EGBERT FAMILY HISTORY as written by Charles P

as written by Charles P. Staubach and submitted by John E. Mellick. 1. EGBERT SANDERZEN ( - 1662) m ( ) Harmentje Harmens Just when he came from his native Holland to New Amsterdam (New York City), does not appear; that his parents came to America seems doubtful. His father would in any event be difficult to trace, as there would be little to go on except that his first name would be Sander or Sanders; his sons would all be Sanderszons (sons of Sanders). In like manner, Egbert Sanderszon‟s son, of our line, was Tunis Egbertszon, and Tunis‟ son was James Tunison; all according to the old Dutch custom of giving children the first instead of the second name of their father to use as a family name. When the English took over, they found identities so difficult to record that they forced the Dutch to also establish a distinct family name and stick to it in the generations to follow. In this operation, the children of Tunis Egbertszen chose Egbert as a permanent family name in place of the temporary “Tunison” under which they had appeared in the Staten Island census of 1706/8. Egbert Sanderszen was the father of the Egbert families of Staten Island and many of those of New Jersey. Perhaps he had brothers in New Amsterdam; the records of the Dutch Church there show; 1643, Thomas Sanders, smith, baptized Robert; 1644, Cornelius; 1647, Thomas.” In 1644 an Egbert Egbertsen and Arent Corssen made an affidavit to Governor Kieft. In 1658, Barent Egbertsen and Aechtje Alberts baptized Tryntie in New Amsterdam. In “Bergen‟s Long Island Families”, we find: “Egbert Sanders, whose wife was Harmentje Harmens, owned a lot in Flatbush, which he sold in 1661 to Jan Cornelius Buys.” In 1661, he and Jan Theunisen Van Dyclduysen petitioned for land to erect a sawmill in Bergen, New Jersey, and move their families there; Dutch MSS page 224. Also: ”In 1661 Peter Mactein brought suit against Egbert Sander in Flatbush; his son was baptized Theunis 1662.” Dutch Church, New York, records show that July 9, 1662, Egbert Sanderszen and his wife Hermenttje Harmens baptized a son Theunis; witness, Grietje Jacobs. Evidently the father died not long afterward; November 29, 1664 is recorded marriage of “Harmentje Harmens, Wede „van (widow of) Egbert Sanders, to Gerrit Thyszen Van (from) Amsterdam.” Harmentje was probably a sister or otherwise related to Elbert Harmense of New York, who married Catherine, daughter of Jan Louwe Bogert; her name does not appear in the Harmens (Dussing) family line of New York. Other records located by the late Laurence LaTourette Driggs of New York City and the late Br. Seneca Egbert of Wayne, PA., with both of whom the compiler of these family records (Charles P. Staubach), had considerable correspondence; both descendants and close students of the Egbert family lines and who loaned all their finding to this compiler, show that Egbert Sanderszen left two sons, “Sanders Agbertszen” and “Tunis Egbertsen;” also a daughter “Geartje Egberts”, who married Laurence Ackerman in 1679. Harmentje Harmens, mother of Geartje, witnessed, with Jan Wilmensen, baptized in 1680 of Lysboth, daughter of Geertje Egberts and Laurens Ackerman. Long and Davis (Staten Island and its People page 312) express the thought that the Staten Island Egbert family may have been headed by Govert Egbert, who crossed from Holland in the ship “Spotted Cow”, and settled on Manhattan Island; he evidently went to New Jersey. “Garret Egbert, Dutch,” was recorded as one of the seventy-six men who, on September 11, 1673, took an oath of allegiance in Elizabethtown, N.J. (Hatfield‟s History of Elizabeth). He was registered there as a taxable in 1685 and is said to have a brother Berent Egbert. However, the name Govert and Garret have never been found among Staten Island Egberts, nor the name Barent in any early generation. As far as known, the children of Egbert Sanderszen and his wife Harmentje Harmans were: 1) Sanders Egbert (c 1660 - ) m ( 1682 ) to Elsie Pieters Staats


m ( 1701 ) to Magdalena Van Gysse (Giesen) Born probably prior to 1660 in 1677, “Sander Egbertsen” of Wallabout was a member of the Dutch Church in Brooklyn. In 1682, Sander Egbertse married in Brooklyn, Elsie Pieters Staats of New Utrecht, daughter of Peter Johnson or Jansen. They lived in Gowanus, L.I., their daughter Armetje was baptized in Brooklyn in 1683. In 1684, Sander Egbertsen bought for 15 pounds, 27 acres of land and 2 acres of meadow from William Claus of Staten Island. Staten Island cattle-mark was assigned to him in 1684. In 1697 Sander Agbertsen and wife Elsie sold to George Hoagland, land “Bounded east by my honored father Peter Jansen, west by land of Geret Cruse, north by river;” the deed refers to Peter Staats, “Brotherin-law to Sander Egberts.” Sanders Egbertszen was Constable on Staten Island in 1703; his wife had probably died about 1700; in 1701, “Sanders Egbertszen, widower of Elsie Staats, married in Hackensack Church, New Jersey, Magdalena Van Gysse, widow of Cornelius Poclofse Van Hauten, in Bergen Church.) Children: Annetje, Elsie and Egbert Sanders; also, perhaps, Marritje, Elizabeth, Anna and Sara Sanders. 2) Tunis Egbert(szen) ( 1661 – 1721 ) m ( ) Susanne Leteliers; md 1682c. 3) Geartje Egbert(szen) m (1679 ) Laurens Ackerman (1640 ), son of David Ackerman; with his brothers David and Lodewyck, he and his wife helped organize the church in Hackensack, New Jersey, in 1686. Children: Lysbeth baptized 1680, wit: Jan Wilmensen, Harmentje Harmens; Egbert baptized 1685; wit. Lodwyck Ackerman; Marritje Loockmanns. Lysbeth md Cornelius Vanderhoof, Albany; Jannetje, born 1682, md Jacobus Van Voorhees; Egbert md Elizabeth Bryant; Catherine, born 1687 md John Verwey; David, born 1689, md Sarah Culver; Johannes, born later, md Jacomine Demarest. II. TUNIS EGBERT (1661-1721) M (1682) Susanne Letelier; 2nd c 1712, Jannetje de Chesne. Son, born 1661, or Egbert Sanderszen and his wife Harmentje Harmens. Dutch Church in New York: “July 9, 1662, (see p. 753 Seneca Co. History) Egbert Sanderszen and Hermentje Harmens baptized Theunis; Greetje Jacobs, witness.” His first wife was Susanne Letelier (Tilje, Tillyer); the Huguenot Memorial Society Magazine states: Jan LeTillier, a Huguenot of Brooklyn, was appointed a magistrate of Bushwick (Long Island) in 1661; he was from Normandy in France; his daughter Susanne married Tunis Egbert of Fresh Kills (Staten Island). Tunis Egbert probably lived in New Utrecht, Long Island, prior to his settling on Staten Island. He bought, 1691, from Mark Disoway, patent to 80 acres on Fresh Kills, Staten Island, originally granted 1680, to Johnsson Garret (Gorssen, Cruse) by Governor Andros, recorded transferred by patent 1697 by Governor Fletcher to Tunis Egbert. This original patent was placed in the records in 1730 by James Egbert, no doubt son of Tunis. Other records indicate, however, that Tunis Egbert sold part of the tract in 1692 to John Belleville, who gave an acre of it to the French Church of Staten Island in 1698; Jean Latourville was one of the French committee to take possession, a notation states this plot was originally patented Abraham Lockerman in 1680. Tunis Egbert and his wife Susanne conveyed, 1692, 33 acres on Fresh Kills, S.I. to John Balleville, originally patented by Francis Lee. Tunis Egbert and his wife Susanne Tilje (Tillyer-Letelier) signed mortgage to Poillen in 1698; this may be the year of recording an earlier instrument for, 1697, Tunis Egbertsen, yeoman of Staten Island, deeded for 62 pounds, the same original 80 acres of the Johnson Garret patent of 1680, to Jollis Inyard. According to Clute, Tunis Egbert bought land on Staten Island in 1698 and sold land to John Andrevet in 1699. Cattle mark was recorded to Tunis Egbert in 1698. Tunis Egbert witnessed will of John Van Nay, May 13, 1699, proved April 10, 1708. In 1701, Tunis Egbertse and Barent Tise (Tysen) deeded the former Dutch Church House property (in Richmond) to (our) Louis Du Bois. Tunis Egbert was constable in Staten Island, 1702, Supervisor 1704,


1707, and 1709, and Assessor in various years including 1702, 1705, 1709 and 1715. In Staten Island Census of 1706/8, he was erroneously listed as “Henry Egbert”, head of family; the name “Henry” appears nowhere else on any Staten Island record. The age is stated as 45, placing birth in 1661, which agrees with the baptism record of Tunis Egbert. Susanne Letelier was the mother of the children (elder) and lived at least until 1693 and a few years thereafter, but probably died prior to 1706, as her name does not appear with her husband in the Staten Island Census of 1706/8. Considerable data regarding her father, Jean Letelier, and her mother, Christina Cresson; her grandfather Pierre Cresson and grandmother Rachel Cloos, appears in the chapters, herewith, devoted to those ancestral families. In the Staten Island Census of 1706/8, taken during the dying throes of the old Dutch surname switching system, appears the names of Tunis Egbert‟s children in the form: Egbert Tunison, Abraham Tunison, James Tunison, Isaac Tunison, Harminthe Tunison and Christine Tunison; all thereby identified as “children of Tunis.” All these given names appear in Tunis Egbert‟s will of 1721 as his children, except Christine. The will also includes sons John and Laurence, who had probably moved to New Jersey prior to the Staten Island Census completion. Two daughters were evidently named for Harmentje Harmens and Christine Cresson, respectively. The second marriage of Tunis Egbert, widower; to Jannetje de Chesne (du Chene), daughter of Anthony de Chesne and his wife Annette Boucquet, took place some time prior to 1713. Tunis Egbert and Janette du Chesne appear on record as sponsors together at baptism of Abraham, son of Egbert Egbert, in the Staten Island Dutch Church, in the form “Theunis Egberts” and “Antie de sien. Will of Anthony Dechene April 3, 1711 proved May 12, 1712, name among his children, Jannette Mangels and Franette Egberts, the latter being the wife of Egbert Egberts, son of Tunis. The “Janette Mangles” would indicate that Jannette du Chesne had been married prior to her becoming the second wife of Tunis Egbert. The name “Rol. Peter Mangels” appears among Staten Island cattlemarks in 1697, but there is no Mangels in the 1706/8 Staten Island Census. Janettje du Chesne, being named as she was in the 1711 will and appearing with Tunis Egbert in 1712 in the ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: proved in 1721; she appeared alone as witness at baptism of Anna, daughter of Jacob and Ann Ryt, 1722, Dutch Church. Will (NYW EX 258) of “Teunis Egbertse, county Richmond, yeoman, July 6 proved August 25, 1721, names wife Janette and son Jacques as executors, and provides for children Egbert, eldest son; John, Abraham, Jacques, Isaac, Laurence, Teunis, Harmyntie, Mary and Sarah; all but Teunis, Mary and Sarah being by the first wife, Susanna Letelier. Details: 1. Egbert Egberts (1684 ) m (1710) Francyntie du Chesne Eldest son, age 22 in 1706/8 Staten Island Cencus. In Staten Island Militia 1715. Wife appears in 1711 will of her father, Anthony Duchene, as “Fraethe Egberts”. Egbert Egberts, planter, sold farm south side of Fresh Kills, inherited from his father, to his brother Jacques, miller, 1722, Edward Tillyer witness; understood to have removed with his family, to Delaware River Settlements, accompanying his wife‟s family, the du Chesnes. Children: baptized S.I., Abraham July 13, 1713, Isaac April 12, 1720, Johannes May 20, 1722 probably born Delaware. Jacques 1732, Marie 1734. 2. John Egbert Probable second son, not in 1706/8 Staten Island Cencus; had not doubt moved to New Jersey. 3. Abraham Egbert ( ) m ( ) Francyntieje Parain (Perine) In 1706/8 Staten Island Cencus; Staten Island Militia 1715. Witness will Anthony Sceams with John Dupuis June 6, 1719. Died some years prior to 1729; widow married Hendrick Jansen and had daughter baptized August 31, 1729. Children: Abraham (1715-1756) married Elizabeth Gerreson; Johannes (1720) married Margaret; Elizabeth (1722)


4. James (Jacques) Egbert (1695-1768) m (1715) Catherine Dey * (Denny) see p 753 Seneca Co.History married second, Catherine Backer (See further). 5. Isaac Egbert (1697-1789) m ( ) Catherine In Staten Island Census of 1706/8; Staten Island Militia 1715; moved to New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey about 1718; there acquiring large farm. It is said that he, as did his children, had interests in New York City. Died in New Brunswick where his will of 1768 was probated December 1769. His daughter Barbara married July 31, 1766 Joseph Rose. She lies in grave next to her husband in Old Trinity Churchyard at head of Wall Street, New York City; the tombstone: “Sacred to the memory of Barbara, wife of Captain Joseph Rose, who departed this life the 13th of April, 1806, in the 62nd year of her age.” References: Data by National Publications Americana, N.Y. City; Wills and Deeds Hall of Records, New York City, Staten Island, New York; Middlesex County New Jersey. Publications of New York Historical Society. Records and Tombstones Trinity Church, New York. “Staten Island and Its People.” Children: Barbara, Francyntje, Femmetje, Thomas (Major in American Revolution), Susannah, Maria, Jacobus, Fennetje. 6. Harmentje Egbert. In Staten Island Census 1706/8; in father‟s will 1721 7. Christine Egbert. In Staten Island Census 1706/8; not in father‟s will 1721; a Christian Egbert md 1736, John Wenshaer. 8. Laurence Egbert (1699-1764) m ( ) Elizabeth; md 2nd Christina. Not in Staten Island Census of 1706/8; had removed to Woodbridge, New Jersey. Described as a weaver in deed of 1750 to his brother Jacques, for 25 pounds, of Staten Island lands left him under his father‟s will of 1721. His will 1761 proved 1764 as yeoman of Elizabeth, New Jersey; left widow Christina, Administratrix with son Laurence. Further children of Tunis Egbert: these by second wife, Jannetje du Chesne; 9. Susannah Egbert (1715). Dutch Church: “October 18, 1715 Tunis Exbesson Baptised Susanna”; not in father‟s will of 1721. 10. Tunis Egbert (1718-1778) m (c1741) Petronelle DuPuy Baptist Dutch Church, Staten Island, August 1? 1717/18; md daughter of John DuPuy and wife Petronelle Swaim. Tunis and Neely Egberts mtg land on road near Richmond 1765; paid off by Tunis 1774. Died intestate; son Anthony made Administrator April 6, 1778 (NYHS V-376). Baptismal records incomplete: Children: John, Abraham and Barent Bap Staten Island Dutch Church. Estate adm disclosed a son Anthony; Moses, thought to have been Anthony‟s brother; these two are essentially DuPuy names. Anthony was, however, perhaps baptized as “Tunis” in 1751, changing later to the English equivalent “Anthony”. Whether any additional children not apparent. Known children: John (1745-1818) m (1767) Catherine Egbert (1743-1816); Abraham (1747-1816) m. (1776) Margaret Garrison b. 1759; md 2nd 1804, Martha Burbank; Barent (1749-1795) md ( ) Sarah Egbert b 1761 daughter of John and Martha Egbert; Anthony (1751)m (1769) Mary Bodine; Moses (?) (1742-1831) md 1st Caty (Catrin); md 2nd 1780, Abigail Martino (17491785) md 3rd Ann Cooper, named in his will. 11. Sarah Egbert named in father‟s will of 1721. 12. Mary Egbert named in father‟s will of 1721. III. JAMES (JACQUES) EGBERT (1695-1768) m (1715) Catherine Day (1695) Married (1727) Catherine Backer Appears on various records as James, Jaques, Jacques, Jacus and Jacobus, thereby covering English, French and Dutch forms and phonetics. Son of Tunis Egbert and his first wife Susanna Letelier; born on Staten Island, New York, January 10, 1695; died in Richmond, Staten Island, 1768. Was named


in his father‟s will of 1721 as “overseer” of his estate. He was a miller at Fresh Kills and evidently prosperous. Following his father‟s death in 1722, he bought up the interest of his brother, Egbert, planter, in the land left to the latter by his father; deed witnessed by Edward Tillyer. Bought, 1729, other property on the south side of Fresh Kills for five pounds. Also bought, for 200 pounds, mill house and land adjoining his own on south side of Fresh Kills from James Dey, his brother or father-in-law. He bought, 1730, from his brother Laurence, weaver, of Woodbridge, New Jersey, for 75 pounds, rights of the latter to lands left to him by his father. Also in 1750, James Egbert, miller, recorded deed dated 1718 from Tunis and Jannetje Egberts to John Hilliard, from whom he evidently acquired the property concerned. To clear up some of his titles, he had recorded in the original patent of Governor Fletcher, dated 1697 to his father Tunis Egbertsen, of 80 acres on Fresh Kills. James Egbert married first, 1715, Catherine Dey (Denny) born December 6, 1695, daughter of James Dey and his wife Mary Mulnired of Staten Island; their children were James, Catherine, Mary, Tunis, John and Laurence, the last born 1724. Catherine, the mother, whose father is recorded variously as James Hance, James Dey, and James Hance Dey, died not long after 1724. The second marriage of James Egbert, not later than 1728, was to Catherine Backer, daughter of Nicholas Backer and his wife Catherine Croesen, of Staten Island; October 24, 1728, Jacques Egbertsz and Catherine Balker witnessed baptism in the Dutch Church, of Nicholas, son of Philip Merril and Elisabet Bakker. That the second marriage took place after July 15, 1726; this names his wife Catherine, son Jacob and four daughters Neeltie, Elizabeth, Ann and Catherine, with no suggestion that any of these were then married. James Egbert was originally listed in the Staten Island Census of 1706/8 as “James Tunison,” but “Egbert” was soon afterward decided upon as the permanent family name. Jacques Egbertsen was Constable in 1725 and again in 1736; Justice in 1737, 1738 and 1739. He may have been the James Egbert appearing in a court case in 1740; he, or his son James was Justice in 176? James Egbertse witnessed will of Lewis Du Bois, blacksmith, May 5, 1741; also will of Nathaniel Britton of Staten Island February 14, 1746/7. The will of James Egbert of Staten Island October 26, 1765 (N.Y. Probate 26-272) was proved May 21, 1768; executors, sons Tunis and Abraham Egberts, with Henry Latourette; witnesses John Poillon, farmer; Tunis Egberts (probably his brother) and George (Jer) Connor, both school teachers; all of Richmond County. Will names his wife Catherine and all the children listed below except the eldest, James, who had died earlier. The Will: “My dearly beloved wife Catherine gets bed; all property to be sold in year; wife gets 1/3 for life, then estate goes equally to children, Caty, Tunis, Mary, John, Lawrence, Nicholas, Peter, Susannah, Abraham, Elizabeth, Catherine, Ann, Benjamin; 25 pounds to son Abraham and to grand children James, Mary, Catherine, children of my son James (deceased).” The dates of the children that follow are partly from the records of the old Staten Island Dutch Church and partly from data found by the late Dr. Seneca Egbert. The church records are quoted exactly as they appear; they are most interesting both as to the identities of the baptismal sponsors and the highly diversified spelling of the names of all concerned: Children of James Egbert and first wife Catherine Dey: 1. James Egbert (1715) m (1749) Rachal Bray (Stillwell‟s Bray Family) Born Dec. 3, 1715; died before 1765; Children James, Mary, Catherine 2. Catherine Egbert (1717); born Mar. 18, 1717. 3. Mary Egbert (1719)m (1756) Jean Canon 1736. Born June 16, 1719; bap Feb. 14, 1719/20: “Maria, parents Jacobus Egbertsen and Catherine Dey; “wit: Jan Bisonet, Sarah Dey.”


4. Tunis Egbert (1720-1805) m ( ) Anne Conner. Born Sept. 17, 1720; d May 19, 1805. “Baptised Oct. 8, 1721 Teunis son of Jacobus Egbertsen and Catherine Dey; wit: Hendrick Van Lawa and Geurtje Coteleau, “md about 1745, Anne Connor, also referred to, probably in error, as Anne Ridgway and Anne DuPuy. Schoolmaster 1764-1782. No wife named in will Dec. 1, 1804 proved May 4, 1805 (SIT III-313-15). Children: Catherine (1749-1779) unmd; John (1751-1930) m (1782) Mary Holmes (1768-1815); James (1754-1827) m (1777) Elizabeth Martino (1754-1810); md 2nd 1818 Mrs. Martha Burbank Egbert; Edward (1758-1804) m (1781) Mary Cortelyou d 1795; md 2nd 1796 Sarah Phral; Tunis (1759-1825) m (1791) Ann Burbank; Elizabeth b 1782 md 1784 James Bodine; Abraham (1765-1822) md (1789) Ann Martine d 1933. 5. John Egbert (1722-1794) m ( ) Martha, 2nd md Mary. Born June 20, 1722; bap July 14, 1723: “Johannes, parents Jacobus Egbertsen and Catherine Deny; wit: James Deny, Jr., and Anna Deny”. Lived in Reading Town, New Jersey near Bound Brook. Children: Catherine 1750, John 1752-1821, Elizabeth 1754, Mary 1756, James 1759, Sarah 1761, Nicholas 1763, Tunis D 1767, Paul 1769-1824, Jacob 1771-1851. Will of 1794 leaves 131 acres of land. 6. Lawrence Egbert (1724-1779) m ( ) Sarah Blackledge ( -1800) Born Jan. 20, 1724; bap March 14, 1724/5: “Laurens, parents Jaques Egbertsen and Catherine Deny; wit: Cosen Adriaansz and Femmitje Van der Bilt”. Md about 1744; by 1730 had removed from Staten Island to Plymouth Meeting, PA., where he died 1779. Children: Marcy, Catherine, Sarah, Rachel, James (1750-1783), John, Nicholas, Lawrence (1757-1821); all married. Children of James Egbert and second wife Catherine Backer: 7. Nicholas Egbert (1729-1812) m ( ) Mary (Maria) Biggs. Born Feb. 23, 1729; bap Mar. 23, 1728/9: Necolaas, son of Jaques Egbertsen and Catrina Bakker.” Occupation, miller; lived in Readington, New Jersey. Joined church there 1762, “leader of religious Methodists.” Will witness 1758 Hunterdon County, New Jersey. 1785 made inventory Cole estate; 1776, est John Smith, Readington; Mary Egbert, late Mary Smith made the accounting. Will of Nicholas Egbert of Readington, 1812, names wife Mary, son James, Dau Catherine Matteson, sons Nicholas and George, Dau Susannah Melick, dau Elizabeth Emans, dau Nancy Cane; also gr sons by sons Nicholas and George; son-in-law Peter Melick, executor; Paul Egbert signed est inventory, Children: Catherine b 1754 m 1774 James Mattison; Susannah md Peter Melick; Lena b 1756; Abraham bap 1759; Martha bap 1760; Anna (Nancy) bap 1765 md Cane; Elizabeth bap 1787 md Emans; Nicholas bap 1769 md Elizabeth Lane; George bap 1771; James bap 1772 md Elizabeth Cool; John bap 1775. 8. Peter Egbert (1731). Born May 21, 1731; bap June 7, 1731: “Peter, son of Jaques Egbertszen and Catharine Bakker; wit: Pieter Hagewout and Neeltje Bakker.” Staten Island Court of Sessions 1768: “Jacob Rezeau vs. Peter Egbert.” 1769, Tunis and Abraham Egbert and Henry La Tourette, exec James Egbert, weaver, deed to Captain John Gifford for 560 pounds the ninety acres which said James Egbert conveyed to his son Peter Egbert, land on Egbert Lane, etc.” 1776, Peter Egberts, cooper, mortgages land on Egbert Lane; being part of farm of James Egbert, deceased. Will of Peter Egbert names children Samuel, Richard, Peter, Catherine wife of Christian Smith, and Elsey widow of ????? Kenger. Samuel md 1788 Catherine Smith; James, Rachel, Catherine md 1791 Christian Smith, Peter, Elizabeth, Richard (1765-1850) md Martha Merill (?) , Elsey md Kenger. 9. Susannah Egbert (1733); Born Oct. 10, 1733; bap Nov. 4, 1733: “Susanna dau of Jaques Egbertsz and Catherina Bakker; wit: Tryntje Vreeland (Vlierboom). 10. Abraham Egbert (1736-1817) m ( ) See further below. m (1767) Elizabeth Van Cleaf


11. Elizabeth Egbert (1738)m( ) Joseph Van Pelt. Born Aug. 8, 1738; bap; “Aug. 20, 1738 Elisabet daughter of Jaques Egbertsen and Catherine Bakker; wit: Elizabeth Bakker represented by Catherine Egbertsen”. (NYM): Elizabeth Egbert and Joseph Van Pilts.” 12. Catherine Egbert (1745) m (1767) John Egbert (1745-1850) Born Aug. 1, 1743; bap: Aug. 11, Catrina daughter of Jacus Egberts and Trintje Bakker; wit: Elisabet Merrill.” (NYM): “May 12, 1767 Catherine Egberts and John Egberts;” he was son of Tunis Egbert and Petronelle Du Puy. 13 Benjamin Egbert (1749-1816) m (1771) Mary Arison Born Aug. 5, 1749. married 2nd Catherine bap Nov. 7, 1749: “Benyamen, son of Jacus Ecbers and Catherine Backer; wit: Catherine Brestede.” Will of 1816 names widow Catherine; dau Ann wife Jasper War??? Had son Banjamin (1778-1808). 14. Anna Egbert (1747)m( ) Walter McDaniel. Born Feb. 28, 1747; bap: “April 22, 1747 Antye, daughter of Jacus Egberts and Catrina Backers; wit: Agbert Hagewout, Maria Gaelledet.” An Anne Egbert md Dec. 2? 1769 William Waddle. Note: Re (10) Abraham Egbert above; have nearly two pages of single space typed details of his career, and as much re his daughter Catherina (1772-1851) who md 1794, Isaac Swain and 2nd 1805, John Du Bois (1781-1802). Another line: IV. LAURENCE EGBERT (1724-1779) m ( ) Sarah Blackledge ( -1800). Fourth child of James (Jacques) Egbert (1695-1768) and his first wife, Catherine Dey (of whose background I have Dey Family records – CPS). Born Jan. 20, 1724; bap Mar 14, 1724/5: “Laurens, parents Jaques Egbertsen and Catherine Deny; wit: Gosen Adriaansz and Femmitje Van der Bilt.” Md about 1744. By 1730 had removed from Staten Island to Plymouth Meeting, PA, where he died 1779. Children: Mercy, Catherine, Sarah, Rachel, James (1750-1785); John, Nicholas, Lawrence (1757-1821); all married. V. JAMES EGBERT (1750-1783) m (1778) Mary Daws. Born Feb. 20, 1750; md Oct. 2?, 1778. Lived Plymouth Meeting, PA, died Aug. 13, 1783; buried at Kingwood, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. “1778, James Egbert of Hunterdon County was Lieut. In War, 4 th Regt. of Hunterdon Co.” Children: Sarah Egbert, born June 19, 1781; James Egbert, born Sept. 13, 1782 md June 26, 1804; died Aug. 17, 1884; md June 28, 1804 Rachel McMorron; Adrian Egbert (1794-1837) md Mary Cole; he was born Jan. 7, 1784; died Jan. 8, 1837


Direct Descendants of Egbert Sanderzen
Lineage of Charles P. Staubach, Author of this paper 1 Egbert Sanderzen d: 1662 +Harmentje Harmens 2 Tunis Egbertszon b: 1661 in of Fresh Kills, Staten Island, NY d: July 06, 1721 +Susanne Letelier d: Abt. 1695 3 James Tunison Egbert b: 1695 d: 1768 *2nd Wife of James Tunison Egbert: *3rd Wife of James Tunison Egbert: +Catherine Backer b: 1707 4 Abraham Egbert b: 1736 d: 1817 +Eliabeth Van Cleaf 5 Catherine Egbert b: 1772 d: 1851 +John Du Bois b: 1781 d: 1821 6 Abraham Egbert Du Bois b: 1811 d: 1874 +Mary Jane Du Puy b: 1825 d: 1854 7 Frances Augusst Du Bois b: 1849 +George Arnold b: 1847 d: 1910 8 Edith Arnold b: 1871 d: 1945 +Charles Staubach b: 1870 9 Charles Neff Staubach +Addelle Myson Wilsie 10 Celia Ann Staubach *2nd Wife of Tunis Egbertszon: