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                    Peterson’s Online Resume Builder turns military experience into a powerhouse resume—
                    absolutely FREE thanks to the support and commitment of the Air Force Library
                    & Information System.
                    Air Force members are well-prepared for success in any career, military or civilian. With the

    For Your        Peterson’s Online Resume Builder, available for free at,
                    enlistees can translate their unique qualifications into an impressive resume. From a

                    step-by-step, interactive tutorial to over 1,000 brainstorming ideas, it’s complete resume-
                    writing help in one place!

                    FREE Online Resume Builder:
                    • Automatically creates a well-formatted, expert resume every time, based upon user
                      selections and entries, and can be printed as a Word document.
                    • Create a Private Sector or Federal Resume through our step-by-step interactive
                      resume builder.
                    • Learn how to translate military jargon into effective resume language, quantify
                      accomplishments, and prioritize essential information.
                    • Offers over 1000 pre-written Brainstorming Phrases, categorized by job field, to help
                      individuals get started.
                    • Newly created resumes can be sent via email to an employer or career counselor using
                      the EmailMyResume feature of the Resume Builder.
                    • Guides the individual through those sections of their resumes which they should
                      include based on the individual’s unique background.
                    • Includes a wide range of comprehensive resume writing tips with Expert Advice,
                      Samples, and Frequently Asked Questions on every topic.
                    • Provides access to a Complete Online Career Library, including Cover Letter, Salary,
                      Interviewing, and Job Search advice.

                              All available at no charge to you at
                                                                                 2000 Lenox Drive, Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648

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