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SGA Meeting – 102308


									SGA Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2008
SGA President – Brendan O’Neill  Halloween Party – Friday, October 31st, venue is Forum; last year did not charge anyone, but this year it is $10 per student, and $40 per guest; SGA is covering ¾ of the costs, it is actually $40; come out for the event, it is going to be great!  President’s Office Hours: every Wed 12-1pm in the SGA office; come discuss any potential issues, questions, and concerns  Making CU Green: President Bollinger, the president of Columbia University, is making a push to make CU more green; Lisneida is going to speak as the Eco Rep on behalf of making the campus more green; want to add Eco Rep position to SGA, one per class – will attend monthly SGA meetings; will be voting on it later during the meeting – need 2/3 of quorum to get it passed; if it passes, we’re going to do it for one year and then we can decide from there whether it should remain on SGA as a permanent position SGA Vice President – Zi Wang  CDM Fall BBQ: thanks for attending the CDM fall barbecue, it was a huge success; congratulations to the first years on winning the softball tournament and winning the trophy  Halloween Party – 160 students signed up so far; a good number of guests and residents will show up also; there will be five bartenders and a club DJ  Working with Physical Therapy Students: spoke with Polly Wheat, who is in charge of Student Health Service regarding bartering services – combined with the PT school; examples includes trading dental cleaning for PT session, or a PT session for statistical help on research project; right now we are waiting to hear back from the PT students and see what they can offer us SGA Treasurer – Mina Kim  If you are going to buy something for school, please notify know her before you actually make the purchase  Other than yearbook, if you need something for this year please notify her early, so she can keep budget of all expenses  Purchases: bought speakers and softball equipment for the barbecue; they are in the Dean’s office now  Pay for Halloween if you have not done so already -- $10/student, $40/guest SGA Secretary – Bonnie Roy  Please email before the SGA meetings if you cannot make it to be excused  Only 3 excuses for entire school year  When sending emails to be forwarded, please allow 24 - 48 hours for it to be sent out; please plan accordingly 4th year Class President – Payam Afzali  NERB’s: most of the class did very well, only a few select students have to redo specific sections

  

Clinic: is going well so far; 3rd years – if you have any Class 2 and Class 3 lesions, please send them to the 7th floor clinic to the 4th years, you will be in the same situation next year Residency Applications: number of students who have applied are as follows: Oral Surgery = 18, Ortho = 12, Peds = 13, Prosth = 1, Perio = 3, Endo = 1 to 2; students have interviews ranging from 1 to 14 Implant Kits – many of the kits are missing pieces; Dr. Lichtenthal is not very happy about this, so the school is thinking about including the cost of implant kits into our fees

3rd year Class President – Jeremy Zuniga  Congratulations to the first years on their big win at the softball tournament  Clinic: biggest complaint so far has been the lack of patients, however we have been told that we are more productive than last years class  Our class is excited for the Halloween party 2nd year Class President – Chad Allred  Just had some exams, then will have some more exams  Upcoming Prosth Practical on Tuesday  There have been terrible AV issues, especially in HSC 401; causes class to start late  New chairs in the pre-clinic 1st year Class President – Aaron Myers  Overall class did well on the first SB test, have another block of exams coming up including first Anatomy practical on Monday  It was destiny that they won the softball game SEA - Lisneida Arjona – incorporating Eco Reps in Student Government is something the medical campus already has; important to raise awareness about environmental issues; would like to work with the Housing Office and other facilities at this campus to reduce the harmful effect we have on the environment; last year we added recycling to the dorms, this year would like to add it to academic buildings; hopefully soon will have academic recycling; right now only 2 students are involved in the project; therefore would like to increase student involvement ** Student Government voted on the amendment to add the Eco Rep position to SGA; it PASSED; will have 1 Eco Rep per class represented on each Student Council ADEA - There is an ADEA meeting in Philadelphia this weekend (10/24 - 10/26) - There was a Curriculum meeting today, however did not have a good student turn out - New Competency Exam – new Triage emergency exam; 3rd and 4th years will have to take it; may include a procedure portion – eg. pulpotomy, extraction etc.





Global Health Externships: 21 people going to Jamaica in January; 3 people going to the Philippines in March; there will be a wiki page will be up so that students can blog about there experiences; there is discussion about making global health externships a permanent part of the curriculum Curriculum change – reconfigured curriculum it is going to be one and half years of Basic Sciences, then 6 months of preclinical classes, sort of an expansion of our curriculum Accreditation – we are getting accredited, happens every 7 years to check through every department to see if we are in compliance There is going to be a Hall Monitor if students violate infection control on the clinic floors; if you have a certain number of violations, there will be consequences Get your careslips in!!

SNDA – First kickoff event Oral Surgery Symposium: next Saturday, Nov 1st in the Alumni Auditorium @9am – There will be an Impressions Program later on in the semester **New organization on campus Veterinary Dentistry Club – to create awareness of dentistry of animals, and create a bridge between veterinarians and dentists; stay tuned for upcoming meetings and events

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