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Over the last months, Real Estate developers across the UAE and Gulf Region have been gradually adapting themselves to implement eco-friendly projects. Community planning guidelines to foster long term sustainable growth have been developed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to ensure that all developments adopt a range of sustainable features including shortening of streets to encourage more walking and promoting greater use of recycling stations. Environmental awareness in this part of the world is most definitely on the increase and with both the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Governments making environmentally friendly developments a priority, real estate developers are becoming more and more eco-aware. Since the beginning of this year, all planned buildings in Dubai have had to conform to eco-aware building principles and now need to be certified by the Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development (MESCD). The centre was established in line with Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai and is intended to help developers obtain green building certification in line with the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Leed) rating system. Abu Dhabi, the Capital of UAE and with an economy massively based on Oil & Gas, is also seeking to transform itself into a green city in line with the city’s master plan 2030. The world’s first carbon free eco city, Masdar City, is being built there and it will be home to more then 50,000 people as well as 1,500 international businesses all based in the field of sustainable and alternative energy. In addition to the new projects, old buildings in the UAE are being given an internal facelift to make them more efficient in conserving water and energy. We are also seeing an emerging global trend for socially responsible retailing and sustainable green stores and malls. In general therefore, developers are now recognising the importance of being more environmentally aware not only for ethical reasons, but for the fact that an energy efficient building has obvious attractions to potential end users and from a marketing point of view, an eco friendly certification, creates an opportunity to tap into the current trends and attract a growing number of eco conscious investors.

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Needless to remark that all this creates a very interesting scenario for US exporters of green products, services and technologies especially if we consider the fixed Dollar-Dirham currency peg which has been favouring the US-UAE trade balance and penalizing the imports of Euro Zone manufacturers. ROIS Business Management & Marketing has been operating in this Region for many years providing strategic international trade and business consulting services to public and private sector clients with advisory, implementation and management assistance. Credibility and integrity are the cornerstones of ROIS which place a particular emphasis on customer service and long term business relationships. Drawn from industries as diverse as construction, tourism and Oil & Gas, our network of highly experienced specialists provides exceptional service and builds successful, enduring relationships with clients thanks also to a deep knowledge and understanding of several languages, of the culture, business philosophy and human elements of this market. The combined experience of AEC Science & Technology and ROIS in their respective sectors will make of Ecobuild Dubai the first event of its kind in the UAE and will provide a unique opportunity for US public and private companies to meet face to face with prospective buyers and the major players of the real estate and construction industry. The event will not only help create and enhance the visibility of US exporters in the UAE, but also to build solid business leads around the Region. Let’s not forget that the UAE is the most important business, logistic, and financial hub of the Middle East and that most of the construction businesses in Africa, the Sub Indian Continent and the former CIS Republics are developed and managed from here. Dubai and the UAE in general are now considered the fastest growing Country in the world where one third of all the world’s cranes are busy in building the most luxurious and lavish buildings. Dubai has been declared as one of the safest places to live by the Interpol as contrary to the belief that Middle East is the hub of tourism. The prime location of the UAE, being located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East, also makes it one of the hottest vacation and tourism destinations in the region. Our working guideline for the exhibition will be to provide complete and comprehensive service, encourage wide participation, expand the influence of the exhibitors and promote business transactions. The event will be promoted also through various mass media at home and abroad.

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