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Hay Creek Kennel Dog Training Program September 2008
Beginning August 29, we will make the journey to Alberta. A mere 1,417 miles away lies a bird dogs dream. Your dog will be exposed to abundant wild birds in the large, open prairies of Consort, Alberta. This trip is ideal for dogs of all ages. Whether a pup or broke dog, it’s the experience of a lifetime.

To comply with customs requirements all dogs traveling from the U.S. must have a current certificate of rabies vaccination. The certificate must be dated and signed by a veterinarian. It must identify the dogs breed, name, age, sex, and coloring. All sections of the certificate must be completed by the veterinarian. The rabies tag you receive from the vet is not acceptable in place of the certificate. Your dog must have received its rabies vaccination at least 30 days before entering the country. Hay Creek Kennel, LLC, requires that you also have a current “Train/Board Contract” and complete vaccination record on file before departure. Cost of the Canada Training is our regular weekly rate of $150.00 plus fuel. (The cost of fuel will be divided among each dog making the trip.) Please include a $150.00 deposit to hold your dog’s place. SPACE IS LIMITED. Reserve your dogs place today!

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RETURN THIS FORM TO: Hay Creek Kennel, LLC N2783 McVey Road Gilman, WI 54433