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									The Bradley Bugle
October 2007
Issue 113


Saturday 20 October at 7.30pm
Test your knowledge or just have fun trying wines selected By our local Waitrose store Tickets £9.50 Get your tickets now from Sidney: 783397 or Pam: 783450

Village Diary
All events take place in the Village Hall unless otherwise noted


a light-hearted evening with a chance to try an wide variety of wines selected by Waitrose Village Bonfire and Firework Display (more info inside) Join Great Bradley Scottish Country Dancers to celebrate St Andrew’s Day (more info inside) With Les ‘Santa’ Bunyan Tickets £5 from Gill: 783362 or Pamela 783450 Open Forum for villagers followed by Parish Council meeting Lively, light exercise and fun! Contact Ella on 710340 Every Monday (except Bank Holidays) Contact Anne on 783175 for details All welcome, all ages, all interests Come and meet friends and neighbours If you would like information on the Book Club please contact Anne Smith 783648 or Anne Pigden 783175 Workers Education Association English Country Houses 11.30 - 11.50am Evergreen 11.55am - 12.10pm Thurlow Road Wednesdays 3and 17 October Wednesdays 10 and 24 October

Saturday 20 October 7.30pm Saturday 3 November 6pm Saturday 24 November 7.30pm Saturday 1 December Wednesday 17 October 7.30pm Mondays 2 – 4pm Mondays 7.30pm Tuesdays 2.00 – 4.00pm Thursday 11 October 2.30pm


Wednesdays 10 – 12 noon Monday 8 October Monday 22 October

STOURHEAD BENEFICE CHURCH SERVICES St Mary’s Church Great Bradley Sunday 7 October Sunday 14 October Sunday 21 October Sunday 28 October Sunday 4 November Church Cleaning Ken and Sue Ireland Suffolk Historic Churches Cycle Ride
Congratulations to Ken Gooch, Madeline Bantick and Ken Ireland, who between them visited 37 churches either on foot or by bike. Their final sum raised looks like being well in excess of £300 - well done! It was an ideal day for a bike ride and 21 cyclists called at Great Bradley Church. Many thanks to the team who recorded their visits and offered refreshments.

11 am 11 am 10 am 9.30 am 11 am

Holy Communion Holy Communion Benefice Service Holy Communion Holy Communion

Great Bradley Great Thurlow Great Wratting Little Bradley Great Bradley

See Benefice News for details of other services Church Flowers Gill Dunn

Two of the visiting cyclists

In Memory of Vic Durrant
The final total of donations in Vic's memory for Papworth Hospital Charitable Foundation was £1250 which will be used for the direct benefit of the Cardiac Unit. It is a wonderful tribute to him and such a worthy cause. Our thanks to all who contributed.
Carole Durrant

Do you know someone who could do something amazing? A Great Bradley resident recently donated his 75th pint of blood, but is not able to continue to support the National Blood Transfusion Service as he is now 70! He hopes a small piece in the Bugle, will encourage others to become donors. Hospitals across the country need blood every day to carry out planned operations such as hip replacements, cope with emergencies, and treat patients with serious diseases like cancer. To meet that need they are totally reliant on the generosity of others. Unfortunately, only six out of every hundred people who can give blood actually do so. Almost anyone between the ages of 17 and 60, weighing over 7st 12lb (50kg) and in good health, can become a blood donor. If you would be prepared to do something amazing and give blood please contact the National Blood Service Telephone 0845 7711 711 (24 hours) or visit The website is very good, informative and easy to use - it answers all sorts of questions and even has graphs showing current stocks of blood in each blood group and estimates of how long they will last (only about 5 days or so…). DEDHAM VALE A0NB & STOUR VALLEY PROJECT Autumn & Winter Events Programme 2007 - 2008 Numbers Limited. Bookings taken one calendar month before each event For further details, please contact us on: 01473 264263 Henny Farmscapes Past and Present - Sunday 21 October 10 am - 12.30 pm Discover what conservation measures have been taken to benefit wildlife as we walk round Ryes Farm, Henny. Approx: 3 miles - Easy Sudbury to Rodbridge on 2 Wheels Sunday 25 November 10 am - 12 30 pm Cycle the Valley Walk and go on a wintry nature trail at Rodbridge Picnic site. Approx: 5 ½ miles - Easy - T (Sudbury) - C - Bring your own bike


Great Bradley Village Hall

Know your Shiraz?

Enjoy a good Chablis?

Then come along and test your knowledge or simply have great fun trying some good wines The event is supported and the wines selected by our local WAITROSE STORE Full details & Tickets (£9.50) contact Sidney on 783397 or Pamela on 783450

Saturday 20 October

Guy Fawkes Night (see also ‘A little bit of history’, page 7) Great Bradley Village Bonfire and Fireworks Display
Back by popular demand on Saturday 3rd November 2007 Bonfire 6pm followed by Fireworks - Bigger and better fireworks this year! Tickets £3 Under 4’s go free! Available from 4th October from Ann Brophy 10 Fox Green 783146 & Helen Brown 24 Clarendale 783048

Please bring wood and garden cuttings to the marked area on the rec to start building the bonfire

BBQ & refreshments - Sparklers & glow bands for sale For safety reasons please do not bring fireworks or sparklers to the event. Please remember to dispose of your used sparklers safely in the sand buckets provided. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. New this year - Children’s drawing competition Draw, paint, cut and stick an A4 picture of fireworks Prizes at the Bonfire evening 50p to enter, 2 age groups - Under 4’s and 5-8 All entries to Helen Brown by 27th October Volunteers required to help on 3rd November Anyone able to help in any capacity please contact Helen Brown or Ann Brophy GREAT BRADLEY SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCERS - CEILIDH On Saturday 24 November the village Scottish Country Dancers will be holding their annual Ceilidh. Please put this date in your diaries and come along and enjoy a fun evening. Tickets £3.50 (from Pam Bradberry 783450 or Anne Pigden 783175) plus a plate for the supper table. Sparrowhawk has a Sleepover! On Sunday 12 August I was going out to the garage to get something for my hamster. Suddenly something swooped from the rafters up above me and I saw a huge bird that was a browny grey colour! I ran inside wondering what type of bird it was and why it was in the rafters of my garage. I told my parents and one of our friends tried to get it out by whispering to it; it came so close to him and didn’t seem to be afraid of us. We left it with some water and raw chicken legs and discovered that it was a sparrowhawk! We called the RSPCA that night. By the morning the food and water were still there and we were getting worried but the RSPCA reassured us that we were doing the right things! The next day the food was gone and when my Dad opened the garage the hawk came flying out! We were very pleased that the hawk was gone!
Madeleine Bantick

A couple of days later a sparrowhawk was seen in a neighbouring garden, where it stayed for a good twenty minutes. This was a young bird clearly hunting for its supper; a couple of half-eaten corpses were discovered the next day. Ed.

WINNERS FOR SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER 2007 SEPTEMBER First Second Third Fourth Duncan Andrews Pat Jason Gill Andrews Sidney Buchs Thurlow Road Clarendale Thurlow Road The Street OCTOBER Sandra Baker Gill Brown Richard Ryder Alice Ryder The Street Fox Green The Hall The Hall


Please Keep to the Paths
It seems that a few walkers have been going past the Millennium Oak and on through the field alongside the hedge and down to the river. Please note that this is not a right of way, and people should not take this route through private farmland. We have an excellent network of well-maintained and marked footpaths in the parish, both legal rights of way and paths where the landowner has kindly given permission. Please don’t strike across farmland in other places. If even a few people do this, it may damage the excellent relationship we have with the landowner and spoil things for everyone.

What’s The Parish Council Been Doing?
Your Parish Council met on 4 July and again on 5 September. The main business conducted was in the following areas:  The accounts, which were finally approved and have now been sent to our external auditor for the final check. It’s a lot of work keeping the accounts through the year and preparing the final accounts to comply with the many rules and regulations we have to work by, and the main load falls on John Barnett our Clerk – thanks to John for this.  Trimming of the hedge along the B1061 between the village sign and the top of Hall Road, and various other hedges in the parish. The hedge in question has now been trimmed, and we have an undertaking from Charles Ryder whose responsibility this is to do it twice a year in the spring and autumn from now on.  The hedge between the millennium oak and the field behind. This has failed to thrive after a number of years, so Charles Ryder is going to have it replaced this autumn. He will also arrange for a wire fence to be erected along the hedge to help mark and protect it until it becomes established.  The recreation ground, where Charles Ryder is arranging for the new drainage trenches to be reseeded and the gaps in the hedge between the rec and Clarendale to be filled (it will of course take a number of years for the shrubs which will be planted to grow into a hedge). We will also put up two small notices making clear that unauthorised vehicles, fires and camping are not allowed. We also discussed the recent incident when a number of young people tried to have some kind of a party on the rec. We agreed to send a letter of thanks to the police who attended promptly and saw to the peaceful dispersal of the group after a number of villagers and members of the Council called them.  Changes in the organisation of local policing and the introduction of a Safer Neighbourhood Team to cover our area, rather than a single officer allocated to the village who may not always be available when an incident occurs.  The Neighbourhood Watch scheme, including discussions with our new NW co-ordinator Kathryn Pratley about how to raise the scheme’s profile in Great Bradley.  Highways matters including the poor quality resurfacing work done recently in Water Lane, and clearing of the pavement along the B1061 between the village sign and Hall Road. The Highways Department have told us that the latter job will be done in October.  The perennial issue of speeding through the village. We have frequently discussed this in the past and tried some SLOW signs, rumble strips etc. without great success. We agreed to investigate the cost of flashing warning signs when people go past at over 30mph, but were aware that they tend to be very expensive and we currently have no budget for them. If you have any questions or comments about these issues or would like to see the full minutes of the meetings, please have a word with any councillor or John Barnett the Clerk. The next Council meeting is on Wednesday 17 October at 7.30pm in the village hall, and as usual will start with an Open Forum where any member of the public can bring up any village issue for discussion.
Rowan Sylvester-Bradley


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News from St Edmundsbury District Council
Post Office network changes In Government plans regarding Post Offices, the proposal includes closing 2,500 of the 14,300 branches and opening approx. 500 ‘outreach’ branches. These will be within the community e.g. village hall, pub, a van or a private home. Guidelines include the fact that, in rural areas such as ours, 95% of the population must be within 3 miles of a Post Office service. Details for our area will be contained in the Norfolk and West Suffolk area plan, to be prepared during January 2008 with public consultation during March 2008. Post Office payment cards From mid October, St Edmundsbury residents can pay their Council Tax either at a Post Office or PAYzone outlet, using payment cards to be issued free to Post Office users or those who pay cash. No charge will be made for the service and no personal financial details will be on the card. PAYzone is the U.K’s largest network of branded payment sites, and has outlets at venues with long opening hours such as newsagents and petrol stations. Visit for your closest PAYzone point. Customers can pay by cash, cheque and debit card at a Post Office or by cash or debit card at a PAYzone point. Contact the Borough Council on 01284 757275 to enquire about the card. Bonfires Autumn is a popular time for bonfires. The word comes from medieval bon-fire of animal bones, but today it is likely to be garden waste that cannot easily be composted. Here are some pointers from the St Edmundsbury environmental health team (who frequently get calls about nuisances from bonfires) for making sure they do not cause annoyance. Can you compost or shred and mulch the material? Only ever burn dry material Never burn household waste, rubber tyres or anything containing foam, paint or plastic Never use accelerants (meths, petrol) to light the fire or encourage it Avoid lighting a fire on damp misty days, on very still days or in the evening as the smoke will tend to remain at a low level. Don't light a garden bonfire if the wind direction is likely to cause the smoke to blow into your neighbours’ garden. Be considerate to your neighbours at all times! There are no specific byelaws prohibiting or restricting the lighting of garden bonfires within St Edmundsbury. However, where the burning of waste is considered to be a statutory nuisance, action can be taken under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. To be considered a statutory nuisance, a bonfire would need to be a persistent problem which interferes substantially with your well being, comfort or enjoyment of your property. An industrial or trade premises bonfire emitting black smoke can be dealt with under the Clean Air Act 1993. If you are bothered by smoke from a garden bonfire first attempt to approach your neighbour and explain the problem (and hopefully they will be more considerate in the future). If this fails, and you are being persistently troubled by a bonfire, contact Environmental Health and Housing on 01284 757053, who will investigate your complaint further.


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Chicken Chat - Week 1 in the Chicken House
The first week was all about chicken-keeping preparation: 1 x henhouse placed in situ. 1 x pen erected Hemcore placed in litter trays Feed order received Last look at pleasant lawned areas of garden (These may well turn out to be a distant memory - so I have taken a photograph) Day of collection: Following a short car journey to collect chickens I have a pleasant home journey listening to radio 2 which is greatly enhanced by the gently sounds of clucking. I won't let the strong smell emitting from the rear of the car put me off. On arrival home the 'girlies' are emptied out of the cat baskets and are left to freely roam their new abode. They frantically start to weed out the moss from the garden (and the grass from the moss). For those of you hankering for the finer detail of breed: 1 x maran, 2 x buttercups and an Amber Star. Why the name 'girlies'? This was decided following a chat with a local experienced hen keeper who gave me some stern advice: "If you have livestock - you have deadstock" - so for ease of replacement the 'girlies' it is. Everything seemed to be going to plan until dusk fell. This is a time when chickens enter the 'blindness zone’; they should, in theory, eagerly go up to roost (so the chicken sales/business woman said). Aagh - don't be fooled. By nine o'clock I was on my hands and knees crawling around in chicken poo. The 'girlies' were duly pushed up their ladder to bed using a broom. It has now dawned on me how 'stupid' a chicken is. After the eventful first night you will be glad to hear that they got the hang of it - thankfully. As this first week has progressed I have started to become a bit 'clucky' and feel that a form of chicken madness has descended upon our household. Symptoms of 'chicken madness': - husband goes to work - he returns and realizes that our chicken number has increased (we now have 2 x Amber Rangers) - husband increases alcohol intake. - I dream not of husband - but of chickens (weird) - I receive my first delivery of 'dried meal worms' - I get so excited I drop a few (accidentally) into my breakfast bowl of muesli - and don't care! Help !!!! At the time of going to press we are still awaiting the 'golden egg' or… well… any egg.
Maria Stapleford

A little bit of history … Guy Fawkes Night, also laterly called Bonfire Night, is an annual celebration on the evening of the 5th of November primarily in the United Kingdom, but also in many former British colonies. It celebrates the failure of the Gunpowder Plot in which a group of Catholic conspirators, led by one Robert Catesby, and including Guy Fawkes, attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in Westminster on the evening of 5 November 1605, when the Protestant King James I (James VI of Scotland), his eldest sons and the majority of the English Parliament were within its walls. The plot was discovered and the conspirators were captured and executed. The celebrations, which in the United Kingdom take place in towns and villages across the country, involve fireworks displays and the building of bonfires, on which "guys", or dummies, representing Guy Fawkes, the most infamous of the conspirators, are traditionally burnt. Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot, I see no reason why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot. Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, 'twas his intent To blow up the King and Parliament. Three score barrels of powder below, To prove old England’s overthrow;

By God's mercy he was catch'd With a dark lantern and lighted match. Holloa boys, holloa boys, make the bells ring. Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!


FUTURE EDITIONS OF THE BUGLE Please tell us your news – write a note, pick up the phone or send an e-mail We’ll be delighted hear from you! The Editorial team Anne Pigden 01440 783175 Helen Smith 01440 783278 Sue Sylvester-Bradley 01440 783157 In order that your Bugle reaches you early in the month all copy must be received by the 15 th of the previous month. Deadline for November 2007 is 15 October 2007.

Great Bradley Web site Update 1. New Material - New pages to the site this month include THE 1841 CENSUS I have now added to the site the basic information from the 1841 census. There were 544 names recorded as living in the village on the night of the census, 6th June. The 1841 census is not as comprehensive as those that followed (e.g. it did not record the town of birth). Still, there is some good stuff in it. In the graveyard (near the south porch door) is the headstone of Mary Danby. She was born in 1769 and died in 1842. In the 1841 census she is the person who was born earliest and whose gravestone still survives. LISTED BUILDINGS English Heritage have four listed buildings from Great Bradley on their web site. I’ve added them to the village web site. They are: The Church, listed as Grade II* and Matthews Farm, St Edmunds Cottage and the former Fox Pub listed as Grade II. They were all designated in 1974 (when West Suffolk CC became absorbed into Suffolk CC) A minute of the Parish Council from 2005 notes that there are actually 8 listed buildings in the parish, so if anyone has got an up to date list then it may help clear up the confusion. THE THREE TUNS PUB There is now a bit more information on the Old Pubs of the village. Mike and Monica have provided some useful artefacts - copies of photos, sales catalogues and flyers advertising the sale of the Three Tuns pub and its associated land holdings.

Have a look at the extract from the Acorn classification of the village from a couple of years ago. Do we recognise ourselves? Attitudes People here are more likely than average to respond to direct mail, although they are much less keen on radio commercials. Their responsiveness to television advertising is average. They like to get off the beaten track when they go on holiday. They are less likely than average to buy new brands when they see them. (see full article on website)
Mike Brophy

SWCS look forward to a celebratory 125 season! Saffron Walden Choral Society is looking forward to a sparkling 125 th birthday season starting with Beethoven’s wonderful Missa Solemnis, which they will perform with the Chameleon Arts Orchestra and a superb team of professional soloists on 10 November in Saffron Walden Parish Church. The Missa Solemnis is an awe-inspiring work of great beauty and Beethoven himself described it to his publishers as his greatest work. Tickets at £15 & £12 (£10 concessions, side aisles only) and accompanied under 18s £1, from Helen 783278 or Sue 783157 The choir’s birthday season will continue with the popular Spirit of Christmas family concerts on 8 December and then on 2 February there will be another chance for singers or would-be singers to join SWCS at its singing day with James Davey. James grew up in Saffron Walden and was head chorister at St Mary’s Church. In 2006 his choir Chantage was the overall winner of the BBC Choir of the Year competition.


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