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Last Month

We had lots of fun throughout September. The children loved the story of The Gruffalo and A Gruffalo’s Child. The finger puppets were a big hit! We went to East Carlton Country Park where we looked at the leaves on the trees. A few of them were starting to turn yellow. We learnt about shapes and colours with the Gruffalo jigsaw puzzle and we looked at big and small animals.

Dates for your Diary
4th October Grandparents Day 5 October My midwife appointment is at 9:20am. Therefore no Childminding service will be available in the morning. I will be opening at 12pm. 5th October National Children’s Book Week. Bring your child’s favourite book. 17th October Diwali. Hindu festival of lights 23rd October School breaks up for half term 25th October British Summer time ends. Don’t forget to put your clocks back! 29th October Halloween Party! Wear your scary costumes today! We will be making Halloween cakes to eat after our spooky Halloween lunch.

To follow on from this we went on a visit to West Lodge Rural Centre where we saw lots of animals. We learnt their names and the sounds they make. We fed the sheep and goats and stroked some baby kids. We took a Gruffalo’s feast and ate it there where the resident cat sat with us! We also went for a walk in Rockingham Forest. We heard lots of birds in the trees and saw some squirrels (but no Gruffalos!) The children made some lovely autumn tree collages and pictures using lots of different mediums whilst the younger children explored textures of leaves, pine cones, conkers and cooked spaghetti!

East Carlton Country Park

West Lodge Rural Centre

Important note to Parents
Last month a permission slip was sent home regarding my doctors and midwife appointments. If you have not yet returned the slip to me, could you please do so as soon as possible? I have sent another one home today with your child in case you have lost the first. I would be grateful if you could complete it and bring it tomorrow. Also I would like to remind you of my ultrasound scan appointment on Monday 5th October. As you are aware, I will not be able to take children on this occasion, therefore my childminding service will not be available until 12:00pm. Please deduct the appropriate number of hours from your fees for next week. I look forward to showing you all the pictures!

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October Themes
This month we will be looking at Autumn. We will be going for more walks in the woods to see how the trees are changing colour and losing their leaves. We will be collecting leaves, conkers and pine cones to use as craft mediums when we get home. We will be using them to mark make in my home made cinnamon scented playdough and also to paint and print onto paper. Look forward to some works of art being sent home!

The 17th October brings Diwali – the Hindu festival of lights. It is a very exciting and colourful holiday. Homes are cleaned to welcome the New Year and windows are opened so that the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, can enter. It is believed that she cannot enter a house which is not lit up, so every household burns special Diwali clay lamps (diyas) to light the way for the goddess, which is why the holiday is also known as the Festival of Lights. We will be making cards and diyas, looking at lights and reflections and making gifts to send home.

National Children’s Book Week
On the 5th October begins National Children’s Book Week. It would be great if the children could all bring their favourite book for us to read at story time. We will be making bookmarks and reading a variety of books which will cover your child’s current interests.

Can parents please make sure their child has a spare set of weather appropriate clothes every day? Thank you

Lots of spooky fun is sure to be had on the last week of October. We will be making scary masks, carving pumpkins, making spooky cakes and much more! The week will end with a Halloween Party on Thursday 29th October. It would be great if the children could come in fancy dress!

Vacancies for October Half Term
I will have vacancies available for children aged 8 and over throughout the school holidays and one space available for a child aged 0-8 on Thursday and Friday. Please let me know if you know someone who may be interested.

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