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									                           ADVICE UNIT
As a student at the University of Exeter, you are covered by the Students’ Guild’s
Personal Accident Insurance policy and, if you live in Hall, or other University
accommodation, by the University Accommodation Insurance Policy (see below).

You may wish to take out further cover, paying a relatively small annual sum so that you
will be adequately compensated should damage occur to items not covered.

1.   All policies have exclusions and limitations so check these carefully before
     making a choice. NB Excess: you generally have to pay the first £x of any claim
2.   Always insure for the full replacement value of all your possessions.
3.   Avoid cheap policies offered by unknown companies.

This is basic insurance for personal possessions in your accommodation and includes theft
and malicious damage but not accidental loss or destruction. It also covers you in transit
between home and University at the beginning and end of term but not for theft from
vehicles. Excess £25.00 increased to £100 for lap top computers. It does not cover
mobile phones, sports equipment or contact lenses whilst in use. Pedal cycles can be
insured but must be locked whilst unattended.

Insurance Provider: Endsleigh
Web address:
You may need to extend the benefits provided to include cover for valuable items such as
laptops, mp3 players, cameras, musical instruments, bikes and mobile phones.

Covers: most of your personal belongings and household possessions. High value items
not specifically mentioned in the policy may NOT BE COVERED. Policies usually cover
damage by fire, water, theft and vandalism but generally NOT accidental loss or damage –
do check your policy. The possessions of friends or unmarried partner are NOT covered.

Theft: You may have to prove forced entry if you share your home with others, or are
living away at the time: check your policy. Specific items are often excluded, e.g. home
computer, contact lenses.

The size of the premium (annual payment) will depend on where you live, the value of
your goods, the extent of the cover, etc.
If you’re not insured to the full value of your possessions, you will only get a proportion of
your claim met.

Tenants: Check your contract or with the landlord to see if the furniture is covered.

Making a claim: Check your policy first to see if the situation is covered. Contact your
insurance company as soon as possible and ask for a claim form. Keep any bills for
temporary repairs. Permanent Repairs –send the estimates to the insurance company for
approval before the work is done.

Do shop around to get the best policy for you.

1.   Basic – renewal less wear and tear
2.   New for old
3.   All risks – covers accidental loss or damage anywhere in the U.K.

Expensive items: may need to pay an extra premium e.g. for a computer. BEWARE!
During vacations, cover may be very limited. Before buying contents insurance, it is worth
checking if your possessions can be covered by your parents’ household policy.

As a student at Exeter University, you are already covered by the Student’s Guild Personal
Accident Insurance policy (Endsleigh).

Who can claim?       All registered undergraduates and postgraduates.
What for?            1.      Temporary total disablement; or
                     2.      Extra expenses in keeping up with the course, e.g. taxi fares to
                             campus, cost of photocopying notes.
                     3.      Permanent disablement, e.g. loss of use of fingers. Death.
                     4.      Consequential extra year of study.
When?                Following an accident occurring on or off campus.
                     (a)     In term-time, or
                     (b)     At any time if incurred when participating in an activity
                             organised by the University or the Students’ Guild.
Exclusions:          1.      Some ‘dangerous’ sports are excluded:
                     2.      The first 7 days of injury for temporary disablement or extra
                             expenses; ask the Advice Unit for details.
Payment:             1.      Temporary disablement: £30 a week (excluding first 7 days),
                     2.      Extra course related expenses up to £30 a week for a
                             maximum of 52 weeks
                     3.      Permanent Disablement/Death: lump sum.
                     4.      Further year’s study: up to £500

How to apply: Fill in the relevant form (available from the Students Guild Information
Points in Devonshire House, Streatham campus (01392 263528), and Guild Office, St
Luke’s (01392 264893)
Hand in the form or send to Norrie Blackeby, Students' Guild Office Manager, Devonshire
House. Do not forget to enclose any doctor’s letter and receipts for extra expenses. You
should hear direct from the Insurers within a few weeks.

BUSA – Personal Accident Insurance
Who:               Members of the Athletic Union
What for: 1.       Temporary disablement: course related extra expenses, £30 a week,
                   excluding first 7 days.
           2.      Permanent disablement: lump sum.
           3.      Loss or damage to teeth or dentures up to £500.
           4.      Hospitalisation: £20 per day from day 1 for a maximum of 90 days
           5.      Accidental death: lump sum.
           6.      Loss of earnings: £50 per week.
           7.      Repeat study.
When:      Whilst playing or as a spectator at any fixture, training or practice session or
           activity recognised and organised by the Athletic Union, including organised
How to apply: For claim form and details of payment amounts contact the Athletic Union

                               CAR INSURANCE
Cost:        depends on:
             (a) your age and number of years you have been driving
             (b) type and age of your car
             (c) the use of your car
             (d) health
             (e) any previous accident and conviction record

Range of insurance cover
1.   Act only: damage to other’s property or personal injury to others.
2.   Third Party Policies: includes liability for accidents caused by passengers
3.   Third Party plus Fire and Theft
4.   Comprehensive: includes damage in an accident, if not at fault. May include theft
     of personal belongings.

No Claims Bonus
In most car insurance policies this means that if no claim is made to the insurance
company during the course of the year, your premium will be reduced next year, e.g. No
claim: 25% off in 2nd year, 60% off in 4th year. If a claim results in a payment then you
may lose part of your No Claims Bonus unless the insurance company can claim back from
the other insurance company involved. Check on no claim protection provision!

Most policies state that the policyholder must not admit fault or the policy is void. An
apology is taken as admitting fault.
You must inform the insurers of any accident (even if no claim is made) as soon as

                           TRAVEL INSURANCE
Usually for medical expenses abroad, cover for your belongings and cancellation

                              LIFE ASSURANCE
This is a very long-term financial commitment, so be certain that you are prepared to
continue the payments for at least 25 years and that you have reached the point in your
life at which you wish to begin this commitment.

Most are now linked to a mortgage protection policy.

BEWARE high pressure sales techniques. There is usually a legal right to a 10-day
cooling-off period after you have signed the initial contact.

Updated 10/08

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