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									Steps to Writing an “A” Essay in about ONE HOUR ….

1. Know the Basic Essay Format The basic essay consists of five paragraphs. 1st – Introduction (Introduce topic/idea) 2nd – Supporting Detail One 3rd – Supporting Detail Two 4th – Supporting Detail Three 5th – Conclusion (Summarizes ideas expressed)

2. Brainstorm (approx 2 minutes) Taking time to brainstorm is especially useful for those of you who have a hard time getting started. While brainstorming, you are basically creating a concept map. Take the question and find the key idea that your teacher wants you to explain or prove. Place that key idea in the middle box. Then, jot facts, topics, details, examples, evidence that deals with that main idea in the circles surrounding it.

3. Pre-write (approx 5 minutes) The pre-write stage helps you organize your ideas so that it can be easily written in essay form. Pre-writing basically has you review the ideas that you have brainstormed and synthesize them into an outline/graphic organizer.

4. Rough Draft (approx. 35 minutes) As you create your rough draft, you take what is on your outline and write it into complete sentences making five paragraphs of about four-five sentences each. At this point, you will want to type your sentences directly onto a word processor.

5. Final (approx. 10 minutes) Read your rough draft, looking for grammatical errors like spelling, punctuation, and agreement. Correct any mistakes and print your final copy.

Essay Prompt for “A Doll’s House” by Ibsen Henrik *Taken from English 200 - Ms. Wren Mills “Some say this is a feminist play. Using examples from the play, write an essay which defends or refutes that statement.”

1. Brainstorm



Defy Gender Role

Borrowing Money

Beyond Beauty

2. Pre-Write

I. Main Idea (Thesis) – “A Doll’s House” by Ibsen Henrik is a feminist play.

II. Supporting Detail One – Intelligent for she solves problems A. Evidence 1 – husband sick B. Evidence 2 – found help C. Evidence 3 – arranged vacation III. Supporting Detail Two – Defies Gender Roles A. Evidence 1 – Makes decisions B. Evidence 2 – Manages finances (borrows money) C. Evidence 3 – Works outside home (Sewing, old jobs, etc)

IV. Supporting Detail Three - Independent A. Evidence 1 – doesn’t confide in husband B. Evidence 2 – chooses to leave husband C. Evidence 3 – not helpless

V. Conclusion (Summary) – “A Doll’s House” is a feminist play because Nora solves problems, defies gender roles, and acts as an independent woman.

3. Rough Draft*
*Then I would take the information from the above outline and write it in paragraph/sentence form giving specific examples from the book in order to create the rough draft.

4. Final Copy **
** I would then review the rough essay for grammatical errors, correct the errors, and print a final copy for submission.

You Try
Essay Prompt In a five paragraph essay, explain how this strategy can help in writing essays quickly and effectively.


Pre-write outline/graphic organizer

I. Main Idea (Thesis) -

II. Supporting Detail One A. Evidence 1 B. Evidence 2 C. Evidence 3 III. Supporting Detail Two A. Evidence 1 B. Evidence 2 C. Evidence 3

IV. Supporting Detail Three A. Evidence 1 B. Evidence 2 C. Evidence 3

V. Conclusion (Summary)

Rough Draft

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