THE WORDS by lonyoo


									THE WORDS
& AGM HASH NO: 1490 HASH VENUE: RIDGEWAY CARPARK, PLYMPTON ON DOWN: CONSERVATIVE CLUB BARMAIDS: WEATHERED, WELL USED, BUT WORTH ONE WHEN DRUNK! HARES: GLORIA, HAIRY MOLLUSC WEATHER: WINDY AND WET AT TIMES HASHERS: LOTS! WELCOME MY CHILDREN TO THE WORDS BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOUR HASH HERO THE GREAT SPUDULIKE! CAN WE MAKE A BETTER HASH FOR YOUR CHILDREN “YES WE CAN!” PRE HASH As we gathered in the car park HAPPYSHOPPER was heard saying to SPUD that he has seen him now for two weeks running! I feel you are very mistaken I have not been running for years! BIGWILLY did his best to look like Batman! HASH Off we went, through the Ridgeway, past such hospitable places as the Post Office pub, and little shits on the streets playing football against glass windows, it started to rain! This prompted the great one, to leave the comfortable strolling of LEMON and waddle down hill past the swimming pool! And without even realising it I had short cutted to the front of the hash, it is my curse! In this time STRICTLY who was looking after the virgins had managed to lose herself, them and the rest of the pack! How does she do it? Around the cricket field we went, over the bridge to St Mary‟s church and another field where BIGBULL had decided, as it was so dark he could stop anywhere (in the middle of the field) to pee, but forgot everyone had torches! Through the field to a large cunning check where, again without knowing it the great SPUDINI managed to get in front of the pack and managed to take a few lady followers with him! Whether it was for me or a quick end to the trail I‟m not sure, but it was probably me! Round the back of the sewage works we went, where YEUKK reminisced about old times, plympton pong and other sordid stories and RABBITDROPPINGS tried to get SPUD in the bog! The rest of the trail went towards the „open one day‟! Golf course, where HAPPYSHOPPER apparently fell over a tree in the woods, others think snail! RENTBOY thought he was gaining on the lead pack as the torches were getting closer, but it turned out to be HAPPYSHOPPER walking towards him! Most of the hash had shortcutted the trail and gone straight up past the unicorn back to the pub, and quite rightly so! That is except for your hero, RABBITDROPPINGS and YEUKK who decided to walk to HAIRY‟s house, past some flats, for SPUD to look into and via the fire station for RABBITDROPPINGS to perv! YEUKK wanted to freestyle and have an impromptu beer stoop at the Lord Louis!

Up an up we went to HAIRLLIZBIENS house for a beer stop, where someone asked where was HAPPYSHOPPER to which his mother replied in the shower, and “he‟s been there for quite some time now!” Back to the pub we walked, STITCHINTIME tried to race THATSCRAP and lost, perhaps next time try someone easier, like GAFFER! POSTHASH We managed to be let into the club, a place that has not seen a female under 40 for many years! And luckily it had a stair lift too for FU and DRAGON! STITCHINTIME said he almost couldn‟t come tonight, but now has some new blue pills! Elsewhere VOMIT who has moved is now spending all his spare time building himself a new dolls house! Yet to be named SHAUN who has been a few times still forgot his trousers! THINGATHONG, who had a tight chest! Better check again, enjoyed the trail as she waved to sheep shape clouds but was a bit annoyed with herself as she did shared a bottle with SHINYTITS the night before, that‟s what happens when you go off building dolls houses! FACT red wine is heavier than white wine; they put it in bottles of varying thickness to make them feel the same weight! HASHIT TIME: B‟DAY DRINKS to COMETONIGHTMADDASSINBAD The nominees were: STRICTLY for showing virgins how to lose the trail GAFFER for having hair, loser! BIGWILLY for putting his torch in the exhaust and leaving it there! Again! The winner was HARDSCREW for falling over again, after a week on crutches for falling over last week! AGM HASH MASTER :SHINEYTITS HASH MISTRESS: COMEBACK (what a lovely pair!) HASH CASH: CYN YEUKK HARERAISERS:THATSCRAPSPUD more people welcome, you must lay a trail a year! HASH DRAY: GLORIA,CYN CATFLAP,BIGBULL HASH GASH: GLORIA HASH WEBSITE: WIGGY HABERDASH: DRAGON BOARD/KEYS: GLASSCOLLECTOR: FU, SPUD Apprentice: SUPRISESUPRISE SOCIALSEX: SPUDLIZBIENDRAGONPMTCATFLAPCYNGENITALHEATRASH SCRIBES: BONKINGBUNNYSPUDHARDSCREWTHINATHONGFIRKINPMT FEEL FREETO HELP OR JOIN IN ANYTHING WHEREEVER POSSIBLE, ITS YOUR HASH AND IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! NEXT WEEK`S HASH 1492. CADOVER BRIDGE, on down WHITE THORN, hare HAPPY SHOPPER. TITS. CROOKED SPIRE, ERMINGTON, hare BONKIN BUNNY

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