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Flyin’ Lions Order Form – all orders now MUST be submitted on this form!
Please fill in with item style number, description, and quantities of each size that you want in the box as in the example. Use Page 2 for personalization options. Save file with your name and send as an attachment to We will email a detailed estimate back to you. Please be sure that the order is correct as there will be a charge for any additions or changes made after the order is finalized. Style # Ex: PC61 Description Adult T-shirt Color Royal
XS S M L XL XXL Other Notes & Workspace Extra charge for sizes over XL

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JOB DETAILS: New ____Reorder____Changes___
Item: Placement: Ink or Thread Colors: Item: Placement: Ink or Thread Colors: Item: Placement: Ink or Thread Colors:

ESTIMATED CHARGES – ok to guess, & we will finalize Cost of item(s) x Quantity = Total price Artwork by hours: Digitizing for Embroidery by quote: Printing costs: Embroidery costs: Extra options- Names, Numbers, etc. (please list on Page 2) Miscellaneous Charges: Ink color changes, shipping, etc. Tax: Added at the percentage rate where the order is picked up or shipped. Currently 7.7% here at our shop in Snohomish.


Page 2: Customization, other options and additional instructions Embroidered Names or Heat Applied Vinyl Names or Numbers - $5 for first line and $3 ea. additional line. Group items by Style, then by Color and Size. Please list items to be personalized and the names that go on each item. OK to guess on pricing or leave blank. We can figure that out based on amount of lettering, and will discuss ahead of time how you would like them personalized. Embroidered names will be a small left or right chest size and can go on most any item. Heat applied vinyl is usually lettering around 2” tall across the back, and is not available on materials that melt, such as jackets. STYLE Ex: PC90H, hooded Same COLOR Forest Forest SIZE S M PERSONALIZATION Heather & Shady Jayson COST $8 $5

Notes and any other details:

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