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									*Asterisk denotes material in Family History binders Adams- Adams Families Ancestors & Descendants Adams- See Thompson; Some Union County Families Aikey - Aikey Family, Aikey Family (updated May 2005) *Allabach- Allabach Ancestor Chart *Amish-Mennonite Families of Union County: Lapp, Beiler/Byler, King/Koenig, Riehl, Fisher, Lantz, Stoltzfus Anspach- Records of Rev. John George Anspach *Askey (Ashley)- Descendants of Thomas A. Askey & Elizabeth Baker 1727-1985 Aumueller- The Aumueller Family Aurand- The George Aurand Branch of the Johannes Aurandt Descent *Aurand- History of the American Branch of the Aurand Family From 1725 to 1900 Aurand- Harrison Aurand 1834-1910: His Ancestors and His Descendants Aurandt- The Aurandt Panorama 1550-1982 Baker- Baker Family History / ditto of Union Co. Baker- Samuel Baker. Also See Askey. Baker -Guyer *Baldwin - Military record of Absalom Baldwin *Banther/Benter, George Washington, descendents Barber- Barber-Chambers Families Barber- See Chambers Barber- James Douglas Barber Family, 3 books Barkelow- James Barkelow 1753-1834: Descendants Barnhart- See Kline *Beatty- Beatty Family Beaver- The Genealogy of the Beaver Family Beaver - See Bieber *Bechtel- Bechtel Family Bechtel- See Thompson Beeber- See Bieber *Beiler- See Amish-Mennonite Families of Union Co. *Bell- See Herbst Bennage - The Bennage and Brown Families Berkheimer- The Berkheimer Family Bertolet- The Bertolet Family Best- See Thompson *Bidlack, Kenneth Bieber- History and Genealogy of the Bieber, Beaver, Biever, Beeber Family Biever- See Bieber *Bilgers- Bilgers of Pennsylvania: A Family History Bingaman - Bingaman Family History, Bingaman Family History (March 2005, Version 2) Blyler- The Genealogy of the Blyler Family 1803-1987 *Bogenreif- The Descendents of Jacob Bogenreif *Bohlender- Descendants of Johann Adam Bohlender Bolender- See Kleckner; See Catherman; See John Steese. Also, Carl Catherman has info. *Boone- Boone Family Boop- The Boop/Boob/Bup Families of Union Co.

Genealogy Material in UCHS Office

Boop- Boop (Boob) Family Boop- Boop Family Record Boop- See Barber-Chambers Boop- See Bub Boop- See Some Union County Families Bower- Bower Family Circle newsletters, Book of Bower,
Book of Bower(s)

*Bowron- Orville David Bowron Ancestor Chart Boyer- See Chambers-Barber Boyer- See Union County Ancestors *Boyer- Boyer Roots (newsletters) *Boyer- Anna Catherine Boyer Descendants Boyer- American Boyers, 7th Edition, Vol. 1, 2, 3 *Brady- Descendants of Hugh Brady *Brady- The Fighting Bradys Briner- Briner Family History Brown- Brown Family; Bennage and Brown Families Brown- Reuben Frederick Brown *Brown- John Brown Presbyterian-Scot Martyr *Brown- Mathew Brown- see Lytle, John Bub- The Bub, Boob, Boop Family Bup- See Boop Burd- Isaac P. Branch of Peter Burd Descendants Burd- Burd Genealogy- Margaret Burd Shirk Branch Burns- Peter Burns Buttall- See Union County Ancestors Calps - See Kulps Carlson- See Thompson *Cashner- Cashner Family Newsletter *Caster- The News-Caster Catherman- Catherman, Geddes, Bolender, Herbst, & King Families-Family Bible Information Catherman - Daniel Catherman Catherman- See Catterman and Barber Catterman- K/Catterman, K/Cotterman, K/Codderman, K/Catherman, Corderman Cawley- See Hoover Chamberlain- Chamberlain or Chamberlin Chamberlain- Chamberlain or Chamberlin, William & John Chamberlin Chamberlain- The Journey of William Chamberlain in 1849 to California Chambers-Chambers-Barber Families of PA Chambers- See Barber Chambers- See Thompson Christ, Theodore M.- See Box 8 L'burg, Box 13 Civil War Clark- Shamokin/Augusta Clark Family *Clark- John Clark(e) & Mary Waters *Clever- Clever/Kleber Family Reunion Clouser- Clouser/Clowser Codderman, Cotterman- See Catterman *Corl- Henry, Rebecca, Maria, Joseph, Robert, Nathan, James Corl Crouse- See Union County Ancestors *Custer/Kuster- See Caster Dale- Dale Family Dale- The Dales of Buffalo Valley Dale- Samuel Dale of Buffalo Valley

Dale- Samuel Futhey Dale Notebook *Dale- Samuel Dale Life Account Datesman- See Habig *Derr- Derr Family History Contact Derr - Descendents of Ludwig Derr Diehl- Descendants of John Diehl and Christianna *Diehl- Diehl Deaths and Births *Diehl- Diehl Family History Dieffenderfer- Previous Generations of Richard Bessor Diffenderfer *Dieffenderfer- From Peter Dübendorfer to Today *Dietrich- Dietrich Ditsworth- The Ditsworth Family of Jacob, Samuel, Abraham and Susan Doctors of Union County, Pennsylvania Dorman- The Genealogy History of the Dorman Family and Descendants; The Genealogy of the Dorman Family 1753-1989 Dreisbach- Dreisbach-Dresback Family Dreisbach- Martin & Anna Hoffman CD by computer *Dries - Cornelius Dries Eberhart- Eberhart Genealogy Ebner - Desc. of Franz Ebner from 1827. See Lilley Egbert- Egbert *Egbert- Cyrus Egbert Eisenhauer- Eisenhower, Isenhour, 1600-2002 Eisenhuth- Eisenhuth Eisenhuth- Bernet Eisenhuth *Engle- George Engle (Engel) Engle- See Thompson *Erdley- Howard Franklin Erdly *Erskine- See Askey Eyer- Eyer Barn and Family Information Fangboner- Fangboner/Fanckboner Faust- Faust Genealogy Ferris- See McCreight Fertig- See Union County Ancestors *Fetter - W. Roger Fetter Finsterbush- Thomas Finsterbush *Fisher- See Amish-Mennonite Families of Union Co. Fisher- See Union County Ancestors *Follmer- The Follmer Family Foster- History of the Foster Family Foster- John Foster of Buffalo Valley and His Descendants *Foster- Joseph G. Foster Ancestor Chart 1791-1985 *Forster- See PA Genealogies Fought - See Vogt *Foust- John Y. Foust and Mrs. Margaret Foust Franck- Philip Franck and Salome Schreffler, Dr. Simon Hubler Frankenberger - See Union County Ancestors Frederick- Frederick Family Frick- The Frick Family Genealogy *Fuhrman -Elias & Mary Swartzlander family Geddes- See Catherman

Geist- Paul Ernst has his own personal book on this family and would be willing to share information. Gemberling- Gemberling Genealogy *Gerster- See Caster *Getgen- Descendants of Johannes Getgen Good- Adam Good (Guth) Family Goodlander- Some Descendants of Christian Goodlander and Elizabeth Wertz Gordon- The Gordon Family Gottschalk- Gottschalk Grimes- See Union County Ancestors Groninger- Groninger Family Newletter *Groover- History of The Groover Family 1756-1972 Gross- Family History: John F. Gross 1861-1936 *Grubb - Descendants of Ida Grubb Gutelius- The Gutelius Family History *Gutelius- Descendants and Heirs of John Gutelius Guth- See Good Habig- Habig Family History Hachenberg- Johann Peter Hachenberg *Hackenberg-Jacob Hackenberg & Fieta Bowersox *Hafflich- Descendants of Jacob H. Hafflich Hallman- Hallman Hamer- Thomas Hamer Hartman- The Hartman Family 1727 to Present Hassenplug- Diary of Charles H. Hassenplug Hassenplug- John & Anna Hassenplug Hauze- See Thompson Head- See Johnston Heckman -Desc. of Johan Geo. Heckman. See Lilley Heinley- The John Heinley Family Heldmann- Heldmann/Heltman Family History Herbst- See Catherman *Herbst- Herbst/Bell Hilands- Kindred Spirits: Hilands-Hoylands Hilands- See Hoylands Hipple- Hipple Family Holmes- Holmes: Allied Families Laird and Irwin Holmes- William and Jane (Jennet) Holmes Irwin Hoover- Hoover/Cawley Hoover- See Union County Ancestors Housers Hoylands- Hoylands and Hilands Hoylands- See Hilands Hubler- Hubler. See also Franck Hummel- See Reichley Hunt- See Johnston Iddings- See Union County Ancestors Irland- Irland Family Bible Irwin- See Holmes *Irwin- Descendants of Samuel G. Irwin Johnson- Johnson, Sanger/Chaffee *Johnson Family Johnson- Judge Albert Johnson Johnson- See Thompson *Johnston- Johnston-Hunt-Richards-Head *Jones- Isaac Jones & Mary Ann Wells, descendents

*Kagarice- Ancestors and Descendants of John Calvin and Mary Clapper Kagarice Kaler- The Genealogy of the Kaler Family 1825-1985 *Kaster, Kastor- See Caster Kattermann- David Kattermann Family Katterman, Katherman- See Catterman Kaufman- Kaufman-Kauffman: The House of Maidencreek Kaufman- Kaufman-Kauffman: The House of Oley Kaufman- Kaufman-Kauffman: The Distaff Side Keefer- Keefer Family Newsletter Keefer- The Keefer Families *Keister- See Caster Kelly- Descendants of William I Kelly *Kemmerer- Rosalind Kemmerer Briggs Kennedy- Descendants of James Kennedy Kerstetter- The Kerstetter Family: The Early Years 1727-1850, Second and Third Edition *Kerstetter-Autobiography of Marcella Yoder Kerstetter *Kester- See Caster Kieffer, Kiefer- See Keefer *Kiess- Kiess Family Bible King- See Catherman *King- See Amish-Mennonite Families of Union Co. Kinman- Seth Kinman Kistler- The Kistler Family *Kleber- See Clever *Kleckner/Bolender Kline- George Mutchler Kline and descendants Kline- Kline or Klein Kline- The Kline’s From Mifflinburg and Forest Hill Kline- The History of the Kline Family of Kratzerville *Kline- Kline’s Hotel *Kline- Kline Family Bible Klingman- Klingman Genealogy *Klose- Klose Kodderman, Kotterman- See Catterman *Koenig- See Amish-Mennonite Families of Union Co. *Koster/Kuster- See Caster *Kramm- David Kramm: His Ancestors & Descendants Kruger- See Groover Kulps- Kulps, Calps of Union County *Kurtz Laird- Timber Roots: Laird, Norton Story, 1855-1905 Laird- See Holmes *Lantz- See Amish-Mennonite Families of Union Co. *Lapp- See Amish-Mennonite Families of Union Co. *LaShell- John LaShell *Lashells- Family Record Lefebre - See Thompson Leiby- Leiby 1670-2000 *Leiser- Leiser Family Bible Records; Leiser, Andrew Leitzel- Leitzel(l) Families, Union, Snyder, Centre Co. Lilley -Desc. of Peter Lilley from 1740, See Lilley et al *Lincoln- Lincoln Family *Linn- Linn of Lurgan; also Linn, Merril W.; see PA Genealogies Lonce- See Union County Ancestors

Lonecke- See Thompson Lontz- See Union County Ancestors Lorentz- See Kline or Klein Lunger- Descendents of Jacob Lunger of Derrs 1811-1896 Lytle, Cap't. John, at Fort Freeland- See reference section on military history *Maize- Maize, Maes, Maess, Maisch Machamer- See Union County Ancestors Marthaler-Desc. of Jogo Marthaler from 1560. See Lilley Martin- Descendants of Elisha M. Martin *McClay- See PA Genealogies McClure - The McClure Family Tree McColm- William "Papy" McColm of Union County McCord- See Thompson McCreight- Ancestors and Descendants of James Edward McCreight and Barbara Jean Ferris McPherson- McPherson McPherson- The McPhersons of Illinois and Related Families *McPherson- Brothers in Arms Meckley- Genealogical History of Jacob David Meckley *Meixell- Family Group Report *Meixell- Meixell Family *Meixell- Descendants of Joseph Meixell Mench- Mench Families Mensch- Mensch Genealogy Miller- One Branch of Millers Miller- See Some Union County Ancestors Miller- See Union County Families Minium- The Minium Family Tree Mitchel-Descendents of John & Sarah Salome (Ritzman) *Montielius, John A. *Morningstar- Morningstar *Moser- See Straub Moyer- The Moyer Family Musser- Musser Families Nagel- Joachim Nagel and His Descendants Narehood- Narehood Family *Nesbit-Nesbit Family *Noetling- William Noelting, MD Norton- See Laird Oberdorfs- The Oberdorfs of America 1688-1988 Orwig- Descendants of Gottfrid Orwig Overmyer- Overmyer History & Genealogy 16801905 *Overmyer- Capt. John George (Obermayer) Overmyer; Family Group Record Pawling- Pawling Genealogy Peters- Peters Family of Union County Pfleegor- Flieger/Pfleegor/Phleger Pontius- Pontius Family: The Bridge Builders Pursley- Some Descendants of William P. Pursley & Eliza Switzer Ranck- The Ranks of the Rancks Ranck- Ranck/Rank Genealogy Supplement- 1978 Ranck- Ranck/Rank Genealogy Supplement- 1980

*Randolph- Randolph Family Bible Rau, Rauh- See Rowe Reber- American Portrait: The Life and Times of Jonathan L. B. Reber Reber- Journal of Thomas Reber *Reichenbach- Reichenbach Family *Reichley- Descendants of Frederich Reichley and Esther (Hettie) Hummel Reish- Peter Reish, Sr. and His Descendants Rentchler- Frank Pierce Rentchler Richards- See Johnston *Riedy- Conrad Riedy *Riehl- Mrs. John (Kate) Riehl *Riehl- See Amish-Mennonite Families of Union Co. Rishel- The Family Tree of Johann Michael & Catharine Steininger Rishel Ritchie- See Union County Ancestors *Romig- The Jesse Romig Family (Roemisch, Romich) Rote- Rote Family Genealogy Rowe- Rowe, Rau, Rauh, Row *Royer- The Royer Family. See Houser Rudy- Rudys of God's House Ruhl- The Ruhl Family *Ruhl- Record of the Ruhl Family 1741 to 1924 Sassaman - Sassaman Family History Schlear- Charles Schlear/Slear Schneck - Schneck Family of Union County *Schnure- The Schnure Family Schrawder- The Schrawder Family Tree and History *Schwanger- Schwanger Family History Search- Search Family History Sechler- including Moll, Hower,Charles, Klapp, Dunkleberger, Wolfe Seebold- Descendants of Christopher Seebold I, Son of Lenhart Zebolt 1750 to 1975 Sendel- George Sendel Sr. and His Descendants *Sendel/Sandel *Sendel/Sandel- obits. compiled by George F. Sandel Shamback- My Ancestors and Genealogical History of the Shamback Family *Shamp- Shamp Family Group Shearer/Sheary- Genealogical History Geo. Shearer Sheary, Geo. & Leah Young, et al Sheckler- Sheckler (Schäckler) Shirk- Shirk, descendents of Preacher John Shirk Shirk- See Some Union County Families Shively- Shively Shontz- Shontz Family: Roots and Branches Showalter- Showalter *Showver- Clarence & Thelma Shuman/Wilt Family History cCorrections Sierer- The Sierer Family in America Sipe- See Thompson Slear- Slear Genealogy Slear- See Schlear *Snook-John Alfred Snook (1857-1950) Autobiography *Sparks- Spry Arthur Sparks Speese- See Some Union County Families

Spidel- David Spidel Family Stahl- Stahl Family Stahl- The Family of Johann Jacob Stahl, Sr. of Lehigh County, PA *Steese- John Steese Sr. *Sterling- Trail of History: William F. Sterling *Stoltzfus- The Genealogical History of the Stoltzfus Family in America 1717-1972 *Stoltzfus- See Amish-Mennonite Families of Union Co *Straub- Shirley Straub Ancestor Chart *Strunk- The Strunk Family *Swanger- Swanger Family Helper *Swanger- See Schwanger Swartz- The Swartz's of Union County Styres- Styres/Stires Switzer- See Pursley *Sypher- The Sypher’s Thomas- See Thompson Thomas- See Union County Ancestors Thompson- Thompson Family Genealogy: Weygant, Hauze, Lefebre, Carlson, Bechtel, Adams, Engle, Best, McCord, Chambers, Sipe, Thomas, Lonecke, Johnson, Thompson Treece - see Dries Ulrich- Lt. John George Ulrich,Jr. 1753-1824 Union County Ancestors/Centre County Ancestors: Buttall, Boyer, Crouse, Fertig, Fisher, Frankenberger, Grimes, Hoover, Iddings, Lontz (Lonce), Machamer, Miller, Ritchie, Thomas, Warner, Wynn Van Buskirks- The Van Buskirks: A History Van Buskirk- Van Buskirk Genealogy Vogt - Family History [Fought] Vogt- Vogt [Fought] Family Bible *Waggoner- Bible of Henry R. Waggoner Walter- Descendents of Johann Jakob [Walther] Walter Walter- The Walter Families, Union and Snyder Co. Warner- See Union County Ancestors *Waters- See Clark, John *Weis- Weis Family Wertz- See Goodlander *Wetzel- Wetzel Genealogy Weygant- See Thompson *Wilson-See PA Genealogies Wynn- See Union County Ancestors Yarger-The Jacob Yarger Family of Union County, PA Yarnall- See Some Union County Families *Yoder- See Kerstetter Young- Descendants of John Wagner and Mary Gaylor (McCracken) Young of Clearfield Co., PA Young- Jacob 1775-1857& Mariah Bower1772-1843 son Adam 1808-1872, his descendents [2 folders] Youngmans- See Box 9 Mifflinburg: “Additional Descendants of Youngmans Preferred Buffalo Valley” Zeebolt- See Seebold Zimmerman- The Jacob Zimmerman, Sr. Family Additional Information:

Lewisburg and Mifflinburg Doctors Union County Families Pennsylvanians Who Went to Stephenson County, ILL. Some Union County Families: Adams, Boop, Miller, Shirk, Speese, Yarnall
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