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					                                                                    Brown University              Phone (401) 863-3549
                                                                    Box 6-B204, 171 Meeting St.   Mobile (716) 860-0641
                                                                    Providence RI 02912, U.S.A.   E-mail

Regina Campbell-Malone
2001-2007       Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                    Cambridge, MA
                MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program
                Ph.D., Biological Oceanography, June 2007
                Michael J. Moore, advisor

1996 - 2000     University at Buffalo                                                                         Buffalo, NY
                B.S., Biological Sciences with a Concentration in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
                Distinguished Honors Scholar, University Honors Program
                Graduated Magna Cum Laude
Current Research
I am currently investigating the biomechanical behavior of mammalian bone to determine the functional
significance of its structural organization in various mammalian groups. Mammals of varying sizes (from mice
to whales) and modes of locomotion (terrestrial tetrapod, marine and aquatic tetrapod swimmers, flying and
gliding mammals) will be explored in a comparative context to determine how both the micro- and
macroscopic structure of bone influence the mechanical capabilities of these organisms.

Thesis Research
For my doctoral thesis I used basic biomechanical principals to study blunt force trauma resulting from vessel
collisions with North Atlantic right whales. I analyzed necropsy data to determine injuries seen in right whales
struck by vessels and based on those data I focused on mandibular fracture as a fatal endpoint for collisions.
Computed tomography (CT) and mechanical testing were used to determine the material and mechanical
properties of the right whale jaw. The jaw was used as a model bone in finite element analyses to see how
bones respond to applied stress during a collision. These data will be used to predict whether speed
restrictions will reduce the incidence of fractures and thereby mortality resulting from collisions.

Postdoctoral Investigator, Brown University                                                       September 2007 – present
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department, Laboratory of Sharon M. Swartz                                Providence, RI
Conducting independent research regarding the unique microstructure of marine mammal bone
Developing curriculum and teaching upper-level undergraduate Comparative Biology course
Postdoctoral Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution                                          July 2007 – present
Biology Department, Laboratory of Michael J. Moore                                                        Woods Hole, MA
Adjunct Faculty, Codman Academy Charter Public School                                                         2005 & 2007
Developed curriculum and taught inquiry-based High School Marine Biology Course                            Dorchester, MA

Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health                                                                   2000-2001
National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, Laboratory of Lymphocyte Biology                                      Bethesda, MD
Investigated receptor dependent cell-signaling pathway under Barbara E. Bierer and Anthony Cristillo
                                                                                     Regina Campbell-Malone
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Special Studies, Duke University Marine Laboratory                                                Summer 2000
Nicholas School of the Environment                                                                Beaufort, NC
 Graduate Courses: Conservation Biology and Marine Mammals

Research Intern, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)                               Summer 1999
Space Life Sciences Training Program, Kennedy Space Center                                   Cape Canaveral, FL
Investigated the impact of Florida Current anomalies on coastal & estuarine spawning events & larval migration
Research Intern, Roswell Park Cancer Institute                                                            1995
Department of Flow Cytometry, Laboratory of Flow Cytometry                                         Buffalo, NY
Investigated chemical stimulation and detection of lymphocyte apoptosis using flow cytometry

Public Service and Committee Membership
   WHOI Diversity Initiative Advisory Committee, member                9/2004 – 9/2007
   New England Board of Higher Education –                             2004 – 2005
    Excellence Through Diversity Program, advisor
   Woods Hole Science & Technology                                     2003 - 2006
   Education Partnership (WHSTEP), Falmouth, MA, mentor
   WHOI Academic Programs, speaker                                     2003 - 2005
   WHOI International Committee, representative                        11/2002 – 11/2003
   Woods Hole Educational Assembly, student representative             11/2002 – 11/2003
   Cape Cod Stranding Network, Buzzards Bay, MA, volunteer             2001 - present
   King Urban Life Center, Buffalo, NY, volunteer                      1998 – 1999
   Tender Loving Child Care Center, Buffalo, NY, volunteer             1996 - 1998
   Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY, volunteer               1995

Awards, Certification & Honors
    American Society of Limnology and Oceanography                     February 2007
     Distinguished Student Speaker with Honors
    WHOI Ocean Life Institute Award                                    June 2006
     Principal investigator, $5,000
    NOAA/NMFS Right Whale Grants Program Award                         October 2004
     Principal investigator, $216,000
    Georgia Institute of Technology Focus Fellow                       1/2004
    Sounds Conservancy Grant Awardee                                   5/2003 – 5/2004
    WHOI SeaGrant Award Recipient                                      7/2002 – 7/2004
    NSF Graduate Research Fellow                                       9/2002 – 9/2005
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Presidential Fellow         9/2001 – 8/2002
    University at Buffalo Distinguished Honors Scholar                 8/1996 – 2/2000
    NAUI S.C.U.B.A. certification                                      5/1998

Society Membership
    American Society of Limnology and Oceanography                     1/2007 - present
    The Partnership/Keyspan College to Career Consortium               2/2005 – present
     University Fellow
    Society of Marine Mammalogy                                        9/2003 - present
    MIT Black Graduate Student Association, member                     9/2001 – 6/2007
    Golden Key National Honor Society, member                          10/1998 - present
    Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, member                       1/1998 - present
    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics                 8/1998 – 6/2000
                                                                                   Regina Campbell-Malone
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Research Cruises
Sea Education Association (SEA) Research Cruise                        6/2001 – 7/2001
    -two week North Atlantic cruise aboard the sailing vessel Westward
Right Whale Acoustic and Video Behavioral Studies                    2/2004
   -day cruises in Cape Cod Bay with Nat’l Geographic film crew & the Center for Coastal Studies
Right Whale Acoustic and Behavioral Research Cruise                   8/2004
   -three week Bay of Fundy cruise with Dr. Susan Parks (Cornell Univ.) aboard sailing vessel Rosita.
NSF Antarctic Research Cruise LMG-281                                  11/2004-12/2004
   -5 week cruise aboard the R/V Laurence M. Gould under chief scientist Dr. Ken Halanych (Auburn
   University) observing benthic organisms and planktonic larvae of Drake’s Passage and the Continental Shelf
   of Antarctica.

Teaching Experience
   Adjunct Faculty, Comparative Vertebrate Biology, Brown University                   January 2008
   Courageous Sailing Center, Boston, MA                                               July 2006
   Ocean Sciences, Guest Teacher, Mullen Hall Elementary, Falmouth, MA                 Spring 2006
   Adjunct Faculty, Codman Academy Charter High School, Boston, MA                     Fall 2005 & 2007
   Guest Lecturer, The Winsor School, Boston, MA                                       2004 - present
   Teaching Assistant, Evolutionary Biology 200, University at Buffalo                 8/98 - 12/99
   Teaching Assistant, Honors Colloquium, University at Buffalo                        9/97 - 12/97

Invited Seminars/Functions
Seminar for the Functional Morphology Group Meeting                             November 2006
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University, Providence, RI
Title: From Floating Target to Fracture Trauma: The makings of a vessel-whale collision model

Moderator for in-house Diversity Discussions                                  August 2006
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Seminar for the Biomechanics Group Meeting                                        April 2006
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Title: Achilles' Jaw: Material Properties of the Right Whale Jaw Bone and Soft Tissue

Abstracts and Conference Proceedings
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Santa Fe, NM (oral)           February 2007
From Floating Target to Fracture Trauma: The makings of a ship strike model
Campbell-Malone, R., Baldwin, K.C., DeCew, J.C., Muller, J.A., Raymond, J.J. Tsukrov, I., Moore M.J.

North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium, New Bedford, MA (oral)                 November 2006
From Floating Target to Fracture Trauma: The makings of a ship strike model
Campbell-Malone, R., Baldwin, K.C., DeCew, J.C., Muller, J.A., Raymond, J.J. Tsukrov, I., Moore M.J.

American Society of Mammalogy Conference, Amherst, MA (oral)                June 2006
Morphology and Mechanical Properties of the Right Whale Mandible as a Model Bone for Ship Strike
                                                                               Regina Campbell-Malone
                                                                               Page 4/4
Campbell-Malone, R., Arruda, J., Muller, J.A., Tsukrov, I., Ketten, D.R., Moore, M.J.

Society of Marine Mammalogy Biennial Conference, San Diego, CA (oral)              December 2005
Interpretation of the timing and pathology of mandibular fractures in right whales hit by ships.
Campbell-Malone, R., Daoust, P-Y., De Guise, S., Ketten, D.R. Moore, M. J.

North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium, New Bedford, MA (oral)                    November 2005
Bones Beyond the Beach: Investigating bone lesions discovered after necropsy.
Campbell-Malone, R., Arruda, J., Daoust, P-Y., De Guise, S., Doyle, K., Ketten, D.R., Moore, M. J.

Florida Marine Mammals Health Conference II, Gainesville, FL (poster)         April 2005
Evidence of skull fractures and implications of ship strikes in right whales.
Campbell-Malone, R., Barco, S.G., Bogomolni, A., Knowlton, A.R., McLellan, W.A., Moore, M.J.

North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium, New Bedford, MA (oral)                    November 2004
Evidence of skeletal fractures and implications of ship strikes in right whales.
Campbell-Malone, R., Barco, S.G., Bogomolni, A., Knowlton, A.R., McLellan, W.A., Moore, M.J.

Northeast Regional Stranding Conference, Portland, ME (oral)                     April 2004
Necropsy findings from the examination of two female right whales detail catastrophic skull fractures
and associated hemorrhaging indicative of fatal whale-vessel collision events
Campbell-Malone, R., Barco, S.G., Bogomolni, A., Boyd, D., Daoust, P-Y., Dobbin, G., Hartley, D.
Knowlton, A., Lovewell, G., Mase, B., McLellan, W.A., Moore, K. and Moore M.J.

Doctoral Thesis

Campbell-Malone, R., Biomechanics of North Atlantic Right Whale Bone: Mandibular Fracture as a
Fatal Endpoint for Blunt Vessel-Whale Collision Modeling, Doctoral Thesis in Biological
Oceanography. 2007, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Cambridge, MA. 257 pages.

Peer-Reviewed Publications & Manuscripts In Preparation

Campbell-Malone, R., Barco, Susan G., Daoust, Pierre-Yves, Knowlton, Amy R., McLellan, William
A., Rotstein, David S., Moore, Michael J. 2007. Gross and histologic evidence of sharp and blunt
trauma in North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) killed by vessels, in press, Journal of Zoo
and Wildlife Medicine. 38: 35 pages.

Campbell-Malone, R., Arruda, J., Ketten, D.R., 2007. Geometry, Internal Morphology and Densitometry
of the Right Whale Mandible, in prep. 56 pages

Campbell-Malone, R., Moore, M.J., Muller, J.A., Tsukrov, I., 2007. Material Properties of the North
Atlantic Right Whale Mandible: a fatal endpoint for vessel-whale collision modeling, in prep. 66 pages.