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									                                              Grant Resources Guide

This is a guide to free resources to find grant opportunities. Listed below are websites that post grant opportunities for
a variety of purposes. Since the descriptions of each resource are based on personal use, use the guide to navigate these
         sites. When searching for grants use these key words: food, nutrition, hunger, human/social services

Fundsnet Services Online
Use this website to find foundation and corporate grants. In the center of the home page, under ‘‘Categories,’’ select
‘‘Hunger & Homelessness.’’ A list of foundations and/or corporations offering grants will appear. Read the program
description and click on the name of the organization for more information.
Use this website to find federal grants. On the home page, select ‘‘New Opportunities this Week’’ to find a list of current
federal grants available. Clicking on the ‘‘Opportunity Title’’ of a grant that seems promising takes you to a full description
of the grant, including eligibility requirements, agency information and closing date. Also, by selecting ‘‘Application’’ at the
top, you can download the application for the grant from the website.

NonProfit Times Grant Search
Use this new research portal to search, view and save information about corporate donors and create customized prospect
lists. Click ‘‘Search’’ under ‘‘Search By Recipient Cause or Location,’’ select your criteria and select ‘‘Continue to Step 2,’’
where your search results will appear.

Office of Rural Community Affairs
Use this website to find funding opportunities in rural Texas. On the left panel of the home page, select ‘‘Grants
Clearinghouse.’’ Scroll down to ‘‘General Grant and Funding Opportunities.’’ Many other resources are listed on this page
and may be helpful for your agency.

Rural Assistance Center (RAC)
Use this website to find funding opportunities for health and human services agencies in rural America. On the left panel
under ‘‘Funding,’’ select ‘‘By State.’’ Select ‘‘Texas’’ and review the funding opportunities for rural Texas agencies. Select the
name of a particular program for more information on its website.

Texas Department of State Health Services Funding Alert
Use this website to receive email updates about funding opportunities identified by the Texas Department of State Health
Services. On the home page select ‘‘online subscription form.’’ Fill in the required form, and select areas of interest ---
including but not limited to, ‘‘homelessness,’’ ‘‘nutrition/food services’’ and ‘‘social services.’’ You may also browse the
alerts by month on the home page, but an email subscription will save you time and you will receive the same information.

Texas eGrants Search
You may use this website to search for grant opportunities in Texas, but I have found these searches to be ineffective and
do not recommend its use.

The Federal Register
The Federal Register is updated every Friday and identifies unutilized, underutilized, excess and surplus Federal buildings
and real property that HUD has reviewed for suitability for use to assist the homeless. The properties are leased at no
charge, but the leasing organization is responsible for repairs and upkeep.
                                            Grant Resources Guide

        On the left panel, click ‘‘Browse’’ and select ‘‘HTML’’ under ‘‘Current Issue.’’ Scroll down to ‘‘Housing and Urban
Development Department’’ and look under ‘‘Notices.’’ On the right, next to ‘‘Homeless assistance; excess and surplus
Federal properties…’’ select ‘‘Text.’’ If there are any properties currently available, they will be posted here.

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