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					Enterprises-exporters of the Kharkov region, which are interested in the collaboration with other countries
№ Range of products 1. Name of enterprise Addresses, telephone



Products for aerotechnics: integral hydraulic actuators, hydraulic pumps, pump Kharkіv, vul. Sums'ka, 132. DP “ Kharkiv stations, fuel control devices, hydraulic units of the control systems for helicopters, 700-42-70 Engineering airplanes, space rocket technics; 704-16-52 Plant"FED" Products of armour technics: pneutronic valves, vertical hydraulic actuators; fax: 707-04-63 Products of general engineering: for cars, for tractors, for road, building agricultural machines; Drives of break systems for railway technics; Mining technics: drill heads, pneumatic valves. Services: repair of the above mentioned produce. Turbogenerators, hydrogenerators, electrical devices of direct current for metal, Kharkiv, pr. Moskovs'kyi, 299 DP “Plant mining, machine-tool industry; complex diesel locomotive electrical equipment; "Electrovazhmash" 93-51-44 electrical equipment for motor transport, diesel electrical stations, sugar-refineries, fax: 94-98-90 urban electrotransport, goods of social consumption. Services: designer’s supervision of DP “Plant "Electrovazhmash", inspection of equipment technical state; electrical equipment; scientific and technical developments, engineering service. Aggregates for drying of sugar, gas cylinder devices; diffusive devices; bulldozers DP"Plant Kharkiv, vul. Plekhanivs'ka,126. with loosening device; pegs, diesel generators: engines for the special machinery: im.V.A.Malysheva" 28-30-69 ironing-boards; sporting inventory; measuring instruments; tanks, complexes for 28-31-01 sunflower,screw processing; caterpillar cranes; machines for digging of foundation fax: 27-75-04 pits, floors for rolling of dough; mini-tractors; 4-wheeled motor cycles; devices; trailers for the passenger cars and mini-tractors; track plotters; domestic trucks; special equipment; conveyers-tractors; groats peeling plants. Services: electrotype surfaces; forging and pressing foundries; maintenance and building; heat treatment;


Caterpillar bulldozers; loaders; tractors, spare part for tractors, hand and fuel pumps Steam turbines for thermoelectric power stations (TPS), nuclear power-stations (NPS), hydraulic turbines for hydroelectric power station (HPS), storage plants, gas turbines for TPS, steam and gas equipment and other power equipment. Services: modernization of power equipment; passing to “know-how”; designing of power equipment Welding devices; video terminals for computer systems; medical equipment; devices for the life-support of airplanes; control systems; meters of expense of water, electric power of the promoted class of exactness; television sets "Berizka" Services: research services in the sphere of equipment building Airplanes, spare parts for the airplanes, for the ladders; folding beds; equipment for surface maintenance of airplanes; facilities of surface maintenance of airplanes Services: technical service and repair of airplanes; teaching of technical and air crews. Means of communication; automated control systems of technological processes of TPS and HPS; control system devices units; lamps for living and manufacturing quarters, medical apparatus and instruments and of space rocket nuclear and thermal electric power stations; products for urban electrotransport; devices of the domestic settings

VAT "Traktor plant im. S.Ordzhonikidze" VAT "Turboatom"

Kharkiv, pr. Moskovs'kyi, 275 95-77-25 95-22-60 Kharkiv, pr. Moskovs'kyi, 199 90-22-92 90-25-07



DNVO "Komunar"


Kharkiv State Aircraft Production Enterprise

Kharkiv, vul. Rudyka Hryhoriya, 1 744-73-54 744-00-05 Kharkiv, vul. Sums'kа, 134 700-34-39 707-08-00 fax: 707-08-34 Kharkiv, vul.Zhovtnevoyi Revolyutziyi, 99 23-11-60 23-59-64 fax:23-10-32 Kharkiv, pl.Povstannya, 7/8 732-25-50 fax:732-25-54


KHDVO "Monolit" State enterprise" Plant im.T.H.Shevchenko"

Office telephone apparatus; audio engineering; condensers,non-standard DP “Kharkiv Radio equipment; office negotiation, professional devices; Radio receiving equipment; Plant "Proton" systems of radio control; special communication means; domestic technics. Services: warranty and post-warranty service; start-and-adjustment work. 10. Relay; laser therapeutic devices; switchers; wares of bead; electric immersion KHPO "Padiorele" heaters; special technological equipment; fiber-optic products; relay; wall outlets; safety systems; telephones 9. 11. Cast-iron casting; special, heavy, roll-grinding, circular grinding machines, Services: repair and modernization of metal-cutting equipment

Kharkiv, pr.Haharinа, 181 52-51-04 52-91-81 fax: 52-40-07 Kharkiv, pr. Moskovs'kyi, 277 VAT "Kharkiv Machine-tool Plant" 93-01-16, 95-52-01,

fax:93-01-72 12. Single and three-phased induction motors; electroengines designed for all branches of industry and agrarian complex; domestic electro-pumps and automated pump atations. Services: project-designers 13. Automated control systems; blocks for computer systems; sources of feed; electronic equipment; systems of relay defense and automation of power-objects, management of APP; domestic technique; motor-car electrical engineering Services: translations from foreign languages; polygraphy; software development according to customer specification; development of radio engineering defense devices. 14. Bicycles, push-carts. Service: after-sales service 15. VAT "Kharkiv Electrical Plant "Ukrelektromash" AT "Khartron" Kharkiv, vul. Iskryns'ka 37. 732-45-50 fax:732-84-92 Kharkiv, vul. Akademika Proskury, 1 744-50-08 744-11-08 fax: 719-06-95





Kharkiv, pr. Moskovs'kyi,118. 26-92-40 26-13-87 Pistons for carburetor car engines; pistons for diesel car engines; wheels of Kharkiv, shosse Saltivs'ke, 43 turbines and compressors; pistons for agricultural machinery; spare parts for cars 738-02-63 and agricultural machinery 26-99-07 26-02-51 Locking-flush armature; electrical pumps; electro-boring equipment; telemetric Kharkiv, vul. Industrial'na, 17. VAT "Plant systems; front relic compressors; asynchronous electric motors 718-74-37 Potentsial" Service: drilling and blasting operations 99-11-83 fax: 99-11-60 Souvenirs and high-artistic wares of faience. ATZT "Budyanskiy Obl.Kharkivs'ka, Kharkivs'kyi rn, sel. Budy, vul ZhaliznychnaЗ, Faience" 1 746-00-02, fax: 746-00-00 Souvenirs of ceramics; tiles for internal revetment of walls, ceramic ones for floor, ZAT "Kharkiv Tile Kharkiv, pr. Moskovs'kyi, 297 façade tiles; ceramic tile. 757-84-24 Plant" 93-91-33 Matters for monocrystals; polymeric paints, facilities of pest control; defoaming Kharkiv, pr.Lenina, 25 DP"Plant of devices for the sugar refining; scintillation and luminescent plastic; chemical 330-93-01 Chemical Reagents reagents; substances of medicinal preparations fax: 719-46-07 "NTK"Institute of Monocrystals" NAN ATZT "Kharkiv Bicycle Plant im.H.I.Petrovs'koho" ATVT "Avtramat"


20. Soft contact glass lenses; sets for the selection of glasses; glass frames; antiheadlights, glasses for people who see not well which correct; sun protect ones, contact lenses. 21. Engines, electromagnetic contactors, low-voltage apparatus of branch purpose; circuit breakers, power equipment.

DP "IOMZ-Holding" Obl.Kharkivs'ka., Izyums'kyi rn, Izyum, vul. Proletars'ka. 1 (243) 2-10-30 DP"Kharkiv Electromechanical Plant" ZAT "Plant "Pivdenkabel " Kharkiv, pr. Moskovs'kyi,199 738-33-74 90-50-01 fax: 738-20-23 Kharkiv, vul. Avtohenna, 7. 54-52-15 94-68-40 fax:93-80-03 Kharkiv, pr. Moskovs'kyi, 199 . 26-00-71

22. Power cables with cross-linked polyethylene isolation; alarm and block, power cables; cables and wires with plastic isolation; assembly driving wires, magnet, telephone, heatproof, extended, hose, display-oriented ones; color wire 23. Eddy current probes; sources of power supply for high-frequency tube welding, power supply for electro-magnetic mix of metal; engines-ventilators, resourcesaving equipment; current reformers; compact devices of automatic management Services: diagnostic balancing of rotatable parts of rotor systems; tooling of main models of developed equipment; teaching of working and setting staff; vibration levels and noises of different equipment determination; developments in the field of electric machines and electric isolation 24. Ball-point and fountain pens; mechanical pencils; writing sets; draughting machines; rapidographs; styluses for pens Services: production of technical equipment; casting of small quantities 25. Spare parts for mining equipment; flight conveyors; automobile pumps; power presses; dampers; main lamps, lamps for working place lightening in the mines; cast-iron siphons Services: maintenance of mining equipment

Research Electrotechnical Institute of Research and Production Association “Khemz”

Kharkiv, pr.Haharina,20. 58-97-92 fax: 59-97-96 Kharkiv, vul.Svitlo Shakhtarya, VAT"Kharkiv 4/6. Engineering Plant "Svitlo Shakhtarya" 23-91-30 23-59-69 fax: 712-60-80 26. Perforated metal; grates; metal furniture; nails; covering galvanized wares; Kharkiv, vul.Plekhanivs’ka, VAT "Plant perforated flitch plates; cross-exhaust netting; door compressors; filters; instrument im.Frunze" 57 А boxes 732-65-14 Services: repair and building 732-48-25 fax: 732-74-25 VAT "Plant "Orhtekhnika"

27. Electrical rectangular connectors; electrical cylindrical connectors; aluminium cast VAT "Konektor" pans; furniture accessories Services: consultations on electric connectors use; casting under pressure 28.





33. 34.

Kharkiv, pr.Haharina,98 52-40-20 737-14-77 fax: 27-27-60 Radial single –raw ball-bearings; radical spherical double-row ball-bearings, radial VАТ "Bearing Plant Kharkiv, pr.Phrunzе, 3 roller bearings; radical thrust ball-bearing; balls and clamping sleeves for shafts. 95-83-01 “Kharp" 93-51-14 fax: 94-18-38 Tobacco goods AT "Philippe Morris Kharkiv, vul. Netechens’ka,25А 703-26-50 Ukraine" 703-93-00 fax: 27-59-42 Cooking oil, mayonnaise, ketchups; sauces; margarine; vegetable oil. ATZT “Kharkiv Fat Kharkiv pr.Illicha ,120. 376-38-08 Factory" 54-65-08 fax: 54-65-11 Diary products; dried not-fat milk; milk of long shelf life. Obl.Kharkivs’ka., r-n ZAT "Kupyansk Kupyanskyi, , Kupyansk, vul. Concentrated Milk Lomonosova, 26 Factory " (05742) 531-16, 5-13-59 Vodka, liqueur, balsam, low alcohol drinks, soft drinks, drinking water. c Kharkiv, vul. Tarasivs’ka, 6 . TOB "Kharkiv r 732-36-85 Distillery Plant" a 757-53-03 c k e Glycerin; toilet and laundry soap, detergents. AT "Soap Factory " Kharkiv, vul. Polyova,21 737-25-31 Phosphate food and forage concentrates; vegetable oil. ZAT"Prykolotnyans’ Obl.Kharkivs’ka, Services: catering; repair and building; transportation. Velykoburluks’kyi r-n. pht kyi SolventPrykolotne, vul. Lenina,45 . extraction Plant" (05752) 5-31-02 9-82-14 fax: (05752)5-23-34

35. Confectionary: pastry, sponge cakes, waffles.

36. Confectionary: caramel and chocolate sweets, iris, dragee, jellies

37. Sunflower oil, ground oil-cakes

38. Production of vermicelli and prepared vermicelli, rice chips, crackers.

39. Sparkling, fortified, sweet vintage, ordinary, wine, table vintage, ordinary table, fruit; soft drinks, spirits 40. Milk products, yoghurt; casein; mayonnaise; ice-cream; milk of long shelf life; pre-packed cheese

41. Soft drinks, mineral water.

42. Chocolate and waffle produce; ice-cream.

Kharkiv, vul. Lozivs’ka, 8 712-90-07 fax: 712-87-39 ZАТ" Confectionary Kharkiv, vul. Katzars’ka, 24/26 Factory"Kharkiv’ya 712-31-87 nka" Obl.Kharkivs’ka, Vovchans’yi ZAT"Vovchans’k r-n, Vovchans’k, vul. Solvent-extraction Pryvokzal’na, 11 Plant “ (05741) 222-39 221-60 fax:226-80 ZAT"Tekhnokom" Kharkiv, pr.Heroyiv Stalinhradu,45 716-43-01 716-43-02 Kharkiv, vul, Lozivs’ka, 20 ZAT " Kharkiv Champagne Factory 712-90-65 " Kharkiv, vul. Rogans’ka, 149 . ATVT " Kharkiv 714-56-75, Diary Factory" 99-10-78 fax: 714-56-80 Obl.Kharkivs’ka, r-n TOV"Plant "Berezivs’ki Mineral Derhachivs’kyi, cel.Berezivs’ke. 712-11-60 Water" 703-21-67 Kharkiv, vul.Nizhyns’ka.9. Joint Ukrainian712-89-29, Israeli Enterprise 712-89-86, 712-86-52; “Polyus” ATZT "Kharkiv Biscuit Factory"

43. Aerosol medical drugs; plastic teeth; accessory designed materials; plastic materials for tooth bases; prosthetic materials for fixed prosthesis; self-hardening materials for dentures; filling, cast materials, technical plastic.

AT "Stoma"

44. Cosmetic creams, toilet water; creams; children cosmetics; phytocosmetics; lotions, eau-de-cologne for men, tooth-paste. 45. Lily of the valley drops, valerian drops; motherwort, belladonna drops, ointments and pastes; oil; infusions, medical alcohol; extract of sheep-breeding bag. 46. Analgesics, anesthetic; vitamins; pharmaceuticals, drugs, psychotropic agents, spasmolytics. 47. Pharmaceuticals.

AT "Effect" KP "Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Factory" State Pharmaceutical Enterprise "Zdorov’ya Narodu” Search Plant of the Drug Center Kharkiv StateExperimental ProstheticOrthopedic Enterprise Private firm of commerce and industry "UCI" VAT "Clothes factory im.І.М.Tinyakova" ZAT"KharkivWool" DP "Kharkiv Electrical Equipment Plant"

Kharkiv, vul Nuton, 3. 52-01-51, 51-40-81; 52-00-35 fax: 52-11-31 52-11-26 Kharkiv, vul. Heorhiyivs’ka, 10 737-24-82 Kharkiv, vul. Tsivilna , 25 . 719-96-68, 719-98-82 fax: 719-96-58 Kharkiv, vul.Shevchenko, 22 . 714-96-15, 714-96-14 fax: 714-29-73 Kharkiv, vul Vorobiova. 8 . 731-18-21, 731-28-90 fax:731-29-03 Kharkiv, vul Kotlova, 112 . 712-86-91,712-87-42

48. Prosthetic-orthopedic produces; orthopedic shoes, means of mechanization

49. Cosmetics; consumer goods; household chemical goods.

Kharkiv, vul Dyzel’na,3/5 . 719-83-03 Kharkiv, vul.Katzars’ka, 2/4 712-39-39 Kharkiv, prosp. Postysheva, 99 772-10-11 Kharkiv, vul. Lozivs’ka,5. 714-21-77, 712-87-54 712-89-03

50. Male and female overcoats, suits; ready-made clothes.

51. Woolen quilt; knitted wear. 52. Devices of marking and setting of lower and overhead limits, of interval; power supply sources; equipment for the refuelling stations; personal hygiene preparations, industrial and special setting goods: household goods; domestic electrical equipment, electric razors; single-phase electricity supply meters; electric-thermal ventilators.

53. Door eyelets: cigarette-lighters; door locks ; medical laparoscope; optical magnifying glasses; levels; meters of thermal energy; theodolites; endoscopes.

Kharkiv, vul. Serpova, 4 717-59-15 702-19-57 fax: 702-19-55 54. Spare parts for power-stations. TOB"Kharkivenerho Kharkiv, prov. Teatral’nyi, Services: editing, mounting, repair, modernization, reconstruction of power-station -remont" 11/13 equipment, of boiler and turbine equipment; engineering and design work. 706-32-66, 706-32-60 fax:719-40-70 55. Immunobiological medications. Kharkiv, Promerki-84 ZAT”Biolik” 744-95-34 fax:700-34-65 VAT "Tochprylad" 56. Equipment for agricultural products processing. Service: research and design developments. Kharkiv, Krasnoshkilna nab,16 ZAT”Institute “Ukrorhverstatinpro 732-92-65 fax: 732-71-37 m” VAT”Kharkiv Plant “Tochmedprylad” Kharkiv, vul.Shevchenko,20 706-14-17 706-14-19 706-14-18 Kharkiv, vul. Mala Panasivka,1 712-44-45 712-42-22 fax: 12-44-45 712-42-22

57. Medical devices, instruments.

58. Stations of hydraulic actuator; axialpiston and radialpiston pumps; hydroapparatus. VAT”Hidropryvod”

59. Ice-cream production.

ATZT”Khladoprom” Kharkiv, vul. Khabarova,1 54-44-40 93-31-97 fax: 54-44-30 VAT”Electromashin a” Kharkiv, vul. Muraniva,106 772-96-90, 772-96-09 fax: 772-88-90

60. Electroengines of direct current; mine electroengines.

61. Equipment for beer cooling and bottling.

TOB”Tandem plus”

Kharkiv, vul.Ivanivs’ka,1 757-19-57

62. Presses; grain cleaner equipment.

63. 64.





69. 70. 71.

Kharkiv, vul.Vysokohirna,2A 713-04-60 778-05-26 fax:95-46-36 Complexes of underground equipment for gas and oil wells, oil and gas equipment VAT”Turbogas” Kharkiv, prov.I.Dubovoho,6/4 for gas and oil preparing and processing. 731-45-54 Automated control systems and systems of energy supply registration. Kharkiv, PP scientific and technical firm “Lit” post office box:7473 28-30-13 Test instruments: ultrasonic flowmeters, height measuring devices, indicators for ATZT”Enerhooblik” Kharkiv, vul. Mala Panasivka,1 distillation equipment. 330-54-92 330-54-97 Heating boilers. Khakivs’ka obl., Zmiyiv, ATZT”Mayak” vul.50-richa komsomolu,120 (05747)3-25-25, 3-31-38 3-15-63 Equipment for ventilator and air-conditioner systems. Individual defense facilities. TOB”Scientific and Kharkiv, Control devices and facilities for measuring dangerous gas. producing enterprise pr.tractorobudivnykiv,126/3 717-81-70 “Tekhprom” 757-21-99 Silica sand. ZAT”Novoselivs’kyi Kharkivs’ks obl., Novovodolazhs’kyi r-n, HOK” s.Novoselivka (05740) 4-25-02, 4-30-72, 225-02 Silver ware. Kharkiv, pr.Haharina,12 ZAT”Kharkiv 707-67-00 Jewellery Factory” Railway rolling-stock. Kharkiv, vul.Kotlova,89 ZAT”Kharkiv Service: repair and technical analysis of railway rolling-stock. 712-89-58 Wagon Works” Instruments, medical devices. TOB commercial and Kharkiv, vul.Pushkins’ka,80 TOB NPP”Ekstruder”

72. Cable and conductor products; electroequipment. Service: electrotechnical and mounting work. 73. Medical drugs.

producing enterprise “Vostok-N” VAT “Corporation “Electropivdenmonta zh”

717-41-71 Kharkiv, vul.Myronosytska,16 714-39-37, 714-39-38 fax: 714-20-75

74. Plastic consumer goods; tapes; blow package; PET bottles; PET preforms.

Kharkiv, vul.Shevchenka,22 TOB” 757-07-77 Pharmaceutical Company ”Zdorov’ya” ZAO”Kharplastmas” Kharkiv, vul.Zalyutyns’ka,4 372-10-86 772-94-48

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