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					The professional handyman service
by the mature workforce                          Franchise Facts

50plus Handyman was established in               50plus Handyman offers self
January 2003. Founder Roger Runswick saw a       operated franchises, suitable for
demand for reliable personnel to undertake       areas ranging from counties to small
maintenance tasks and married it to the          towns, lesser-populated rural areas
concept of utilising the mature workforce.       and defined suburban areas where
Since its creation the company has grown         you will, at least initially, be the
consistently and by early 2007 had               handyman or woman. A self-
operations in over 22 areas of the UK with       operated franchise should target a
more in the pipeline. The aim is to develop      turnover of £35K per annum. Some of
a nation-wide service.                           our self operated franchises turn
                                                 over £50K per annum.

This is an opportunity to run                                  A number of 50plus
your own profitable and                                        Handyman areas also
rewarding business in your                                     employ personnel. In
locality with the benefit of:                                  these a team of
•    a developing national                                     handymen or women
     brand                                                     undertake the jobs and
•    centralised telephone                                     there is a role
     answering via a nation-                                   managing and
     wide local rate number                                    marketing. This is a
•    qualified technical                                       management
     support                                                   franchise. We would
•    marketing assistance                                      be pleased to discuss
•    training.                                                 this with you.

Your customers will be householders and          All figures are approximate and
businesses, requiring basic electrical,          will depend on your level of skill,
plumbing and general maintenance works           commitment and to a degree,
such as fitting tap washers, changing            geographic area.
lights, putting up shelves and painting and
decorating. Customers find 50plus                There is a good deal of franchise
Handyman convenient as one handyman can          information on our web site and you
undertake a range of tasks.                      can apply on-line. Alternatively a
                                                 form is included with this brochure.
The focus from the first enquiry contact is on
customer service so a high volume of repeat
business is built up.
Financial investment                             Initial marketing material and
The financial investment is detailed             documentation. 1,000 double sided
overleaf together with a table of franchise      glossy advertising cards, soft copy
information.                                     of letterhead, estimate, invoice and
                                                 other documents
Fees for a management franchise are on a
case by case basis.                              PR launch. Use our PR people for a
                                                 local PR launch to assist in
                                                 establishing your business. We
                                                 arrange press and sometimes radio

                                                 Telephone answering. Our fully
                                                 computerised process includes
                                                 answering all customer calls,
                                                 notifying you of jobs and optionally
What does 50plus provide?                        running your diary and availability.

The most important element that 50plus           Qualified technical support and
Handyman brings to its franchisees is the        advice. Our central staff and web
brand. 50plus Handyman stands for trust,         site provide technical support,
reliability and a high quality service           information on regulations and an
experience. This begins with the initial         electrical certification service.
contact and continues through the customer
experience. It enables 50plus to differentiate   Web site with on-line booking, e-
the brand and to compete effectively. In         mail, technical information, news
addition 50plus also provides a broad range      and more.
of initial and ongoing support.
                                                 The 50plus web site is one of our most
Operations and Estimation Manual.                important marketing tools. It is
Everything we have learnt including              featured on Google, has individual
estimation guidelines, the tools required        pages for each operational area, a
and how and where to market enabling you         wealth of detail about what we do
to build a profitable business rapidly.          and enables customers to request
                                                 work to be undertaken on-line. The
Training. Time split between one to one          web site is also linked from other
induction, administration, customer service      sites such as LaterLife which
and in the field experience.                     provides additional visibility of our
Franchise & Associate features and financial investment

•     Franchise: provides the 50plus Handyman service in an exclusive area enabling a
      substantial business to be built up with the potential to grow through employment of
      other staff and develop a valuable asset, which can be sold at a later date.

Table 1 – Franchise Summary

    Typical size             Variable - agreed with Franchisee
    Exclusive area           Yes (owned)
    Can be sold on           Yes
    Services offered        • Tiny tasks
                            • Decorating
                            • Gardening (optional or separate)
                            • Basic works
                            • Plumbing & electrical
    Employment               Self employed on 50plus business
    Adverting &              50plus web site page(s), free advertising copy and initial 1000
    marketing support        cards
    Unique web page          Yes
    Central telephone        Yes
    Central diary            Yes
    Electrical Cert.         Yes
    Technical support        Yes (full)
    Vehicle branding         Yes
    Costs (ex VAT)          • Initial £5,000 one off fee plus 10% of labour revenue
                            • PR launch - allow £500
                            • Tools £500 - you may have these already
                            • A vehicle - up to £700 deposit and sign writing plus £200 per
                            • Public liability insurance around £130
                            • Plus living costs until you have revenue coming in.
Next Steps

If you feel that providing the 50plus Handyman service is for you then please complete the
short form below, add your CV and return both by post or fax. OR apply on-line at our web
site. Our contact details are E-mail:; write to: 50plus
Handyman, 110A, High Street, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1EB; tel: 0845 22 50 495; fax on request

If you have any questions in the meantime please do feel free to contact us.

Name:                                                  Current position:

Address (include postcode):                            Previous positions:

Telephone (day):                                       Type of 50plus Handyman franchise
                                                       interested in:
Telephone (evening):

Telephone (mobile):

E-mail address:                                        Summary of skills and attributes relevant
                                                       to running a Handyman franchise:

Do you own you own home?                               Approximately when would you be
                                                       available to take up a franchise?
Martial status:

Age (optional):                                        Particular geographic area of interest?

Number of dependants:

Other information you wish to add:

Thank you. We will contact you to set up an informal meeting. This carries no obligations and
allows you to find out more about the services we offer, how we operate, the support the central
organisation provides, and how you could contribute to a successful business.

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