Family Child Care Licensing Procedures by jsq13914


									                             Family Child Care
                           Licensing Procedures
1. Return completed Application (FMP FCC 1) and Statement of Conviction (FMP FCC 9) to
    FCC office (this registers you for the next class).
     Complete step1 by _________________ to ensure a space in the next licensing class.
2. Schedule home interview with FCC Coordinator (within 15 days of submitting attached
    application package). All family members must be present.
3. Schedule with the Family Child Care office to attend the next licensing class to be held
    on__________________ from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You must attend both days of
    training. Applicants living off base must have started the process of becoming registered
    with the State of South Carolina to provide child care in their home in order to attend the
    training – need to bring documentation to training.
4. Schedule an appointment at the Clinic with your Primary Care Manager or your off base
    medical doctor to have the Provider’s Health Assessment (FMP FCC 8) completed to
    become a provider. All shots must be current: MMR, Diptheria, Petussis, Polio, Varicella
    (or proof of immunity for any stated), Hep A, annual negative TB test, and Influenza
    vaccination (seasonal). Will need to provide a copy of shot record.
5. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian
6. Recommend visiting FCC home to see all that is involved in running a child care in your
    home – check with FCC office for address.
7. Attend the licensing class.
8. After the licensing class, home inspections are conducted by Fire, Safety, Public Health
    and FCC Program. Inspection checklist provided in licensing class. Inspection date will be
    scheduled during class.
9. Attend CPR and First Aid classes – normally scheduled within 2-3 weeks of the licensing
10. Submit required documentation – list provided at licensing class – to FCC office.
11. FCC Panel reviews Applicant’s file and recommends approval/disapproval for licensing to
    Mission Support Group Commander.

FCC Licensing classes are held on a monthly basis (except December). The classes consist
of two full days of training pertaining to Air Force Requirements, Health & Safety issues, Fire
Safety, Nutrition/USDA Food Program, and Child Abuse/Neglect recognition and prevention. It
takes approximately 4-6 weeks to become licensed after attending the Licensing class. The
FCC Program has a Resource Center equipped with supplies/equipment that you will be able
to check out (at no cost) to provide child care in your home. The trainings are also provided
free of charge.

If you have any questions, please call Sherian Vickers, FCC Coordinator, at 963-2546. The
FCC office is located at 2373 White Circle on the main base.

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