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					AQA AS Sociology
Scheme of Work
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20 Lessons + 4 Revision

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20

Introduction – the role of education / functions of education / theoretical positions / formal and informal learning / brief history of education / timeline of key dates / explanation of some early Gov. legislation Review – Functionalism and Education / Durkheim’s position / Hargreaves and TC Parsons. Interactionalism – viewpoint = THEORY Liberal and Social Democratic perspective Marxism and education / the New Right. = THEORY Organisation of schools / teaching and learning / pupil relationships / subcultures / secondary socialisation and the hidden curriculum. Educational Achievement according to social groups / class – public & private education / ethnicity & gender. [Differential Achievement]

Video – Out of the Dolls House Study Sheets 1-4 PP slides on Durkheim Review crossword Study sheet 5 – key words Video – HISTORY PP – Marxism and education Sheet 6 – word search Visitor – senior teacher Video – school discipline. Sheet 7 Research work using ICT Sheets 8 & 9

Revision and catch up Term 2
Government Education legislation 1976 – 2006 / Conservative and Labour parties in relation to the significance of state policies / impact and experience of education. Revision and catch up time. Focus on www for additional information / identification of all key words and view attainment targets and general aims from the AQA site – identifying past papers and mark schemes Review and TEST for Knowledge on Education Past Paper work. Research Methods and Education – looking at how sociological research has studied education Sociologists’ research – identifying the work of named sociologists of education using textbooks and the www. Remaining sessions for revision and catch up plus the classical position in relation to Families and Education. Theoretical ideas of COMTE / DURKHEIM / MARX AND WEBER. REVISION 1. Types of sociological research 2. Beyond the classical position 3. Issue revision guides for this module. Video – HISTORY Compilation sheet 10 Issue hard copies of pages from AQA specifications 2007. Download and / or print past papers ICT based research plus text book and use of Sociology Review Name sheet[s] to complete See the web site for all tasks and homeworks. Keep uptodate with the site and use the links section to access vibrant sociological activity.

AQA AS Sociology