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									◘ If I want to sell or give away a litter of puppies or kittens, would this be allowed? Selling a litter of puppies or kittens would constitute a kennel use, and as such must comply with the zoning standards for kennels. Giving away a litter of puppies or kittens would not be considered a kennel. ◘ How do I obtain a copy of the UDO and Zoning Maps to determine whether my property is properly zoned for a kennel? A copy of the text and maps may be downloaded for no charge from the Lake County Website at Full-size zoning maps for each township are available for a fee at the 5th Floor Counter. Copies of the UDO are available for a fee on the 6th Floor.

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Zoning Requirements

(in unicorporated Lake County)

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Zoning Requirements

Kennels (in unicorporated Lake County)
What is a Kennel?
A kennel is defined in the Lake County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) as “Any place in or at which dogs or any other animals are kept on a regular basis for the purpose of sale or in connection with boarding, training, care or breeding, for which any fee is charged, or for adoption.” (Article 14, Sec. 14.2) The following standards apply to dog kennels with outdoor runs: ◘ Such dog kennels require a Conditional Use Permit. Landscaping, fencing and berming requirements for such dog kennels are established as part of the Conditional Use Permit Process. ◘ Outdoor exercise areas, runs or yards, when provided for training or exercising, are restricted to use during daylight hours. ◘ All points on the perimeter of any kennel structure need to be at least 150 feet from all residential zoning districts. 949-9925. For information about state law requirements relating to domestic animals, contact the State Bureau of Animal Welfare at (217) 782-6657.

What is the process for establishing a Kennel?
The applicant must first obtain the required Site Capacity/Site Plan approval and a Conditional Use Permit, if applicable. Simultaneously, the applicant must receive a Health Department permit to establish the kennel. Upon receipt of such approvals, the applicant must apply for and receive a building permit and site development permit to construct a new kennel or any addition to an existing kennel.

Where are Kennels allowed in Unincorporated Lake County?
The UDO classifies those kennels, animal shelters, and obedience schools that do not contain outdoor runs as permitted uses in the Agricultural (AG), General Commercial (GC), Limited Industrial (LI) and Intensive Industrial (II) Zoning Districts. Such uses that contain outdoor runs require a Conditional Use Permit in the AG, GC, LI, and II Zoning Districts (Article 6, Use Table).

How does the Health Department Regulate Cats and Dogs in Residential Areas?
It is unlawful for any person or owner to own, keep, or harbor at any time more than the maximum number of dogs or cats, of licensing age, in a residential area, as specified below: ◘ Parcel Size up to and including ½ acre: 3 dogs and/or 3 cats ◘ Parcel Size > ½ acre, up to and including 1 ½ acre: 4 dogs and/or 4 cats ◘ Multi-unit structures are treated like parcels up to an including ½ acre ◘ Parcel Size > 1 ½ acre: a special Multiple Animal Permit shall be required Further information about specific Health Department requirements for dogs and cats can be obtained by contacting Animal Control at (847)

What is the Cost of all such Reviews?
Current fee schedules are available at http://www. htm and at the Lake County Planning, Building and Development Department. More information about Kennels can be obtained by accessing the Lake County Website at or by contacting Zoning Administration at (847) 377-2875.

What are the Specific Zoning Requirements for Kennels?
The following standards apply to ALL indoor and outdoor kennels: ◘ Kennels are permitted only on parcels having an area of at least 80,000 square feet. (Exemption: cat kennels) ◘ Site Capacity Calculations/Site Plan Review will be required for new kennels and additions to existing kennels. The site plan is required to show all fencing, berming and building material soundproofing designed to mitigate the noise impact of the proposed use on the surrounding properties.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
◘ If I want to keep several dogs as pets, would this be considered a kennel? Keeping dogs as pets would not be considered a kennel if they are not used for breeding purposes (for which any fee is charged, or for adoption).

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