Friends of the Mead – 21st Anniversary Auction Catalogue by lonyoo


									Friends of the Mead – 21st Anniversary Auction - Catalogue 5.30 pm Monday 30 June
Measurements are approximate and in inches. All bids are welcome, from 50p to £50 million! Even if you don’t like the work, the frame is usually worth something. Lot no 01 Title From Clifford’s Farm, Devon Artist Pru Rowe-Evans Media pastel Size 12 x 21 Notes Pru Rowe-Evans was the daughter of celebrated political cartoonist David Lowe. She lived locally, working as an artist and has work in the University collection. Her husband Adrian was the first University Secretary, later Registrar. Nature in miniature. Machine and hand embroidery over hand painted linen. A quintessential watercolour study of narcissus and carnations Botanically accurate depiction of a favourite flower A graceful, traditional study A pretty, peaceful image Painting in the style of eighteenth century botanical illustrations featuring lavenders, campanulas and verbenas. Pretty, cottage style watercolour by one of the region’s best known teachers of watercolour painting. Very accomplished print of local scene. A cheerful study of summer wildflowers

02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Blossom Tree Tamarisk Flower Study Freesias Field Poppies Regal Lily Mauve mixture Geraniums in a Green Jar Cotswold Dovecote Poppies

Margaret Adler Margaret Adler Margery Vincent Margaret Bentley Mary Norton Bea Philips Bea Philips Sheila Fitzgerald Ann Edmondson May Farmer

embroidery embroidery watercolour watercolour watercolour Pencil and watercolour Pencil and watercolour watercolour etching watercolour

8½ x 8½ 8½ x 8½ 18½ x 12 20 x 16 16 x 12 18½ x 14½ 18½ x 14½ 13 x 11 18 x 15 18½ x 20


Geranium with Green and White

Mardee Miller


13 14 15 16 17

River Itching November Morning – River Avon Fledglings Christ Church River Orkney Landscape

W. Fowler Elizabeth Halstead H. Barnett Joan Twistleton J.D. Browne

watercolour watercolour Pen and watercolour pastel Watercolour

18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Jungle Dance Distant China Spring blooms On Watch Ludlow Yew Garden Rural Landscape Snowscape

Vivien Bainbridge Vivien Bainbridge unknown Marguerite Morris Marguerite Morris Ann Edmondson Ruth Fildes Rachel Dryhurst

monoprint woodcut watercolour etching etching etching Embroidery on watercolour watercolour

by a well known local artist. 18½ x 22 Mardee is an American artist who came to live in Coventry, exhibiting at the Castle Gallery in Kenilworth. Good frame! 15 x 19 Sold as a pair, these beautiful watercolours recall the economy of colour and detail in Chinese painting. 22 x 17½ This is an English version of a Chinese motif by a noted local artist. 14 x 16 A traditional watercolour in the eighteenth century tradition of depicting romantic ruins. 15 x 17½ Tranquil image of a local view 13 x 15 Known to us as “Miss Browne”, the artist was the formidable principal of the Coventry College of Education which later became the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick. She now lives in a local nursing home. 22 x 25 Textured print of exuberant dancers 17½ x 18 Sensitive abstract in expensive frame unmeasured Accurate study of a delightful arrangement. Frame is lacking glass. 16 x 14 Great study of parrots using just blue, yellow and green 14½ x 17 Fantastically atmospheric print of winter scene. 18 x 15 A beautiful image of gardens, possibly at Hidcote. 9 x 16½ Redolent of autumn and the work of Paul Nash with its glimmering moon 19½ x 18 Beautiful study of the fells in winter

26 27 28 29 31 32

Chinese Lanterns Ocean Depths Tropical Fish Merlin’s Kingdom Westgate and Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick Stratford boys Grammar School and Guild Chapel Gold Cross Inn, Coventry Priory Row, Coventry Arboretum Walk Shakespeare’s Brithplace

Jane Saunders Vivien Bainbridge J. Bassett J. Bassett Mary Bick Andrew Barrowman Robert Overy Robert Overy Lois Aizlewood Robert Overy

watercolour etching etching etching Ink and watercolour watercolour

15 x 19 18 x 15 15 x 18 15 x 13 10½ x 14 13 x 12

A subtle, domestic scene Interesting use of textures and the medium to create the image Lovely warm image of exotic fish A dynamic etching. A stunning architectural study of a Warwick landmark in the clear light of New Year’s Day A crisp painting of another local educational institution and landmark. A fantastic illustration of a local landmark Robert Overy is well know locally for his confident depictions of Coventry’s heritage. An admired local artist, this is a subtle rendition of autumn tints An original painting by an artist known for his illustrations of the area’s heritage. Sensitive use of tones and colours A wonderful study of clouds by one of the region’s best watercolour painters An accomplished painting of a threatening sky A quintessential Welsh scene of evening light on a wet landscape A timeless study of a place just a few miles from here

34 35 36 37

Sepia print Sepia print Watercolour Ink and watercolour

12½ x 9½ 12½ x 9½ 12½ x 15 12½ x 15

39 41 42 43 44

Autumn Glory Breezes over the Brecon Beacons Stormclouds Twilight, Near St Briavels River Avon, Stoneleigh

Lois Aizlewood Arthur Armson Arthur Armson Arthur Armson Eddy Cockram

watercoloour watercolour watercolour watercolour watercolour

14½ x 17 16 x 18½ 16 x 18½ 16 x 18½ 16 x 19

45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

Mickleton, Gloucestershire Broadway, Gloucestershire Warwick Castle Warwick Castle Portmeirion Lock-keeper’s Cottage, Kingswood, Near Lapworth Greyfriars Green, Coventry Riverbank Aston in the Cotswolds

Christine Varley Christine Varley Christine Varley H. Barnett J. Needham M. Allison Brenda Gibbs Marjorie Vincent J. Killingback

Pen and wash Pen and wash watercolour pastel watercolour gouache watercolour Watercolour watercolour

12½ x 10½ 12 x 15 12 x 15 15½ x 19½ 19½ x 15½ 18½ x 20½ 16 x 19 17 x 13 17 x 20½

A delightful cottage scene A timeless image Immaculate sketch of a local scene A soft and subtle rendition of this local landmark A crisp, brightly coloured of this famous village where the television series The Prisoner was filmed A brilliantly coloured scene A charming watercolour after a nineteenth century image of this scene Strong rendition of a local sene A delightful watercolour of a scene where Miss Marple might pop through the gate at any moment (according to Tracey Grant!) A lovely watercolour of traditional homes A perfect reminder of holidays A fantastic image of life on Midlands waterways by a well known regional artist Atmospheric sunrise A relaxing image of lovely golden light falling across traditional cottages Has a sense of the Northern Lights Tranquil image of the village down the road from HRI The soft pastels give the sense of a gentle scene



L. Davis


14 x 17

56 57 58 59 60 62 63

Disused Boatyard Cast Iron Bridge Morning Light Evening Time Forest Textures River Avon, Wasperton Yorkshire

Mary Wadham Barbara Russon Joan Twistleton Brenda Gibbs Eddy Cockram J. Killingback H. Barnett

watercolour gouache pastel watercolour watercolour watercolour Watercolour and pastel

17 x 19 14½ x 19 17½ x 20½ 17 x 19 16 x 19½ 17 x 20½ 15 x 19½

64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 74

Still Life Kenilworth Castle Snowscape Dunes Roofscape, Azoia Flower Study Lord Leycester’s Hospital, Warwick Disused Cattle Shed Coniston Water Chestnut, Stoneleigh

Laurence Curtis V. Hull J.B. Unknown V. Bainbridge Rosemary Hall Andrew Barrowman Susan Muntz Leonard Stephens Mardee Miller

Ink and watercolour watercolour watercolour watercolour etching watercolour watercolour watercolour watercolour etching

16 x 12 11½ x 15 23½ x 18 14 x 17 14 x 16 21 x 18 12 x 13 12 x 16 12 x 18 9x9

A reassuring image for the kitchen or dining room! Beautiful study of the blue snow shadows across the Mere. Great use of the white paper to suggest snow Dreamlike beach scene Calming summer holiday memories Charming study of orchids and ferns in Victorian style mount and frame Incredibly detailed painting of local landmark A rural scene Restful image of popular beauty spot Exquisite etching of tree

77 78

Coastal Scene The Cornfield

Lesley Davis Sheila Grady

watercolour watercolour

11 x 13 13 x 16

79 80 81

Autumn Scene, Earlswood Youth Does Not Last Streptocarpus by the Window

J.E. Bradshaw Gillian Irving Marigold McGregor

watercolour etching etching

15 x 11 19 x 14 15 x 12

Use the frame for a bigger picture, get rid of the mount and reframe this brilliant landscape. Magical interpretation of the English countryside in expensive frame with non-reflective glass by renowned local artist Accomplished watercolour with the sense of a bright autumn day Atmopheric beach scene Print with blind stamp details on window farm and on pot by distinguished artist from the region who has exhibited nationally

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