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hosting the inaugural conference of

The Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge 10-13 September 2001

Religion and Community
Provisional Programme – final version will be given at Registration in Cambridge Please note locations: Registration and all meals in Newnham College; Reception, all conference papers, morning coffee, and afternoon tea in the Faculty of Divinity building. DAY 1 - Monday 10th September 2.30 - 3.45 REGISTRATION at Newnham College (Tours of the new Faculty of Divinity building, publishers’ stands, etc from 2.30.) 3.30-4.00 TEA in Faculty of Divinity

4.00. FUNDING TALK at the Faculty of Divinity, The Runcie Room Representatives from funding bodies (including the AHRB and British Academy) with advice on applying for funds for a variety of projects, including those involving European partnerships. 4.00 5.30 6.30 8.00 EASR Committee Meeting in Lightfoot Room RECEPTION hosted by the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge DINNER at Newnham College KEYNOTE LECTURE 1 – FACULTY OF DIVINITY – THE RUNCIE ROOM Professor Kim Knott (University of Leeds; Past President, BASR)

Contemporary Religious Movements and the Reconception of Community

DAY 2 - Tuesday 11th September
7.30-8.45 BREAKFAST in Newnham College

9.00-10.30 SESSION 1 Panel A Religion and Community in Diaspora John Hinnells - Religion and Community in the Old Country and in the Diaspora: The Test case of the Zoroastrians Ron Geaves - Religion and ethnicity: community formation in the British Alevi community Sandeep Chohan – The Lure of the Baba: Community formations around exorcist and healing traditions in the West Midlands Panel B Negotiating Christian Concepts of Community Richard Hoskins – The Community of the Living Dead: the Persistent Challenge of the Ancestors to Notions of African Christianity. Matthew Guest – Searching for a Home: Reconfigurations of Community in Contemporary UK Evangelicalism Wendy Mulford Bevan – Paying the Ferryman: The Iona Community and the local community.

Panel C Alternative Communities Andy Letcher – No Fixed Abode: Tradition Community and Place Within Contemporary British Ecopaganism. Sarah Watkins – Creativity and Community Formation in Goddess Spirituality. Nicholas Campion – Cosmology & community. 10.30-11.00 COFFEE in Faculty of Divinity

11.00 – 12.30 SESSION 2 Panel A Religion, Community and Identity in Europe Hans G Kippenberg - The Cohabitation of Religious Communities in Europe: The Rules of the Game Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger – Society and Community : the Danish Example. Afe Adogame – Towards Building Spiritual Kinship: The Case of the Christian Church Outreach Mission in Germany Panel B: Islam and Community Lynne Scholefield – The Role and Importance of the Umma in the Experience of Converts to Islam. Sarah Smalley – Family, Mosque, Community: contrasting patterns of religious nurture in two South Asian Muslim groups in Peterborough Theodore Gabriel – Islam and Caste in South India. Panel C Religion, Community and Practice Karin Tusting – The Religious Congregation as a Community of Practice. Katerina Lewis – Obeying God rather than Man (acts 5:29): Christian Faith in Confrontation with Political Correctness in Sweden Keishin Inaba – Altruism and community in NRMs with special reference to the Jesus Army and the FWBO. 12.30 1.30. LUNCH in Newnham College Report on the Academic Women’s Network in Theology and Religious Studies – all welcome

2.30 – 3.30 SESSION 3 Panel A Religion, Community & Work Scott Taylor & Emma Bell – Transforming work? The language and practice of spiritual management development. Dermot Tredget – The monastic ascetical tradition and its influence on the theology of work. Panel B Religion, Community and the Power of Place Arne Bugge Amundsen - Modern Norwegian Pilgrimage: Between Ideology and Experience Jenny Blain and Robert Wallis – Sacred Sites, Contested Rites/rights: Community and Diversity in Pagan Approaches to Archaeological Monuments. Panel C The Development of Religious Community th th Yvan Bubloz – The academy of Athens in the 5 and 6 centuries: The transformation of a philosophical school in a religious community. Agnes Nagy – Superstito & Coniuratio (This paper will be read in French) 3.30-4.00 4.0 6.30. 8.00 TEA in Faculty of Divinity

The Runcie Room DINNER in Newnham College KEYNOTE LECTURE 2 – FACULTY OF DIVINITY – THE RUNCIE ROOM Professor Giulia Sfameni Gasparro (University of Messina; President, EASR)

Religion and Community in the Ancient World

DAY 3 Wednesday 12th
7.30-8.45 BREAKFAST in Newnham College

9.00 –10.30 SESSION 1 Panel A Religion and Community in Diaspora Sewa Singh Kalsi – Baisakhi Festival: its Role in the Formation of Sikh Tradition in the Diaspora. Martin Wood - Ngati Ranana and the continuity of Maori Tanga in the UK: A Reflexive Approach Richard Fox – Mediating the Hindu Community in New Order Indonesia. Panel B Religion, Community & Policy Greg Smith – What is Faith Community? Government Rhetoric and Local Reality. Tim Jensen – How much and what kind of community does it take to become a religion?: considerations in the Danish legal situation John Sheppard – Faith Communities, Critical Questioning and Education Dilemmas for Religious Studies. Panel C Challenges to Catholic Community Wendy Jermyn – Community, Catholicism and Buddhism in Ireland. Leonard Norman Primiano – Catholics in the Catacombs: the Negotiation of Region in a Community of Gay and Lesbian Catholics. Maria de Lourdes – Catholic Semantic of the Landless Movement. 10.30-11.00 COFFEE in Faculty of Divinity

11.00-12.30 SESSION 2 Panel A Religion, Community and Nation Building Anne Rowbottom – Trooping the Colour: Civil Religion and the Performance of National Community. Gaynor Sekimori – How to impose Religious Reformation: Enforcing the Separation of Buddha and Kami Worship at Hagurosan. Chrissie Steyn – Religious Education and Citizenship in South Africa. Panel B Religion, Community and Politics in India and Sri Lanka Peter Bishop – Religious Politics and Peace in Modern India. Sebastian Kim – The Debate on Religious Conversion initiated by the leaders of the Hindu Nationalist Movement 1998-99. Mahinda Deegalle – Changes to Monastic Communities in Sri Lanka. Panel C Work in progress reports th Abraham Kovacs - Encountering the Other: Scottish Presbyterian Worldview of Judaism in 19 Hungary Ellie Clewloe – Intersecting sets: John Venn and Religious Communities Jan Sumner – Virgins Crowns:changes in individual and community identity Richard Bartholomew – Community, Consumerism and Christian Publishing in Modern Britain 12.30 LUNCH in Newnham College

2.30 - 3.30 SESSION 3 Panel A Constructing Community Teri Brewer – Making a New World Eden. Graham Harvey – Communities and their Knowledges: Constructing Academia and Indigeneity. Panel B Creating Religious Communities Fabio Mora – Founders, Not Writers. George Chryssides – Unrecognised Charisma Panel C Shamanic Worlds Apart: Community, Spirit, Appropriation and the Politics of Representation Robert Wallis – Inner Journeys vs. Social Healing: Individualism and Community in Neo-Shamanism Jenny Blain – The in/authentic seeress: magic, identity and the re-creation of ecstasy


TEA in Faculty of Divinity

4.00 6.30 8.00

The Runcie Room DINNER at Newnham College KEYNOTE LECTURE 3 – FACULTY OF DIVINITY– THE RUNCIE ROOM Professor Armin Geertz (University of Aarhus; IAHR)

Religion and Community in Indigenous Contexts

DAY 4 Thursday 13th
7.30-8.45 9.00 – 10.30 BREAKFAST in Newnham College SESSION 1

Panel A The Religious Studies Community James Cox – Studying Religions or Divinity Dressed up as Religious Studies? Tim Fitzgerald – The Modern Construction of ‘Religion’ in Europe and Asia: a problem for historians, anthropologists and others Steven Sutcliffe - Discussant Panel B Developing Communities. Jo Pearson – Coven and Community: Recognising Wicca. Dominic Corrywright – New Age Diffuse Communities. Benjamin Seel – Alternative Spiritualities in Kendal.


COFFEE in Faculty of Divinity

SESSION 2 11.00 – 12.30 Panel A Constructing Religion and Community Helena Helve and Michael Pye – Civil Religion, contemporary spirituality and worldviews Lieve Orye – Thinking About Religion, Community and Identity Outside the Limits of the Ideology of Culture. Anita Leopold – Community and Syncretism: syncretism as an ‘identity-maker’ phenomenon in multicultural communities Panel B Religion, Community and the Individual. Peter Andersen – Community in an Individualized Religion Janet Williams – From Alone to the Alone, Any Room for Community in the Christian Mystical Tradition. Gustavo Benavides – Oneself as Other or Self Demonization and Community Formation. Panel C Religion and Marginal Communities Myfanwy Franks – You Can Talk to God in your own Language: Faith and older migrant and non-migrant women in Bradford. Terhi Utiainen – Minimal Community, Death and the Metaphor of Nakedness. Norman Giradot – Religion, Outsider Art and the Community. 12.30 – PLENARY DISCUSSION AND CONCLUDING REMARKS – The Runcie Room 1.00 LUNCH in Newnham College

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