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									Thomas Alva Edison

Famous Inventor

Birth place and Dates of life
• Born on Feb 11,1847 • Born in Milan, Ohio • Grew up in Port Huron Michigan • Died in West Orange, New Jersey • On October 18,1931 • At the age of 84

Early childhood life
• The 7th child of Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr. • And the former Nancy Matthews Elliott • Home schooled by his mom who was a teacher in Canada • She encouraged and taught him to read and experiment

Middle childhood+ middle adult
• First patent, the electric vote recorder, in 1868 • Gained fame for the phonograph • Unexpected by the public - Edison became know as the Wizard of Menlo Park • New Jersey, where he lived at the time

Family life
• Married first wife Mary G. Stillwell in 1871 • 3 children names were Marion, Thomas, and William • Mrs. Edison died in 1884 • Married Mina Miller in 1886 • Also 3 children names were Madeline, Charles, and Theodore • Charles became governor of New Jersey

Obstacles they have over come
• Partially deaf from a childhood illness • Considered to have hyperactive-ADD behavior • Deafness actually helped Thomas tune everybody out – so he could invent more • Obstacles that he over came actually made him the man he was

Accomplishments + Awards
• Invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and lots of other things • Best know for inventing the incandescent light bulb in 1879 • Considered one of the best inventers of his time • Holding a record of 1,093 patens in his name

Why are they a hero?
• Inventions like the light bulb
– Were would we be with out light?

• And he invented the motion picture camera
– We all love cameras

• Plus he invented the Phonograph • And thousands of other things • That is why Thomas Alva Edison is a hero!

Why do you think they are a hero?
• He invented lots of things that we use in our every day life • He never gave up • Making improvements on other peoples ideas until he got them right

Extra Info
• 30’s he was inventing great things • 40, things started going bad • Invented a talking doll • Cement house to name a few • But they were failures • Owned a cement factory • And built Yankee stadium out of Edison’s cement

Extra Info
• Famous quotes was “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” • Died in 1931 house holds all over America dimmed their lights to honor him

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