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					Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 1 through 5 Quiz Choose the letter for the blank space that matches the description. 1. The ______ hunters came to hunt otter. 2. The secret name of the narrator is ______. 3. ______ was the name of the new Chief who took Chief Chowig’s place. 4. ______ is the name of the girl with long black hair. 5. The name of the beach where the fight between the villagers and the hunters took place was ______. 6. The natives at one time wanted to move to a new island called ______. 7. ______ was the older sister of Won-a-pa-lei. 8. The name of the village where the tribe of Chief Chowig lived was ______. 9. Captain ______ was the name of the Russian who refused to pay for the otter. 10. ______ was the younger brother who was quick as a cricket. a. b. c. d. e. Ulape Santa Catalina Aleut Won-a-pa-lei Karana f. Ramo g. Orlov h. Kimki i. Ghalas-at j. Coral Cove

Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 6 through 10 Quiz Write the proper letter of the word or phrase to complete each statement. 1. When Won-a-pa-lei left her home to go to a country in the east, her canoe started to leak, and she had to turn back. The good omen animals that guided her home were [a] otter, [b] cormorants, [c] dolphins, [d] gulls. 2. Won-a-pa-lei got a canoe off of a high cliff without ruining it by using [a] her strength, [b] wet kelp, [c] a strong rope, [d] a wild dog. 3. The natives decided they would leave if the Aleuts returned. They would go to [a] Russia, [b] Europe, [c] Santa Catalina, [d] Santa Barbara. 4. The man that took Kimki’s place when he did not return was [a] Matasaip, [b] Nanko, [c] Zuma, [d] Chief Tanyositlopai. 5. Because he went back to get his new fishing spear, the boat left [a] Ulape, [b] Ramo, [c] Zuma, [d] Matasaip. 6. Before Ulape left on the ship, she put a mark on her face which meant she was [a] married, [b] unmarried, [c] a widow, [d] a foreigner. 7. Ramo was killed by [a] the devilfish, [b] a fall over the cliff, [c] the wild dogs, [d] the small sea elephant. 8. Won-a-pa-lei threw the Aleut beads and necklaces [a] in the deep water, [b] over the cliff, [c] at the wild dogs, [d] in the bed of kelp. 9. The laws of Ghalas-at forbade women [a] to make weapons, [b] to hunt otter, [c] to talk to strangers, [d] to sleep during the day. 10. When the villagers left on the ship, Won-a-pa-lei did not want to live in the village alone so she [a] took the food that was left, [b] walked away and never went back, [c] cut down the bushes, [d] set fire to all the huts.

Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 11 through 15 Quiz Choose the proper letter to complete the statement. 1. Won-a-pa-lei planned to build her house [a] anywhere away from the headland, [b] on the headland, [c] near the sea elephants, [d] neat the ravine. 2. The first thing Won-a-pa-lei did before starting on her house was to make [a] a birdcage, [b] a cormorants skirt, [c] a fence, [d] a basket for carrying water. 3. To work at night on her weapons the girl needed light. To make light she used [a] kelp, [b] sai-sai, [c] candles, [d] moonlight. 4. The sea elephants had a big fight. The winner was [a] the old sea elephant, [b] the cow, [c] the young sea elephant, [d] the calf. 5. The girl hurt her leg at the sea elephant fight. How many days did it take to get well? [a] one, [b] three, [c] five, [d] seven. 6. The leader of the wild dogs had [a] gray, [b] green, [c] brown, or [d] yellow eyes. 7. In the wild dog cave the girl found four gray pups with a dog that was [a] brown, [b] black, [c] gray, [d] white. 8. The girl named her new dog [a] Dog, [b] Rusty, [c] Rontu, [d] Mon-a-nee. 9. To make good spear points, the girl needed tusk-like teeth from [a] dolphins, [b] whales, [c] sea elephants, [d] foxes. 10. There was a legend among the people of the tribe that the island had once been covered with [a] tall trees, [b] evergreens, [c] toyon bushes, [d] stunted trees.

Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 16 through 20 Quiz Choose the letter of the word or phrase that best completes the sentence. 1. A devilfish ejects a black cloud of liquid in the water when he is attacked because a) he is scared b) he wants to hide c) he wants to get rid of the fish d) he wants to dive for food 2. Won-a-pa-lei kept watching for the white man’s ship because a) she wanted exotic foods b) she wanted to join her sister c) she was afraid of the wild dogs d) she wanted clothes 3. Won-a-pa-lei was not lonely now because she could talk to a) Routu b) the sea elephants c) Mukat d) Tumaiyowit 4. Rontu had a confrontation with two wild dogs. One was spotted and the other one was the leader. When Rontu won the fight, he put his head back and howled standing on a) a large flat rock b) a grassy mound of shellfish shells c) a pile of rocks d) a tree stump

5. The reason Won-a-pa-lei kept watching for the Red Aleut ship was because a) she enjoyed their company b) they gave her jewelry c) the would share their food d) she wanted to move quickly to another cave 6. Devilfish are dangerous because a) they can eject a black cloud of liquid b) they have long arms that can wrap around you c) they can poison you d) they can sting you

7. Won-a-pa-lei thought the best food in the sea was a) bass b) shellfish c) devilfish d) scallop 8. The cormorants roosted at a) Tall Rock b) Black Cave c) Coral Cove d) the headland 9. When Rondu and Won-a-pa-lei were in the Black Cave, they saw about two dozen figures on a ledge. They were dressed in a) cormorant feathers b) gull feathers c) dried kelp d) seal skins 10. Scallops grow on a) the reef b) floating kelp c) rocks near the coast d) ledges in sea caves

Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 21 through 25 Quiz Choose the letter of the word or phrase that completes the sentence. 1. Won-a-pa-lei knew that the ship belonged to the Aleuts because it had a) red, white, and blue sails b) white sails c) blue sails d) red sails 2. Won-a-pa-lei took care of a wounded otter after the Aleuts left, and she named it Mon-a-nee because she had a) a long nose b) sad eyes c) large eyes d) whiskers 3. When the new girl first saw Won-a-pa-lei she was a) playing with dolphins b) making a birdcage c) making a cormorant skirt d) feeding Rontu 4. Wan-a-pa-lei preferred abalone with shells that were a) gray b) red c) black d) green 5. Won-a-pa-lei kept track of the years that had passed by making marks a) on her wall b) on a rock c) on a pole beside her door d) on a ledge in a sea cave 6. Why did Won-a-pa-lei changed Mon-a-nee’s name to Won-a-nee? a) b) c) d) she had become a mother she had gained weight she was older she had become more friendly

7. The name of the girl on the Aleut ship was a) Tainor b) Lurai c) Tutok d) Ulape 8. The Aleut girl left a gift for Won-a-pa-lei on a rock near her cave entrance. It was a) abalones b) a black necklace c) wild flowers d) shiny black pebbles 9. Rontu died at the end of the summer. The place where he took his last breath was a) in the wild dog cave b) in the sun in their front yard c) inside their home d) at Won-a-pa-lei’s feet 10. Won-a-pa-lei gave the Aleut girl a gift. It was a) bone earrings b) circlet for her hair c) bracelet d) scarf

Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 26 through 29 Quiz Choose the letter of the word or phrase that completes the sentence. 1. The disaster that hit the island the last spring that Won-a-pa-lei was there was a) a hurricane b) a flood c) an earthquake d) a fire 2. When Won-a-pa-lei left the island she was wearing a) a seal cape b) a blue dress c) black necklace d) the cormorant skirt 3. To capture the wild dog for a pet after Rontu died, Won-a-pa-lei used a) a snare b) fish as a lure c) the toleache weed d) Xuchal 4. When the ship came after Won-a-pa-lei, the otter left. Where did the otter go? a) Black Cave b) Tall Rock c) Coral Cove d) a sea cave 5. The ship that came after Won-a-pa-lei stayed on the island for ______ days. a) three b) five c) seven d) nine 6. The reason Won-a-pa-lei chased Rontu-Aru from the wild dogs was because a) he was the leader b) he was the boldest c) he was Rontu’s son d) he had yellow eyes

7. The biggest loss for Won-a-pa-lei from the earthquake was a) the canoes b) her food c) her weapons d) her fence 8. When the earthquake hit, Won-a-pa-lei was carrying a) Rontu - Aru b) a basket of water c) dried kelp d) abalones 9. Before the earthquake, when the waves of the ocean were so high, Won-a-pa-lei spent the night a) in her canoe b) at the foot of the cliff c) on the sandspit d) on a rock wall 10. The reason the white men did not return for her was that a) they were too busy b) the ship had sunk c) they thought she had drowned d) they thought she did not want to leave