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All kinds of embroidery sewing machine parts needle plate_ pfoot


									China Embroidery machine parts, Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory, Exporter in china

All kinds of embroidery sewing machine parts: needle plate, p/foot, tension, overliner, craft etc. Features Specifications: embroidery machine¡¯s parts for made cloths .and large storage up to 1,000,000 stitiches,99 patterns .adaptability to different format like DST,ZKS.etc. scale up and down by 1% increment in the range of 50%-200%,rotate at 1¡¯ increment to any angle .patterns data edit per single stitch unit(insect ,delete ,alter etc.) compensation speed contral accroding to different stitches styles,max to 850 stitches/min. automatic alarm on thread breaks or run of track .automatic cut thread and change coloue according to the pattern data and the setting of the machine , can switch to manual cut thread and charge colou. we are the wholesaler for all of exported , sell embroidery machine spare parts & accessories and all kinds of industrial sewing machine parts,specialist in producting sewing machine needle plate and sell computer embroidery machine

Precision Embroidery machine parts

Embroidery machine part

Embroidery machine parts-pro

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