dance. On the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires, tango is a way of life. Many elderly men and women of tango still perform. This film portrays some of these exceptional musicians, including creators of classical tango repertoire, founders of styles and schools, famed representatives from 1940s and 1950s, before Piazzola. Argentine musician Gustavo Santaolalla (Oscar-winning composer of Brokeback Mountain and Babel) serves as our guide in this musical journey, a "Buenos Aires Social Club", produced by Walter Salles, as the surviving icons of tango prepare for a live concert: Nelly Omar (born 1911), Horacio Salgan (born 1916) and Mariano Mores (born 1918). Yeni Ruya: 4 Sa. 13.30 City’s: 5 Su. 11.00 Atlas: 7 Tu. 11.00 CAPTAIN KEMAL, A COMRADE Director: Fotos Lamprinos Greece-Turkey, 2008 DigiBeta / Colour / 52' Turkish-Greek; English & Turkish s.t. A Turk, born in 1915, who, after the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) was a devout nationalist and fanatic enemy of the Greeks, decides in 1947 to visit illegally, the Greek north eastern mountains at Thrace in order to fight the Greek Civil War on the side of the Greek communists (guerrillas). Today, at the age of 92, he makes a journey back to Greece where he once fought to visit the battlefields and if possible, to meet his old comrades. Veteran Greek documentarist Fotos Lamprinos tells the story of one of the most controversial figures of Turkish politics, and one of the most important Turkish communists, Mihri Belli. Beyoglu: 6 Mo. 16.00 Beyoglu: 12 Su. 19.00 CAPTIVE OF THE DESERT * LA CAPTIVE DU DÉSERT Director: Raymond Depardon Cast: Sandrine Bonnaire, Dobi Koré, Fadi Taha France, 1990 35 mm / Colour / 96' French; English & Turkish s.t. Depardon's second fiction film is based on a story he covered as a reporter in 1975. The film revolves around a young French woman who is kidnapped in Chad and held hostage by rebel soldiers in the desert. The opening shot of the film depicting a caravan of camels, men, women, children traversing the desert is now iconic. Depardon uniquely conveys the sensations felt in the desert, as well as the sense of being held hostage to the viewer. This exceptional drama that depends on images and sounds and almost no dialogue is not judgemental; there are simply captors and captives in the desert heat. Atlas: 7 Tu. 13.30 Beyoglu: 17 Fr. 19.00 CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF Director:

Richard Brooks Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Burl Ives USA, 1958 35 mm / Colour / 108' English; Turkish s.t. A seven-category Oscar nominee, a powerful, highly-charged, moving story of a dysfunctional Southern family with its lies, rivalries, and hypocrisies, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was adapted from Tennessee Williams' Broadway play. It is memorable not only with Elizabeth Taylor's performance as the sexually frustrated, sensual, passionate Maggie "the Cat", but also with Paul Newman's compelling performance as Maggie's alcoholic, impotent, apathetic, and frustrated husband Brick. Atlas: 4 Sa. 11.00 City’s: 11 Sa. 11.00 CAUGHT IN THE ACT DÉLITS FLAGRANTS Director: Raymond Depardon France, 1994 35 mm / Colour / 109' French; English & Turkish s.t. 1995 Amsterdam Joris Ivens-Best Film 1995 César Best Documentary 1995 Vancouver Best Documentary Pickpockets, illegal aliens, all in all 14 petty criminals are caught red-handed and taken to the police station. The suspects' statements are recorded by the deputy public prosecutor who decides if they should be released or not. This entertaining documentary is a silent witness to the French judiciary system, bureaucracy, and also to the French society's perception of "the other". Depardon revisited the courtroom ten years later in 2004 with 10th District Courtof Trial Atlas: 8 We. 13.30 Beyoglu: 18 Sa. 21.30 CHERRY BLOSSOMS - HANAMI KIRSCHBLÜTEN - HANAMI Director: Doris Dörrie Cast: Elmar Wepper, Hannelore Elsner, Aya Irizuki Germany, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 126' German-Japanese; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Bavarian Film Awards: Best Actor, Best Producer 2008 Seattle Audience Award 2008 Cabourg Prize of the Youth Jury An homage to Ozu's Tokyo Story, a tender, emotionally intense and profoundly moving story of life, death, love, loss and chasing dreams. The sudden death of his wife, Trudi, plunges the terminally ill Rudi into profound grief. Realizing how little he knew her and how little he showed her his affection, he devotes his last weeks to fulfilling her long-cherished dream: to travel to Japan for the cherry blossom festival. City’s: 4 Sa. 21.30 Emek: 11 Sa. 11.00 Emek: 17 Fr. 16.00 CHICAGO 10

Director: Brett Morgen Cast;: Hank Azaria, Dylan Baker, Nick Nolte USA, 2007 35 mm / Colour and B&W / 110' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Chicago Silver Hugo (Best Documentary) Oscar-nominated documentarist Brett Morgen utilises archival footage and animation to look back at an American historic milestone: the infamous Chicago 8 trial. Eight anti-war protesters were put on trial following the week-long riots after the 1968 Democratic National Convention for the election of a nominee to run for president. The film moves back and forth from the brutal clashes on the streets of Chicago to the courtroom at an exciting pace. Also "a comment on the current war," the film features a contemporary soundtrack with artists like Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys and Eminem. Beyoglu: 10 Fr. 13.30 Beyoglu: 12 Su. 21.30 CHILDREN OF THE OTHER SIDE BAŞKA SEMTİN ÇOCUKLARI Director: Aydın Bulut Cast: İsmail Hacıoğlu, Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu, Volga Sorgu Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 95' Turkish; English s.t. 2008 Antalya Behlül Dal Young Talent Special Prize; Best Supporting Actor (V. Sorgu); Best Art Director A body is found in the dumpster. A murder committed in Istanbul's Gazi District. The victim's elder brother, having just completed his military service, is on his way back home. As he takes action to find the murderer of his brother, he's pushed into another battle full of questions that are hard to answer. Aydın Bulut's feature debut is a crime drama set in the rundown neighbourhoods of İstanbul. Emek: 17 Fr. 21.30 CONSCIENCE VİCDAN Director:Erden Kıral Cast: Nurgül Yeşilçay, Murat Han, Tülin Özen, Nazan Kesal Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 85' Turkish; English s.t. 2008 Antalya Best Actress (N. Yeşilçay) 2008 Turkey Turkish Film Critics' Association Awards: Best Supporting Actress (T. Özen)A passionate, complex and brutal love story between three people who struggle to eke out an existence in a provincial Aegean town... Aydanur, not content with her lot in life, is anxious to break out, while Mahmut is caught between Aydanur and his wife Songül. It's abundantly clear though that Aydanur has a greater hold on his heart. And the paths of the two eventually cross in the corner of a nightclub. But are the things that befall us in life the result of the choices we make or a matter of preordained fate? Conscience portrays a reckoning of conscience through a three-way love affair. Emek: 15 We. 16.00 CONTROL ALT DELETE Director: Cameron Labine Cast:

Tyler Labine, Sonja Bennett, Alisen Down Canada, 2008 HD / Colour / 93' English; Turkish s.t. It is only days before the millennium. And head programmer Lewis is in charge of finding a solution for the Y2K bugs. But there's a major setback. He cannot concentrate because he is wildly distracted by his inescapable sexual desire for state of the art computers. It all starts with his girlfriend leaving him for his internet porn addiction, but then intensifies with the addition of solitude and the built-up stress as the New Year approaches. Each upgrade, each better model incites more intense erotic arousals, and of course further romantic rejections. This debut feature is the most twisted romantic comedy of the computer age that redefines fetish, desire, addiction, dating and sexual intercourse. Rexx: 4 Sa. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 5 Su. 21.30 Atlas: 9 Th. 16.00 CSNY DÉJÀ VU Director: Neil Young Cast: Bo Alexander, Stephen Colbert, David Crosby USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 96' English; Turkish s.t. A violently political musical documentary, a musical letter for peace and an anti-Bush campaign tour. Directed by Bernard Shakey (Neil Young's cinematic alter ego), this interesting film follows 60s counterculture icons Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young forty years after another war returning to their political activism. Following the release of Neil Young's new album Living with War in 2006, the band reassembled to tour the country together with journalist Mike Cerre and Iraq and Vietnam war veterans. The film chronicles the reactions the band receives at the "red states" combining old and new concert footages with bus interviews and news clips Beyoglu: 11 Sa. 19.00 Beyoglu: 12 Su. 16.00 DAYDREAMS OF MISS CAZIBE CAZİBE HANIMIN GÜNDÜZ DÜŞLERİ Director: İrfan Tözüm Cast: Hale Soygazi, Uğur Polat, Macit Koper, Suna Selen Turkey, 1992 35 mm / Colour / 105' Turkish; French s.t. 1993 Ankara Best Film; Best Original Music; Best Art Direction; Best Light Design; Best Supporting Actress (S. Selen) 1993 İstanbul Special Jury Prize 1993 Adana Best Editing; Best Supporting Actor (M. Koper) 1993 Antalya Best Film; Best Screenplay; Best Original Music The film's eponymous antagonist Miss Cazibe is played by Hale Soygazi, while actor Macit Koper has also written the screenplay. Cazibe lives in the same house with her insanely over-protective mother and alcoholic uncle, who is secretly in love with her. Her only escape from their oppression is through an imaginary world where she meets with her high school sweetheart Kürşat. However, as her repressed sexuality surfaces, her dream world starts to rise over reality. Beyoglu: 16 Th. 16.00

DEPARTURES OKURİBİTO Director : Yojiro Takita Cast: Masahiro Motoki, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Ryoko Hirosue, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Kimiko Yo, Takashi Sasano Japan, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 130’ Japanese; English & Turkish s.t. Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Language Film, Departures also won Best Film accolades at Palm Springs and Montréal. A delightful and sensitive journey into the heartland of Japan and an astonishingly beautiful look at a sacred part of Japan's cultural heritage, the film follows cellist Daigo who moves back into his hometown after his symphony orchestra disbands. He reluctantly accepts a very traditional job with Sasaki at “Departures”: encoffination of corpses. His life now takes an unexpected turn as he profoundly follows tradition as a husband, as a human being and as a “coffiner”. Emek: 19 Su. 13.30-21.30 DILBER'S EIGHT DAYS DİLBER'İN SEKİZ GÜNÜ Director: Cemal Şan Cast: Nesrin Cavadzade, Fırat Tanış, Osman Akça Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 106' Turkish; English st. 2008 Bursa Turkish Film Critics' Assc. SİYAD Award; Best Actor (F. Tanış); Best Actress (N. Cavadzade) 2008 Erzurum Best Actress (N. Cavadzade) The second instalment of Cemal Şan's "Soul, Mind & Heart" trilogy that started with Zeynep's Eight Days, is structured around the "soul". The eponymous hero of the film lives in a poor village in the southeast of Turkey with her parents and siblings, dreaming to marry Ali, her childhood sweetheart. However Ali's father has made arrangements for someone else to marry Ali. Defying this arrangement, Dilber announces that she will marry her first suitor. A man approaches the village, limping. He is Mehmet, who has heard that a young woman in the village will marry her first suitor. Beyoglu: 17 Fr. 11.00 DISGRACE Director: Steve Jacobs Cast: John Malkovich, Jessica Haines, Eriq Ebouaney Australia-South Africa, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 120' English-Xhosa-Afrikaans-Zulu; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Toronto FIPRESCI Prize Adapted from Nobel-prize winner J.M. Coetzee's 1999 novel that presents an unflinching look at the consequences of the intense change South Africa goes through, Disgrace is the story of a South African university professor who loses everything, his reputation, his job, his peace of mind, dreams and even his daughter's well-being and safety. Professor David Lurie's life falls apart after he has an affair with one of her students, and thus has to resign from Cape Town University. He escapes to his daughter's farm where he finds some peace, but it's a dangerous world and soon they are victims of a vicious attack.

Emek: 15 We. 19.00 Yeni Ruya 16 Th. 11.00 City’s 18 Sa. 19.00 DISTANCE DISTANZ Director: Thomas Sieben Cast: Ken Duken, Franziska Weisz, Josef Heynert Germany, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 84' German; English & Turkish s.t. Debuting at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival in February, Distance tells both an existential story of violence and also the story of a difficult love. Living in seclusion from the rest of the world, Daniel works as a gardener. A rather inconspicuous young man, who regularly breaks out of his daily routine and commits indiscriminate acts of violence. When he gets to know Jana, a hopeless young woman searching for human warmth, a tentative relationship develops between them, but sparks fly in the wrong direction. What presents the gravest danger: the beginning of love, or the dark side surfacing? Rexx: 8 We. 11.00 Atlas: 11 Sa. 21.30 Atlas: 13 Mo. 11.00 DOG EAT DOG PERRO COME PERRO Director: Carlos Moreno Cast: Óscar Borda, Blas Jaramillo, Marlon Moreno Colombia, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 106' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Colombian Film Awards: Best Director; Best Actor; Best Supporting Actor; Best Photography; Best Editing 2008 Huelva (Spain) Best Screenplay The first Colombian drama to premiere at Sundance ever and Colombia's Oscar nominee, this actionpacked black comedy follows two hitmen, Eusebio and Victor, whose paths cross after they both break the code of the underground. The debut feature of music video veteran Carlos Moreno, who coscripted, directed and edited it, depicts a brutal universe where gangsters are vicious, money changes hands fast, voodoo works and violence is natural. Atlas: 4 Sa. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 9 Th. 16.00 Rexx: 10 Fr. 19.00 EASY VIRTUE Director: Stephan Elliott Cast: Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Barnes UK, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 96' English; Turkish s.t. This star-studded bubbly comedy by the director of The Adventures of Priscilla comes after a ten year break. Easy Virtue's main characters are the sexy and glamorous American Larita, John, heir to the fortune of an aristocratic British family, and the ultra traditional Veronica, John's mother. John brings

Larita to his family home in England after they impetuously ¬ get married. However, the cold-hearted Veronica has an instant allergic reaction to Larita despite all her efforts to fit in. A battle of wits ensues where Larita fights to save her marriage and Veronica to keep her status, image and power. Emek: 4 Sa. 11.00 City’s: 5 Su. 16.00 Emek: 6 Mo. 16.00

ECCENTRICITIES OF A BLOND HAIR GIRL** Singularidades de uma Rapariga Loira Director : Manoel de Oliveira Cast: Ricardo Trêpa, Catarina Wallenstein, Diogo Dória Portugal-France-Spain, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 64' Portuguese; English & Turkish s.t. The oldest major director active today, Manoel de Oliveira turned 100 just weeks before completing his latest feature film in December 2008, which premiered at Berlin Film Festival in February 2009. De Oliveira's grandson Ricardo Trêpa plays Macario, who spends an entire train journey telling the misfortunes of his love life to a woman he does not know. Macario, who works as an accountant for his uncle Francisco in Lisbon, falls for the "blond girl" of the title who lives across the house. However, opposing the match, his uncle throws him out of the house. Macario goes to Cabo Verde to make a fortune and get his uncle's approval. Beyoglu: 13 Mo. 13.30 Beyoglu: 15 We. 21.30 ELDORADO ** Director: Bouli Lanners Cast: Bouli Lanners, Fabrice Adde, Philippe Nahon Belgium-France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 85' French; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes Director's Fortnight FIPRESCI Prize; Prix Regards Jeune; Label Europa Cinemas Belgium's nominee for the 2009 Oscars, Eldorado is an absurdist comedy drama that was inspired by a true event. The film centres on Yvan, a fortysomething quick-tempered dealer in vintage cars (played by the director Bouli Lanners), who catches young Elie burgling him. Instead of beating him up, he becomes strangely attached to him and agrees to drive him home to his parents in his old Chevrolet. So begins the bizarre roadtrip of two loner misfits through Wallonia, a region filled with improbable characters, spectacular as it is crazy. Rex:x: 10 Fr. 11.00 Emek: 11 Sa. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 18 Sa. 11.00

EVERLASTING MOMENTS Director: Jan Troell Cast: Maria Heiskanen, Mikael Persbrandt, Jesper Christensen Denmark-Finland-Norway-Sweden, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 125'

Swedish; English & Turkish s.t. Sweden's entry for the 2009 Oscars, Jan Troell's first film in seven years is another lyrical film, encompassing socialist, evangelical movements to industrialisation and urbanisation, examining cultural shifts through the history of one family, not through a great man on a horse, but through a housewife. In Sweden in the early 1900s, the young working class woman Maria wins a camera in a lottery, and decides to keep it – a decision which alters her whole life. The camera enables Maria to see the world through new eyes, but it also becomes a threat to her somewhat alcoholic husband, and inspiration to her daughter who narrates the story. Rexx: 4 Sa. 13.30 Emek: 8 We. 19.00 Emek: 9 Th. 13.30 EVERYBODY DIES BUT ME VSE UMRUT, A YA OSTANUS Director: Valeria Gai Germanika Cast: Polina Philonenko, Olga Shuvalova, Agnia Kuznetsova Russia, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 80' Russian; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 2morrow (Moscow) Best Acting 2008 Munich Cinevision Award 2008 Cannes Camera d'Or Special Mention Being an adolescent is hard, even more so for three 14-year-old girls, Katya, Vika and Zhanna, who live in a bleak suburb outside Moscow. Katya runs away from home to avoid further beating by her father, Zhanna attempts suicide and fails, Vika is bullied in the girls bathroom. The only good thing in their lives is their friendship which eventually gets tested when Katya insults a teacher. Zhanna and Vika will either stand by her, or leave her behind to party on at the school dance. City’s 4 Sa. 19.00 Atlas: 5 Su. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 8 We. 13.30

EXAMINED LIFE Director: Astra Taylor Canada, 2008 DigiBeta / Colour / 87' English; Turkish s.t. "The unexamined life is not worth living." Examined Life begins with this quote from Socrates, pulls philosophy out of academic journals and classrooms, and puts it back on the streets. Influential thinkers of our times such as Cornel West, Avital Ronell, Peter Singer, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Martha Nussbaum, Michael Hardt, Slavoj Zizek, and Judith Butler discuss various issues on a series of unique excursions: ethics of consumption at Fifth Avenue, jazz and blues while driving through Manhattan, ecology at a garbage dump… In Examined Life, Astra Taylor, also the director of Zizek!, reveals philosophy's power to transform the way we see the world around us. Beyoglu: 9 Th. 16.00 Beyoglu: 11 Sa. 11.00 FEAR ME NOT DEN DU FRYGTER Director : Kristian Levring

Cast: Ulrich Thomsen, Paprika Steen, Emma Sehsted Høeg Denmark, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 95' Danish; English & Turkish s.t. Is evil inherent in all of us, suppressed by our egos, surfacing when induced, or is it only acquired? Written by Anders Thomas Jensen, the director of Adam's Apples and The Green Butchers, this psychological thriller chronicles the transformation of Michael, a middle-aged family father who quits his job and signs up the trials of a new anti-depressant. The pills turn out to have serious side effects, and the trials are abandoned. But Michael refuses to abandon his new-found sense of calm, self control, and life perspective the pills provide, and continues the experiment on his own. Yeni Ruya: 17 Fr. 16.00 City’s:18 Sa. 21.30 Atlas: 19 Su. 21.30 FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING Director : Kari Skogland Cast: Ben Kingsley, Jim Sturgess, Kevin Zegers UK-Canada, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 118' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Vancouver Best Film Jim Sturgess, who made his breakthrough as Jude in Across the Universe, is opposite Ben Kingsley in this political thriller loosely based on the autobiography of Martin McGartland, one of the most controversial figures of "The Troubles", three decades of violence in Northern Ireland, who is still in the hiding today. The film follows McGartland in his youth days in west Belfast in 1987 to being recruited by a British agent to spy on the IRA until 1991. As he works his way up on both sides, he gets far deeper than he can manage. The IRA is ruthless in retribution, if he's exposed, he will be a "dead man walking". Emek: 6 Mo. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 9 Th. 19.00 City’s: 12 Su. 19.00 FIRAAQ Director: Nandita Das Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Shahana Goswami, Deepti Naval, Nowaz India, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 101' English-Hindi-Urdu; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Selanik Transcendence Award 2008 Dubai Best Editor Set one month after a carnage that took place in Gujarat, India in 2002, Firaaq is well-known actress Nandita Das' directorial debut, and follows the emotional journeys of multiple characters over a period of 24 hours: the housewife Arati, feeling guilty for not helping the Muslim women begging for sanctuary, takes in an orphaned Muslim boy. Khan Saheb is a Muslim musician living in a Hindu neighbourhood. Muneera returns after the riots to find her home ransacked. Married to a Hindu wife, Sameer is torn between fleeing and staying Atlas: 15 We. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 17 Fr. 19.00

FLAME & CITRON FLAMMEN & CITRONEN Director: Ole Christian Madsen Cast: Thure Lindhardt, Mads Mikkelsen, Stine Stengade Denmark-Germany, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 130' Danish-German; English & Turkish s.t. Two heroes, two resistance fighters: Flame and Citron. They are key assassins of the Danish Resistance during World War II, eliminating dozens of collaborators, sympathisers and eventually Nazi officers. They spare no one, trust no one, especially beautiful women, and everything becomes questionable as the body count rises. Based on true events, the latest film from the director of Prague is a spy noir film with a graphic novel aesthetic full of plots, double-crosses, enigmatic villains, and violence. Rexx: 9 Th. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 12 Su. 11.00 Emek: 18 Sa. 13.30 FOREIGNERS FORASTERS Director: Ventura Pons Cast: Anna Lizaran, Joan Pera, Joan Borràs Spain, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 105' Catalan; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Spain Gaudi Awards: Best Actress (A. Lizaran) The most acclaimed Catalan filmmaker Ventura Pons' latest work is his third adaptation from Sergi Belbel's plays, the first two being his debut Caresses and To Die (or Not). Foreigners tells the story of a family that goes through two traumatic events: the loss of a family member, and forty years later, the arrival of new neighbours. Two events that disrupt the family's alleged harmony, their social setting, their fragile family ties… This is the passage of time, the meaning of existence, the fear and distrust of the unknown, the outsider, the foreigner… The foreigners are ourselves. Yeni Ruya: 16 Th. 16.00 Atlas: 17 Fr. 19.00 City’s: 19 Su. 13.30 FOUR NIGHTS WITH ANNA** CZTERY NOCE Z ANNA QUATRE NUİTS AVEC ANNA Director : Jerzy Skolimowski Cast: Kinga Preis, Artur Steranko, Jerzy Fedorowicz Poland-France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 87' Polish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Poland Best Sound; Best Production Design The first film in 17 years from the great Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski, is a subtle and complex tale of "peeping tom" passion set in a small, provincial town in Poland where ex-con Leon works at the hospital crematory. He often spies on Anna, a nurse, by day and peeps at her window by night. But he

wants more. He sneaks into her room through the window and spends the night sitting at her bed. This habit soon becomes an obsession and step by step, he begins to influence her life. Rexx: 13 Mo. 19.00 Emek: 15 We. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 16 Th. 21.30 FROM BLACK GOLD TO GOLDEN MICROPHONE KARA ALTINDAN ALTIN MİKROFONA Director: Metin Avdaç Turkey, 2009 Betacam / Colour / 68' Turkish; English s.t. When oil was found in 1940 at the Raman Mountain in the İluh Village at Beşiri, Siirt in southern Turkey, the village in no time grew rapidly and became a town called Batman. The Turkish Petroleum Corporation TPAO builds its first refinery and rapidly opens its social facilities. In 1963, it turns out that the facilities need an orchestra and shortly this is also founded with professional musicians. Hürriyet Daily Newspaper organises the first of its Golden Microphone Competition in 1965, in 1966 and in 1967, the Batman Orchestra is among the finalists in this competition. Finally in 1968, the orchestra wins the first prize. This band which was celebrated all over the country forty years ago is now forgotten. The Batman in the 1960s and the 1970s was quite different. Pera: 17 Fr. 16.00 GASOLINE GASOLINA Director: Julio Hernández Cordón Cast:Francisco Jácome, Carlos Dardón, Gabriel Armas Guatemala, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 75' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2007 San Sebastian Films in Progress Award 2008 San Sebastian Latin Horizons Award Gasolina is a film from Guatemala, a country with neither a cinema law nor a film institute. The debut feature of shorts director Julio Hernández tells the story of three teenagers, Gerardo, Nano and Raymundo, who spend their spare time stealing gas to go joyriding. They don't have a destination; they just want to have fun. Each stop is a step closer to real life that puts their friendship to test against betrayal, deception, and solidarity. Rexx: 5 Su. 16.00 Atlas: 7 Tu. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 10 Fr. 11.00 GOODBYE SOLO Director: Ramin Bahrani Cast: Souléymane Sy Savané, Red West, Diana Franco Galindo USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 91' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Venice FIPRESCI Prize The third feature film from Ramin Bahrani following Man Push Cart, Chop Shop, once more tackles America's immigrant underclass, however this time with a greater sense of lyricism, and not set in the crowded urban environment. Souléymané, aka Solo, a kind-hearted taxi driver in a small North Carolina town, is hired by William, a 70-year-old white southerner, to drive him to a mountaintop from

which William plans to jump to his death in two weeks. But Solo decides to dissuade William by becoming his driver, and this odd couple begins an unexpected friendship. Atlas: 4 Sa. 19.00 Rexx: 6 Mo. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 7 Tu. 13.30 HAIR HIGH Director :Bill Plympton Cast:Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Silverman, Eric Gilliland USA, 2005 35 mm / Colour / 78' English; Turkish s.t. Produced, directed and financed by Plympton and featuring an amazing cast of voices, Hair High is the legend of Spud and Cherry, a teenage couple, murdered on prom night, who return as undead skeletons one year later for revenge. Their love is stronger than death, their love is eternal. Inspired by the ultra-romantic style of the music and movies of the 50s, the film starts as a romantic love-triangle comedy, then adds a zombie-horror twist. The animation process took approximately 30,000 drawings over a 1-year period. Emek: 9 Th. 11.00 Rexx: 14 Tu. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 19 Su. 13.30 HEAVEN ON EARTH Director: Deepa Mehta Cas: Preity Zinta, Balinder Johal, Vansh Bhardwaj, Yanna McIntosh Canada, 2008 35 mm / Colour and B&W / 106' Punjabi-English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Chicago Best Actress (P. Zinta) 2008 Dubai Best Screenplay An arranged marriage, the burden of tradition, domestic abuse, isolation, disappointment… Chand has to face all this in Deepa Mehta's latest feature film that explores desperation beyond class, ethnicity or gender. Chand arrives in Ontario to meet her new husband, Rocky. Everything is new to her, everything is unfamiliar and exciting. But soon optimism fades away as familial obligations crush Rocky, who takes it out from Chand. Trapped in a world she cannot comprehend, and unable to please her new family, Chand resorts to magic, and the lines between fantasy and reality converge. Atlas: 14 Tu. 19.00 Rexx: 16 Th. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 17 Fr. 11.00 HEAVEN'S HEART HIMLENS HJÄRTA Director: Simon Staho Cast: Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Endre, Maria Lundqvist, Jakob Eklund Sweden-Denmark, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 95' Swedish; English & Turkish s.t. Is marriage a battleground? Is it a wall against solitude? What is more important, passion or security? In Simon Staho's latest film following Daisy Diamond, two bourgeois Swedish couples who have been happily married for twenty years search for answers to these questions over a series of kitchen conversations, living room confessions, bedroom scenes and tense dinners. Recalling Bergman's

Scenes from a Marriage and Liv Ullman's Faithless, their discussion about adultery opens the gates to lies, hypocrisy and finally doom. Atlas: 6 Mo. 21.30 Emek: 8 We. 13.30 Rexx: 9 Th. 21.30 HOME Director : Ursula Meier Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Olivier Gourmet, Adélaïde Leroux Switzerland-France-Belgium, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 95' French; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Mar del Plata Best Actress (I. Huppert); Argentinean Photography Authors Association 2008 Reykjavik FIPRESCI Prize 2008 Tübingen-Stuttgart Grand Prize; German Critics' Award; Youth Award Documentarist Ursula Meier's debut feature is a "road movie in reverse, a contemporary family tale; it is about isolation turning into madness." An empty highway extends out as far as the eye can see in the middle of a quiet and barren landscape. Just a few meters away, stands a lonely house with a little garden in where lives a family: a father, a mother and their three children. Then, unexpectedly, the highway opens… The steady flow of cars, the noise, disrupts the harmony, the peaceful existence of this modern day Robinson family. Yeni Ruya: 4 Sa. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 6 Mo. 16.00 Rexx: 12 Su. 11.00 HOOKED ** PESCUIT SPORTIV PİCNİC Director: Adrian Sitaru Cast: Adrian Titienu, Ioanna Flora, Maria Dinulescu Romania-France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 84' Romanian; English & Turkish s.t. 2009 Palm Springs New Voices New Visions Jury Award The debut feature of a young Romanian director, Hooked is not only an engaging and thrilling character study, but also an exercise in style - the entire film is shot in alternating POVs of the characters. On a fishing trip to the country, Mihai and his married lover Miha accidentally hit the prostitute Ana with their car. They are convinced she is dead, but as they try to decide what to do with the body, Ana shockingly comes round, seemingly unaware of what's happened. But how much does she really know, and what does she want to gain from the situation? Rexx: 10 Fr. 13.30 Atlas:15 We. 11.00 YR 18 Sa. 19.00 HOW ARE YOU? KAKO Sİ? Director : Özlem Akovalıgil Cast: Semahat Goruşanin, Mesut Akusta, Deniz Çakır, Kemal Okur Turkey, 2009 HD / Colour / 107'

Turkish-Bosnian-German-English; English s.t. Semahat who has emigrated to İstanbul from Sarajevo many years ago, decides to travel back to her homeland in spite of her age. She is joined by Fatih who would like to film her voyage, and Fatih's friend Ufuk. When they arrive in Sarajevo, Semahat finds her 82-year-old cousin Muhammed, and they all face the dreadful reality of the last war. Born and raised in Germany, Selim and his girlfriend Lidya hit the road to visit Selim's family in Germany. On the way they witness a murder, their car is taken away from them, they take shelter in a village and they themselves in the middle of an ethnic conflagration. The past and expectations from the future are meaningless for people who try to survive. There is a place that separates people, and they are right there. Beyoglu: 14 Tu. 19.00 I MARRIED A STRANGE PERSON! Director: Bill Plympton Cast: Charis Michelsen, Tom Larson, Richard Spore USA, 1997 35 mm / Colour / 75' English; Turkish s.t. 1998 Annecy Filmi Best Animated Film It's Akira with humour, Road Runner with humans, an animated Pulp Fiction. It's a heart-warming story of a newlywed couple on their wedding night. When two copulating birds crash into his satellite dish, Grant develops godlike powers: whatever he thinks of, comes to life. His powers include the ability to transform his bride Kerry into other "stuff", making the house join him when he's making love, and being mean to his mother-in-law. But Smile Corp. sends a paramilitary unit to capture Grant in order to control worldwide media, and Kerry cannot cope with these supernatural powers. Grant is not the normal person she married with. Emek: 7 Tu. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 12 Su. 13.30 Rexx: 16 Th. 13.30 IDIOTS AND ANGELS Director: Bill Plympton USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 78' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Ojai, Filmi Best Animated Film 2008 Buenos Aires Best Director 2008 Portugal Cinanima Animated Film Festival: Best Animated Film Angel is a selfish, abusive, morally bankrupt man who hangs out at his local bar, berating the other patrons. One day, Angel mysteriously wakes up with a pair of wings on his back. The wings make him do good deeds, contrary to his nature. He desperately tries to rid himself of the good wings, but eventually finds himself fighting those who view the wings as their ticket to fame and fortune. Bill Plympton structured the film as to be "the exact opposite of Hair High," monochromatic and more limited in animation, "something like Svankmajer might make, or David Lynch, if he made animation, very dark and surreal." City’s 5 Su. 21.30 Eemek: 10 Fr. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 18 Sa. 13.30

IL DIVO * Director:

Paolo Sorrentino Cast: Toni Servillo, Anna Bonaiuto, Giulio Bosetti Italy-France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 118' Italian; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes Jury Prize One of the most important Italian politicians of the last fifty years, Giulio Andreotti's corrupt career is the subject of this biopic, but it is also an incisive and unconventionally styled portrait of Italian politics in general. Andreotti is a seven-time Prime Minister and senator for life, and his connections with big business, Vatican and crime syndicates eventually put him under the spotlight. With humour, Fight Club-like camerawork, frenetic editing and music, Il Divo spans over 40 years is definitely not the kind of biopic that one would expect. Emek: 8 We. 21.30 Atlas: 9 Th. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 11 Sa. 19.00 I'M GOING TO EXPLODE VOY A EXPLOTAR Director : Gerardo Naranjo Cast: Maria Deschamps, Juan Pablo De Santiago, Daniel Gimenez-Cacho Mexico, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 106' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Selanik Thessaloniki FIPRESCI Prize "An angst against stillness", and a vibrant, hormone-raged story executive produced by Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, this film traces the frenetic love story of two 15-year-olds. Roman is the reckless, restless, misfit son of a corrupt politician, a privileged kid with no responsibility, and the offbeat Maru is a middle-class girl. They instantly fall in love, pretend to escape, but in fact hide on the roof of Roman's father's house. Just like Bonnie and Clyde, what first starts as a rebellious adventure transforms into tragedy. City’s: 5 Su. 13.30 Yeni Ruya: 6 Mo. 11.00 Atlas: 7 Tu. 21.30 IN BERLIN Directors: Michael Ballhaus & Ciro Cappellari Cast: Jochen Arbeit, Blixa Bargeld, Ercan Ergin Germany, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 115' German-Turkish-English; English & Turkish s.t. Berlin-born legendary Hollywood cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, who was the Golden Tulip Jury president in 2008, together with Argentine co-director and cinematographer Ciro Cappellari trace the changes that have taken place in Berlin since the fall of the Berlin Wall back in 1989. "Berlin is vibrant and in movement. It is constantly changing," Ballhaus says, and throughout the film, local celebrities and the general public help him capture a unique insight into the lives of local Berliners provide a point of view on the city. More than a mere documentary, this is a love letter to a fascinating international metropolis and its people. Beyoglu: 7 Tu. 13.30 Beyoglu: 8 We. 21.30

IN THE ELECTRIC MIST** DANS LA BRUME ELECTRİQUE Director: Bertrand Tavernier Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, John Goodman, Peter Sarsgaard USA-France, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 117' English; Turkish s.t. A mystery thriller set in New Orleans with a stellar cast, adapted from James Lee Burke by one of the most acclaimed French directors. Competing for the Golden Bear at Berlin Film Festival in February, In the Electric Mist deals with murder, corruption, racism and ghosts. Burke's detective hero Dave Robicheaux, while investigating a series of grisly murders set four decades apart, finds a possible link to New Orleans mobster "Baby Feet" Balboni who is currently producing a Hollywood film. Things get stranger when Robicheaux begins seeing the ghost of a Confederate general, and searches for more clues with his help, as long-dead secrets are revealed, the mystery becomes more and more complicated. Emek: 6 Mo. 13.30 City’s: 11 Sa. 16.00 Emek: 19 Su. 19.00 IN THE SHADOW OF THE QUAKE DEPREMİN GÖLGESİNDE Directors: Sibel Bilgin & Floor Kooij The Netherlands-Turkey, 2009 DigiBeta / Colour / 60' Turkish; English s.t. A documentary about the ten years after the Marmara Earthquake. This is a follow up to directors Kooij and Bilgin's 1999 documentary My Broken Town. The main focus of this film is to explore what happened to the families and people during these 10 years. The "Broken Town" is of course not broken anymore. The villages, towns, houses and the landscape have recovered themselves quite rapidly. But the broken feelings are still there. The life came back, yet their own life with their own memories seem to be still buried in their hearts and minds, as if they are watching their own routine lives from a distance. The shadow of the quake is dimming the light. Pera: 15 We. 19.00 INKILAP AND HER NINE SISTERS İNKILAP VE 9 KARDEŞ Director: Halil Şafak Bakkalbaşıoğlu Turkey, 2008 DVD / Colour / 76' Turkish; English s.t. The latest documentary project from director Halil Şafak Bakkalbaşıoğlu tells the adventure of the steamboats which used to swim in the blue waters of the Bosphorus between 1960 and 2004. The last steamboats… The stories of the boats, starting with the first, İnkılap, followed by Ali İhsan Kalmaz, Turan Emeksiz, Harbiye, Kanlıca, Kuzguncuk, Anadolu Kavağı, Pendik, Ataköy, and the stories of the cabin boys and the captains, and the passengers, who used to say "these ships were like our homeland." Pera: 18 Sa. 13.30 INTI ILLIMANI, WHERE THE CLOUDS SING

INTI ILLIMANI, DOVE CANTANO LE NUVOLE Directors: Francesco Cordio & Paolo Pagnoncelli Cast: Daniele Silvestri, Jorge Coulon, Marcelo Coulon Italy, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 79' Italian-Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. A wild ride through Latin music, a whirlwind of Andean folk tunes, tangos from Argentina, Brazilian sambas… Chilean band Inti-Illimani has, since forty years, been the foremost representative of the cancion"movement that combined traditional Latin American folk music and popular rock music, and also a symbol of the Chilean opposition during their exile since 1973. Visiting themes of memory and cultural roots, this film relives the history of the Inti-Illimani through their live music performances, interviews of the band members and historic figures, including a unique musical encounter with Italy's famous singer-composer, Daniele Silvestri Beyoglu: 6 Mo. 21.30 Beyoglu: 9 Th. 11.00 IT'S HARD BEING LOVED BY JERKS* C'EST DUR D'ÊTRE AIMÉ PAR DES CONS Director: Daniel Leconte France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 118' French; English & Turkish s.t. The film takes its title from a cartoon published in the Charlie Hebdo, the popular satirical French weekly, depicting Prophet Mohammad with his head in his hands, saying "It's tough to be loved by jerks" referring to fundamentalists. This cartoon was published in the paper along with the infamous twelve Danish cartoons, in response to the international Muslim reaction. But then, Philippe Val, the editor of Charlie Hebdo was cited to court by the Great Mosque of Paris, the World Muslim League and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France. This film covers this extraordinary trial with all its key participants: journalists, lawyers, witnesses, prosecutors, politicians and Muslim community leaders Beyoglu: 8 We. 11.00 Beyoglu: 11 Sa. 16.00 JOHNNY MAD DOG** Director: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire Cast: Christophe Minie, Daisy Victoria Vandy, Dagbeh Tweh France-Liberia-Belgium, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 95' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes Prize of Hope 2008 Deauville Best French Script 2008 Moscow Best Film Africa today. Johnny, 15, a child-soldier, armed to the hilt, is fuelled by drugs and inhabited by the mad dog he dreams of becoming. With his teenage commando band "The Death Dealers", he robs, dances, slays everything in his path. Laokolé, 13, strives to flee her occupied city. As Johnny's killing troop advances, Laokolé flees… With a cast of fifteen real former child soldiers, this is a thrillingly fast, brutally savage, visually dazzling portrait of a people who are trying to save their humanity. Atlas: 15 We. 19.00 Emek: 16 Th. 13.30

Rexx: 18 Sa. 19.00 JOURNEY TO THE MOON AYA SEYAHAT Director : Kutluğ Ataman Cast: Metin Alagaş, Gözde Aran, Ahmet Aslan Turkey, 2009 HD / Colour / 79' Turkish; English s.t. 1957. A remote village in Erzincan province, Eastern Turkey. The quest of four villagers to travel to the moon is documented with the use of found black-and-white photos and the aid of a local narrator. A wide range of established Turkish intellectuals offer their views of the events that took place in 1957. The resulting film curiously becomes an in-depth study of contemporary Turkish culture, rather than an historical documentary. The latest work of Kutluğ Ataman, who is presiding over the Jury of the National Competition Jury includes interviews with Alim Rüstem Aslan, Murat Belge, Seçkin Dindar, Sibel Eraslan, Nilüfer Göle, Mahir Kaynak, Etyen Mahçupyan, Turgay Oğur, Atila Özgüç, Özge Samancı, Bülent Somay, (Panter) Emel Yıldız. Beyoglu: 18 Sa. 13.30 KNOT DÜĞÜM Director: Uygar Asan Cast: Sezgin Cengiz, Ayşegül Akbulut, Emre Saka, Murat Vanlı Turkey, 2009 HD / Colour / 71' Turkish; English s.t. Expanding his follower base with Winter Garden, the first ever Turkish feature-length film shot and screened digitally, and Shell that followed it, Uygar Asan meditates on a theme of "knot" in his third feature-length digital film. Knot's world premiere will be made at the festival. What is it that Lautréamont means when saying "And so it continues, for all the hours of eternity"? What is concerning the "knot" in Ece Ayhan's poetry? What is it that goes wrong in that concealed world of families? Truly, where does one start to undo a "knot"? Beyoglu: 13 Mo. 21.30 L.I.F.E.G.U.A.R.D. I.S.T.A.N.B.U.L. (REDUX) / CANKURTARAN/İSTANBUL (REDUX) Director: Bozkurt Palanduz Cast: Ecevit Üresin, Esra Banguoğlu, Serkan Öz Turkey, 2009 DVD / Colour / 92' Turkish; English s.t. Four films of different genres start at different stages of their dramatic development, one at the climax, one at rising action, one in falling action and one at the inciting moment and/or the so-called "moment of last suspense". Yet all these quite different four stories will come to one single real common conclusion only to be perceived through some extrasensory activities of the pre-cognitive storytelling style similar to the "Book of Revelations". Beyoglu: 14 Tu. 16.00

LA RABIA Director: Albertina Carri Cast: Analía Couceyro, Javier Lorenzo, Victor Hugo Carrizo Argentina, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 83' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Transylvania FIPRESCI Prize The power and passion of a Greek tragedy in the endless vastness of Argentine pampas, La Rabia is a disturbing study of adultery, emotional isolation and the brutality of rural life told through the eyes of two children: the mute girl Nati and her best friend Ladeado. Nati's father Poldo breaks all contact with Ladeado's father Pichon, but he does not know that his wife is having a passionate affair with Pichon. Nati knows what is going on, and when Poldo finds drawings made by his daughter depicting a naked man, all he has in mind is revenge. The terrifying climax is an explosion of rage that engulfs everyone Atlas: 5 Su. 21.30 Yeni Ruya 9 Th. 13.30 Rexx: 11 Sa. 19.00 LAKE TAHOE Director: Fernando Eimbcke Cast: Diego Cataño, Héctor Herrera, Daniela Valentine Mexico, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 85' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Berlin Alfred Bauer Prize; FIPRESCI Prize 2008 Guadalajara Best Director Lake Tahoe is not shot near Lake Tahoe, as Mexican director Eimbcke's debut Duck Season had no ducks in it. It's set on the Yucatan peninsula, in a port town. Over 24 hours, we come to know its weird inhabitants intimately after a young man, Juan, crashes his car into a pole and wanders around trying to fix it. He encounters with aging mechanic Don and his dog, teenage mother Lucia and martial-arts fanatic David, who run an auto parts store. This beautiful film tackles big teenage problems with a lowbudget, and minimal action. Rexx: 14 Tu. 16.00 Atlas: 18 Sa. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 19 Su. 11.00 LAST BIRDS SON KUŞLAR Director: Erdoğan Tokatlı Cast: Selma Güneri, Ediz Hun, Tijen Par Turkey, 1965 Betacam / B&W / 90' Turkish 1966 Antalya Best Actress (S. Güneri) Made into a screenplay by Ayşe Şasa from her own short story, Last Birds is the directorial debut of Erdoğan Tokatlı, who employs a plain, simple and unassuming narrative style. According to Agâh Özgüç, it is "a completely poetic cinema," and according to Tokatlı, it is "a love story that I choose to describe as 'romantic reality.'" A student at a girls' high school, Ayşe meets Oğuz, an engineer who works in Anatolia. They begin a passionate love affair, but Ayşe's family is too immersed in their own

desires too care for her. They get Ayşe's older sister Nesrin married, but when she does not meet their demands, they want to get Ayşe married. Will Ayşe be corrupted as they are? Beyoglu: 13 Mo. 11.00

LAST STOP 174 ÚLTIMA PARADA 174 Director: Bruno Barreto Cast: Michel Gomes, Cris Vianna, Marcello Melo Jr. Brazil, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 110' Portuguese; English & Turkish s.t. Written by the screenwriter of City of God and The Elite Squad, Brazil's 2009 Oscar submission presents the backdrop of a real-life bus hijacking in Rio de Janeiro told through the eyes of a young man in search of the affection of a mother, and a mother trying to locate her son. In the slums of Rio, Marisa is obsessed with finding her son Alessandro who was snatched away from her when he was a baby. Another boy, Sandro, flees to the big city after his mother is murdered to join a gang of street kids. In a vicious society oblivious to their plight, Sandro, Alessandro and Marisa's paths will tragically intersect Atlas: 16 Th. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 17 Fr. 13.30 Rexx: 18 Sa. 11.00 LET IT RAIN * PARLEZ-MOI DE LA PLUIE Director: Agnès Jaoui Cast: Agnès Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jamel Debbouze France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 110' French; English & Turkish s.t. South of France is the setting for this battle-of-the-sexes satirical comedy about a self-absorbed feminist novelist (played by director Jaoui). Deciding to try politics, Agathe returns to her hometown after her mother passes away. While in town, she agrees to be interviewed for a documentary made by the Algerian housekeeper Karim and Michel (played by scriptwriter Bacri), who is having an affair with Agathe's sister Florence. Through the interactions of these characters, the film explores human relations, and themes such as sexual politics, family, adultery, feminism, film-making, and politics. Atlas: 5 Su. 16.00 Rexx: 6 Mo. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 8 We. 16.00 LET THE RIGHT ONE IN LÅT DEN RÄTTE KOMMA IN Director: Tomas Alfredson Cast: Kåre Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson, Per Ragnar Sweden, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 114' Swedish; English & Turkish s.t.

2008 European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation: Golden Méliès (Best European Fantasy Film), Tribeca Best Narrative Feature 2008 Copenhagen (NATFilm) Critics Award 2008 Nordic Film Award; Best Cinematography The goriest of sweet coming-of-age films, the sweetest of gore films. This film is a disturbing, darkly atmospheric and tender romantic horror fantasy that weaves adolescence, marginalisation and loyalty through the unusual and unique friendship of the 12-year-old Oskar and his mysterious neighbour Eli, a vampire, frozen forever in a 12-year-old body Emek: 4 Sa. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 5 Su. 11.00 Rexx: 6 Mo. 16.00 LION'S DEN LEONERA Director: Pablo Trapero Cast: Martina Gusman, Elli Medeiros, Rodrigo Santoro Argentina-South Korea-Brazil, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 113' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Lima Best Screenplay; Best Cinematography; Best Actress (M. Gusman) 2009 Palm Springs Best Actress (M. Gusman) In his fifth feature film, Argentine director Pablo Trapero tackles motherhood, solitude, love, confinement and hope in a women's prison, through the eyes of Julia, a woman sentenced for murder, and the child she brought up in jail. Julia is slow to adapt to the jail system, but she will find two fellow inmates in a circle of women: Marta, who has raised two children inside, and Sofia, Julia's own mother. Marta becomes her guide and counsellor, while Sofia, her opponent. Who will eventually determine the fate of her child? Emek: 9 Th. 16.00 Emek: 11 Sa. 16.00 Rexx: 12 Su. 21.30 LIVERPOOL** Director : Lisandro Alonso Cast: Juan Fernandez, Giselle Irrazabal, Nieves Cabrera Argentina-France-The Netherlands-Germany-Spain, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 84' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Gijon Best Film A rising star on the international independent film scene, Lisandro Alonso's latest minimalist film following Fantasma once more focuses on a loner, Farrel. He has been a sailor for the past twenty years, drinking to oblivion and paying for his women. During an Atlantic crossing, Farrel leaves the freighter he is on and goes ashore at Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. He begins a lengthy journey to Tierra del Fuego's interior, to an isolated village set around an old saw mill. This is where he was born and his mother is still alive, but there's an addition to the family. Atlas: 16 Th. 16.00 Rexx: 17 Fr. 11.00 Atlas: 19 Su. 16.00 LOFT Director: Erik Van Looy

Cast: Chris Van Outryve, Vincent Stevens, Filip Willems Belgium, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 118' Dutch; English & Turkish s.t. Five married men. A trendy loft. Mistresses. A murdered woman. The five characters of Loft are also five suspects: the extremely reliable psychiatrist Chris, the friendly and charismatic architect Vincent, the unpredictable and dangerous Filip, the silent Luc and the party animal Marnix. They have a secret pact about the loft they bring their mistresses to. But when they discover the body of a murdered young woman, they begin to doubt and blame each other. There are only five keys to the loft. Loft is the second most watched film in Belgian cinema history. Atlas: 11 Sa. 24.00 Rexx: 15 We. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 19 Su. 19.00 LOS BASTARDOS** Director: Amat Escalante Cast: Jesús Moisés Rodriguez, Rubén Sosa, Nina Zavarin Mexico-France-USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 90' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Morelia Best Mexican Feature 2008 Sitges Best Film-New Visions 2008 Mar del Plata Best Latinoamerican Film Bratislava Best Director 2008 Courmayeur Film Noir Festival (Italy) Special Jury Prize Amat Escalante who had shocked audiences with his earlier Sangre returns with another shocker that points the finger at the industrialised world and the US in their treatment of illegal immigrants. This is an account of the 24 hours in the lives of Fausto and Jesus, two illegal day-labourers from Mexico. Through minimalistic dialogue and static takes, tension slowly builds up from the bold opening credits until the violent gory ending Rexx: 8 We. 13.30 Atlas: 10 Fr. 11.00 Atlas: 14 Tu. 21.30 MAMMOTH Director: Lukas Moodysson Cast: Gael García Bernal, Michelle Williams, Marife Necesito Sweden-Germany-Denmark, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 120' English-Thai; English & Turkish s.t. Sweden's best-known director on the international scene with Lilya 4-ever and A Hole in My Heart, is back with a high-budget, star-studded international feature. His first English-language film is the intimate story of a wealthy New York couple, Ellen and Leo, their daughter Jackie and Filipino nanny Gloria. On a business trip to Thailand, Tom realises that he wants to change his life. The chain of events that he sets off will have dramatic consequences for everyone. Mammoth is one of the biggest Swedish film projects ever undertaken, filmed on three continents and the process taking around three years. Emek: 7 Tu. 21.30

Yeni Ruya: 10 Fr. 19.00 City’s: 19 Su. 16.00 MARENOSTRUM Director: Ethem Özgüven Turkey, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 30' Turkish; English s.t. In fact, nothing is as romantic as it seems or we think, especially for a small fisherman. Once upon a time, you get up in the morning and look through the horizon. You are cold. A fish yard protected by you, your father, his father, old people of Foça or Lycians since thousands of years has been wretched by a big boat, say five tons of fish were caught overnight. And the yard has finished forever. The fish has finished. The sea has finished. The respect has finished. The love has finished. The neighbourhood has finished; most of the Greek neighbours have moved far away... Lie and hypocrisy, greed and violence have started. That is what we are going through in today's Mediterranean and in today's world... The Mediterranean, mother of all seas. Pera: 15 We. 21.30 MEN ON THE BRIDGE KÖPRÜDEKİLER Director: Aslı Özge Cast: Fikret Portakal, Murat Tokgöz, Umut İlker Germany-Turkey, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 90' Turkish; English s.t. The illegal rose-seller Fikret, the shared-taxi driver Umut, and the traffic policeman Murat live in the suburbs of Istanbul and come to work to the centre of the city, the Bosphorus Bridge. Unknown to each other, their dreams intersect in the rush hour every day with millions of other Istanbulites on the so-called border between Asia and Europe. The film’s stories are based on the real lives of the main characters, who act themselves in their original environments. Telling the stories of Berliners in her first fiction feature A Little Bit of April (2003), Aslı Özge this time tells about the dreams and aspirations of the young generation in Istanbul. Emek: 15 We. 21.30 MILK** SUT Director: Semih Kaplanoğlu Cast: Melih Selçuk, Başak Köklükaya, Şerif Erol Turkey-France-Germany, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 102' Turkish; English s.t. Vying for the Golden Lion at Venice in August 2008, Milk is the second instalment of Kaplanoğlu's "Yusuf trilogy" that started with Yumurta / Egg which won the Golden Tulip at Istanbul Film Festival in 2008, and that will be completed with Honey. Recent high school graduate Yusuf is passionate about writing poetry, and some of his poems are published in some obscure literary journals. But for the time being, he continues working in his mother Zehra's countryside milk business, also with an uncertain future. When Yusuf learns about his mother's discreet affair with the town station master, he gets even more anxious about making the sudden jump toward manhood. Will young Yusuf be able to handle the changes in his peaceful existence? Emek: 13 Mo. 16.00

MILK Director: Gus Van Sant Cast: Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 128' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Boston Society of Film Critics: Best Director; Best Screenplay; Best Actor (S. Penn) 2008 Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Best Actor (S. Penn) 2008 USA National Board of Review: Best Supporting Actor (J. Brolin) 2009 Oscar Best Original Screenplay; Best Actor(S. Penn) The story of California's first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk, a San Francisco supervisor who was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone, Milk was described as "a fascinating, multilayered history lesson," by the New York Times, and nominated for eight Oscars. Using archival footage, the film traces Milk's career from his 40th birthday to his death: moving from New York to San Francisco, opening a camera shop, activism, running for office, final victory as the first openly gay candidate, political battles and death. Emek: 4 Sa. 21.30 Emek: 5 Su. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 11 Sa. 16.00 Rexx: 19 Su. 21.30 MODERN LIFE * LA VIE MODERNE Director : Raymond Depardon Cast: Paul Argaud, Marcel Challaye, Jacques Chirac France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 90' French; English & Turkish s.t. The third instalment of Depardon's portrait on rural French dairy farmers returns to the Haut-Garonne region years later, documenting not only provincial life but also the people and the region: the Privat brothers are getting old, the landscape changes, the young give up hope, time passes… Depardon takes on three roles, as interviewer, cameraman and narrator with an unequalled patience and affection. The film is structured as a year-long road trip, from farm to farm, from family to family, filling us up on what has happened in the past years Atlas:13 Mo. 21.30 Atlas: 19 Su. 13.30 MOMMO-THE BOGEYMAN MOMMO Director: Atalay Taşdiken Cast: Elif Bülbül, Mehmet Bülbül, Mehmet Usta Turkey, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 94' Turkish; English s.t. Atalay Taşdiken's first feature-length fiction film that he wrote and directed, Mommo debuted at Berlin Film Festival in February. Inspired by real-life events, the film tells the story of nine-year-old Ali and his younger sister Ayşe, both staying at their grandfather's because their father's new wife does not want them. Can a boy of nine be a big brother, a father, a mother and a guide all at once? And even when

his heart is full of anger, Ayşe misses their irresponsible father, their neighbour wants to give Ayşe to a foster family… Ayşe is scared of the bogeyman mommo, Ali tries to calm him. But he has his own fears… Emek: 12 Su. 13.30 MUTANT ALIENS Director : Bill Plympton Cast: Dan McComas, Francine Lobis, George Casden USA, 2001 35 mm / Colour / 75' English; Turkish s.t. 2001 Annecy Grand Prix 2001 Seoul Best Director 2001 Science Fiction Utopiales (Nantes) Special Jury Prize 2002 Ottawa Best Animated Film Inspired by the Russian cosmonaut dog Laika and all the other experimental space animals, Bill Plympton played on the idea that all these animals "circling the earth" banded together and plotted revenge on the earthlings. Released first as a graphic novel, Mutant Aliens tells the outrageous and outlandish story of Earl, an astronaut who is stranded in space and rescued by aliens from Planet Nose, his daughter Josie with her dim-witted boyfriend Darby, and the evil Dr Frubar. Emek: 8 We. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 13 Mo. 21.30 Rexx: 15 We. 13.30 MY ONLY SUNSHINE HAYAT VAR Director: Reha Erdem Cast: Elit İşcan, Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Levend Yılmaz, Banu Fotocan Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 121' Turkish; English s.t. Director Reha Erdem returns with My Only Sunshine that premiered at Berlin Film Festival's Forum, two years after Beş Vakit / Times and Winds. Fourteen-year-old Hayat, her father and bedridden grandfather live in a wooden shack by the waters of the breathtakingly beautiful but dangerous Bosporus. Hayat's father owns a small boat which he uses for either fishing or some illegal enterprises, scraping a meagre living. Hayat's life is tough, relentless and merciless, but she is persistent, resistant. As she tries to cope with her own problems of adolescence, Hayat endures, maintains her resilience, courage, and hope in the face of the injustice that prevails in the world. Emek: 16 Th. 16.00 NAZARIN Director: Luis Buñuel Cast: Francisco Rabal, Marga López, Rita Macedo Mexico, 1958 35 mm / B&W / 94' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 1959 Cannes International Prize 1961 Bodil Danish Film Critics Union Awards: Best Non-European Film

Nazarin is a humanistic study of the failure of Catholicism, a display of Buñuel's pessimism and disillusionment with the church. Drawing parallels with the life of Jesus, the film tells the life of Nazario, a priest living in the poor side of town among prostitutes, thieves and beggars in Mexico during the early 1900s. He attempts to live a pure and honest life dedicated to Christian values. He aids and protects a prostitute, but others show him only distrust and contempt. He adamantly strives for compassion as his religious idealism and social realities clash, but he gets disasters, death, and suffering Rexx: 7 Tu. 16.00 Atlas: 11 Sa. 16.00 NEWS ITEMS * FAITS DIVERS Director: Raymond Depardon France, 1983 35 mm / Colour / 108' French; English & Turkish s.t. For three months Raymond Depardon, combining his qualities as photographer, filmmaker and observer, lived in the police station of the fifth arrondissement in Paris with his camera and became nearly invisible, winning the confidence of the policemen. He was interested, as the title suggests, only in the routine assignments of the station that would get one or two paragraphs in the papers: investigation of a rape charge, transportation of a hysterical old lady to the hospital, rounding up a drug addict… Premiering at the A Certain Look section of the Cannes Film Festival in 1983, Depardon's film is intriguing, engaging and sometimes very funny. Atlas: 12 Su. 11.00 Beyoglu: 15 We. 13.30

NORTH NORD Director : Rune Denstad Langlo Cast: Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Kyrre Hellum, Marte Aunemo Norway, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 78' Norwegian; English & Turkish s.t. 2009 Berlin Panorama FIPRESCI Prize; Label Europa Cinemas Premiering at the Berlin Film Festival in February where it opened the Panorama section, North is director Langlo's debut feature film. It is written by Erlend Roe, who had scripted Gone with the Woman. Described as a road movie comedy set in romantic natural surroundings, the film follows Jomar, a former skiing athlete who has isolated himself in a sad, lonely existence after a nervous breakdown. Five years later, on a snow scooter, Jomar embarks on a strange and dramatic journey towards reality, towards a fresh start, towards the north, where his ex-girlfriend lives with his child that he has just learned. Yeni Ruya 4 Sa. 19.00 Atlas: 9 Th. 11.00 City’s: 12 Su. 11.00 OBLIVION EL OLVIDO Director: Heddy Honigmann Cast: Jorge Kanashiro, Luis Cerna, David Gutierrez

The Netherlands-Germany, 2008 DigiBeta / Colour / 94' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 DOK Leipzig FIPRESCI Prize; Silver Dove; Ecumenical Jury Prize The latest work of Heddy Honigmann, who is considered one of world's best documentary filmmakers, is a film about poverty and poetry in a country plundered by the powerful, but also a film where the powerless resist by being consigned to oblivion. Oblivion, is "a poetic celebration of a forgotten city and its people," Lima, the director's birthplace. Wandering through the streets, visiting restaurants, we meet moving characters, a street vendor, a shoeshine boy who, with their dreams and poetry look at history with humour and irony. Beyoglu: 6 Mo. 13.30 Beyoglu: 10 Fr. 16.00 Beyoglu: 11 Sa. 21.30 OF TIME AND THE CITY Director: Terence Davies UK, 2008 DigiBeta / Colour / 77' English; Turkish s.t. Lyrical filmmaker Terence Davies' first film in eight years and first documentary ever is an autobiographic ode to his hometown, Liverpool, using vintage newsreel footage, contemporary popular music and a narration by Davies himself. Of Time and the City is both a love song and a eulogy to Liverpool. It is also a response to memory, reflection and the experience of losing a sense of place as the skyline changes and time takes it toll. Terence Davies returns also to his filmmaking roots to capture a sense of the city today and its influences on him growing up in the late 40s and early 50s. Liverpool's phoenix-like rise is portrayed like it's never been seen before; how a city can change itself and the people under its influence… Beyoglu: 4 Sa. 19.00 Beyoglu: 16 Th. 21.30 Beyoglu: 19 Su. 11.00 ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL İKİ DİL BİR BAVUL Directors: Orhan Eskiköy & Özgür Doğan Turkey, 2008 DigiBeta / Colour / 81' Turkish-Kurdish; English s.t. Competing for the Joris Ivens Award at Amsterdam International Documentary Festival IDFA in 2008, the latest film from experienced documentary makers Orhan Eskiköy and Özgür Doğan is a film about a Turkish teacher who is alone in a village as an authority of the state, and about his interaction with the Kurdish children who have to learn Turkish. The film witnesses the communication problem emphasizing the loneliness of a teacher in a different community and culture; and the changes brought up by his presence into this different community during one year. The film chronicles one school year, during which the students and the teacher begin to know and understand each other mutually and slowly. Beyoglu: 17 Fr. 16.00 OPIUM WAR** Director : Siddiq Barmak Cast : Peter Bussian, Joe Suba, Fawad Samani

Afghanistan-Japan-S. Korea-France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 90' Dari-English; English & Turkish s.t. The second feature film from Siddiq Barmak following his highly-acclaimed Osama in 2003 was Afghanistan's nominee for the 2008 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Filmed with nonprofessional actors, the story of this dark comedy is set in a far, mountainous region of northern Afghanistan. Two American soldiers, a bigoted white officer and a black PI, survive a helicopter crash. Injured and exhausted, they cross a poppy field, and confront the family who plants the field: a farmer, his three wives, deranged daughter and foul-mouthed son living in an abandoned Soviet tank. Atlas: 17 Fr. 16.00 Atlas: 18 Sa. 11.00 Rexx: 19 Su. 11.00 PANDORA'S BOX ** PANDORA'NIN KUTUSU Director : Yeşim Ustaoğlu Cast: Tsilla Chelton, Derya Alabora, Övül Avkıran, Onur Ünsal Turkey-France-Germany-Belgium, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 112' Turkish; English s.t. 2008 San Sebastian Best Film; Best Actress (T. Chelton) 2008 Antalya Best Supporting Actress (Ö. Avkıran) 2008 Amiens Best Actress (T. Chelton) Debuting at Toronto Film Festival, Pandora's Box is a story of alienation and isolation told through an estranged family: two sisters, Nesrin and Güzin, and a brother, Mehmet –who live in İstanbul. When they are informed that their mother Nusret has disappeared, they travel to their small Black Sea town where they were born. They come to realise that they know very little about each others and themselves. When they all return to Istanbul, the only person Nusret can communicate turns out to be her grandson Murat. Emek 14 Tu. 16.00 PONTYPOOL Director : Bruce McDonald Cast: Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle, Georgina Reilly, Hrant Alianak Canada, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 95' English; Turkish s.t. Words are killing. Everyone who speaks. People are eating other people. It's either the best or the worst place to stay at, inside a radio station, in the basement of a church. The reports are bizarre; people do terrible things, develop strange speech patterns. How can you stop a virus that spreads through the English language? Acclaimed director Bruce McDonald (The Tracey Fragments) keeps the morning team of a radio station trapped as the insane behaviour takes over a whole town in this philosophical, avant-garde zombie horror film that is anything but predictable. Atlas: 4 Sa. 24.00 Rexx: 7 Tu. 13.30 Beyoglu: 17 Fr. 24.00 PORTRAITS FROM TURKISH CINEMA: TOLGAY ZİYAL, HALİT REFİĞ, MEMDUH ÜN Turkey, 2009 Turkish; English s.t.

Pera: 15 We. 16.00

PRISON NR. 5 PRISON NR. 5 Director : Çayan Demirel Turkey, 2009 DVD / Colour / 96' Turkish; English s.t. This documentary reveals the truth about the period from the military coup of September 12, 1980 up to 1984 in the Diyarbakır Prison Nr. 5 which caused the death of 34 prisoners and maimed hundreds of others. Through testimonies, the documentary depicts the years 1980-1984 in the Diyarbakır prison, which the military authorities of the time defined as a "military school" while the prisoners called a "ferocity period". Pera: 17 Fr. 19.00 PROFILES OF FARMERS: DAILY LIFE * PROFILS PAYSANS: LE QUOTIDIEN Director : Raymond Depardon Cast: Marcel Privat, Raymond Privat, Alain Rouvière France, 2005 35 mm / Colour / 83' French; English & Turkish s.t. In the second film of his trilogy on the French countryside, Depardon returns to observe everyday life in the small farms that resist the industrialization of agriculture. In Lozère, Ardèche and the HauteLoire, we meet up again with several families living a rural life that appeared in L'Approche four years earlier. While the old get older, young farmers set up new houses, but numerous others sell off their estates which become vacation houses for urbanites. Depardon captures life and the characters as they are: the quiet Marcel, loner Paul, dignified Marcelle, the bachelor Alain Beyoglu: 5 Su. 13.30 Atlas: 10 Fr. 13.30

PROFILES OF FARMERS: GETTING CLOSER * PROFILS PAYSANS: L'APPROCHE Director : Raymond Depardon Cast: Marcelle Brès, Raymond Privat, Louis Brès France, 2001 35 mm / Colour / 88' French; English & Turkish s.t. The first part of Depardon's farmers trilogy that chronicles throughout a ten-year period, the transformation of rural life in France. French rural life has undergone enormous changes in the last century, and having spent his childhood on the Gret farm in the Saône Valley in central France, Depardon's sensitivity and interest in the subject is more than understandable. In this very personal film, Depardon observes, befriends and chats with the villagers, capturing their work routine and secluded, calm life. This first part of the trilogy, followed by Daily Life (2005) and Modern Life (2008), is dedicated "to the approach, our approach, to these farms and their inhabitants."

Beyoglu: 4 Sa. 11.00 Atlas: 9 Th. 13.30 QUIET CHAOS CAOS CALMO Director : Antonello Grimaldi Cast: Nanni Moretti, Valeria Golino, Isabella Alessandro Gassman Italy, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 112' Italian; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Chicago Best Screenplay 2008 Italy David di Donatello Awards: Best Music; Best Song; Best Supporting Actor (A. Gassman) With one of the best Italian directors, Nanni Moretti starring, this is a beautiful film looking at bereavement from a different perspective. "Quiet chaos" is what Pietro has been experiencing ever since his wife's sudden death. On her daughter's first day to school, Pietro drives her, and waits for her outside until the classes are over. He does the same thing the following day, and the days after that. His bosses, colleagues, relatives come to understand him, but it turns out that he understand them better. City’s: 4 Sa. 11.00 Emek: 7 Tu. 13.30 Emek: 9 Th. 19.00 RAIN LLUVIA Director: Paula Hernández Cast: Valeria Bertucelli & Ernesto Alterio Argentina, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 110' Spanish; Turkish s.t. 2008 Mannheim Best Film "A wonderful film about chance, a masterpiece of directing" the Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival jury lauded Rain. The second feature of Paula Hernández is about rain in Buenos Aires that has not stopped fort here days straight, about Alma who left the man she's been with for years, and about Roberto who has moved back home after spending thirty years abroad. In the middle of the traffic jam, Alma's car door opens, and Roberto gets in. This will be the beginning of a new life for two desperate, hopeless, lonely people. Beyoglu: 4 Sa. 13.30 Atlas: 8 We. 11.00 Rexx: 11 Sa. 11.00 RED BRIDGE PIRDESUR (KIRMIZIKÖPRÜ) Director : Caner Canerik Cast: Ali Şanlı, Cevahir Şanlı, Metin Güler Turkey, 2008 miniDV / Colour / 90' Turkish-Kurkish; English s.t. The latest film from director Caner Canerik, who has switched to documentaries after a career in news reporting chronicles his observations from the Kırmızıköprü Village (Pırdesur in Kurdish) in Pülümür

town in the east of Turkey where he was born, and his return years after he has left for college. Especially after 1990, internal migration caused big tragedies in the east and south east regions of Turkey. Three million people, according to unofficial statistics, left their homes and savings and migrated to cities they hardly knew. Kırmızıköprü now only has a population of 30 following emigration from the village, and the stories of these people who did not migrate, who continued to live there reflect the cultural and social transformation, life and struggle in the village. Pera: 16 Th. 21.30 RED RIVER BLACK SHEEP KIZILIRMAK KARAKOYUN Director : Ö. Lütfi Akad Cast: Yılmaz Güney, Nilüfer Koçyiğit, Kadir Savun Turkey, 1967 35 mm / B&W / 90' Turkish; French s.t. This Anatolian legend was first adapted to screen by Muhsin Ertuğrul and Nâzım Hikmet who wrote the screenplay. This remake is one of the best examples of the collaboration between Ö. Lütfi Akad and Yılmaz Güney, and it has influenced Yılmaz Güney's works that he directed in later years. Güney plays the shepherd Ali Haydar who is in love with Hatice, the daughter of the agha of the nomadic village. However, this is against tradition, so the elders agree to this on the condition that Ali Haydar pass thirsty sheep across the river without drinking any water. The shepherd succeeds, but the agha fails his promise which results in the villagers revolting. Beyoglu: 13 Mo. 16.00 REMBRANDT'S J'ACCUSE Director : Peter Greenaway Cast: Eva Birthistle, Jodhi May, Emily Holmes, Jonathan Holmes The Netherlands-Germany-Finland, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 86' English; Turkish s.t. Greenaway had dissected Rembrandt's The Night Watch painting in the amazing crime feature Nightwatching screened at the Festival in 2008. And in 2009, he returns to the painting once again, with a crime documentary in which he is on screen throughout, in an image box, serving both as a tour guide and detective, dissecting history with dramatisations and split screens, revealing the conspiracy behind and inside the painting: the murder, the motive, conspirators, murderers, clues and the outcome. This is a CSI with Rembrandt as detective, accuser, prosecutor and judge. Beyoglu: 8 We. 16.00 Beyoglu: 11 Sa. 13.30 Beyoglu: 12 Su. 11.00 RESTLESS** Director : Amos Kollek Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Ran Danker, Karen Young Israel-Canada-Germany-France-Belgium, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 100' English-Hebrew; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Berlin Prize of the Guild of German Art House Cinemas Troia Silver Dolphin (Best Screenplay); CICAE European Cinemas Award

Israeli-born American independent filmmaker Amos Kollek's fifteenth feature is about a father and son, and redemption. The father, Moshe has moved to America from Israel, fleeing from responsibility and his newly born child. Now, 20 years later, he's hit rock bottom, he can't even pay his rent. Meanwhile his son Tzach is discharged from an elite unit of the Israeli army. After his mother's death, he finds his father's address. When Tzach and Moshe meet for the first time, years of pent up resentment is unleashed. Rexx: 4 Sa. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 5 Su. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 8 We. 11.00

REVANCHE Director : Götz Spielmann Cast: Johannes Krisch, Andreas Lust, Ursula Strauss, Irina Potapenko Austria, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 121' German; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Berlin CICAE Prize; Femina Film Prize; Label Europa Cinemas 2008 Graz Best Austrian Film 2009 Palm Springs Best Foreign Language Film 2009 Tromsö Best Film; FIPRESCI Prize A striking psychological drama, and Austria's nominee for the Oscars, Revanche centres on the despair of two young lovers who cannot escape their destiny: Tamara, a Ukrainian prostitute, and Alex, her boss's errand boy. They devise a plan to rob a bank, it all goes well, but a policeman shows up, and shoots Tamara. Devastated, Alex goes to the woods, consumed by hate, planning his revenge. And here he meets Susanne, the policeman's wife. Atlas: 17 Fr. 11.00 Emek: 18 Sa. 21.30 Rexx: 19 Su. 19.00 RICKY** Director : François Ozon Cast: Alexandra Lamy, Sergi López, Mélusine Mayance France-Italy, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 90' French; English & Turkish s.t. François Ozon's first feature following the 2007 feminist melodrama Angel is a film about life. When Katie, an ordinary woman meets Paco, an ordinary man, something magical and miraculous happens: they fall in love. Out of their love comes an extraordinary baby, a very special baby: Ricky. The film fuses genres, which Ozon says mixes thriller, horror, sci-fi, comedy and fairy tale elements. The film is adapted from British writer Rose Tremain's short story Moth. Emek: 11 Sa. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 17 Fr. 21.30 City’s: 19 Su. 21.30 ROOM AND A HALF POLTORY KOMNATY ILI SENTIMENTALNOE PUTESHESTVIE NA RODINU Director : Andrey Khrzhanovsky Cast:

Alisa Freindlich, Sergei Yurskiy, Grigoriy Dityatkovskiy Russia, 2009 35 mm / Colour and B&W / 130' Russian; English & Turkish s.t. A unique assembly: the early life of great Russian poet, Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky told by great filmmaker, animator and documentarist Andrei Khrzhanovsky. "A magical, wildly creative fantasia," according to Variety, the film premiered at Rotterdam Film Festival in January and welds fiction, archival footage, animation and stills. Brodsky was exiled from Russia to the USA in 1972, never visiting his motherland again. Khrzhanovsky imagines Brodsky returning home, anonymously, and we return to the USSR of the 50s and early 60s, soaking up the atmosphere of the "European" city of St. Petersburg. Yeni Ruya 14 Tu. 16.00 Atlas: 15 We. 21.30 Rexx: 17 Fr. 16.00 RUMBA** Directors : Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy Cast: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Philippe Martz, Bruno Romy France-Belgium, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 77' French; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Zagreb Best Film An extremely stylised, unusual, colourful, joyful, at the same time funny and melancholic invitation to dance; a Tatiesque film with minimal dialogue that captures the spirit of the burlesque actors of the silent era. Played by the directors themselves, the main characters Fiona and Dom are teachers in the idyllic countryside. They are in love with each other as they are with Latin dancing. They even have lots of trophies that they won. One night, as they are returning from a competition, they try to avoid a failed suicide victim in the middle of the road. Their car hits a wall and their life is turned upside down. Emek: 17 Fr. 11.00 Eemek: 18 Sa. 16.00 Rexx: 19 Su. 16.00 SALVATORE GIULIANO Director. Francesco Rosi Cast. Sennuccio Benelli, Max Cartier, Salvo Randone Italy, 1961 35 mm / B&W / 125' Italian; English & Turkish s.t. 1962 Berlin Best Director 1952 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists: Best B/W Cinematography; Best Director; Best Score Bringing international prominence to Francesco Rosi, this crime drama is the first of his signature mosaic-style exposes of real characters and incidents. Based on the factual account of Salvatore Giuliano, a Sicilian bandit and folk hero turned Mafia boss, who after the war became an important player in Sicily's guerrilla independence movement, the film begins with the shooting of Salvatore Giuliano and unfolds back to his life and times, his participation in gangster related activities, slaughtering communists and confrontation with the law. In the end, he is so violent and cruel that even his own men desert him. Atlas: 10 Fr. 19.00 Rexx: 13 Mo. 13.30

SEBASTIANE Directors: Derek Jarman & Paul Humfress Cast: Leonardo Trevıglıo, Barney James, Neil Kennedy UK, 1976 35 mm / Colour / 90' Latin; English & Turkish s.t. Derek Jarman's first full-length work and the first film to be ever shot completely in Latin, Sebastiane portrays the events of the life of Saint Sebastian, including his iconic martyrdom by arrows. The film is considered to be a landmark in gay cinema due to its courageous depiction of a Roman military outpost in the era of Emperor Diocletian, when homosexuality was just a part of sexuality. Sebastiane is deemed significant in tracing the plight of Christian Sebastian defying the lustful advances of pagan Severus due to the cinema vérité techniques borrowed from Pasolini, Brian Eno's minimalist score, breathtaking visual design using the compositions of Renaissance paintings, and its thematic core of spirituality and faith. Rexx: 9 Th. 13.30 Yeni Ruya: 18 Sa. 21.30 SHIRIN Director : Abbas Kiarostami Cast: Rena Azadivar, Vishka Asayesh, Juliette Binoche, Hedieh Tehrani, Niki Karimi, Taraneh Alidoustı, Fatemeh Motamedarya Iran, 2008 DigiBeta / Colour / 92' Persian; English & Turkish s.t. Khosrow and Shirin is a 12th century Persian romance tale that depicts the love of a king to a princess, but Kiarostami's Shirin is a collage of 112 Iranian actresses and Juliette Binoche, filmed watching an entirely off-screen production of the tale. The close-ups of the women, sometimes individually sometimes with other women, are captured, and the audience just sees their natural responses –laughter, relief, sadness, even tears. With a soundtrack, the tale is narrated in a sometimes tragic, sometimes kitsch way. Kiarostami has been distancing himself from classical narration, and Shirin is both an expression of this approach and also his ambition for photography. Beyoglu: 18 Sa. 11.00-19.00

SILENCE... WE'RE ROLLING ** SKOOT HANSAWWAR Director : Yusuf Şahin Cast: Latifa, Ahmed Bedir, Ahmed Wafik, Magda El-Khatib France-Egypt, 2001 35 mm / Colour / 102' Arabic-French; English & Turkish s.t. Great Egyptian master's thirty-sixth feature film was shot two films before his last, Chaos. The world's most respected Arab filmmaker wrote and directed this dramatic comedy, a hilarious musical melodrama on celebrity culture. The film tells the story of Malak, a rich singer-actress and her daughter, both wooed by Lamei, a doctor who wants to become an actor. Lamei intends to use

Malak's money and fame to realise his dreams, but Malak falls for this opportunist. Her screenwriter and director discourage the relationship, and her career is jeopardised. Beyoglu: 5 Su. 21.30 Rexx: 7 Tu. 11.00 SIMON OF THE DESERT SIMÓN DEL DESIERTO Director : Luis Buñuel Cast: Claudio Brook, Enrique Álvarez Félix, Silvia Pinal Mexico, 1965 35 mm / B&W / 45' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 1965 Venice FIPRESCI Prize; Special Jury Prize Buñuel once more criticises the trivialisation of faith through imagery and heavy symbolism in this surreal and witty parable based on the story of the 5th century Syrian saint Simeon Stylites. Simon has lived for 6 years, 6 weeks and 6 days atop a pillar in the middle of the desert praying for spiritual purification. He is praised by a congregation of priests and peasants, heals an amputee, and condemns a handsome priest. The Devil visits him in disguise, but cannot deceive him until the third visit, when they both are transported to 1960s disco with a dancing crowd. Rexx: 7 Tu. 16.00 Atlas: 11 Sa. 16.00

SOMERS TOWN Director : Shane Meadows Cast: Piotr Jagiello, Thomas Turgoose, Ireneusz Czop UK, 2008 35 mm / Colour and B&W / 75' French-Polish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Edinburgh Best British Film 2008 Tribeca Best Actor (T. Turgoose & P. Jagiello) The young star of This is England, Thomas Turgoose, is Tomo, a troubled boy who has run away from his home to London. There he meets Marek, a shy Polish teenager who shares his flat with his labourer father in a rundown area. When Marek agrees for Tomo to stay with them, they form a strong bond as they work odd jobs for an eccentric neighbour, compete for the attention of the beautiful French waitress Maria, and try to avoid being discovered by Marek's father. Somers Town is a heartwarming tale of how life-changing friendships can be found in the most unlikely of places. Emek: 10 Fr. 16.00 Rexx: 11 Sa. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 12 Su. 19.00 STELLA* Director: Sylvie Verheyde Cast: Léora Barbara, Mélissa Rodriguez, Karole Rocher, Benjamin Biolay France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 103' French; English & Turkish s.t.

Actress-screenwriter-director Sylvie Verheyde's third feature film is a moving coming-of-age film that chronicles a year in the life of the eleven-year-old Stella. It's 1977. Stella lives outside Paris in a working-class neighbourhood. Her parents run a bar and she attends a prestigious Parisian School, where she meets Gladys, the daughter of two intellectual Argentinean Jewish exiles. Through songs and books that Stella discovers at her friend's house, she slowly enters another dimension - real life. Recently deceased actor Guillaume Depardieu makes one of his final appearances on screen. Yeni Ruya: 4 Sa. 11.00 Rexx: 6 Mo. 11.00 Atlas: 7 Tu. 16.00 STILL WALKING ARUITEMO, ARUITEMO Director : Hirokazu Kore-eda Cast: Yoshio Harada, Kirin Kiki, Hiroshi Abe Japan, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 114' Japanese; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Mar del Plata Best Film; Cinematographic Reporters Award Kore-eda's latest film following Hana is a family drama with a subtle balance of humour and sorrow, and unfolds over one summer day. The son and daughter of aging parents return home for a family reunion, bringing their own families with them. They have gathered to commemorate the death of the eldest son. This is a typical dysfunctional family, bonded by love as well as resentments and secrets. Reminiscent of Ozu's masterpiece Tokyo Story, Still Walking portrays just how precious and exactly how annoying, family can be. Yeni Ruya: 5 Su. 16.00 Emek: 12 Su. 11.00 Rexx: 15 We. 11.00 STRIKE THE WHORE VURUN KAHPEYE Director: Lütfi Akad Cast: Sezer Sezin, Temel Karamahmut, Settar Körmükçü Turkey, 1949 35 mm / B&W / 110' Turkish; English s.t. Adapted from Halide Edip Adıvar's 1926 novel, Strike the Whore follows Aliye, an idealist teacher from Istanbul, who is appointed to a small town in Anatolia during the Turkish War of Independence. Once she arrives in the town, she tries to organise the townspeople to support the national armed forces in their struggle against occupation forces, however, her efforts are defied by the fundamentalist Hacı Fettah, who gathers the townsfolk and has Aliye lynched on grounds of debauchery and indecency. The original novel was adapted three times to the screen, but this first one is considered the best. Ö. Lütfi Akad's directorial debut, it is also considered as the best pre-1950 Turkish Independence War film. Emek: 10 Fr. 21.30 SUMMER Director : Kenneth Glenaan Cast: Robert Carlyle, Rachael Blake, Steve Evets

UK, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 83' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 BAFTA Best Film; Best Director 2008 Rome Best Film (Alice in the City, Youth) 2008 Edinburgh Best Performance (R. Carlyle) A witty, poignant story about loyalty, friendship and love, and about a life gone helplessly awry. Growing up in small-town Britain, Shaun and Daz are joined at the hip, vibrant kids, but wasted. Shaun is bound to lose, he's the charmer, the rebel, but labelled as a violent bully. Shaun, his first love Katy and Daz have an intense summer of love, sex and loyalty; the end of innocence. Twelve years later, Daz dies, and Shaun is forced to go on a journey to confront his past, reflecting upon that summer. Yeni Ruya: 11 Sa. 21.30 City’s: 12 Su. 13.30 Yeni Ruya: 13 Mo. 13.30 SUMMER HOURS * L'HEURE D'ÉTÉ Director : Olivier Assayas Cast: Juliette Binoche, Charles Berling, Jérémie Renier France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 102' French; English & Turkish s.t. Hailed as Assayas' finest work to date, Summer Hours examines the bourgeois family and its divisions, meditating on what memory and family mean as we grow older and how objects play a role in that. Three forty-something siblings are left to come to terms with themselves and their differences when their mother, heiress to an exceptional art collection, dies suddenly. As they heartbreakingly relinquish the family belongings, Adrienne, a successful designer, Frédéric, a university professor, and Jérémie, a dynamic businessman, confront the disappearance of their intimate childhood memories, their shared memories, background and unique visions of the future Emek: 12 Su. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 13 Mo. 16.00 City’s 18 Sa. 16.00 SUNSHINE BARRY & DISCO WORMS DISCO ORMENE Director : Thomas Borch Nielsen Cast: Jason Graae, Frank Lenart, Heather Carino Denmark-Germany, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 78' English Fun, colours, and most importantly, unbeatable disco music! Barry the worm will bring the old disco beat to town in this lively, exciting computer animation. Barry is a worm not respected by anyone. He has a boring life and a boring job. Until the day his father hands him an old record. He dances perfectly, and he decides to form a band for the upcoming annual song contest. But not everything is easy to sway with the rhythm. Suddenly, he is scooped from earth with his friends to be sold as bait! There will be Turkish dubbing. For children aged over 6. City’s: 4 Sa. 13.30 Rexx: 5 Su. 13.30

Rexx: 19 Su. 13.30

SUNSHINE CLEANING Director: Christine Jeffs Cast: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 102' English; Turkish s.t. From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine comes a very dark and even morbid comedy drama about a family that tries to overcome challenges of life. Rose, the older sister is a single mom, Norah, the younger sister, is a pot-smoker who'll do anything to avoid adulthood. Together they take care of Rose's son Oscar and their father (played by Alan Arkin), trying to keep out of trouble. But to scrape by, they have to work, no matter the job, even if it is cleaning up the scene after someone has died. In no time, the girls are up to their elbows with suicide, murders and all. But they see the joys of creating a bright future and having each other. Emek: 9 Th. 21.30 City’s: 11 Sa. 19.00 Atlas: 18 Sa. 21.30 SWEET RUSH TATARAK Director : Andrzej Wajda Cast: Krystyna Janda, Pawel Szajda, Jan Englert Poland, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 85' Polish; English & Turkish s.t. 2009 Berlin Alfred Bauer Prize Competing for the Golden Bear at Berlin in February, Wajda's latest film following 2008's Oscar nominee war epic Katyn, departs from the great Polish director's previous political films and returns to psychological drama "centring on the woman as subject." The film tells the story of Marta, a middleaged woman married to a small town doctor, who searches for happiness in the arms of a much younger man, Bogus. But, just when everything seems to be going well for them, Bogus drowns, entangled in the roots of sweet rush he was trying to pick for Marta. Atlas: 6 Mo. 11.00 Rexx: 8 We. 21.30 Emek: 11 Sa. 13.30 THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX DER BAADER MEINHOF KOMPLEX Director : Uli Edel Cast: Martina Gedeck, Moritz Bleibtreu, Johanna Wokalek Germany, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 149' German; English & Turkish s.t. Tough, fast-moving, urgent, breathless, piece of movie-making" according to the writer-producer Bernd Eichinger, also the co-scripter and producer of Downfall and Perfume, this is the most

expensive German film ever made and the official German submission for the Oscars 2009. This account of the Red Army Faction (RAF), which was the most prominent and popular radical left terrorist group in Germany, begins in 1967, and ends in 1977 with the death in prison of the gang's leading members, but does not romanticise the terrorist chic, as some previous treatments. Emek: 5 Su. 21.30 Yeni Ruya 12 Su. 16.00 Rexx: 13 Mo. 21.30 THE BEACHES OF AGNÈS LES PLAGES D'AGNÈS Director: Agnès Varda France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 109' French; English & Turkish s.t. 2009 César Best Documentary One of the major figures of the Nouveau Roman movement and post-war cinema, the 80-year-old Agnès Varda has frequently revealed herself in front of the camera in her works. But her latest is an autobiographical essay, "a kaleidoscope, a collage, a fantasy" that opens with a shot of the director walking backwards on a beach. A beach, because she states that if one opened her up, she would reveal beaches inside of her. Counter-narrated by her director friend Chris Marker as a hand-drawn cat, The Beaches of Agnès are profound, engaging and moving statements about her time, life and memory weaved from photographs, vintage footage, scenes from her films and present-day sequences. Rexx: 11 Sa. 16.00 Atlas: 12 Su. 21.30 Emek: 17 Fr. 13.30 THE BEAUTIFUL PERSON LA BELLE PERSONNE Director : Christophe Honoré Cast: Léa Seydoux, Louis Garrel, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 97' French; English & Turkish s.t. Christophe Honoré's latest film following the musical Love Songs, is another story of a romantic intrigue in a Paris lycee, once more featuring Louis Garrel, but this time as a teacher. Sixteen-year-old Junie changes schools in the middle of the academic year, following the death of her mother. She is soon courted by boys and agrees to become the girlfriend of the quietest, Otto. But soon she falls in love with Nemours, her Italian teacher. Junie, not wishing to surrender to her feelings, refuses to give in to happiness or their passion, love is just an illusion for her. Atlas: 4 Sa. 16.00 Yeni Ruya 6 Mo. 13.30 Rexx 7 Tu. 21.30 THE CHASER CHUGYEOGJA Director : Hong-jin Na Cast: Yun-seok Kim, Jung-woo Ha, Yeong-hie Seo South Korea, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 125'

Korean; English & Turkish s.t. The hero (or anti-hero) of this blood and rain-soaked debut feature on dead-ends and desperation is Joong-ho, an ex-cop now working as a pimp. When his girls start disappearing, he keeps close track of a man he suspects. It turns out that the man is responsible for torturing and killing the girls. The suspected serial killer is under custody of the incompetent and bureaucracy-hampered police, but he will be released in 12 hours. Joong-ho at first strives to regain his assets, but he will have to struggle against time and the cops to save a girl. This tense race set in 24 hours on the streets of Seoul plays with and breaks the genre's conventions. Atlas: 10 Fr. 21.30 Rexx: 13 Mo. 16.00 Atlas: 18 Sa. 24.00 THE COTTAGE Director : Paul Andrew Williams Cast: Andy Serkis, Reece Shearsmith, Jennifer Ellison UK, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 92' English; Turkish s.t. Starting off as a typical gangster film with a kidnapping gone quite wrong where the kidnapee is a foulmouthed sexy young girl, The Cottage turns into a gory slasher with a heavy dose of comedy. The story revolves around David and Peter, two brothers who kidnap Tracey, the daughter of a mob boss, and bring her to a cottage in the middle of the night. A while later, Tracey's brother also appears at the cottage, but he's just after the ransom money. But none of them have anticipated the presence of someone else lurking in the dark: the psychotic farmer. "It's an homage to all the clichés that are in all those (horror) films," says director Williams for his latest low-budget horror comedy. Beyoglu: 10 Fr. 24.00 Rexx: 14 Tu. 13.30 Emek: 18 Sa. 11.00 THE COUNTESS** LA COMTESSE Director : Julie Delpy Cast: Julie Delpy, William Hurt, Daniel Brühl France-Germany, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 94' English; Turkish s.t. The most prolific and bloodthirsty female serial killer in history was the 16th century Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory, also known as the Blood Countess. And her story comes alive with the star-studded The Countess directed by Julie Delpy, who also plays her. The legend goes that Countess Bathory tortured and killed around 650 young girls and bathed in their blood to retain her youth. However, Delpy focuses more on the psychological drama and the power struggles of the era than the epic side of the story. Making its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February, the film is "a drama. It's about murder, cruelty and vanity. It's 16th century. It's a very dark movie," according to Delpy. Yeni Ruya 8 We. 19.00 Emek: 18 Sa. 19.00 City’s: 19 Su. 19.00 THE DECLIC YEARS * LES ANNÉES DÉCLIC

Director : Raymond Depardon France, 1984 35 mm / B&W / 65' French; English & Turkish s.t. During the years he worked as a photojournalist and as a documentary-maker, Raymond Depardon hounded the stars like a paparazzi, crossed the Chad desert, filmed politicians and armed rebels, and witnessed May 1968 protests. This autobiographical portrait that consists of the photographs he took, excerpts from his films and photographs from his childhood, recounts twenty years (1957-1977) in the life of this extraordinary artist. The title of the film is a pun on the sound of the camera shutter. Atlas: 6 Mo. 19.00 Atlas: 16 Th. 13.30

FISH CHILD ** EL NIÑO PEZ Director: Lucía Puenzo Cast: Inés Efron, Mariela Vitale, Pep Munné Argentina-Spain-France, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 96' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. Lala, a teenager from the exclusive suburban neighbourhood in Argentina is in love with Guayi, the Paraguayan maid working at her place. The two young women dream of living together in Paraguay. Robbing every purse and wallet in the house to fulfil their dream, they hide the money in a shoe box. But when the box is full, it bursts, fuelled by desire, jealousy and rage. Revenge, harsh sex, legends and blood weave a plot that finds a way out from the uncertainty with which young people live in the same world they condemn. Following the success of her debut film XXY, Lucía Puenzo has chosen to adapt her own novel for the screen, once more casting Inés Efron as her lead Atlas: 11 Sa. 13.30 Rexx: 12 Su. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 13 Mo. 11.00 THE HEADLESS WOMAN ** LA MUJER SIN CABEZA Director : Lucrecia Martel Cast: Maria Onetto, Claudia Cantero, Inés Efron Argentina-Spain-France-Italy, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 87' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Lima Critics Award 2008 Rio de Janeiro FIPRESCI Prize Co-produced by Pedro Almodovar, The Headless Woman articulates class issues and plays with emotions and perception while Lucrecia Martel follows an elliptical and metaphorical narration. Veronica is driving on the highway. She becomes distracted and runs over something, but drives on. On the days following this incident, she fails to recognize the feelings that bond her to objects and people. It's a negative awakening. The police confirm that there were no accident reports. But she has doubts about what she had really hit. Was it an animal? A child? Emek: 4 Sa. 16.00

Rexx: 10 Fr. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 15 We. 11.00 THE HURT LOCKER Director : Kathryn Bigelow Cast: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 130' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Venice Human Rights Film Network Award; SIGNIS Award; Young Cinema Award The latest from the director of cult films Point Break and Strange Days is co-written by Mark Boal, also the scriptwriter of In the Valley of Elah. The film was commended by Time magazine as "a near perfect movie about men in war, man at work." Also starring Ralph Fiennes and Guy Pierce, The Hurt Locker follows Sanborn and Eldridge who have the most dangerous job in the world: disarming bombs in Iraq. The newly arrived sergeant, James, takes over the team, and plunges them into a deadly game of urban combat. Emek: 13 Mo. 21.30 Rexx: 14 Tu. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 19 Su. 21.30 THE INVESTIGATOR A NYOMOZÓ Director : Attila Galambos Cast: Zsolt Anger, Judit Rezes, Sandor Terhes Hungary-Sweden-Ireland, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 107' Hungarian; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Hungarian Film Week Best Genre Film; Best Actor (Z. Anger); Best Screenplay; Best Editing Warsaw FIPRESCI Prize An ordinary pathologist working at a hospital, Tibor. He is troubled by his ailing mother. And then a stranger makes him an offer: to kill a stranger. He accepts for the money to save his mother. But then he receives a letter… from his victim, who turns out to be closer than a stranger. Thus the investigation starts, where the murderer is trying to find out who the victim was. A debut feature, "a thriller, but it is a kind of 'film noir', a bit of an 'art-house' thriller, with really nice grotesque humour". Yeni Ruya: 8 We. 21.30 Yeni Ruya: 10 Fr. 13.30 City’s :12 Su. 21.30 THE JOY OF SINGING * LE PLAISIR DE CHANTER Director : Ilan Duran Cohen Cast: Marina Foïs, Lorànt Deutsch, Jeanne Balibar, Julien Baumgartner France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 98' French; English & Turkish s.t. What could bring a bigger joy than singing? The characters of this mystery crime drama are all in search of the ultimate joy, and they all take singing lessons from the same tutor, Eve… One of Eve's students is the naïve Constance, a recent widow whose husband is brutally murdered by people after a uranium secret. Among Eve's students also are Muriel and Philippe from the French intelligence, the

handsome Julien who is into both guys and girls, and Eve's son. Who is genuine with their emotions, and who is undercover? The director of The Confusion of Genders weaves a delectable web of dark comedy, sex secrets, a USB stick, the joy of singing, and perhaps love. Emek: 16 Th. 19.00 Atlas: 17 Fr. 13.30 Rexx: 18 Sa. 16.00 THE LAST SEASON: SHAWAKS DEMSALA DAWÎ: ŞEWAXAN Director : Kazım Öz Turkey, 2008 HD / Colour / 92' Turkish-Kurdish; English s.t. Filmmaker Kâzım Öz, who participated to the National Competition in 2008 with his fiction feature Fırtına / Storm, observes the nomadic Shawak community that lives in the Tunceli region, which is also his birthplace, for a whole year, chronicling their lifestyle, relations with nature, life standards and community structure. The Shawaks are a nomadic community in eastern Turkey breeding and raising livestock. In the winter, they live in stone houses in a village, and in the spring, when the lambs are born, they take their livestock up to higher pasture in the mountains. A brutal hike uphill. High up, they pitch the tents where they spend the summer. When the weather starts to cool, it is now time to climb down, through the same path. Beyoglu: 16 Th. 19.00 THE LIFE OF OHARU SAIKAKU ICHIDAI ONNA Director : Kenji Mizoguchi Cast: Kinuyo Tanaka, Tsukie Matsuura, Ichirô Sugai Japan, 1952 35 mm / B&W / 148' Japanese; English & Turkish s.t. 1952 Venice International Award Mizoguchi has been recognised as the first major feminist director, and one of the three masters of Japanese cinema, and The Life of Oharu is considered to be his best film, constituting an excellent example of the long take aesthetic. Based on various stories from Ihara Saikaku, the film examines the issues of class and hierarchy in the Japanese society in the Edo period through the poignant story of Oharu, a geisha struggling to escape the stigma of having been sold to prostitution by her own father. Atlas: 8 We. 21.30 Rexx: 12 Su. 16.00

THE MILK OF SORROW LA TETA ASUSTADA Director : Claudia Llosa Cast: Magaly Solier, Marino Ballon, Susi Sanchez Spain-Peru, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 94'

Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2009 Berlin Golden Bear; FIPRESCI Prize The director of Madeinusa returns with another feature that examines a dark era of her country Peru's past. Milk of Sorrow is "about unresolved, violent, personal and collective memory," says director Claudia Llosa, and the film tells a story about a girl named Fausta, who carries the burden of this memory: Fausta suffers from the "scared breast", an illness that was transmitted by her mother Perpetua, who was raped during her pregnancy in the terror period. When she is pushed into an extreme tension, her illness will cause haemorrhages. Perpetua dies, and Fausta is scared. Yeni Ruya: 4 Sa. 16.00 Emek: 5 Su. 13.30 THE OTHER ONE * L'AUTRE Directors : Patrick Mario Bernard & Pierre Trividic Cast: Dominique Blanc, Cyril Gueï, Peter Bonke France, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 97' French; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Venice 2008 Volpi Cup: Best Actress (D. Blanc) Anne-Marie has a peaceful break-up with her boyfriend Alex, whom she doesn't love anymore. He would like to get married, she is into her freedom. She even encourages him to find somebody else. They still meet, and she even sparks up a relationship with her old lover. However, upon learning that another woman has come into Alex' life, she becomes insanely jealous, and her fear of growing old pushes her to the verge of insanity. She never sees this woman but her paranoia is greater than reality. Rexx: 9 Th. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 16 Th. 13.30 Yeni Ruya: 18 Sa. 16.00 THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC * LA PASSION DE JEANNE D'ARC Director : Carl Theodor Dreyer Cast: Maria Falconetti, Eugene Silvain, André Berley France, 1928 35 mm / B&W / 110' Silent Dreyer's final silent film, and the most famous of all Jeanne d'Arc films catapulted Dreyer to fame. Based strictly on the trial records of the saint, the film details the last hours of Joan of Arc, and takes place after she was captured by the English, depicting her trial, imprisonment, torture and execution. Frequently appearing in "best film" lists, it is considered a landmark in cinema with its original camerawork, use of extensive close-up, lack of make-up and striking compositions. Dreyer had said that he "wanted to interpret a hymn to the triumph of the soul over life." Atlas: 12 Su. 13.30 THE REAL SHAOLIN Director : Alexander Sebastien Lee USA-China, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 89' English-French-Mandarin; English & Turkish s.t.

The Shaolin Temple, the legendary birthplace of kung fu, the historical source of Zen Buddhism, the centre of icons. Inspired by Jet Li's film The Shaolin Temple, two Chinese and two Westerners journey to the Shaolin Temple in Central China, with the fantasy of becoming kung fu warriors. But, their path is not an easy one. This moving, poetic and action-packed film follows nine-year-old Yuan Peng, the farmer boy Zhu, the American teenager Orion and 29-year-old Frenchman Eric in a hidden world over months of excruciating lessons and transforming experiences as they strive to achieve their own goals and discover the difference between romanticised films and the hard truth. Beyoglu: 7 Tu. 11.00 Beyoglu: 9 Th. 21.30 THE SALT OF LIFE HAYATIN TUZU Director : Murat Düzgünoğlu Cast: Levent Ülgen, Görkem Arslan, Bülent Düzgünoğlu Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 98' Turkish; English s.t. 2008 Bursa Special Jury Prize Known for his TV features and series, Murat Düzgünoğlu's debut cinematic feature centres on a widow and her four adult children who are still too attached to her. Sixty-year-old Medine lives in Bitlis, in the east of Turkey, with her three grown up children: an appointed imam, a worker in the tobacco factory, and a student. She is exhausted to share their lives and troubles, but when her fourth child returns from İstanbul unexpectedly, their problems start to hurt. In this far way and suffocating city, everyone has a problem with pride, even from the injured cow to the imam in the mosque. Emek: 14 Tu. 21.30 THE SECRET OF THE KELLS** Director : Tomm Moore Cast: Evan McGuire, Mick Lally, Christen Mooney Ireland-France-Belgium, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 75' English The debut feature of animation artist Tomm Moore is the account of the adventures of the 12-year-old Brendan who must fight with the Vikings and a serpent god to find a crystal and complete a book. The life of Brendan, a boy who lives in an abbey, changes with the arrival of Brother Aidan and his cat, a master illuminator who is running away from the Vikings with an unfinished book. To complete the book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fears, face mythical creatures in the enchanted forest, and befriend a fairy wolf-girl. This is a beautiful action, magic and danger filled adventure animation. City’s 11 Sa. 13.30 Rexx: 12 Su. 13.30 City’s: 18 Sa. 13.30 THE SHADOWLESS GÖLGESİZLER Director : Ümit Ünal Cast: Selçuk Yöntem, Hakan Karahan, Arsen Gürzap, Taner Birsel, Altan Erkekli Turkey, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 97'

Turkish; English s.t. Adapted from the award-winning novel of Hasan Ali Topbaş, described as "the Kafka of the East" in Germany, The Shadowless' cast consists mostly of stage actors. A barber working in İstanbul, perhaps out of homesickness, longs to be "both here and far, far away". And one day, abruptly, he takes off, and travels to far away, to a village that is nowhere and at no time. A village that is in the hands of the Muhtar, the leader, but this is not your typical idyllic village. The villagers suffer from weird disappearances and untimely deaths. Everyone suspects each other; the complexity of life appals them. The barber observes all from afar. Emek: 13 Mo. 13.30 THE SHORE SON KUMSAL Director : Rüya Arzu Köksal Cast: Yunus Mollaahmetoğlu, Merve Aksoy, Turan Bahadır Turkey, 2008 Betacam / Colour / 56' Turkish; English s.t. A beautiful summer day, joyous children at the Dultuk Beach in Vakfıkebir by the Black Sea coast of north Turkey. People playing ball, dancing, lying on the beach, swimming… A few hundred metres away, construction equipment dumping tons of rocks unloaded by lorries into the sea. In the other side of the bay, jetties are being constructed to protect the highway from the waves. Tragicomic tales of fishermen, who are looking for a new place after natural harbours and fishing jetties are torn down because of the highway construction… This is the tale of the severance of the sea from people of the Black Sea region with the pretext of a road construction. Pera: 15 We. 21.30 THE TUNE Director : Bill Plympton Cast: Daniel Neiden, Maureen McElheron, Marty Nelson USA, 1992 35 mm / Colour / 69' English; Turkish s.t. In Bill Plympton's first full-length feature film, a nerdy songwriter has given 47 minutes to write a hit or lose his job and his sweetheart. Featuring ten songs that each pay homage to different forms of American popular music –country, Elvis rock, surf pop– this hilarious comedy follows the adventures of Del, after he takes a wrong exit from a cloverleaf and finds himself stranded in Flooby Nooby, a strange and unfamiliar farming town. He learns from the even weirder townspeople the secret to good songs: writing from the heart. Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, is convinced that The Tune "would make Bart Simpson laugh his ass off." Emek: 6 Mo. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 11 Sa. 13.30 Rexx: 17 Fr. 13.30 THE VIRGIN SPRING JUNGFRUKÄLLAN Director : Ingmar Bergman Cast: Birgitta Pettersson, Max von Sydow, Birgitta Valberg Sweden, 1960

35 mm / B&W / 89' Swedish-German; English & Turkish s.t. 1961 Oscar Best Foreign Language Film 1960 Cannes Special Mention 1961 Golden Globe: Best Foreign Language Film This is a faith, revenge and repentance tale based on a 13th century Swedish ballad, set at an age when paganism gave way to Christianity. On her way to the church, Töre's Christian daughter Karin meets two herdsmen and a small boy. The herdsmen rape and kill her, and then, unknowingly, seek shelter at Töre's house. Töre's revenge is as brutal as the act itself. This is Bergman's first major collaboration with the legendary cinematographer Sven Nykvist. Atlas: 4 Sa. 13.30 Rexx: 6 Mo. 13.30 THE VISITOR MUUKALAINEN Director: Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää Cast: Pavel Liska, Vitali Bobrov, Emilia Ikäheimo, Jorma Tommila Finlandiya-Finland-UK-Germany-Estonia, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 104' Finnish; English & Turkish s.t. A powerful and transcendent story of mystery and betrayal, love and conflicting loyalties, a tragic myth, a near-silent film that owes much to Tarkovsky… A young boy lives with his mother on a farm surrounded by a deep forest in the remote wilds of the Finnish countryside. From time to time, the boy visits his father - a man of great violence - in prison. Locked in the stable is an unruly horse, the boy's only other companion. Their simple life is disrupted when a stranger appears, with a note from the father and a bullet in his side. Reluctantly, mother and son offer the stranger refuge. Rexx: 5 Su. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 6 Mo. 21.30 Atlas: 10 Fr. 16.00

THE VOYAGE OF NÂZIM HİKMET TO CUBA NÂZIM'IN KÜBA SEYAHATİ Directors : Çağrı Kınıkoğlu & Gloria Rolando Turkey-Cuba, 2008 HD / Colour / 68' Turkish-Spanish; English s.t. The great poet of equality, freedom, and the Turkish language, Nâzım Hikmet had visited Cuba in 1961, on the invitation of his friend, the Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen. A member of the World Peace Council then, Nâzım went to Cuba in May 1961 for solidarity and also to observe the enthusiasm and the progress of the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Through the testimonies of Cuban intellectuals whom Nâzım had met in this joyous voyage, and through other documents and archive materials, such as the recording of Nâzım's poem the "Havana Interview", the film discovers how the Cuban Revolution influenced Nâzım and how Nâzım influenced the Cuban intellectuals. This is a story of compatriot brotherhood and hope… Pera: 17 Fr. 21.30 THE WATCHER

BEKÇİ Director: Özcan Tekdemir Cast: Emin Tuğra Baykul, Ziya Hepbir, Zeynep Gül Turkey, 2008 DVD / Colour / 78' Turkish; English s.t. Having directed many short films and music videos, Özcan Tekdemir's fourth feature-length film is a very low-budget production. Dursun is a man working as security guard at a housing complex, a man who has waited all his life. He has long ago cut all relations with the outside world; he knowingly sleeps with an HIV+ prostitute. Years later, he is laid off because of his illness, so he chooses to go to death, instead of waiting for it. But at the final instant, he kills instead of being killed. He now understands that the things he wants to wait for have changed; from now on he will be waiting for other people to die. Waiting has never been so bloody. In time, not even the murders he commits give him pleasure. Pera: 18 Sa. 11.00 THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD Directors : Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, Kurt Engfehr USA, 2009 HD / Colour / 85' English; Turkish s.t. 2009 Berlin Panorama Audience Award The opening film of the Berlin Film Festival Panorama Document Section was hugely uplifting for the audience crowd who was unpleased with the general state of affairs of the world. As the title suggests, "The Yes Men" are a group that interprets events as they should have been, not approving them as they have been. They apologise publicly for especially environment issues, acting as the spokesmen for important government agencies or giant companies. The two American members of the group, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno (not their real names of course) have directed and "acted" in this documentary that followed the first instalment The Yes Men (2005). Beyoglu: 6 Mo. 19.00 Beyoglu: 8 We. 13.30 Beyoglu: 10 Fr. 21.30 THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? Director : Sydney Pollack Cast: Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin, Suzannah York, Gig Young USA, 1969 35 mm / Colour / 120' English; Turkish s.t. 1969 Oscar Best Supporting Actor (G. Young) 1970 Golden Globe: Best Supporting Actor (G. Young) 1971 BAFTA Best Supporting Actress (S. York) 1969 New York Film Critics Circle: Best Actress (J. Fonda) 1969 USA National Board of Review: Best Film Nominated for the Oscars in nine categories, this film is set in the dark Great Depression days, when dance marathons sometimes dragged on for weeks and were a popular way of making money. Jane Fonda plays Gloria, a bitter young woman paired up with Robert, and is determined to win the $1500 prize, however will the prize be worth the price? Atlas: 11 Sa. 19.00

THREE MONKEYS ** ÜÇ MAYMUN Director : Nuri Bilge Ceylan Cast: Hatice Aslan, Gürkan Aydın, Yavuz Bingöl, Ahmet Rıfat Şungar Turkey-France-Italy, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 109' Turkish; English s.t. 2008 Cannes Best Director 2008 Haifa Best Film 2008 Asia Pacific Screen Awards: Best Director 2008 Turkey Turkish Film Critics' Association Awards: Best Director; Best Editing; Best Actress (H. Aslan); Best Supporting Actor (A. Rıfat Şungar) A family dislocated when small failings blow up into lies battles against the odds to stay together by covering up the truth… In order to avoid hardship and responsibilities, the family chooses to ignore the truth. But does playing "Three Monkeys" invalidate the truth of its existence? Beyoglu: 15 We. 19.00 THREE WISE MEN KOLME VIISASTA MIESTÄ Director : Mika Kaurismäki Cast: Kari Heiskanen, Pertti Sveholm, Timo Torikka Finland, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 98' Finnish; English & Turkish s.t. Three middle-aged men, perhaps wise, but losers in their own eyes, get together at a karaoke bar in Finland over a long Christmas Eve evening. Matti the cop has just become a father but his wife says it's not his. Ailing of cancer, the photographer Erkki is the real father of Matti's baby girl. The actor Rauno's ex-wife has just died and his son hates him. We witness these three anti-heroes reveal that they're disgrace to masculinity as their subtly humorous conversation swings from complete honesty to impromptu confessions and hilarious revelations, all the while anticipating a Christmas miracle. Yeni Ruya: 5 Su. 13.30 Yeni Ruya: 7 Tu. 11.00 Rexx: 8 We. 19.00 TOKYO SONATA Director : Kiyoshi Kurosawa Cast: Teruyuki Kagawa, Kyoko Koizumi, Haruka Igawa Japan-The Netherlands-Hong Kong, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 119' Japanese; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes Un Certain Regard - Jury Prize 2008 Mar del Plata Best Director Director Kurosawa goes back before his much acclaimed Bright Future, "back in time when there is such a thing as a family, if just barely functioning." The father of a seemingly ordinary but disintegrating Japanese family loses his job, but conceals the truth, wandering the streets, keeping up appearances. The eldest son in college hardly returns home; the youngest son furtively takes piano

lessons without telling his parents; and the mother cannot keep the family together. A contemporary fable of alienation, the chilling portrait of a family caught between tragedy and irrational comedy. Rexx: 11 Sa. 13.30 Atlas: 12 Su. 19.00 Yeni Ruya: 14 Tu. 11.00 TONIGHT ** NUIT DE CHIEN Director : Werner Schroeter Cast: Pascal Greggory, Bruno Todeschini, Amira Casar France-Germany-Portugal, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 110' French; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Venice Special Golden Lion Tonight is the disturbing tale of a lonely man. Adapted from Uruguayan writer Juan Carlos Onetti's novel, the film sticks to the original work's grandiose magical realism, sense of humour and most of all, the question of man and war. The man is Ossorio and he has fought a war against a fascist party in the mountains. When he returns, exhausted, with a crowd of refugees and defeated soldiers, to meet the woman he loves, he finds out that everything has changed. A violent militia terrorizes the city. During the ultimate night, everyone tries to save their hide. Hopelessly. Beyoglu: 5 Su. 11.00 Rexx: 7 Tu. 19.00 Atlas: 9 Th. 21.30 TONY MANERO Director : Pablo Larraín Cast: Alfredo Castro, Amparo Noguera, Héctor Morales Chile-Brazil, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 98' Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Havana Best Actor (A. Castro); Grand Coral-First Prize 2008 Santiago Best Film 2009 Rotterdam Hollanda Association of Dutch Film Critics KNF Award Raul Peralta is fifty years old, and obsessed with Tony Manero, John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever. Raul leads a small group of dancers regularly performing at a bar, and every Saturday evening, he imitates his idol on stage. Then one day, the national television announces a Tony Manero impersonating contest. It's 1978, Chile is under Pinochet' dictatorship. While his dancing partners are persecuted by the secret police, he's urged to commit a series of crimes in order to be more like Tony Manero. This is a story about loss, identity, obsession, and tyranny. Emek: 13 Mo. 11.00 Yeni Ruya: 14 Tu. 21.30 Rexx: 16 Th. 19.00 TREELESS MOUNTAIN Director : So Yong Kim Cast: Hee Yeon Kim, Song Hee Kim, Soo Ah Lee South Korea-USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 89' Korean; English & Turkish s.t.

2008 Dubai Best Film 2008 Tokyo Filmex Special Jury Prize 2008 Pusan NETPAC Prize 2009 Berlin Prize of the Ecumenical Jury-Forum Bright-eyed 6-year-old Jin lives with her mother and chubby little sister Bin in a cramped apartment in Seoul. When their mother decides to go look for their estranged father, Jin and Bin are forced to stay with their alcoholic Big Aunt in a small town for the summer. But when Big Aunt loses her house and their mother fails to return, the sisters are forced to move to their grandparents' farm where they eventually come to learn the importance of family bonds. Inspired by the director's own childhood memories and the universal fear of abandonment, Treeless Mountain is a subtle film with a beautifully crafted visual approach. Beyoglu: 16 Th. 11.00 Rexx: 17 Fr. 19.00 Atlas: 18 Sa. 13.30 TROUBLE THE WATER Directors : Tia Lessin & Carl Deal USA, 2008 DVCAM / Colour / 94' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Sundance Grand Jury Prize (Documentary) 2008 Full Frame Documentary Festival Grand Jury Award 2008 Silverdocs Special Mention "It's going to be a day to remember," Kimberley Rivers Roberts says, and it was indeed. Directed and produced by the producers of Bowling for Columbine, Oscar nominee Trouble the Water is an insider's view to Hurricane Katrina, through the eyes of two survivors, Kimberley, an aspiring rap artist, and her husband, trapped in the city. At once horrifying and exhilarating, she turns her new video camera on herself and her friends and neighbours, as they struggle against the raging floodwater and then seize a chance for a new beginning. Beyoglu: 6 Mo. 11.00 Beyoglu: 7 Tu. 19.00 TROUBLED WATER DE USYNLIGE Director: Erik Poppe Cast: Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Trine Dyrholm Norway-Sweden, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 115' Norwagian; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Haugesund (Norway) Honourable Mention; Prize of the Ecumenical Jury 2008 Hamptons Audience Award; The Golden Starfish-Best Narrative Feature The director of Hawaii, Oslo and Schpaa returns four years later with another impressive drama about morality and forgiveness. Jan Thomas is released from prison after having served eight years. Being a divinely gifted organist, he gets a deputyship in a church. He decides not to tell her about his past to Anna, the priest, but then Agnes comes to the church. She recognizes the organist as the young boy who was convicted of the murder of her son. Yeni Ruya: 12 Su. 21.30 Atlas: 13 Mo. 13.30 Rexx: 14 Tu. 19.00 TULPAN

Director : Sergey Dvortsevoy Cast: Askhat Kuchinchirekov, Samal Yeslyamova, Ondasyn Besikbasov Germany-Kazakhstan-Poland-Russia-Switzerland, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 100' Kazakh-Russian; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes Un Certain Regard Award 2008 Cottbus Best Director 2008 Dubai Best Actor (A. Kuchinchirekov) 2008 Karlovy Vary East of West Award; NETPAC Award 2008 Montréal Best Film 2008 Tokyo Grand Prix 2008 Zurich Best Film The first fiction film of celebrated Kazakh documentarian Sergey Dvortsevoy, Tulpan is a delightful comedy with wonderful characters and incredible array of animals. After completing his naval service, young and handsome Asa travels back to his yurt in the steppes where his sister lives. He is eager to get married first before he can become a shepherd himself, and his only hope is Tulpan. But Tulpan doesn't like him because she thinks that his ears are too big. Still, Asa doesn't give up and he continues to dream and struggle… Yeni Ruya: 11 Sa. 11.00 Atlas: 12 Su. 16.00 Rexx: 13 Mo. 11.00 TWO LINES İKİ ÇİZGİ Director : Selim Evci Cast: Gülçin Santırcıoğlu, Kaan Keskin, Perihan Kurtoğlu Turkey, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 97' Turkish; English s.t. Known for his short films and documentaries, Selim Evci's debut feature that he wrote, produced, directed and edited, premiered in the Critic's Week at the 2008 Venice Film Festival. "Initially a movie that provides a rather aloof portrait of Istanbul with its unique metropolitan formation," according to Evci, the film tells the story of two lovers who seek a direction, unbeknownst that they are lost. Businesswoman Selin lives together with her boyfriend Mert, a photographer. When the outside world slowly crowds in on them, they dare to go on a car trip to the south, but the journey does not unravel as they planned. Emek: 14 Tu. 13.30

TWO-LEGGED HORSE ASBE DU-PA Director : Samira Makhmalbaf Cast: Ziya Mirza Mohamad, Haron Ahad, Gol Gotai Karimi Iran, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 101' Persian-Uzbek; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Flanders Best Music

2008 San Sebastian Special Jury Prize Inspired from an idea by her father Mokhsen, who also wrote the script, acclaimed director Samira Makhmalbaf returns with a lyrical film set not in Iran but in Afghanistan that explores the limits of an unusual friendship, "the edge of human tolerance", and ultimately sacrifice. Following a tough contest, the extremely poor Mirvais wins an unusual job: carrying a disabled boy on his back like a horse. It is not long before that the young master starts to abuse Mirvais, making him race with donkeys on the street, bathing him… But it's never enough. Atlas: 14 Tu. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 15 We. 19.00 Rexx: 16 Th. 21.30 TYSON Director : James Toback USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 90' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Cannes Un Certain Regard Knockout Award A legendary and uniquely controversial international athletic icon… A figure conjuring radical questions of race and class… One of sport's most fascinating figures, Mike Tyson is as iconic as Muhammad Ali, although not as elegant or noble, but more profoundly tragic. And Tyson explores Tyson through interviews, archival footage and photographs in this shocking, funny, hair-raising and brutally honest biopic, from growing up in Brooklyn through his entry into the world of boxing, his tortured marriage, his fortunes won and lost. Beyoglu: 7 Tu. 21.30 Beyoglu: 9 Th. 13.30 UNDERGROUND MERDİVEN ALTI Director: Nur Akalın Cast: Kaan Yılmaz, Deha Özer Şenay, Gökalp Arıkan Turkey, 2009 DVD / Colour / 83' Turkish; English st. Nur Akalın's second fiction feature is dedicated to the great composer and bağlama player Özer Şenay who died in 2007. The film follows Sinan, who is pursued by the police because of incidents he has witnessed, like the death of his boss at the construction site he works, and an accident his close friend suffers. Sinan fears that he will be sent to complete his military service if he is caught, but nevertheless, he goes on an adventurous journey in the underbelly of Istanbul, without any identification, through bookers, boxers, bartenders, in order to find his older brother and sister. Beyoglu: 16 Th. 13.30 UNMADE BEDS Director : Alexis Dos Santos Cast: Déborah François, Fernando Tielve, Michiel Huisman UK, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 93' English-French-Spanish; English & Turkish s.t. Competing at Sundance in January 2009, Dos Santos' second feature film after his debut Glue is a visually striking, bittersweet story of love, loss, identity, sex and friendship set in cosmopolitan East

London. Axl, a naïve Spanish teen comes to London to find his father who had abandoned him as a child. But instead, he finds there an underground squat, or communal dwelling, filled with an assortment of colourful, multi-cultural, free spirited characters. Among them is Vera, a beautiful Belgian girl whose faith in love and destiny has recently been destroyed. Axl and Vera's paths cross at a club, "Lost and Found" where rock bands take the stage. Yeni Ruya: 10 Fr. 21.30 City’s: 11 Sa. 21.30 Emek: 15 We. 13.30 V FOR VENDETTA Director : James McTeigue Cast: Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, Natalie Portman, Stephen Fry USA-UK-Germany, 2005 35 mm / Colour / 132' English; Turkish s.t. After a nuclear war has ravaged Britain, a fascist party called Norsefire rises to power. A freedom fighter, "V", an anarchist hero in a Guy Fawkes mask, begins an elaborate, violent campaign to bring down the government and start a revolution. But he also pursues a personal vendetta. Written and produced by the Matrix Trilogy's Wachowski brothers, and adapted by Alan Moore's comic book series that places fascism against anarchism, V for Vendetta's future-retro look, references to the political atmosphere of today, historical events and totalitarian icons such as Orwell's 1984 and the Third Reich swiftly carried the film to a cult status. City’s: 4 Sa. 16.00 Rexx: 8 We. 16.00 Yeni Ruya: 9 Th. 21.30 VISITORS ZİYARETÇİLER Director : Melis Birder USA-Turkey, 2009 Betacam / Colour / 65' English; Turkish s.t. The United States constituting 5% of the world's population, houses 25% of the world's inmates. Only in New York State there are 70 prisons and most of them are located in remote towns and villages. Every weekend about 800 women and children, mostly African Americans and Latinos, travel for long hours to visit their loved ones. The whole trip usually lasts for 24 hours. Visitors follows the coordinator of one of the prison buses, Denise, who has been visiting her husband for 10 years every weekend. The director -a former prison visitor herself- reflects on the struggle of this unique culture living at the intersection of confinement and the free world. Beyoglu: 15 We. 16.00 VIVA ZAPATA! Director : Elia Kazan Cast: Marlon Brando, Anthony Quinn, Alan Reed, Jean Peters USA, 1952 35 mm / B&W / 113' English-Spanish; Turkish s.t. 1952 Oscar Best Supporting Actor (A. Quinn) 1952 Cannes Best Actor (M. Brando)

1952 BAFTA Best Foreign Actor (M. Brando) Emiliano Zapata is one of the most revered national heroes of Mexico, one of the leaders of the 1910 revolution. This most famous biopic written by John Steinbeck depicts him as a romantic, idealistic, cynical, stubborn charismatic leader. Viva Zapata! chronicles his rural upbringing in 1900s, rebellion against the tyrannical president Porfirio Diaz with his brother Eufemio and Pancho Villa, and his death. City’s: 18 Sa. 11.00 Atlas: 19 Su. 11.00 WELCOME* Director : Philippe Lioret Cast: Vincent Lindon, Fırat Ayverdi, Derya Ayverdi France, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 116' French-Kurdish-Persian-English; English & Turkish s.t. 2009 Berlin-Panorama Europa Cinema Label A modern age Romeo-Juliet story with the English Channel between the lovers, who are both played by Turkish actors. Bilal, a Kurdish boy from Mosul, has travelled for three months to join his girlfriend, Mina in London. But he is stopped on the French side of the Channel. Having decided to swim across, Bilal goes to the local swimming pool to train where he meets Simon, a swimming instructor. To impress his wife, Simon decides to risk everything by taking Bilal under his wing Emek: 4 Sa. 13.30 City’s: 5 Su. 19.00 Emek: 7 Tu. 16.00 WHAT ABOUT LONDON PEKİ YA LONDRA Director : Rıza Kıraç Turkey, 2008 DVD / Colour / 56' Turkish-English; English & Turkish s.t. Once upon a time there was a pub named Bishop's House on the corner of Bishop's Way Street in East London. Then this pub became home to young people coming from different countries around the world. These young people from Northern Ireland, France, Sudan, Australia, The Philippines, Brazil, Turkey and many other countries around the world, built an authentic communal life with the young English people in this pub, and called themselves the Residents of Bishop's House. Writer, short film and documentary director Rıza Kıraç's latest film What About London also provides a panorama of young Turkish immigrants and their strife to exist in Europe, while telling the story of the unique solidarity of these young people. Pera: 16 Th. 16.00 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN? Director : Morgan Spurlock Cast: Morgan Spurlock, George Bush, Dick Cheney USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 96' English; Turkish s.t. 2008 Melbourne Most Popular Documentary Director Morgan Spurlock returns with another funny and engaging film after his high cholesterol international hit Super Size Me. Deciding that the world should be saved by one lone man after all, like

in movies, Spurlock sets off to do what CIA or the FBI have failed to do: find the world's most wanted man. And why? Because he wants to make the world a safer place for his soon-to-be-born child. First he needs to learn where he came from and who he is. So Spurlock follows Osama bin Laden's trail, encountering rational and radical faces in the world's most dangerous places. Beyoglu: 10 Fr. 19.00 Beyoglu: 12 Su. 13.30 WHITE NIGHT WEDDING BRÚDGUMINN Director : Baltasar Kormákur Cast: Hilmir Snaer Gudnason, Margrét Vilhjálmsdóttir, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson Iceland, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 96' Iceland; English & Turkish s.t. Baltasar Kormákur whose dark crime film Jar City competed for the Golden Tulip in 2008 returns with a comedy loosely adapted from Chekhov's Ivanov and that was chosen as Iceland's official entry for the best foreign language film Oscar derby. This year's biggest hit in Iceland has middle-aged professor Jon in focus, who is going to get married tomorrow, for the second time, to one of his exstudents half his age. But there are a few obstacles: his cranky mother-in-law-to-be, his extremely drunk best man, and his emotional first wife. Moreover, it's the white nights, never dark. When the guests start flocking to the island, Jon starts getting cold feet… Rexx: 5 Su. 19.00 Emek: 7 Tu. 19.00 Emek: 10 Fr. 13.30 WRONG ROSARY UZAK İHTİMAL Director: Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun Cast: Nadir Sarıbacak, Görkem Yeltan, Ersan Uysal Turkey, 2009 35 mm / Colour / 90' Turkey; English s.t. 2009 Rotterdam Tiger Award (Best Film) First Turkish film to compete at Rotterdam Film Festival, director Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun's debut fiction feature Wrong Rosary was lauded by the Rotterdam Jury as "a uniquely creative film." The film tells the story of the events unfolding as a muezzin, a prospective nun and an elderly Istanbul bookseller in Galata, İstanbul meet, and it follows an untold love story -the love between a muezzin and a nun- and their friendship with an aristocratic book dealer. Emek:12 Su. 19.00 YOUSSOU N'DOUR: I BRING WHAT I LOVE Director: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi Cast: Youssou N'dour, Fathy Salama, Kabou Gueye USA, 2008 35 mm / Colour / 102' French-English; English & Turkish s.t. One of Africa's most prominent musical figures, a fervent promoter of human rights, "the voice of Africa", Youssou N, at the height of his career, became frustrated by the negative perception of his

Muslim faith and composed "Egypt", a deeply personal album dedicated to Islam. However, the album quickly became the centre of controversy especially in his homeland, Senegal, and was deemed blasphemous. Combining footage of religious rituals, concert performances and production of the album, this musical journey chronicles N's challenges over the album, its universal message and N'Dour's voice of hope and tolerance. Beyoglu: 7 Tu. 16.00 Beyoglu: 9 Th. 19.00 ZIFT Director : Javor Gardev Cast: Zachary Baharov, Tanya Ilieva, Vladimir Penev Bulgaria, 2008 35 mm / B&W / 92' Bulgarian; English & Turkish s.t. 2008 Moscow Best Director (Silver George) Bulgaria's Oscar submission, and taking its name from the Bulgarian slang for the word "shit", Zift is a crime film made in the spirit of film noir, though focusing on a criminal instead of a private detective battling criminals. The Moth is released from prison after 20 years to find himself in a new and alien world: the cold atmosphere of communist Sofia of the 60s. During the one day the film unfolds, Moth tries to make amends with his past, but is tortured, chased and forced to listen to many strange stories by agents, medics, barflies, outcasts, gravediggers… Yeni Ruya: 13 Mo. 19.00 Atlas: 14 Tu. 13.30 Rexx: 16 Th. 16.00

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