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					 Health Policy Institute of Ohio                                                                                       Health Data Sources Listing                                                                            last updated04/11/2005

                                                                                                                                                          Data Type        Unit of
Data Source                      Description                                                                  Collection Method     Population            Available        Analysis        Level of Geography
American Hospital Association- Hospital facts and figures, marketplace trends, statistics.                    Reported by facilities U.S. Hospitals       Summarized       Facility        U.S., State, local region
Hospital Statistics
Area Resource File Dataset         Information on health facilities, health professions, measures of          Varies-50 primary     United States         Raw              varies          State, County
                                   resource scarcity, health status, economic activity, health training       sources                                                      (facility,
                                   programs, and socioeconomic and environmental characteristics                                                                           workers,
Behavioral Risk Factor          Tracks the prevalence of behavioral risk factors. Core questionnaire          Telephone Survey      United States and     Raw/Weighted     Individual      State (county level available
Surveilllance System (BRFSS)    allows comparisons between states.                                                                  Ohio                                                   through Ohio BRFSS)
CMS-Statistics, Data, and       Medicare and Medicaid datasets. Data includes provider information,           Varies                U.S. Medicaid and     Summarized and Varies            Varies
Research Information            client information, budget reports, health care indicators and trends.                              Medicare participants Raw
Current Population Survey        Various social indicators (health, salary, unemployment, hours worked,       Telephone and in      United States         Raw/Weighted     Individual      State, County, City/MSA
                                 etc.)                                                                        person interviews
Current Population Survey-March Health and health insurance                                                   Telephone and in      United States         Raw/Weighted     Individual      State, County, City/MSA
Supplement                                                                                                    person interviews
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Utilization of health services by special populations, Medical practice       Reported by facilities U.S. hospital patients Raw            Patient Visit   United States, State
Project-Nationwide Inpatient     variation, health care costs inflation, Hospital financial distress,
Sample (HCUP)                    analysis of states and communities, medical treatment effectiveness,
                                 quality of care, impact of health policy changes, access to care,
                                 diffusion of medical technology, utilization of health services by special
Hospital Discharge Data-Ohio     Inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room care. Basic demographic            Reported by facilities Ohio hospital        Summarized and Patient Visit     State, County, Zip Code
Hospital Association             information, types of services used, admit source, discharge status,                                patients             Raw (limited
                                 and ICD-9 codes                                                                                                          access)
Linked Birth/Infant Death Data   state, county, child's age, weight, cause of death, maternal race,           Reported by vital     United States         Summarized       Infant Deaths State, County
                                 maternal age, maternal education, gestation period, prenatal care, live      statistics
                                 birth order, and marital status
Medicaid Analytic eXtract        Demograhics, hospital claims, long term care claims, prescription            Medicaid claims       U.S. Medicaid         Raw (available   Event (health Varies
                                 claims, eligibility, diagnosis and procedure codes (previously known as                            participants          with data use    care visit)
                                 SMRF).                                                                                                                   agreement)
Medical Expenditure Panel        Household component: health status, health insurance coverage,               Varies-mostly facility United States        Summarized and Varies            United States
Survey                           health care use and expenditures, and sources of payment for health          and employer survey                         Raw
                                 services. Nursing home component: facility characteristics,
                                 expenditures and sources of payment at the resident level, and
                                 resident characteristics such as health status. Medical Provider
                                 component: expenses of people enrolled in health maintenance
                                 organizations and other types of managed care plans. Insurance
                                 Component: types and amount of health insurance offered by
National Cancer Institute’s       Premier US site for cancer statistics                                       State Registries      Cancer Patients       Varies           Varies          US, state, county
National Health and Nutrition     Heatlh and nutritional status, chronic disease, lifestyle, heredity,        In person interview   United States         Raw/Weighted     Household       State
Examination Survey (NHANES) environment, drugs, smoking, sexual practice, breastfeeding practice,             and examination
                                  contraception, physicial fitness, etc.
National Health Care Survey       Types of health care facilities used, services rendered, number of          Data are collected    United States         Varies           Varies          United States
(NHCS)                            hospitalizations, length of stay, etc. This is a family of 8 surveys        directly from the
                                  (Ambulatory Medical Care, Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care,                 facilty or are
                                  Ambulatory Surgery, Hospital Discharge, Nursing Home, Home and              abstracted
                                  Hospice, Employer Health Insurance, and Health Provider Inventory).
National Health Interview Survey Various health indicators (insurance coverage, health care utilization,      Personal household United States            Raw/Weighted     Household,      U.S. Region
(NHIS)                           vaccination, obesity, smoking, physical activity, HIV testing, mental        interview                                                    family,
                                 health, diabetes, asthma, and overall general health status).                                                                             Individual
National Immunization Survey       Vaccine coverage rates, and various descriptive variables.                 Telephone survey      United States,        Summarized and Individual        United States
(NIS)                                                                                                                               Children 19-35        Raw
                                                                                                                                    months of age
National Survey of Family Growth Schooling, work, marriage and divorce, having and raising children,          In person interview   United States         Summarized and Household         United States
(NSFG)                           contraceptive use, infertility, parenting, and related medical care.                                                     Raw
Ohio Behavioral Risk Factor       Tracks the prevalence of behavioral risk factors. Core questionnaire        Telephone survey      Ohio Residents        Summarized,      Individual      State, County
Surveillance System (OBRFSS) allows comparisons between states. Ohio specific topics: cancer                                                              Raw available
                                  control and prevention, smoking programs, safety belt, binge drinking,
                                  diabetes, oral health, arthritis, health care for the elderly, physical
                                  activity, sexual activity, and folic acid use for prevention of birth
Ohio Cancer Incidence             Progress reports, statistical reports, reporting manuals, and other         Direct report by      Cancer Patients       Case Level       Individual      Ohio, County
Surveillance System (OCISS)       documents relevant to the collection and analysis of Ohio cancer            health care providers
                                  incidence data. All Ohio providers of medical care must report to the
                                  OCISS all cancers diagnosed and/or treated in Ohio.
Ohio Family Health Survey         Contains data on health insurance coverage, reasons for not being           Telephone survey      Ohio adults and       Summarized and Individual        State, County, Zip Code
                                  insured, uninsured risk behaviors, health care utilization, access to                             children              Raw
                                  healthcare, and health care costs.
Ohio HIV/AIDS Surveillance        Prevalence and incidence of HIV/AIDS broken down by age, race,              Physician/laboratory Ohio adults and        Summarized       Individual      State, County, Zip Code
                                  gender, county of residence and risk factor.                                reporting            children
Ohio STD Surveillance             Incidence of Syphilils, Gonorrhea, and Chamydia broken down by age,         Physician/laboratory Ohio adults and        Summarized       Individual      State, County, Zip Code
                                  race, gender, and county of residence                                       reporting            children
Ohio Youth Risk Behavior          Monitors health risk behaviors among adolescents (tobacco, diet,            Written survey        9-12th Grade          Summarized and Individual        State
Surveillance System (YRBSS)       physical activity, alcohol, drugs, sexual behaviors).                                             Students, Ohio        Raw (limited
Social Security Death Index       A searchable database of all deaths in the United States.                   Reported deaths       United States         Summarized and Individual        state, county
                                                                                                                                                          Raw            deaths
State and Local Area Integrated General Health, child well being and welfare, early childhood health,         Telephone survey      United States, State, Raw/Weighted     Household       State, County, Zip Code
Telephone Survey                  children with special health care needs, and asthma.                                              and Local                              and
State Health Facts Online-Kaiser Demographics, economy, health status, uninsured, Medicaid, SCHIP, Varies                           Ohio and other        Summarized       Varies          State
Family Foundation                   Medicare, health costs and budgets, managed care and health                                     states
                                    insurance, providers and service use, minority health, women's health,
Survey of Income and Program Source and amount of personal income, labor force information,                  Telephone and in       United States         Raw/Weighted     Individual      State
Participation                       program participation and eligibility data, and general demographic      person interview
                                    characteristics to measure the effectiveness of existing federal, state,
                                    and local programs; estimates of future costs and coverage for
                                    government programs, distribution of income in the country.
The Health and Retirement Study Health and cognitive conditions and status, retirement plans and              Prospective study. In United States         Summarized and household,        United States
                                perspectives, attitudes, preferences, expectations, subjective                person or telephone                         Raw            respondent,
                                probabilities, family structure and transfers, employment status and job      interviews                                                 sibling,
                                history, job demands and requirements, disability, demographic                                                                           helper
                                background, housing, income and net worth, health insurance and
                                pension plans, experimental modules.
United States Census            Various social indicators                                                     Mail survey, in       United States         Summarized and Household,        State, County, Census Tract, Zip
                                                                                                              person interview                            Raw            Individual        Code
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Monitors health risk behaviors among adolescents (tobacco, diet,             Written survey        9-12th Grade          Raw/Weighted     Individual      State
System (YRBSS)                   physical activity, alcohol, drugs, sexual behaviors).                                              Students, United

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