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									Positioning Madaba as a premier tourist destination Overview of projects supported through MEDP
The Madaba Enterprise Development Program (MEDP) is a program of grants, technical assistance and training being managed by USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project. In addition the projects below, a special facades upgrade program has been launched. Restaurants/F&B Outlets El-Cardo Restaurant - strategically located across from the archaeological park, and is supported to install a new kitchen (clearly separated form the seating area), menu and interior/exterior design improvements, and marketing to better attract tourist groups for an authentic Madaba cuisine experience. Saraya coffee shop - Located on a busy commercial street across from the Church of the Map and the Madaba Inn Hotel near Ayola coffee shop. The entrepreneur is transforming his existing garments shop to a coffee shop business serving fresh juices, non-alcoholic beverages, and hubbly bubbly. The owner is prepared to invest in improving the image of the shop so as to give it more character and charm. Mukawer snacks corner - Mukawer Snacks Corner is a simple startup business that will offer traditional "Saj" style sandwiches in a strategic location adjacent to the Archaeological Park. The shop has a small outdoor seating area, that in the future can overlook or link with the garden area in the archaeological park (pending government permits). Ala' Eddin Coffee Shop - Located on a busy commercial street that connects with the road to Ma’in and with close to the acropolis and the DOA museum, this coffee shop has recently expanded into an outdoor area. The entrepreneur runs a profitable business serving fresh juices, non-alcoholic beverages, and hubbly bubbly. He invested in improving the image of his café so as to give it more character and charm. Bawwabet Madaba Restaurant - the grant aimed to support the partners to succeed by providing Support for marketing and promotion, training, and small enhancements. Dana Restaurant is going through complete interior and exterior renovation, adding new kitchen equipment and replacing its furniture. Offering traditional Madaba dishes, it will also add a new banquet hall on the second floor that can accommodate up to 300 people. Hotels Salome Hotel is a new family-run 13-room hotel. It has been offers quality budget accommodation to FITs and small groups. Ten new rooms were added in addition to equipping a multi-purpose room, purchasing new equipment for the kitchen, and furnishing the terrace to serve as a café with wireless internet access. Mosaic City Hotel is the newest addition to budget lodging options in Madaba, offering quality downtown accommodation. The owner renovated an existing building to

accommodate 21 rooms, the grant funded renovation, design of a small restaurant area and a reception area. Mariam Hotel, Madaba’s oldest hotel operating 33 rooms with a 2 star service as a result of Siyha’s support and technical assistance is in the process of building another two floors to add 8 rooms and the grant focused on replacing the kitchen equipment, implementing interior designs and upgrading the phone and fire system in addition to installing wireless internet network. Hotel Suites Projects the Project is a startup business aiming to create 9 room suites in a central location of Madaba city. The project will be implemented on the second floor of an existing building owned by the entrepreneur The project aims to serve both long and short stay markets. The suites offer and support the basic needs of the tourists including bed and breakfast, self service kitchenette and station. The project will be completed in mid 2008.

Crafts and Retail Beit Al- Turath Cooperative is a newly-established not-for-profit entity registered in Madaba that aims to promote, develop and sell local handicraft products in Madaba. promotes and sells handicrafts in what is a very established business. Beit Al-Turath markets items and provides consulting services to a number of projects in Madaba and on a regional basis, especially in the Gulf. Beit Al-turath Cooperative This will be done through a new display and café outlet set in a renovated heritage home in the historical district, walking distance from the Church of the Map. This charming house also has an outdoor garden area, and the potential for future expansion into the neighbor's premises. Beit Al-turath took upon itself the responsibility of gathering all types of ancient and traditional handicraft works found in Jordan, reviving this valuable heritage and marketing it to interested locals, tourists and art lovers. In Madaba, Beit Al-turath will work with the local producers to market their products through the retail outlet, as well as to develop products quality for sale in Madaba, Jordan and the region. Madaba Art galary Mishiel Faried Kradsheh is a local aritst/painter who has made a living from calligraphy and making signs. He plans to promote his art in a Gallery space to be located at a renovated large retail outlet on one of the main branches of the Artisan street. Raghda Al-Zawaydeh Mosaic Workshop After graduating from the Mosaic School in 2004, Raghda established this small mosaic workshop some 5m from Dana Restaurant. She and 4 full time freelancers and another 11 part timers work to support demand from the construction, merchant and commercial gift market, with USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project intervention she has managed to renovate her shop and produce marketing material to help her attract more tourists to her shop. Sehir Al-Sharq Embroidery Shop this entrepreneur has relocated her existing shop to a prime location at the walking route in order to capture tourism traffic and sell sell traditional Jordanian-made garments and embroideries along the Walking route. Her business relies on working with more than 20 women from their homes at various refugee camps in Madaba and in Jordan at large. She has access to various retailers in Amman, and exports to the Arabian Gulf. Hanania Silver received funding for equipment and renovation to transform the simple workshop into an attractive traditional handicraft shop showcasing an age-old skill to tourists along the Artisans Street. Hanania uses traditional methods to produce “antique” jewelry of all kinds: bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings, etc. Using ancient and original designs. The Workshop also provides training in goldsmithing and repairing antique and new silver jewelry and handcrafts. Virgin Mary Mosaics has been upgraded by funding interior and exterior decoration to attract tourists to view the making of mosaics – Madaba’s trademark. The owner also provides 30-minute training for locals and tourists, and facilitates shipping and handling for international delivery. Carpet City transformed into a weaving demonstration and retail facility, luring tourists as well as Jordanians to view the age-old handicraft in process while offering very highquality rugs and weaved materials. Workshop established in 1977, and fully acquired by the entrepreneur from another family member in 2006.

National Sewing Workshop established in the 1970s, this shop repairs clothes, and sews traditional Arabic clothes. Strategically located on the busiest corner of the walking route, the owner often attracts the attention of tourists. The Grant capitalize the tourists interest by networking the Owner with other entrepreneurs who produce embroidered products and by extending his range of products, it also focused on Interior and exterior decoration that supported this objective as well. Shahd and Najd Souvenir Shop the newly established Najd and Shahd Souvenir shop, located along the walking route just across from the visitor center has expanded into the nearby vacant stores that will include live handicraft demonstrations for embroidery and mosaics. King Misha'a Souvenir and Tattoo shop a newly established woman-owned souvenir shop upgrading the shop and introducing Hinna Tattos to the tourists along the walking tour in addition to new demonstrations and embroidery handicraft work. Arabic Herbal Shop is a startup business initiated by three women who are leveraging their home-based skills in producing and selling dried herbs and spices to another level. This unique concept is the first of its kind along the tourism route, where they aim to sell traditional herbs, spices and incense, natural soap and gift items in a well decorated quaint little shop. Support focused on Interior design, Marketing and a few equipment needed for the business. Services Terhal Adventure Center will offer new adventure itineraries that cater to international tourists such as hiking, canyoning and biking. In addition, guided or self-guided bike tours will be offered throughout Madaba. Madaba’s Turkish Bath decorated to offer tourists an old-time relaxing atmosphere while upgrading the exterior façade and enhance its equipment and service standards. The traditional Bath (spa) lies in the historic city of Madaba along the walking route. The Bath focuses on delivering high quality services in a clean environment. The bath atmosphere relays the historical and cultural experience the Greater Syria region uniquely offers tourists.

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