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					Song & Chant
♠ Lost Ring (where is mommy’ ring?) Go to the living room! Under the sofa? No! No! Go to the kitchen! In the refrigerator? No! No! Go to the bathroom! In the bathtub? No! No! (where is mommy’s ring?) (Where is mommy’s ring?) Look in the dresser! In the closet? No! No! Go to the bedroom! On the bed? No! No! Look in the pocket! In my pocket? Oh! Yes!


Lost Ring (Senior9)

♠ Situation English <Doll’s house> Where is a sofa? It’s in the living room. Where is a bathtub? It’s in the bathroom. Where is a refrigerator? It’s in the kitchen. Where is a bed? It’s in the bedroom.

추운 겨울 12월입니다. 이번 9권에서는 집안의 장소와 물건들에 대한 명칭을 익힙니다. CD와 사이트를 통해 자주 듣고, 볼 수 있도록 지도 부탁드립니다. Key Expression : Go to the living room! Under the sofa?

♠ Phonics Chant OP op the rabbits hop. OP op hop on the hill. The rabbits hop on the top, op op op. OX ox the small fox. OX ox the big ox. The fox is next to the ox, ox ox ox.

[ 교육 계획안 ]
Week Plan

[ 교육 계획안 ]



Week Plan

Phonics -op / -ox

Situation English [Doll’s house] 상황영어


집안의 장소를 익힌다.

집안의 물건에 대해 익힌다.


Key Words

Living room Bathroom Kitchen bedroom

Sofa bed Refrigerator Bathtub Dresser closet

Key Words

• /-op/ - hop top • /-ox/ - fox ox


Key Expressions

This is a bedroom.

Is it under the sofa?

Key Expressions

Op op the rabbits hop.

Where is a sofa? It’s in the living room.

Song Chant

•Lost Ring

*Lost Ring

Song Chant

• ABC Rock • Phonics Chant

•All4 logo song • Situation English Chant

Materials & Activity

*In the house • Location

*What’s there? Big Book Multimedia

Materials & Activity

• 제기차기 •Work Book

•Cut the bread Workbook