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					Family Problem Inadequate immunization status of children as health threat.

Family Nursing Problems 1. Inability to recognize the presence of the problem due to inadequate knowledge. 2. Inability to make decisions with respect to taking appropriate health action due to: a. Failure to comprehend the nature of the problem. b. Low salience of the problem. c. Lack of knowledge of community resources for care. d. Lack of initiative. 3. Inability to provide nursing care to a dependent member of the family due to lack of knowledge about child development and care.

Goal of Care After 3 days of health teaching and appropriate persuasion, Mrs. L will feel encouraged, rather than threatened to take her children to one of the health centers to have her children immunized.

Objectives of Care After 3 days of nursing intervention, Mrs. L would be able to: a. Acknowledge the relevance of having her children immunized. b. Understand the importance of following the correct immunization schedule. c. Be aware of the availability of the said health care service in the community. d. Utilize the community’s resources for health care for the welfare of her children and of her future children as well, if any.

Intervention Measures 1. Provide health teachings that would enlighten the family regarding the essence of immunization. 2. Correct their misconceptions regarding immunization. 3. Impart knowledge with regards to the specific illnesses that immunization can prevent. 4. Provide emotional support to put them at ease with the idea of having their children immunized. 5. Allow them to discuss amongst themselves how they would go about the process. 6. Evaluate their

Method of NurseFamily Contact Home-visit

Resources Visual aids needed to discuss the topic of immunization. Time and effort of the nurse and the family.

Evaluation After 3 days of nursing intervention, Mrs. L exhibited more awareness and understanding of the importance of immunization and expressed desire to have her children immunized.

4.Failure to utilize community resources for health care due to: a. Lack of knowledge of community resources for health care. b. Failure to perceive benefits of health care. c. Lack of trust in the personnel.

understanding of the health teachings provided in order to determine effectiveness of nursing intervention.

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Description: This document proides part 2 of the family nursing care plan (FNCP) -- family nursing problems, goal of care, objectives of care, intervention measures, method of nurse-family contact, resources, evaluation.