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									COMMUNICATE TO ACCELERATE LEADERSHIP TEAM TRAINING AT SUCCESS SCHOOL LISA HARDMAN The primary reason people lose their desire for product results and/or the business is lack of communication. THIS PERSON SHOULD BECOME YOUR CLOSE CONFIDANT. I tell people they’re going to get to know me so well they might get sick of me. I’m going to care for them, I’m not looking to sell one bottle of anything, have them take it wrong, and say anything contrary to the truth. Spend time at the initial appt. making them feel loved on! Remember, it’s your job to provide intense customer service which leads to trust. GET IN THEIR LIVES, BUILD UP, ENCOURAGE, AND BELIEVE FOR THEM! How, by pouring into yourself!!!!!!!!  People want to KNOW THEY’RE ON YOUR MIND.  Many tell us, they’ve never had friends before AT ALL to spend time with as adults and this is soooooooooo fulfilling. FACE TO FACE IS KEY. Fundamentals        If you don’t know their name, ASK FOR IT, immediately and begin talking to them by name with deep eye contact. Remember, YOU are the expert. Each new person is a forest. Get their email, phone, best time to reach them, and TELL them you’ll be getting to know them very well Talk about the fact that our founder not only wanted the best products, but ONE ON ONE care and a custom fit, relationship business. TELL them you want to talk to them the day the product arrives, the first day, the 3rd day, the 10th day Email them immediately when you get home to let them know how much you enjoyed visiting and that you’ll be talking to them tomorrow. REMEMBER, RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP PEOPLE AROUND If possible get to know EVERYONE ON YOUR TEAM NO MATTER HOW DEEP THEY ARE ON THE TEAM. Call them personally to welcome them. Realize you may be the one that they relate to

Team Communication = Best word to describe = Constant contact  NOT EVERYONE STARTS OUT OF THE GATE FULL FORCE so it’s vitally important that we provide a culture and a place for them to WANT TO COME so they stay encouraged and learn what they need to learn to lead you to others.

  

DON’T BE TEMPTED TO SHOOT THEM AN EMAIL TO TELL THEM SOMETHING. Email is a reminder, PICK UP THE PHONE ALWAYS. DON’T GIVE UP ON ANYONE. This is where you learn what it means to serve others. When you see a name on your Caller ID, remember that each person is refining and growing you as you’re mentoring them

Your team must get in the HABIT OF CALLING YOU FOR HELP!     Your team needs to know AND BE TOLD MORE THAN ONCE that they must call you, that they are NOT BOTHERING you, that it’s your DESIRE and your job to be there for them whenever possible. Constant contact with them especially in the first few weeks will set the stage for them to FEEL LIKE THEY AREN’T BOTHERING YOU. If they talk to you a lot, they’ll get to know you, you’ll get in their lives, the deep relationship is on its way. If you connect your team members to your mentor or crossline team members, you’ll be able to serve and help more people as they reach to others for support.

What Else  SO IMPORTANT: Remember deep relationships keep people around so they learn enough to become confident enough to do this business. HAVE A MINDSET THAT EVERYONE CAN DO THIS EVENTUALLY IF THEY LEARN ENOUGH AND ARE IN YOUR LIFE AND THE TEAM’S LIFE ENOUGH Take time each week to talk to your leaders personally and not about Advocare.


Recognize and Congratulate constantly (this can be done with or without actual gifts)  People don’t get recognized or congratulated much in life so this is amazing and a part I truly cherish! People need and want to SEE their names in print

Pay Period Kick Off Calls AND Setting up distribution lists   Give other leaders an opportunity to speak about their teams even if they have one team member. Get your leaders to set up their own distribution lists when they’re ready If a team member tells us something amazing, WE ASK THEM TO SHARE IT ON THE TEAM CALL , so they step out

Have Team Wide Socials Whenever you can  Advocare brings people together of like mind and it fills the cup to be around others who ARE GOING YOUR WAY and who see the world with such a positive vision.

CONNECT YOUR TEAM ON A CROSSLINE SUPPORT LEVEL ASAP     You can’t do everything, and you can’t be everywhere so if you connect your teams they’ll use one another for support, booths, 3ways, apt etc… People blossom when they help someone with nothing financially to gain You become a coordinator of new friendships developing so the work load is spread among the team. If you’re stretched to thin, you can’t lead anyone. RELEASE CONTROL AND BE TEACHABLE YOURSELF

One of the biggest things to consider:    DRIVE TO SCHOOL, STAY TOGETHER IN THE ROOMS, BECOME A FAMILY You can’t be someone’s real master encourager if you’re disconnected from them in any way. It’s so hard to spend real quality time but this is done in the car and in the hotel room. Remember this is a business, and for faster results, be willing to do what it takes to cement your ties to the team.

BEST WORDS TO DESCRIBE A STRONG ORGANIZATION –  Family, Fellowship, Devotion, Love, Trust, Camaraderie, Mask less, Fun, Laughter, Fun, Constant Communication, supportive, Foxhole, Servants to one another, Selfless People, A place people feel led to come

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