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									Fisher Booster Club Minutes September 30, 2008 In attendance: Marilyn Wentzel, Diane Wagner, Darlyne Hollands, Kristi Bruer, DeAnn Donarski, Tami Newhouse, and Jean Altepeter. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was distributed. The checking account balance was reported as $5,426.76. $2,600 was reported as designated monies for projects previously approved. It was noted that the $1,325 amount pledged for music risers was not included in the designated monies total. The correct total should be $3,925, leaving an available balance of $1,501.76 in the checking account. The correction was noted and the treasurer’s report was approved as amended. Secretary’s Report: The secretary’s report for August was distributed. Diane noted that she was not assigned the task of checking on driver availability for the fan bus. The correction was noted and the secretary’s report was approved as amended. Old Business: School Reimbursements – DeAnn has taken care of the reimbursement to the school for 2007-08 referee courtesy concessions and 7 business membership activity passes (see treasurer’s report entries dated 08/29/08 and 09/22/08). Homecoming Door Decoration Winners – Winners received homecoming buttons as entry passes to the dance, and prizes as follows: 1st place winner – Viktoria Heinrich - $15 2nd place winner – Ryan Grove - $10 3rd place winner – Amanda Castillo - $ 5 Booster Business Membership Certificates – Certificates have been prepared for signature and will be distributed to contributing members. New Business: Request for Prizes – A request for donation(s) for prize giveaways to be distributed at the upcoming Ada/Climax-Fisher volleyball game was received from Kelly Hollands. Prize donations were agreed upon and DeAnn will see that they are delivered to Kelly. Radio Advertising – Marilyn solicited feedback regarding purchasing radio advertising for potential state playoffs. Kristi made a motion that Marilyn agree to purchase radio advertising from the sole station that presents the cheapest quote. DeAnn seconded, motion carried. Concession Refreshment Tickets for Officials – 2008-09 – All members agreed to support this again this year. DeAnn will coordinate. Election of Officers – Election of officers was held and approved by unanimous vote. Officers for 2008-09 are: President – Marilyn Wentzel Vice President – Darlyne Hollands Secretary – Jean Altepeter Treasurer – DeAnn Donarski

Playoff Treat Bags – Treat bags/items for FB and VB playoffs will be purchased ($2.50 limit) and assembled at a date to be determined. Kristi will coordinate for VB, and Darlyne and Diane will coordinate for football. Button Pictures – A discussion was held as to whether button pictures could be/should be taken for spring sports. Marilyn is willing to coordinate if participants are interested. This will be pursued next spring. Spirit Shop – Tami relayed to the group that apparently there is a perception in the community that individuals, both Booster members and nonmembers, cannot purchase items directly from Erickson Embroidery in Crookston without the approval of the Booster Club, as the Booster Club purchases items from this business and sells them through the Spirit Shop. Marilyn explained that the Booster Club is required by most vendors, including Erickson Embroidery, to purchase a minimum number of each specific item in order to get a discounted price. In most cases, Booster members have selected the merchandise; chosen the logo, font style, and applique; and determined the minimum order quantities. It had been discussed with Erickson Embroidery that these items would not be sold by their store directly, as there would be no reason for individuals to buy these items at the Spirit Shop with a slight markup, when they could direct buy the item at Erickson Embroidery at a lesser price. It was discussed with Erickson Embroidery that any other items ordered could be sold directly to the customer. It was also explained that this has been the arrangement for the past two years. It was noted that this erroneous public perception has been a source of frustration for some Booster Club members, as they have had to try to dispel this perception, and have had several conversations with Steve Erickson about how best to relay this information to customers. Tami said that she had spoken to Steve, and he had offered to give an established percent back to the Booster Club for all sales of Knight apparel. She asked him to give her a proposal in writing so that she might bring it to the Booster Club, but had not as yet received a proposal. She inquired as to why a previous offer from Steve had been rejected by the Booster Club, and was informed that no such offer had ever been made to any current Booster Club members. It was pointed out that if such an offer had been made and agreed upon in the past with former Booster members, no monies for percentage of sales had ever been received by the Booster Club, therefore it seemed doubtful that any such offer or acceptance existed. It was agreed that this offer should be pursued, and Marilyn, Darlyne, and Diane agreed to visit with Erickson Embroidery, and attempt to get a proposal to bring back to the next meeting. All Booster Club members were encouraged to share this information with concerned patrons. Next meeting will be held on October 27. Meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted,

Jean Altepeter, Secretary

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