Visa Invitation Letter Form

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									This form can be used to obtain visa information from applicants that want to receive a
visa invitation letter. This form requires the applicant’s personal information, the
applicant’s consulate information, and the applicant’s passport information. The
applicant fills this form out completely and sends it back to a visa preparing company.
The company then uses this information to draft a customized visa invitation letter. This
form can be used by small businesses or entities that provide visa preparation services
in order to obtain information from applicants.
                                       Visa Invitation Letter

The following information is requested for us to use in preparation and submission of your visa
invitation letter. A copy will be sent to you via fax and the original will be sent to you via standard

All requested information must be complete and accurate in order to fulfill your request promptly.
Please print, complete and fax the form to ___________________ [Instruction: Insert Fax
Number]. Please type or print legibly. Thank you!

Applicant’s Personal Information
Mr., Mrs., Ms. (circle one)
First Name: _________________________ Last Name: ________________________
Company Name: ______________________________      Title: _________________
Address 1: _______________________________________________________________
Address 2: _______________________________________________________________
Country: ________________________
Phone Number: ____________________ Fax Number: ___________________________
Email Address: ___________________

Applicant’s Consulate Information
Consulate Address: ________________________________________________________
Consulate Country: ________________________________________________________
Consulate Fax Number: ____________________________________________________

Applicant’s Passport Information
Name on Passport: _________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: ____________________ Passport Number: ______________________
Date of Issue: __________________ Date of Expiration: _______________________

Date Received Form: ___________________
Date Form Completed and Sent to Applicant: ___________________

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