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									Quick Start 2009
Learn how to make a New Year’s Resolution …that you will keep!
Half and full day programs designed to answer and deal with basic questions: What did I do right in What did I do wrong in What will or should I do differently in ? ? ?

The 12 Golden Keys to Success
Our workshop will include learning:
Where past business came from Where business comes from now Where and how to build future business By following the Quick Start program for 90 Days, MEASURABLE RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED! Program dates are limited, so take action now!

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Make check payable to: The Sales Catalyst, Inc. Mail to: 410 Loblolly Dr., Durham, NC 27712-8919

How do I change or adapt to the new technology and skills needed for the new Global Economy?

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QuickStart 2009 will provide concentrated analysis of the past, present and future, combined with techniques that can jumpstart any individual or organization as we enter a new year of challenges and opportunities.

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For more information or questions, please call 919-620-1551 Or email BrianAzar@SalesDoctor.com

Your Summer/Fall ‘09 Quick Start Program

The Quick Start Team
Brian Azar is a results-oriented public speaker as well as a sales trainer and consultant. He has been president of The Sales Catalyst, Inc. (www.SalesDoctor.com) for 25 years and has conducted sales training and management seminars throughout the United States and abroad for corporations, business groups, associations, general public groups and private individuals. Clients from companies like Equitable, Security Mutual, Berkshire Life, Caldwell Banker, Smith Barney, and Zweig Securities have experienced outstanding results based on his programs. Brian is also actively involved in the community, in particular with guiding teens and teaching at-risk youth the skills for career survival in the new global environment.

You Will Learn How To…
…get you or your people out of the gate quickly, effectively and efficiently _________ …avoid or overcome Winter Depression Syndrome (WDS) _________ …get a head start on your competition _________ …take advantage of opportunities earlier rather than later _________ …create internal motivation _________ …network for targeted results _________ …quickly adapt to your customer wants and needs _________ …plan for your powerful new year — now!

Norma Owen is a recognized speaker and facilitator for the micro and small business market. As founder of Avadon (www.Avadon.biz) and The Avadon Group (www.AvadonGroup.com), Norma is armed with over 20 years of management and business development experience. She brings a wealth of innovation, understanding and experience to her audiences and clients. Combining this real world achievement with a passion for learning and teaching others, she has taught at the community college and university levels to help further the foundation for success for anyone looking to succeed. Norma is actively involved in the community through programs that empower women going through crisis and currently serves as a Team Leader for the Raleigh 10-year Plan to End Homelessness.

The Sales Doctor’s Quick Start 2008/9 • 919-620-1551 • BrianAzar@SalesDoctor.com • Sales Catalyst Inc. • 410 Loblolly Drive, Durham, NC 27712

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