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River Park Country Community Newsletter Mar 2008

We Welcome all new homeowners to the community,

River Park Country Board Elections
Meeting and Elections to be held on Tuesday April 3rd at 7 pm At the magnolia community building 422 Melton Street. It is now time for a nominating committee. Would you like to be on the committee? (We only need a few people to form the committee.)

Positions available are: Vice President, Treasurer and three Directors at Large

If you are interested in running for a board position now is your chance! Is there someone you would like to nominate for a position? Now is the time for any RPC homeowner to speak up! Have your voice heard and your vote counted. In order to get a Quorum for voting purposes, we need everyone to attend. If you cannot attend please fill out a proxy form and have
someone attending the meeting bring it for you. Proxies can be printed out from the HOA website. Voting will be done by ballot and counted after the meeting, all results will be announced on the website and in the May newsletter.

Notes From the Board
Due to the recent vandalism in our neighborhood, a neighborhood watch committee is now being organized and we will let all homeowners know what they can do to help keep River Park Country a safe place to live.

Do you want a CHOICE?
Town & Country Service 936-445-1111
Now servicing River Park Country

McDaniel Garbage 936-894-3600

Dates to Remember Easter March 23 St. Patrick’s day March 17 Spring begins March 20

Daylight savings time begins Sunday March 9

Please be aware that the following deed restriction violations are still being seen throughout our neighborhood. 1. 2. 3. 4.
Trash or refuse containers in driveways and in view from street. Propane storage tanks not reasonably screened from street view. In-operative/ Unlicensed automobile in driveway. Automobiles parked along side of house and not 25 feet behind the front line of the residence. 5. Dog kennels, pens and runs not located (behind) the residence and out of view from the street. 6. Boats, trailers/travel trailers and campers in driveway and not 25 feet behind the front line of the residence. 7. Mops, brooms, towels hanging from fences in view from the street. 8. Aluminum or sheeting hanging from windows. 9. Motor homes parked in the driveway. 10. Barbecues, picnic tables in driveway. Trash Cans Trash containers shall remain out of view from the street at all times, except for trash Day. Propane tanks Propane or natural gas storage tanks must be 25 feet behind the front line of residence and reasonably screened from street view by building, lattice-work or shrubs. Inoperative/unlicensed automobiles. No inoperative automobile will be stored or parked on the premises. All automobiles shall have current license tag and state inspection sticker. Dog kennels, pens and runs. All dog pens, kennels, cages and runs shall be located behind the residence and out of view from the street. Boats, trailers/travel trailers, campers and motor homes. Trailers, campers/travel trailers, boats and motor homes must be placed at least 25 feet behind the front line of the residence. Fences Walls and Fences must be approved by the ACC. No fence or wall may be erected, constructed or maintained on any lot extending past the front of the main dwelling.

Violation letters with fines will be going out soon, please see that these violations are corrected in order to prevent the deed restriction fines of $ 200.00 per day.

River Park Country Advertising:
Would you like to place an ad here for you business?
Landscaping, mowing, babysitting, realtor, housekeeping, painting, etc… Let us know and we will get your ad in our next newsletter.

Cooks Corner
(Recipe of the Month)

Cape Cod Chicken
¾ Cup or two Pkgs of rice a roni chicken flavor ½ Teaspoon sage ½ Teaspoon marjoram 1 Teaspoon garlic powder 1 can (16oz) whole cranberry sauce 6 Tablespoons soy sauce 3 Tablespoons lemon juice 4 boneless chicken breasts Make rice according to package. Place rice in the Bottom of a 13x9 baking dish. Arrange chicken on Top of rice. In saucepan heat cranberry sauce, soy sauce, Lemon juice and spices stir well until blended and warm. Pour mixture over chicken breasts and cover baking dish With foil. Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour 10 mins.