; Use Coupons to Stretch Your Budget
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Use Coupons to Stretch Your Budget


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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
You can save money on grocery shopping. Shopping online offers lots of benefits that you will not find shopping in a store or by mail. The Internet is always open — seven days a week, 24 hours a day — and bargains can be numerous online. Click here to know more

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Use Coupons to Stretch Your Budget By Elizabeth Williams

Maybe you think coupons are too much work for the few cents they save you. You couldn't be more wrong! When you learn how to use coupons in combination with sales at the store and other special offers, you can really increase your savings and stretch your budget. You can find coupons online – often the best coupons are those that are found online, but you don't want to ignore your weekly newspaper. The Sunday paper tends to have a large number of coupons for local shopping and grocery stores. Here are some tips for saving money with coupons: Visit Your Local Newspaper Online Many newspapers have an internet presence, and most have also started selling advertiser space to manufacturers and retailers offering coupons. You can typically print the coupons right from the website and use them on your next shopping trip. Some coupons are used for online purchases. Visit Manufacturer Websites Many times the manufacturers will put printable coupons right on their websites for you to print and bring with you on your next shopping trip. Join their mailing list for special offers. Use Coupons for What You Would Buy Without Them You don't want to buy items just because you have a coupon. That isn't going to help you save money. You want to use coupons on the items that you have to buy anyway, even if you didn't have a coupon. The coupon will just help you save money on it. Use Coupons in Combination With Other Offers Almost all manufacturer and store coupons can be used when the store puts the items on sale. So if your store offers a buy one get one free special; and you happen to have a coupon to save $1 off 2 – you're going to save $1 off the cost of 1 since you already get one for free with the sale! Double Coupons
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Presented by Daniel Toriola

Don't forget to use your best coupons during your local store's double coupon promotion days. Not all stores offer this, but if yours does you want to take advantage. A $1 off coupon becomes $2 off. Join Your Grocery Store Mailing List & Loyalty Programs Most grocery stores have a website and a mailing list. You can view the weekly special ads online, and usually print coupons directly from the site. If your store offers a loyalty card, use it when shopping to take advantage of all the sale prices for additional savings at the checkout. Internet Coupon Websites There are hundreds of thousands of websites that exist just to give you coupons. You can join most of them for free and browse for the products you want, and print out your coupons. Timing is everything – keep an eye on expiration dates and try to make your purchases before your coupons expire. Using coupons from a variety of sources will save you money on your grocery bills as well as other purchases made at retailers who accept coupons. Start using them today and stretch that budget! Elizabeth Williams, Editor-in-Chief for http://CreditCardFlyers.com http://CreditCardFlyers.com makes it easy to compare and apply for a variety of credit card offers featuring low balance transfer rates. We are the leading source for searching 0 apr balance transfer offers online.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Working Out A Family Budget By Mark Lambie

When you and your family are considering a budget, you may be missing the values that are held within rebates and coupons. In general, because of the time it takes to actually clip these things out of your local newspaper or a magazine, people tend to over look these big money savers all too often. Coupons should be an important part of your family budget. The money you could save using coupons could easily add money to other areas of your budget, like family entertainment. For decades, people have been clipping and using coupons of a variety of sorts. It is something that is done by grabbing your favorite pair of scissors and scanning through your magazines or newspapers, to find coupons that will help your entire family saved money on your favorite products. Many people commonly skip over coupons because the savings tend to “look” small and insignificant. However insignificant they may look, once these savings add up they could equal a good sum of money saved EACH time you go to the grocery store. Using and clipping coupons or rebate forms have been known to be an art. People often plan their entire budgets around the coupons or rebates that they have and save a good deal of money in the process. It is impossible to account for coupons during the actual creation of the monthly budget, because you never really know how many coupons you will be able to use and just what the savings will be. Many people choose to stash away the money saved from coupons into a special place to use for a special treat for the entire family. You will be able to enjoy treating your family to a special night out or something of the like, without having to place an impact on the family’s budget. Stick close to a few rules when you decide to use coupons, this will allow you to get the greatest value from them. When you are using a coupon, try to find the item on sale. This will help you reduce the price in a dramatic way, for items that you would generally purchase at regular sale price. In addition, some stores have what is called “Double Coupon Day”; these actually double the amount of savings that is listed upon the coupon. Giving you DOUBLE the money to put away for that special treat and what could be better. Tim Renolds is a wirter for the http://www.loan-source.co.uk website. Tim enjoys writitng on many finance related subjects.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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